2007-10-05: Jean Therapy


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Summary: Elena stops by Cass (and Lachlan)'s apartment to pass on what she learned from Benjamin that morning. Lachlan needs new clothes. Cass once again experiences that creepy "everyone is connected" thing. All in all, another day in the life for the bookstore crew.

Date It Happened: October 5th, 2007

*Jean Therapy**

Cass Aldric and Lachlan Deatley's Apartment, Brooklyn, New York

It takes a bit to get to Cass's apartment after Benjamin's. Elena actually tries to call Peter first….but for some reason he's not answering his phone. With a shrug, she leaves a message, tucks the jPhone back in her back pocket, and proceeds to hail a cab to get to Brooklyn. Better she not do this in Enlightenment anyway…but it's Sunday! Sunday early afternoon. She'll be at home, right? She'll take a chance anyway. Whenever the cab stops in front of Cass's place, she gets out of it and proceeds to head up to Cass's apartment. A couple of knocks later, she steps back, wrinkling her nose and stripping off her hoodie so she could wring the water out of it. It had been raining a bit outside.

Eary Sunday afternoon means that Lachlan is most likely not really out of bed yet, or just barely getting there. He doesn't typically work Sundays either. Inside the bedroom are the sounds of shuffling about, grumbling, yawns, and eventually dresser drawers and such being raided. And then? Then there is the sound of fabric ripping. And then a groggily thrown curse. Which is just about the time Elena's knock sounds, followed by a second curse and Lachlan half-hopping out of the bedroom wearing a pair of jeans that are only on one leg and a pair of boxers that are (thankfully) on both legs. Hophophophophop to the door. He peers out of the peephole, then opens it to admit Elena. "Hey, c'mon in."

It should be noted that the butt of the tattered jeans is split right up the center seam.

Well, if Cass isn't at home, she's probably at Bat Country, not too far away. So the ride into Brooklyn wouldn't be a wasted one. "Lachlan! I can get—" Don't answer the door without your jeans on, Lachlan. Sigh. She'll house train him yet. "Coming out of the bedroom holding a shirt in her hand - one of Lachlan's - she's still lecturing. "Why in the world do you still have a shirt with a hole I could stick my hand through right here? I'm tossing it." Indicating a hole she has, indeed, stuck her hand through right in the arm pit of the shirt. "Did you rip something else? Lach, is there anything you own that doesn't have holes in it?" Moving right for the kitchen, she goes to toss the holed shirt into the trash. "Hey Elena!" Then, moving for the living room again, she groans. "Lachlan. You need new jeans."

"….." It was hard to keep the serious face when Lachlan and Cass are in the same room together, so when Cass say what she does, Elena chokes back a snicker. "Hi guys, sorry did I wake the two of you?" She checks her watch. It's one o'clock - but it's a Sunday! So when she's told to come in, she closes the door behind her and walks further inside. "And yeah Lachlan, it sounds like you need some new dregs." Her eyes glance down to the half-on, half-off jeans Lachlan's got…and sees the tear. "…..I mean, that's okay for hospital gowns but I don't think the stylish back break works with denim." She lifts her gaze again. "How are you guys doing? Just staying in today?"

What?! That is a perfectly good shirt! The Scot doesn't appear too capable of defending himself verbally right now. He's stuck somewhere between shame and loyalty to clothes that are now long-dead. When Cass goes to toss the shirt, however, his eyes get wide with horror. Letting out a sound that could be a yelp mixed with a protest, he starts hobble-hopping to the kitchen to retrieve said shirt from the bin. "S'just fine!" he insists. "Just needs the sleeves cut off s'all." He returns to the living room holding the discarded shirt in one hand. And … well, the jeans, uhm … Lachlan glances down at them with a frown, still holding them up with the other hand. "They just need some patchin'," he mumbles.

