2007-03-05: James Bond In The Wonderful Land Of Oz


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Summary: Elle brings Peter some reading material, and the two get closer as he tries to bond in a more conventional manner, through conversation.

Date It Happened: March 5th, 2007

James Bond in the Wonderful Land of Oz

Peter's Cell

It's fairly easy to hear Elle coming; there aren't a whole lot of visitors to this part of the building and her heels make a fairly distinctive staccato sound on the tiles. She glances in through the window, a smile on her face that's probably been there since yesterday, and the usual tray with cups in her hands. This time, however, there's a book sitting on the tray too. Only stopping in the window for a moment, she continues around the corner and with a twist of the handle, opens the door. "Hi."

That he's laying on his side rather than his back gives Peter a good view of the window as she approaches it. Not much has changed about the room in a day's time. The bed still neatly made, even with him laying on it, dirty clothes have been removed. Even without the Company doing room cleaning, he must do some on his own, with how pristine everything is. Gives him something to do, after all. One noticable difference, though, is when he sits up, he doesn't look as withdrawn, eyes not as unfocused. "Hi. See you managed to sneak a book in here."

"Yeah, about that… I don't know if you'll like me so much when you see what it is," Elle says, shutting the door behind her as she heads for the bedside. The dog-earred tome's front cover is in a pretty sorry state. It's clearly well-loved and the title impossible to read. She picks it up off the tray and hands it to Peter, watching his face carefully. "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz."

A day ago, the laugh wouldn't have been quite as surprised, and the smirk wouldn't have touched his upper cheekbones, but now it happens. Peter reaches out to take the book, carefully letting the cover drop open so he can see the title page. Sure enough, Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "Interesting choice," he says, the smile settling, actual amusement showing in his eyes. "At this point I'd take 'The Little Engine That Could' if it meant I'd have something to look at besides the room— and what you brought last time." There honesty in his voice, despite the joking nature, and gratitude as well. "Why'd you choose this?"

"Choose is a strong word. It was more like… what did I have available," Elle clarifies, smiling at the man. She takes a seat next to him on the bed, right where she was yesterday. "I have a couple of books left from what I was a kid. Most got burned in that accident, but I had left a few in storage. It was that or Winnie the Pooh." She notes, then, "You seem a bit more perky today. Dare I assume that I might be the reason?"

"Wouldn't say perky— but I do feel better. Guess I was lonely," Peter says, not really sure the source of his feeling better, and certainly willing to let her be part of it. "Knowing about Nathan— helped." His expression already sombers at this point, hinting towards sad-withdrawn look again, which also causes him to turn his attention back towards the book, and what she'd said before. "Fires haven't been very good to you. That's the second home you've lost to one." Not all of that is withdrawn, as he glances up towards her, with a softer light in his eyes. "This is good. I've never read the book before. Just seen the movie. Short people, witches, flying monkeys, all that." The smile returns again.

"I might have drawn in the margins." Elle reaches up to tuck a lock of blonde hair back behind one ear. "At least that fire wasn't my fault." She toys with the cups on the tray some. "It's a good book, at least that I remember. It's been a while since I read anything that wasn't Cosmo or a textbook." Smiling, she looks over at Peter and says, "I'm glad you're feeling better, though. Tomorrow I think I'll bring the scissors and clean you up a bit."

"You probably drew better than I do," Peter admits, with the same partial smile, a hint of nervousness finally beginning to show, even with talk of being responsible for things. After all— he carried his brother's half burned body into the hospital not too long ago. He's quiet again, watching her, until he has to run his hand over his hair. "The people who brought my pills afterwards weren't quick to cut my hair off," he admits, a hint of a laugh in his voice. Speaking of pills, he glances towards them, but still isn't quite quick to take them. "So what do you do all day— when you're not bringing in dangerous people, or cutting hair? I mean, if you don't read that often, and you said you don't get to go out much. Guess I just thought you had at least some freedom— until what you said yesterday." It would seem he'd been thinking about it.

Elle looks towards the empty window and then to Peter, reaching out to lay a hand on one of his. "Sometimes I sneak out. They usually send someone after me to bring me back. Sneaking out isn't as exciting as it sounds." There's a slight tingling where her fingers meet his, a buzz in the air, but nothing painful. "I'm not gonna lie. I like harassing people. Sometimes I like hurting them, you know. Not permanently. But I didn't get out much when I was younger. I guess maybe I'm trying to make up for lost time. All those pranks I would have played in High School. Kissing a cute boy on the first date."

