Janet Murdoch "Doc" McCarty
Portrayed By Ginnifer Goodwin
Gender Female
Date of Birth September 24
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Libra
Aliases Doc, Janana, McJanetty, Janetickle, Jalovely, Ja-Majesty
Place of Birth Cresson Ridge, PA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Doctor
Known Relatives Olivia McCarty (mother); Joseph McCarty (father); Erin McCarty (older sister), Mikayla and Caleb (triplet siblings)
Significant Other Jaden
Known Abilities Deductive Reasoning; irritating Erin; laughing with Parker; Talking Too Much
First Appearance Sleep Baby, Sleep

Janet is bright, bubbly, and amazingly stubborn, but all-in-all she just wants to be a good doctor.

And what she lacks in abilities, she makes up for in crazy bubbly-ness!


Janet Murdoch McCarty was the first of the McCarty triplets born in PA. She was anxious and determined to be the best and brightest, even from a young age; frequently trying to stick out from her siblings, and defining herself as distinct among the McCarty children. She hadn’t Erin’s expectations shoved on her, or Mikayla’s girliness, or Caleb’s open love for animals and the environment, instead she was unusually bright — operating at genius levels according to her teachers, although her true genius was never allowed to foster, not in a blue collar family. Despite that, she worked hard to succeed in school, and always had her nose in a book, even during her child starlet phase. She found her niche among her nerdier, bookworm peers, and developed a keen interest in comics and the like, although, this remained a closet hobby for fear of ridicule from her siblings.

While Mikayla played with Barbie’s, Janet played with a chemistry set. While Caleb enjoyed the outdoors, Janet looked for any excuse to visit the doctor — only to play with the tools and equipment found in the hospital. All-in-all she was fascinated by processes and instruments the doctors used. She loved talking to doctors, scientists, and chemists.

While she never had stars in her eyes, Janet was pushed to succeed in school. Neither of her parents dreamed she’d become a famous actress nor did she have an interest in doing so. Instead she developed a keen interest in science — biology, chemistry, physics — all of the sciences had their appeal in her eyes. And she succeeded at all three. She had a knack for science, particularly biology, and was fascinated by human processes of evolution.

As the eldest of the triplets, she found herself often serving as a den mother of sorts for her (slightly) younger siblings, and a natural rival for her elder sister; not that the two fought all of the time, but growing up, Janet was always competing for attention. This was even more frustrating because of the lack of attention she received from her parents (her mother in particular). With four children, one of which was a rising star, Olivia had little time left for her other children, particularly a daughter who loved very unusual things in her mother’s eyes.

Fortunately, when the time came to spread her wings, Janet had the choice of several post-secondary schools; she got in everywhere she applied and managed to receive a full scholarship for her undergraduate degree to boot. This delighted her and she left her family home as quickly as possible; intending to never deal with her parents’ demands and sister’s fame again. And so she went to Berkley. She managed excellent grades, although avoided most relationships in the course of doing so. Yet some friends remained; these were her study mates — all of which got into med school, together.

Shortly before she went to medical school, Janet and her older sister got into a rather large fight, which has created a drift in the family. Janet hasn’t seen any of her family since the incident, choosing to branch out on her own as Dr. Janet Murdoch ‘Doc’ McCarty.

She managed to get into St. John Hopkin’s medical school — completing her residency under the advisement of excellent doctors. Graduating at the top of her class, she quickly became known as a world class physician. While completing her genetics rotation, she was summoned for government service to see to the medical needs of terrorists apprehended by the United States government. She doesn't really know the crimes the terrorists have committed, but she's a doctor and does her job to the best of her ability.


  • Janet is very bright
  • She's a gamer and really good at it; consequently speaks fluent geek
  • She speaks French and English fluently
  • Isn't afraid of guns anymore thanks to the AP
  • The power of the perky!
  • Friendly
  • Out-going and often speaks her mind


  • Terrified of Evolveds (other than the occasional one like her sister and Cody) especially because of her involvement in the AP.
  • Talks too much and can inadvertently divulge secrets.
  • Talks even more when nervous, unsettled, or excited.
  • Superman Ice Cream
  • Waffles
  • Chocolate
  • Ewan McGregor
  • Anderson Cooper
  • Gamer talker, Rockband, and anywhere she can sing
  • Incredibly curious — to a fault
  • Devoted doctor, takes her oath very very seriously
  • Jaden


janetvol4.jpg An innocent doctor gets a new well-paying job that helps her pay off some loans! Unfortunately it turns out to be treating people imprisoned by the government. Not so cool
janetvol5.jpg Looking for a new job and figuring out how to thrive after working for such monsters, Janet is just piecing life back together… very optimistically.


Janet's Relationships



  • "I guess I can keep a secret… are you like… batting for the other team? Just so you know that totally doesn't bother me! There was this girl at the hospital who had a life partner… I think they got married in California when they were allowed to y'know— so anyways, point is, if that's your secret… you have nothing to worry about from me…" to Carrie in Walkin on Sunshine.
  • "I know I'm cute and fluffy and could make flowers grow on turpentine but seriously, I'm not into girls even if there was that one— no, I'm not into girls— " to Carrie in Walkin' on Sunshine.
  • "But the staring!! That alone would like waaaay more work think about everyone looking at my three-headed-baby and wondering what Troll I slept with to get that!!" to Parker in A True Livacle.
  • "Jude Law could have a superpower! Ohmygosh!! Do you think aliens, vampires, and werewolves are real too?! That would be amazing. I mean we have superpowers in the bag and then randomly you find out your mom can turn into a wolf and you can too by proxy but you don't come into it until one day when you're playing with your new puppy you howl along with them and you transform— " Janet's eyes now glaze over. "— and then this tall Vampire-type comes and whisks you off your feet because he can with his awesome undead skin which really is a little overrated— " to Parker-St in A True Livacle.


  • Janet is a gamer geek.
  • Her favourite ice cream is Superman … It's because of the coloursEnjoy Your Damn Plant.
  • She likes to sing and tries to make every patient smile — in fact, this is her personal goal as an M.D.
  • Performed various grunt jobs to make it through school without the aid of her parents.
  • Has a school-girl crush on Anderson Cooper.
  • Has an annoying neighbour — Mrs. Rodriguez who thinks she's too loud and constantly tries to set Janet up with Jorge Rodriguez her incompetent unworking son.
  • Can't rap well… and would kind of sound like this: http://glee.smule.com/song/solo/26262
  • Daphne loves me: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v252/mikonoda/heroesmush_parker_dansen_02.gif

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