"No, I've been trying to get him to get dressed for most of the day," Cass explains to Elena as she valiantly moves to intercept the Scot. Reaching out, she moves to grab the shirt back. "Lachlan. It's an old, faded, ripped shirt. You've got to let it go. Cutting the sleeves off is not going to help. And those jeans' patches have patches on them. You need some new clothes." Sighing, the fight for the old beloved clothes goes on and so she decides to just turn it toward Elena. "Yeah, just been doing this and planning to tear into some research. How've you been doing?"


Now she has a picture of Cass and Lachlan doing a tug-of-war over an old shirt. And it is adorable.

"I think someone needs to be taken shopping pretty soon," Elena tells Lachlan with a grin. "I mean, it's closing in on winter and everything, I think the last thing you need is extra ventilation in freezing weather." She slides her hands in her pockets, and looks over at Cass. Research. Her face turns a little serious again. "Yeah, about that…. Peter told me he talked to you and Nathan about what happened the other day. With the dream and the….people who attacked you running around and people losing control over her powers." She pauses. "Since Mr. Winters was there, I paid a visit to his house. I tried calling Peter….but he's not answering his phone for some reason. Anyway I managed to find out what caused it. And what happened, sort of. I was going to describe it to you and ask you whether you think this'll fit what Future Evelyn described happened to her."

"S'still just bloody fine!" the Scot insists with some exasperation (and desperation). Unfortunately, it's inevitable that tugging on an old, faded, and already ripped shirt will … well …


Now Lachlan is holding half a shirt, and Cass holds the other. He stares in shocked silence at the remains, dumbfounded for several seconds before his frown returns. "Well now s'bloody worthless," he huffs, holding out his half to Cass resignedly. Totally her fault. "Already had new clothes." Several months ago. And those are now also tattered. He's not exactly kind to clothing. Everything Elena says earns her a look, but it's the typical mostly blank expression the Scotsman wears when Important Things are getting discussed.

Luckily, Cass can multitask important things Elena needs to discuss as well as the needs for Lachlan to get new clothing. "See, Lachlan? Clothes aren't supposed to be able to do that. One good tug on a good shirt isn't going to ruin it." Unlike his now defunct shirt. "It's for the best. We'll get you more clothes this week, okay? Because your new clothes back then are now old clothes. Then we won't have to fight about this." Because she'll have thrown most of his old clothes away. Problem solved!

Rolling up her half of the shirt, she takes what Lachlan gives to her and moves to put it in the rags pile. Now she knows he's not going to try and steal it from there and wear it again. "You found out what did it?" She frowns as she walks. "Peter said he wasn't sure what it was. And you'd know just as much about what the Future Evelyn said as I would." They both heard it second hand from Peter.

"She's got a point, Lachlan," Elena says, glancing at the tattered shirt. "Besides, it's getting colder…you wouldn't want to get sick or anything." Or get arrested if an old lady decides that he's got too many holes in his shirt, but she doesn't say that out loud. Because being sick sucks. She sets her book bag down and moves further into Cass's apartment, and props her chin on both hands in the counter while Cass and Lachlan move about their abode.

"When he was describing it to Papa when he came up to visit the new house, he didn't think it was anything the Company did because she didn't have the marks on her neck," she says, trying to recall, furrowing her brows. "And that her powers disappeared one moment, and then they came back stronger and out of control in the next. But we all lost control of our powers then, so…" She shakes her head. "Anyway, I stopped by Mr. Winters place because he was there and he was the one who put us all down when everything was going haywire. He kept Peter from going nuclear when he started glowing. But he told me that there had been someone there, an innocent person, who can't control his or her abilities who….has the ability to make people lose control over their abilities. And somehow either make them stronger or better at it. Mr. Winters said it could've been really bad, but if it hadn't happened, he wouldn't have been able to do what he did because he's not good with his powers yet. But he managed to put down an entire block full of people."

She stops there, and speaks up slowly. "I know he's Company now but…he didn't really join them willingly, according to what Peter told me anyway. I believe him even if I know I should be taking this with a grain of salt."

