"Look… no. I'm not meaning to be a stroppy diva, I'm just terribly cranky when I haven't had my morning coffee."

Casting: Katie McGrath
Date of Birth: July 1, 1989
Age: 22
Place of Birth: London, UK
Occupation: Actress
Ability: Chlorokinesis
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: "If You Can Afford Me" by Katy Perry
Hooks:NOW Network ✔ Entertainment ✔ Nightlife ✔ Streets ✔ College ✔ Coffee ✔ Open Air Market Shopping ✔ Random Acts of Kindness ✔ Plotty Things
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Jane Ashdown is a London-born American actress who plays Madeline Winters on the NOW network's hit show, Nightlife.


Birth and Young Life

Jane Isabel Ashdown is the second, middle child (and only girl) of Anne Caroline Ashdown and Herbert George Hemingway Ashdown. Her paternal grandparents were — obviously — big literary nerds (bless their souls). Her maternal grandparents weren't very imaginative at all. She was born and raised in London. When she was three, a man attempted to kidnap Jane. He didn't get very far with her. The family's dog, a German Shepherd named Bucky, attacked her kidnapper and rescued her. Bucky was given a medal of valor for his bravery.

The Wonder Years

Growing up, Jane was one of those children who would always force her family to watch as she put on plays in the family room. Occasionally, she would even manage to blackmail her brothers into co-starring in her productions. All throughout primary school, she tried out for every school play and production that was available. She took dance (ballet, tap, and hip-hop) and gymnastics. Though she joined both band and chorus, she was never particularly talented at musical arts. Jane even managed some acting jobs, doing commercials for local shops as well as a few big-name, national companies that sold things like juice and dolls.

Mean Girls

The first year of secondary school was pretty typically horrible. Jane was lumped in with the 'drama nerds' and other unfashionable losers. She was teased and bullied horribly in Year 7 and Year 8. During the summer, her father was transferred to the States and the family moved to San Diego. Jane, deciding that it was time for a fresh start in her new life, ditched her glasses for contacts, bought a new wardrobe, learned to conform (thank you, MTV reality shows) and completely abandoned acting. In tenth grade, she joined the cheerleading squad, failed math, and became one of the popular mean girls. She was the Homecoming Queen in eleventh grade and the Prom Queen during her senior year.

That's What College is For

And then she got to college where she discovered that no one cares how popular you were in high school. She was, once more, the little fish in a big pond. Her first semester was rough as she tried to find a place to belong; the mean girls attitude didn't help matters very much, either. By the time the second semester started, she had realized that she could participate in the activities that interested /her/, and no one would judge. She immediately began to get involved with the drama department and attending casting calls.

During a campus-wide "Get Tested" campaign, Jane tested ability-positive. Coincidentally, not long after that, her ability began to well and truly manifest itself. She'd always had a bit of a green thumb, but never thought anything more of it because it was never more than that. Once her powers began to manifest, however, odd things began happening. She'd wake up in the morning and be inconveniently buried under a blanket of leaves and vines from a potted ivy she kept on her nightstand, or she'd walk across freshly mown lawn on the way to class and the grass would no longer appear so freshly mown. It was really quite irritating but, with guidance and patience, she managed to gain some control over, and proficiency at managing, her ability.

L.A., Baby

There's this little show called Nightlife. Maybe you've heard of it? Jane hit one of the casting calls for a series regular to be introduced in the second season. They were looking for someone new, a fresh face.

She's still trying to juggle college and the show. It's tough. Very tough. Even so, she keeps a stiff upper lip and will do the best that she's able!


  • StarstruckStarring: Jane, Everett, and Seth


  • Coming soon!


  • Jane's character, Madeline Winters, was originally supposed to speak with an American accent. However, Jane's attempts at an American accent were hysterically rubbish, so Madeline is now British.

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