Janice Parkman
Portrayed By Elizabeth Lackey
Gender Female
Date of Birth January 19th, 1971
Age 39
Aliases Janice, Jan
Place of Birth Los Angeles, CA
Current Location Los Angeles, CA
Occupation Lawyer, Business Consultant
Known Relatives Matt Parkman, Jr. (son), Unnamed Brother, Father, & Mother
Significant Other Matt Parkman
Known Abilities None
First Appearance One Giant Leap

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Born in L.A., Janice has never really strayed too far from home. Her father was a fairly successful businessman working in international law, while her mother did work as an accountant in the film industry. With two working parents, Janice, the only child of the family, was left in the care of day-care professionals. While this didn't bother her early on, as Janice got older, the lack of presence from her parents began to bother her more and more.

As Janice got older, the pressure to be successful was driven into her mind. When her parents were around, she was highly praised for her successes and passive-aggressively rejected for her failures. Early on in her life, this meant that she had to work twice as hard. She managed good grades through hard work, and set off in the direction of corporate business as soon as there was any sort of opening. Her class projects were business related, after school activities were business related, and the chatter from her parents at home was business related. If anything, even if Janice hadn't enjoyed striving for success and business, her life would have been even more strained than it already was.

High school was where Janice really began to reach a crisis of conscience. With her teen years, she realized that she needed to broaden her horizons and her focus. She told herself that it was simply to look good on a resume, but Janice was finding that the one-track lifestyle of her parents wasn't exactly what she wanted. While Janice had problems making friends, she realized that she could relate to people through common interests. Thus, Janice took it upon herself to find hobbies and activities via the assortments of clubs and programs offered by the school. She was fairly successful in Model UN, some theatre, and even dabbled in art for a bit. It was the high school's bookclub that really spawned her love for books, and in the free time she had, she read anything she could get her hands on, regardless of genre.

Where high school was the seed, college was the tree of Janice's rebellion. It started when her parents got divorced shortly before she was to head off to UCLA, which made the transitional period in her life even more full of changes than she had expected. While the move to independence proved to be extremely freeing, Janice found herself re-evaluating her priorities, her dreams and desires for life, and who she was. Business, however, had been a constant in her life, and as the one stability she had, she knew there was no way she'd abandon it. Even though she still strived for success in school and in work, she found time to pursue other interests. She did a little behind-the-scenes technical work for several theatre productions, started a book club of her own with a few classmates, and began to make friends and participate in a great deal more social activities. Her charismatic, intelligent personality really came out, which in turn helped her business interests by landing her an internship with a prominent L.A. law firm. Upon graduation, they offered her a position to help aid her in paying for law school, which she had just been accepted into.

Her charismatic personality had also landed her the interest of Matt Parkman. Near the end of her time at UCLA, Janice met Matt. After a long while of the two watching each other at a distance, Matt got up the courage to ask her out. She accepted, and they dated for a while. While their relationship never officially ended, the two drifted apart a bit when they graduated, leaving Janice to work on her career and law school and Matt to his work with the police force. Soon enough, though, they rekindled their relationship and a year later they were married. While Janice loved Matt deeply, the underlying drive for success led to a rift in their relationship.

Janice was finishing up law school with flying colors and had already gotten several offers even before she graduated. Upon her graduation, she landed a great job with a firm that left her several steps ahead of most new graduates and a lot of potential for promotion. With her success outweighing Matt's, and his seeming lack-of-drive towards making something of himself, not to mention his more recent lack of attention and presence, it was easy for her to fall into the arms of Matt's partner, Tom McHenry. With a stronger, more aggressive personality and drive for success, Janice was attracted to Tom. Once the affair was uncovered, though, Janice's newfound pregnancy became a bit of a complication. The timing of it proved it could only have been Matt's, though it was also close enough to the affair that anyone looking in on it could have easily made the assumption that it was McHenry's.

The idea of having Matt's baby rekindled Janice's feelings for what had attracted her to Matt in the first place—his caring, honest personality, even if it wasn't as driven as Janice felt herself at times. Unfortunately, the happy family life wasn't meant to be. With Matt gone, and her little Matt Jr. kidnapped, Janice was forced to wait and see if her life would come back to her. Uncomfortable with this idea, she did her best to find out what had happened to Matt Jr. and was alright with the reassurance of Matt that he was fine. But Janice wasn't the one to sit still. Given that she had gained a high enough measure of success, she decided to take her resources and use them to her advantage, both to be reunited with her son, and to bring her family back together again into what it should have been.


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