Has a point? Sure, yeah. Of course Elena would say that. She's a woman and Cass' friend. It's a conspiracy. An estrogen conspiracy. Lachlan frowns at the rags pile, then steps out of his jeans (what's left of them) and tosses them at the rag pile, too. Or at least in the direction of the rag pile. If Cass could be considered the direction of the rag pile. "'M no' gonna get bloody sick," he grumbles (rants) as he starts heading for the bedroom to get more clothes, "s'no' like I havena dressed m'self fer 30 years without any bloody help. People thinkin' they know wha's better fer me an'— " he trails off into incomprehensible muttering that can be faintly heard in the bedroom, amidst the sounds of dresser drawers and more movement. It finally culminates into a shouted announcment: "Dunna have any clothes tha' dunna have holes in 'em!" Punctuated by the slam of a drawer.

"That's the point, dear heart!" Cass calls back to Lachlan from the living room. He can rant and rave all he wants, but he will go shopping with her soon and there will be new clothes. A roll of her eyes and an exasperated sigh, the woman picks up the pair of jeans and takes it away from the rag pile and puts it into the trash can. She can't use denim for rags. "God, what am I supposed to do with him." Back to normal conversation. "Do you want anything to drink or anything?" They can have a serious discussion, no really, they can. Maybe. "So, it's a person. Well. Then. We just have to make sure that this person stays away from Evelyn and everything should be fine." A little bit light on the topic, sure, but it's the simple solution. "Even if Benjamin didn't join them willingly, he made a choice and he's still on their side, Elena." There's a shake of her head. She's been through the same thing with her father. "He's even more dangerous for that. He'll be like a cornered and caged animal - unpredictable and dangerous." Not that she actually dislikes Benjamin, but there are facts. "He already told me he fears for his life working for them. Fear is a pretty damn good motivator."

"Well…you're marrying him, for starters," Elena teases, grinning broadly at Cass as she looks over her shoulder where Lachlan is yelling from the bedroom. At the offer for a drink, she nods. "Just water would be great, I got up early so I can get back here earlier, I still have to stop by Evosoft and campus after this…" she replies, smiling warmly at Cass. It tapers off a little bit. "Yeah….whoever it is, the Company's got him or her. Apparently 'steps are being taken to make sure the incident never happens again.' " She even mimicks Benjamin's tone when she says it. "I was sort of afraid to ask who it was because I didn't want to aggravate him or anything. I just told him I didn't want to be dangerous and wanted to know enough so I can keep my head above the water. He thought it a good reason enough to tell me that much." She shrugs. "But yeah, it's an Evolved that can make people lose control of their powers. That the Company has. I know they're not stupid, but with this person and Sylar in their custody I'm hoping they're not keeping both of them in the same place." At the last, she looks a little worried. "Yeah…he's changed a lot since working for them. I haven't really talked to him for a while, but he's different now. The Dark Side really takes more than it gives."

After some more rummaging about, Lachlan finally re-emerges with a pair of newer jeans (which is to say that they're only frayed slightly in some places and the holes are minor) and a black sleeveless shirt that was obviously made sleeveless by cutting off the sleeves previously. He's still scowling, but hey, at least he's clothed. "Shoulda taken 'im out," he remarks as he heads to the kitchen for something to drink. "Woulda been less hassle." Somebody doesn't like Benjamin, unlike a certain somebody else.

"God, I know." Cass fills a glass of water and brings it over for Elena to drink. There's a fond smile on her face about it, so as much as she may tease Lachlan about this habits, it's not really a huge deal for her. "And that sounds like every lawsuit throw away line I've ever heard," she sighs. She shouldn't be surprised, it's a big company. "I doubt they are." The woman shrugs. "The Company is a lot of things, but it's not exactly stupid. Hopefully they've got Sylar locked in some cement cell somewhere. And this innocent person far from there." She's not exactly sure who it is, but maybe she can figure it out somehow. "It didn't take that long for them to get to him," she sighs. Threats and all that. There's a glare that she shoots Lachlan with, still not about to take that course of action. "Stop that. There will be no talking of taking anyone out."

