Jayson Kim
Portrayed By John Cho
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 19th, 1992
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Jay
Place of Birth Baltimore, MD, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Highschool Student
Known Relatives Harold Kim (father; buisness man), Lynn Kim (mother;Hair Stylist)
Significant Other NA
Known Abilities Agrokinesis
First Appearance Replacement Goldfish

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Jayson Kim was born June 19th, 1992 in Baltimore MD, to Harold Kim, and his wife Lynn. Harold and Lynn were born in South Korea, but their families came to America in search of a better life. Their lives were happy, his father a buisness man in Baltimore, the mother has a beauty salon run out of their home. Jayson had a happy childhood, in the summer they spen their weekends on their sailboat on the bay. He did well in school, not honor roll, but he did well. When he wasn't hanging out in the greenhouse they had set in the yard or studying, he'd sneak off to the bay to think. Since it was fairly close to there semi modest home.
When Jayson was about sixteen, nearing graduation, an odd thing happened in the greenhouse. The tomato plants were having a hard time growing, but when he reached out to the plant, it not only grew, but it blossomed and then a tomato formed and just dropped off in his hand. Not just any tomato, it was one of the really big burger sized tomatos. It of course startled him, when after the tomato drpoped off, the plant went back to scrawny. He couldn't figure it out… and ended up dropping the tomato, which of course smashed on the ground. He ran into the house, and pulled her away from a client who was in the middle of a rince.. her assistant took over and she followed Jayson out to the greenhouse to see what was up. He told her what happened, and the tomato was still there, on the ground. At dinner that night, after all the customers went home and the assisstant, and his father was home, they explained to him what happened. Which he just insisted, they keep it a secret. For reasons he won't get into. Which they did.
A couple weeks after the tomato incident, a few other plants around the house, and greenhouse started looking a lot better.. as Jayson just went around, trying to see what else he could do. Though, he couldn't control it, and he found if he tried to do that too much, he'd get listless and tired, sometimes too the point he'd pass out. They would look good, for a few seconds, and then shrivel back up again.
About a month after his father came home from work, and said that his office is transfering him to New York. And they all had to go. Poor Jayson has to finish his last few months at a completely diffent school then the one he'd gone to.. But, he had applied to NYU so maybe this will work out in the end. He can still get a dorm on campus. So he can be away from the parents and independent. Keeping his powers, well hidden, after hearing about the troubles going on in this city.
They did bring the sailboat, though Jayson really had little desire to sail it much. He would rather let the others do that work, chart and plot and let him relax and daydream.


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