Jason Rider
Portrayed By Shia LeBeouf
Gender Male
Date of Birth April 1, 1986
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Aries
Aliases N/A
Place of Birth None
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Amnesiac
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance New Bourne Baby

The only thing that Jason Rider knows about himself is what's in his wallet. His entire life has been a blur and except for the occasional blackout or fuzzy memory jogged by random encounters, Jason is a textbook amnesiac. What's even more interesting is that he doesn't even care about who he was. He just wants to be someone.


Jason woke up on the subway in New York. All he had on him was a bag full of clothes, his wallet and a skateboard tucked under his arm. He doesn't remember any more than that.


Puzzle Pieces

- Jason Rider is his actual name. According to his driver's license. From MONTANA.
- He's an avid skateboarder. His clothes and worn skateboard are a testament to this.
- Apparently, Jason likes the Ramones. If his favorite t-shirt means anything.

First Person View

Cass: "Nice. Took me home, even though I could be a brain eating serial killer. I sleep on her couch."

Jack: "Cool dude. Met him when I met Cass. Good peoples."

Kitty: "Some girl I met in the Village. She's okay, I guess. Kind of touchy feely, but I guess that's what girls do. … Right?"

Portia: "Kitty's friend, apparently. Doesn't talk much. Or at all. Go fig."

Lachlan: "Jerk. Asshole. Good Boyfriend. Kicked me out, but I don't blame him. I could be running a scam. Ah well."


  • "I don't care who I was. I don't know who I am. But I'll be damned if I'm not gonna be somebody."



Who I Am - Smile Empty Soul

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