She takes the glass of water and takes a sip, Elena glancing over at Lachlan and giving him a broad grin. "I mean if anyone's able to pull off the grunge look, it's Lachlan, but…" But the holes. Still, shopping with Lachlan will probably be an adventure in some other degree. She flashes Cass a look. It's an expression that spells out: GOOD LUCK on her face. Though when Lachlan says what he does, she props her chin on her hand again, leaning on the kitchen counter. "That's what Jack would say," she says…though she frowns a little bit. "Peter's been saying it too in terms of Sylar." She can't help but worry about that. It shows on her face - she's a little more disturbed by it considering it's not like him. But the dream and the subsequent attack affected him more than anyone psychologically. "And yeah I hope so too. I suggested to Mr. Winters that they incapacitate him and bury him somewhere in the South Pole in a bunker and completely forget about him." She wrinkles her nose a bit. With an exhale, she looks down on her hands. "Hey Cass, how full up are you in terms of training other people?" she asks, looking over at her.

Lachlan frowns when he's chastised, but he doesn't take it back — and neither does he press it. He said what he was going to say. Some scotch is retrieved from a cupboard and some is leveled out into a glass. Then, he returns to the living room and digs around for a pack of cigarettes. It's all about the bad habits today. "Then Peter's got the righ' idea," he mutters, withdrawing a cigarette and sticking it between his lips before he goes looking for his lighter.

"Sylar is on a whole other plane of morality," Cass sighs. She doesn't want to think of it that way, but that seems to be how it goes. George pokes his curious kitty head into the kitchen and absently, the bookstore owner swoops forward and scoops him up into her arms. Cradling him almost like a baby, she scratches under his chin and thinks about everything she's been told. "I noticed that. He thinks everything that's going to happen is his fault. I've got to say that I would really prefer whatever this future may dole out as opposed to whatever it is that he saw." At least this one doesn't have some strange vision of her dead. "Forgetting about him I would not recommend, though. With our luck, he'd just come back and attack again." At the question, she shrugs her shoulders. "I'm not sure. I mean, there's only three or four people that I've been talking to about their powers. And only Peter that I'm actively working on his ability with." Of course, Peter is like training five people what with all his abilities. The brunette, gives Lachlan a bit of a look when he pours the scotch so early in the morning. That's not a bad habit she's about to support. "Why?"

AHA, a lighter. Lachlan has it. He lights up, takes a drag, and … wait, he's getting a Look. Why is he getting a Look? What did he do this time? Lachlan blinks and glances down at himself. Okay, nothing's flopping out that shouldn't, his fly is up, his clothes aren't too bad. What, then? He blinks at Cass, confused. "Wha'?" What'd he do? And what the hell are they talking about? He doesn't know. Doesn't even try to keep up. At this point, it's all going in one ear and out the other.

"I actually didn't even know it was him until later," Elena mutters, shaking her head - a little frustrated about how ill informed she had been. What a moron. She's been hearing about him for months and didn't even think about checking out a picture of a guy to warn herself. But at what Cass says, she nods. "He thinks everything is his fault. I don't think he'll ever get rid of that aspect of himself but he feels this time there's a reason because his mother said it in a dream. I told him if it's the outbreak, or whatever, then we should just keep him away from looking into the virus that we were talking about a few months ago. But he thinks the break-out of crazy people from the Company is somehow his fault too, which doesn't make any sense because…." Uh. "He was with me when it happened." She rubs her face. "It's a little frustrating, but…" But that's just the way he is. When Cass asks her, she shakes her head. "….when I lost control of my abilities, it…" She ughs. "It made things worse. People were already out of control and I felt it slipping away and it just…." She sighs. "I can't let it happen again. Especially not with….not while I'm with…."

