2007-10-10: Jakey Always Smiles


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Cam runs drugs at Brubaker Secondary School. Lee almost busts him while he's holding, but Cam skates.

Date It Happened:

October 10, 2007

Jakey Always Smiles

Brubaker Secondary School

Marshall isn't just a classroom troublemaker, he's a nasty, entitled character who is tied into the drug sales around the school. Seizing on Cam as someone in obvious need of money, he's offered to 'give him an in' on his 'after-school job'. Since Cam isn't an idiot, it's pretty obvious what the job is about. After being watched to make sure he doesn't snitch and isn't followed, Marshall leads Cam down an alley adjacent to the school where a lookout keeps watch on a front stoop. A narrow-faced Latino man lurks there. "This is Cam." Marshall says, wheedling. "He's cool."

"Hey Cam. Sup." says the man. "You want to make some money? Marshall says you're cool."

Cam, of course, when Marshall offers him the job, takes up the offer without being too overly enthusiastic. Maintaining cool, even though he very much wants in. (And the money specifically.) When the time comes, he follows Marshall out to the man, nodding quickly to him and says, "Yeah!" Ok, so some enthusiasm still.

Marshall grins, he thinks Cam's enthusiasm is cute. The Latino man stays stone-faced. "All right. Mostly I want you to take things to people, messages and stuff. Can't let any teachers or anyone see you, it's top secret." he says icily. "All right? Going to have ourselves a little test." He offers Cam an envelope that contains, by the feel of it, some kind of plastic bag, which no doubt contains the true delivery, then gives Marshall a $20 bill. "You take this to Jakey. He's going to be in the gym locker room waiting. Marshall will be watching you to make sure you don't fuck up. If you don't, he gives you the twenty. That's just a taste."

Cam takes the envelope, and nods quickly again, smiling, "Easy. I'll get it there and nobody'll catch me, swear it." He tucks it into the back of his belt and hangs his shirt down overtop of it so it won't be easily seen.

The Latino seems to approve of Cam's stashing method, he nods to Marshall, who gives Cam a playful smack on the top of the head. "Get going, I'll be watching." he urges the younger kid.

Cam nods quickly, turning to run the first few steps. As soon as he reaches the end of the alley though, he starts walking more casually, starting to make his way back into the school and towards the gym and the locker room in specific.

Everything goes smoothly - he even spots Marshall observing at a distance a few times - until he rounds the corner and almost runs smack into Lee, who is quietly ambling along, lost in his own thoughts. "Whoa! Pardon me, Cam." he says, slipping into that antique tone of respect that he often takes with the students when flustered. "You all right there? Where are you going in such a hurry?" Cam wasn't hurrying, exactly, but Lee must have picked /something/ up.

Cam blinks at first, quickly stepping back after the near run-in. He blinks again for a moment, "Huh? Oh, I… I'm just going down to get my stuff, left some comic books in the changing rooms when I showered this morning, wanna see if they're still there, 'fore they lock up and stuff."

Lee says, "There shouldn't be anyone in there…" …which is why Jakey is hiding out there… "…I don't know if Mr. Lopez is around to open it up." He turns back to walk with Cam, who can almost feel Marshall's steady, increasingly suspicious gaze on them. "How's your research paper coming?" Lee asks.

Cam shrugs a bit again and grins, "If he ain't, I check again in the morning. Ain't important, just some comics." He almost takes another step, but then at the question he shrugs a bit and says, "It's going ok. Kinda hard."

Lee says, "I didn't mean it to be easy." in an encouraging tone. "Come to writer's workshop on Thursday lunch if you want to get some help on it." He comes to the door and tries the knob - Lee seems surprised that it's open. "Huh, looks like you're in luck, let's check it out…" Suddenly a beeping sound heralds an arriving text message on Lee's cellphone. He looks at it….and looks at it a moment longer…his mouth drops open a bit…his face flushes with embarassment…he's completely distracted from whatever he was about to say or do by whatever that message is.

Cam is just opening his mouth to give some excuse, to try to say he'd be fine on his own, when that message comes in. Besides an initial flash of curiosity (what could make Lee react like that?), he's quick to take advantage, slipping in through the door while Lee's distracted, "I'll be fine, thanks!" And then he really is hurrying. Try to get this done and be back to intercept Lee before he catches up.
Lee says, "Uh…" until the door is almost closed, and he manages to call out: "All right, Cam, be sure you don't miss the late bus!" A grin has spread across his face and he's bustling away.

Jakey is in there, waiting in the darkness between two rows of lockers. "What took you?" he demands, his voice hissing, reaching out his hand towards the smaller kid.

"Like I wanna take a bus to stop at the shelter," Cam comments to himself, rolling his eyes. As soon as he sees Jakey, pulls out the envelope and offers it over. "Teacher stopped me, it's ok though, he's gone."

Jakey snags the envelope in an iron grip. "Teacher saw you come in here?" he mutters. "Okay…I'll go out another way."

Cam nods quickly and says, "Yeah, couldn't help it. But I come in here every day, and told him I was looking for some comics I left here. He won't think nothin' of it."

Jakey snaps, "Well, get out of here before he decides to come in and look." He skulks away through an internal door. It's funny, between classes, he's never skulking. He always seems to be smiling. Always smiling, that's Jakey…

Cam blinks at Jakey's words and mannerisms, but then shrugs a little and turns and makes his way back out. He pauses to bang a locker, just in case Lee is near enough to hear, and then makes his way out the way he came in.

Lee is already gone, bustling towards whatever it was that the text message has him bustling towards. Marshall meets Cam just around the corner. "What the hell was that about, with you and Jones?" he says suspiciously. "He didn't figure anything out, did he?"

Cam shakes his head quickly to Marshall and grins, "'Course not. Told him I was going to find some comics I left down there. He knows I go on my own there every morning, didn't think he'd try to follow me. He didn't think anything weird, though, anyway."

"That guy is fucked up." Marshall opines. "He was a douche for most of the year and then all of a sudden he thinks he's going to save the fucking world. What an asshole. Well, don't run into him again when you're holding. The less you have to deal with /interested/ people, the better." he advises. He passes over the twenty, folded up, holds out a fist to bump.

Cam takes and pockets the money, bumping Marshall's fist with a grin. Then he says, "Yeah, didn't mean to even this time, just ran into him." He then asks, "Will I have stuff to carry a lot?"

Marshall says, "Uh…depends." evasively. "But I'll watch out for ya. Don't ask too many questions. You'll get your share."

Cam nods quickly again and says, "Ok, I won't then." He's still smiling, and says, "Thanks." He glances around and then back to Marshall, and gives a bit of a wave, "See ya later, guess.."

Marshall continues to regard him with suspicion - but the twenty is a real twenty, and so Cam's work begins…

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