Janet's Relationships


Agent Timothy Morris

Morris is Janet's personal escort through the eerie halls of Building 27. She has a huge crush on him, and is constantly trying to find ways to make him smile on any given day, but he's got little interest in her.

The pair have since tried to help free some of the prisoners of Building 27


Agent Cody Baker

Helped free prisoners from the Protocols. She's hot in a way, but Janet isn't into women. Cody is Erin's friend and can kick awesome butt — even teaching Erin some moves!


Dr. Fred Flint Stone

Janet doesn't consider Fred a real doctor. Psychology isn't a real science, after all. Consequently he doesn't seem to like her very much, yet she has NOTHING against him. Other than she thinks his discipline is a fraud. Meh.


Justin Law

The pair met when Cody confronted Janet about Petrelli's apparent drug reaction. He's disappeared lately. Weird. Probably was killed with other agents. Saaaad day. His beautiful face should grace all for years to come!

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