While most of the talk may be going over Lachlan's head, Cass can mostly understand what it is that Elena's talking about. "Yeah. He kind of has that whole guilt complex thing going for him." Which no matter what anyone says he won't forget about. "I think that just may make things worse. Letting him not work on something. Especially if Nathan's involved." Peter told them that much. "We'll just…be careful. I can't see Peter being the cause of anything bad happening. It's Peter." Then, she smiles. "Of course I'd be willing to help you control your abilities. You just seem to be doing so well on them on your own. That's why I never asked if you wanted help." Sighing, she goes to take the glass out of Lachlan's hands. "No drinking before five o'clock, please. You're going to make people think that I'm driving you to drink." Maybe one day she'll start to explain all these scientific reasonings to Lachlan so he can understand what the people who keep coming over have to say. But now isn't the time.

"Thanks, Cass," she tells her with a smile. "Let me know when you have the time. Like I said…I don't want to lose control over this again. Especially since…" She waves a hand vaguely to the side. Elena spent a lot of time with Peter. She can't have her powers go haywire when he's around, because it'll affect him, and he'll try to explode, and she'll have to swing a chair at his face again if that happens. "But yeah, I guess we have to be careful for sure…but I don't know what else we can do at this point with Sylar in custody and ….so is the person that manages to cause this sort of phenomenon." A glance at Lachlan when he tries to drink, and she can't help but laugh. "How did that rule come about anyway?" she wonders. "No drinking before five or else you're an alcoholic. There was a time where people drank all hours of the da— " She pauses. "…then again I guess this is what you call progress."

What! Lachlan's too shocked to make any resistance when his booze is taken away. He just stands there gawping a moment before he finally grunts and takes another pull from the cigarette. "Ye do drive me ta drink," he utters with a smirk. "Ye drive me bloody nuts." But he's only teasing. As to the rest of the conversation, he glances at Elena and then Cass, finally posing the question, "Wha're ye two goin' on 'bout?"

"Sure. Don't worry, I understand. We'll figure it all out." Cass reassures her and goes to pours the scotch down the sink because Lachlan tries to steal it back. There we go. "I'm not sure what we can do, either. But we'll think of something. We've got to." Washing out the glass, she just rests it in the sink for now. "Silly rules of civilization, I guess. But, I'll abide to some of them for now." As for Lachlan, she wrinkles her nose at him. "That's good, at least we're even." For driving each other crazy. "We're talking about science and evolution and Elena getting training in her powers, Lach." Doesn't he know that by now?

"I just need to strengthen my control - I've been doing pretty okay, things haven't really gone out of my hands unless I've been tampered with in some way," Elena says simply. "But still, I want to at least see whether I could overcome…you know. The entire suddenly lose control thing." She grins brightly at Cass. "Thanks, Cass. I appreciate it." When she ripostes to the Scot about driving the other crazy, she swallows a laugh. She clears her throat instead, and downs the water. But she seems pretty good at that, eh? Being able to break it down for Lachlan. "I guess in a way, I want to be more hardcore or more disciplined on it." A resigned look crosses over her face. "Might as well. I'm a gigantic wuss half the time anyway."

"Righ', righ'. Big werds, big werds, whole lotta stuff tha' means nothin'. Got ye." Lachlan waves a hand in a dismissive gesture and sprawls himself on the couch, where he picks up an ashtray off the coffee table and rests it on his chest. "S'why ye learn ta figh'," he adds helpfully to Elena's last remark.
In a gesture of real maturity, Cass sticks her tongue out at Lachlan when he starts with his dismissive talk. "One day, I'm going to tie you down and explain this all to you. And there's nothing you can do about it." He may not even understand what she's talking about when she does that, but that's not the point. At lest not right now it isn't. "Well, I don't know if I can make you more hardcore, but I'll see what I can do. Practicing should help you keep control of your ability as well as strengthen your ability to use it. It's like lifting weights." Something that Cass is starting to get to know since she's been taking lessons from Sharon at the gym. "Or at least how to defend yourself," she adds to the end of Lachlan's helpful interjection.