The hand does earn a glance, before Peter looks back up to meet her eyes while he listens. The expression at first is serious, surprised, but also trusting in what she says. The light buzzing doesn't make him pull back, though, an actual incline of his head at her admission. The smile even twitches faintly, and his eyes lower, when she mentions the kiss. "If you can control yourself— your abilities— why can't you go out more? I mean— isn't that what this place is about? Making it so we're not dangerous to ourselves and others. I wouldn't think they'd be sending people after you." There's a questioning tone to his voice, as if he's not quite sure with what he's saying.

"You may not see why now, but you will." Elle squeezes the hand beneath hers and shifts the tray over a little so its balanced on both of their laps. "In the meantime though, you should probably take your pill." She adds, after a few seconds of silence, "I want to do more than kiss."

Those few seconds of silence, and what came after, get followed by an even longer silence. Peter blinks meaningfully, and even leans back a bit as he processes what she said. "Elle…" he says softly, eyes sliding down towards the cups, now avoiding eye contact for the time. Instead of finishing whatever he might have wanted to say, though, he retrieves his hand from under hers, and takes his pills, not only swallowing enough water to down them, but also emptying the glass. After a few moments, he glances back towards her, and actually asks a question, "What would you want to do for a date, if you could go anywhere?"

Elle is quiet after the question is asked. She looks away and up at the ceiling, quite obviously thinking. Then? She smiles. Looking sidelong at Peter, she says, "It's totally lame. But I was actually thinking of dinner and a movie. How high school is that?"

"It's not lame," Peter assures, returning the smile with a hint of one from his own lips. After a pause, he sets the book down gently on the bed next to him, and the tray gets put aside as well, a little further down the bed than the book. "Said you'd never been on one before, even— sounds like you didn't even go to high school."

"I haven't." Pause. "Well I have. But it was for a mission. I've had tutors, though." Elle smirks a little, "I'm pretty sure I'm glad I missed all the stupid stuff, but I think maybe people would think I'm a little less crazy if I'd actually gotten a normal life. Hanging out with dad at work got boring after day two. And you are so totally pumping me for information." She fixes him with a smile now, clucking her tongue. "Peter Petrelli… or should I call you, Mr. Bond?"

A nervous laugh follows the new nickname and Peter shakes his head, reaching up to touch the back of his neck. "I'm just trying to get to know you. It's kind of— the whole point of a dinner and movie date is to go to dinner first and get to know the person you're with. You talk— while waiting for the food. And then, if you want to kiss, you usually wait til the movie part." There's definitely some nervousness radiating off of him, all of a sudden, as the fidgeting increases.

Elle is watching Peter pretty intently, so she notices some of that nervousness. "You like me, don't you? I mean, what's not to like…" She's humble, that's for sure. "It's okay. I'm not going to zap you when your back is turned. Trust me, give it some time and you'll start asking me to do it." Isn't that sweet? She leans in then and kisses the man, much as she did yesterday. Only this time there's more tongue and less painful sparking at the end.

The glance she'll see a second before the kiss starts out would be skeptical. Peter doesn't stop her, though, or outright protest even. Eyes close, even before the contact deepens, and when that happens, she'll feel his thumb against her cheek, fingers sliding into her hair, palm touching her neck. Towards the end, he doesn't fully break contact, perhaps risking an electrical jolt as he actually continues to lean his face against hers, making their forehead's touch, even keeping his hand there, a shifting his thumb a moment. While catching his breath, he says softly, "Better like that."

Elle has a sort of slack look on her face as she pulls away, like she stunned herself. A little hazy, she snaps out of it with a slow smile. "Yeah… It was." She sounds surprised, come to think of it. "I don't really believe in fairy tales anymore, Peter. But I think I might just believe in you."

Peter's eyes open and he leans back enough to look at her face, a surprised exhale at what she said. Whether she knows what she said or not, the second hand moves up to cup the other side of her face, and this time he pulls her in for the kiss. Light and without the same level of intensity as before, something quieter. It doesn't linger long, either, pulling back hopefully before lightning jolts between them. "Thank you," he whispers, though she may not know what for this time. "Once I'm out of here— will you go to a dinner and a movie with me?"

Elle can't help it. She's excited. So just at the end of the second kiss, a little tiny spark jumps between the gap between them. Lowering her chin a little, she gets up slowly and moves over towards the door. She pauses to grab the knob and twist it, then looks back over her shoulder. Yeah, she's smiling just a little bit. "I think I will." Then. "Sorry about the…" and she gestures vaguely about her lips.

"It's okay," Peter says, though he touches his lips for a second as if to discharge the energy. It hadn't made him jerk back all the way, or stopped him from asking his question. "It's not as bad when you aren't trying to hurt me," he adds on, with a hint of a smile. "I'll see you tomorrow, Elle," he says in farewell.

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Bond. Enjoy your adventure in Oz," is Elle's response. She laughs and then lets herself out, shutting the door. Walking past the window, she gives a little wave and then, like yesterday, is gone again.

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