"That works," Elena says lightly with a laugh. "I don't think I'll ever be hardcore anything in this life anyway. I can't even throw a decent punch unless I aim first. And seriously, who has the time to aim?" She watches the both of them, and she can't help but smile at the way they banter. They're both so cute together. "Jack was gonna teach me but…" She frowns. "Trina's still in recovery and he's been spending most of his time with her. I haven't had the chance to see them both. I don't even know if she's awake yet…" She's hoping she wakes up soon, and she is worried about her nuncle. But he's been incommunicado lately. The reasons for such are understandable though.

Oh-ho-ho-ho! The Scot adopts a rather devilish sort of grin. "Baby, ye can tie me down anytime ye wanna," he croons. She walked right into that one. To Elena, he states, "Cass' been takin' lessons."

"Later, honey." Cass rolls her eyes at Lachlan, but grins at him. "And I'm not sure that lectures about DNA and gene therapy would be very good bed talk." Of course, if that's what turns Lachlan on…but she doubts it. "I know a good gym. You could try talking to them about getting self defense lessons." She nods at Lachlan. "I've been taking them and they're really helping. At least helping me feel better about my defense. At least I'm not falling over when someone tries to punch me any more." The mention of Jack and Trina makes her frown and nod. "Me neither," she says quietly. "Hopefully they'll come up for air soon and it will be good news."

Lachlan only grins wider at that and waggles his eyebrows. "'M sure ye could make it more appealin' if ye stripped fer it." Just sayin'! "An' I tol' ye tha' sewin' 'em up would be fine." He's … he's talking about the jeans. Because that's what 'jean therapy' is, right?

"Oh? What's the gym called? Maybe I'll look it up," Elena asks, shifting away a bit from the counter. Though when Lachlan presses the issue, she balks a little bit. "Ah. Do I have to clear out?" she asks, lifting her hands as she looks between Cass and Lachlan. "Because…uh. The last time was…" Pretty scarring. Then again it could've been worse. She could've seen one of Nima Jones's usual customer in the Secret Lair naked. At least Lachlan looks a bit like the guy from that Lara Croft movie, and he's practically got zero body fat so it COULD HAVE BEEN WORSE. It doesn't make it less wrong though. At the last. "No, Lachlan, it's…..nevermind." She nods to Cass. "I hope so too. I've been trying to call him but all I get these days is voicemail. You know Jack though, if he wants to hide out, he'll hide out." She sighs, and reaches down to pick up her backpack reluctantly. She's about to head out, but she really doesn't want to. It's been ages since she hung out with Caslan.

"Power House Gym," Cass replies. "I've got a card around here somewhere. But, what with Lachlan having just moved in and all, there are more things everywhere and she can't find anything. "No no, he's just being a jerk." A jerk that she's fond of, though, so she'll be okay with his lewd comments. "No not jeans as in denim, genes as in biological." While Elena can let it go, Cass is trying to keep Lachlan in the loop. As much as she can with a man who has no interest in this. "I know. You have to hunt him down and even then who knows." But, they'll try. Seeing Elena start to move out, she smiles. "Thanks for stopping by, Elena. It was good seeing you. You should come by more often."

"Wha's tha', ye wanna gimme a jerk?" Yeah, someone's being a jerk, all right. He's grinning wide enough to put a Cheshire cat to shame. And Lachlan really didn't have much of an education, so that whole 'jeans/genes' bit comes as a small surprise. There's more than one kind of jeans/genes! Who knew? "Take care o' yerself, Elena." He could make a joke about her having already seen enough of him, but it's just too soon.

There's a pause. Elena looks over at Cass. "…Power House Gym…?" she says, the name triggering something. She doesn't leave yet, staring at Cass a little incredulously. The bookbag is clutched into her hand, but she doesn't move yet. What the hell…? She rubs her face, and she laughs. It sounds a little unhinged, but maybe Peter was right about the people in the dream finding the rest of them eventually. But when Lachlan says what he does, she stares at him, and coughs. "I know, I feel bad for not stopping by lately. But I will more. I missed you guys." She grins and waves at the both of them, and turns to head out the door.

Noticing Elena's look, the brunette tilts her head slightly, picking up a throw pillow from the foot of the couch. "Yeah. Why?" The latina is giving her a weird look and Cass would like an explanation. Lachlan's crudeness is all but ignored other than the fact that she's right behind him now and when it looks like her attention is entirely focused on Elena, she smacks him right in the face with it. Whuff. Like that. She's not putting any strength behind it, it's just to teach him a lesson. "Don't worry about it, you've got something like five million jobs and school to take care of. It's just good to see you when you can stop by."

PFAFFSFASLKFJ??!!?!? There's a slight flaily motion in response to the attack to his face, followed by some noises that are not exactly of the English nature. Then, Lachlan is left with a crumpled and snuffed out cigarette, in addition to a few cold ashes spread over his chest. There he sits, stunned, before he stares at his cigarette in bewilderment. "Bloody hell," he mutters as he reaches for the pack again.

"I….there was a woman in the shared dream named Sharon. That's all I know about her," Elena tells Cass simply. "But…I…it's foggy but…" She furrows her brows. "I suddenly remembered after you said that…." Thanks to Kory's mental trigger ability. "There was a point where I asked her where she could be found, and she mentioned Power House Gym. Do you know or met a Sharon while you were there, Cass?" She stops by the door then. She doesn't leave yet - she has to ask. At Lachlan's reaction, she can't help but grin, rubbing the back of her neck a little bit as she watches the two of them for a bit. Somewhat wistfully at that - it's been nothing but doom and gloom in her apartment building lately. This was a pretty good refresher, along with her and Heidi's GHOST HUNTING FAIL a couple of days ago.

"…" There's a blink of surprise from Cass as Elena says the name. "Th-that's my trainer." Really, these things shouldn't surprise the bookstore owner any more. However, no matter how many times it still surprises her. In fact, she doesn't even respond to Lachlan's curses or splutters, just taking the pillow back. "I'll…have to talk to her at our next session." Or something along the lines. Though how one may bring up, casually, a shared dream is beyond her. 'So, did you have any hallucinatory experiences with other people the other night that involved acid and perhaps a serial killer?' Sure, that will fly. She'll figure it out as she goes.

As Lachlan retrieves another cigarette and gets it lit, he peers at the two women, brow furrowing. "Shared dream, wha'?" Wow, he apparently missed something somewhere. It was probably buried in the babble about science and evolution and boobs. (He added the boobs part himself to make it more interesting (but it didn't work, because boobs can only do so much).

"I…REALLY?" Elena stares at Cass some more. Much like the older woman, while it shouldn't surprise her anymore….COME ON. This was starting to get a little ridiculous! "Thanks, Cass. You know her better than I do, so…" She frowns. "She got shot, Cass. I don't know how bad, but Peter managed to heal her. She seems to know a classmate of mine at NYU too. Kitty." She shakes her head and opens the door. "I'll let you guys know if I find anything more out." She blinks at little bit at Lachlan's question. "Um….there was this thing that happened in a coffeehouse downtown. People's powers went crazy, and Mr. Winters had to put us all to sleep before something bad happened, and we ended up dreaming the same thing. It was weird. I've never dreamed like that before, it was crazy." She shakes her head again. "Anyways, I'll see you guys later! Sooner this time, I promise!"

Poor Lachlan, the boob talk was certainly only in his head. Though the dream was something that only recently started to be talked about. "I'll explain in greater detail if you want, Lachlan." Though she's not sure if he really cares enough to go through the whole explanation. "Yeah. She…what?" Okay. So what do you do for a trainer that got shot? Are flowers okay? Should she send chocolates or something? Wait, chocolates may be a faux pas for a gym trainer. Well, she'll have to try and find the woman and make sure she's alright. "Same," she replies of the information sharing. "Alright. It was good to see you, Elena. Definitely stop by again soon."

"… a'righ'." It's the typical Lachlan Response to something that is Really Weird and Might Be Important, but is just Really Weird to him. "Take care o 'yerself." This is added to Elena as she makes her getaway. Then, the Scotsman just sort of lays there. And smokes.

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