Jedaiah Akhilleus Anselm
Portrayed By Robert Sean Leonard
Gender Male
Date of Birth June 6, 1970
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Gemini; Metal Dog
Aliases Jed
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Pediatrician; Cytotechnician; Company member
Known Relatives Ephraim Anselm (father), Serefina Merrick (mother), Gabriela Astraea Anselm (sister)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities None
First Appearance -

Jedaiah is a pediatrician, pathologist, and cytotechnician at the Metropolitan Hospital Center, located on First Avenue in Manhattan. He works most often in the walk-in clinic and pediatric centers of the hospital.


Jedaiah Akhilleus was born the first son and second child of oncologist Ephraim Anselm and clinical physician Serefina Merrick, both of whom worked at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. Though both were strict Christians and had each attended private schools, the two chose to send their two children, Jed and his elder sister Gabriela Astraea, to public school, in attempt to instill in their offspring a sense of humility and a deeper connection with the public at large. Though Gaby had little problem with this, Jed despised everything to do with public school from the moment he set foot through its doors. Jed was never outgoing or outspoken, but bookwormy and shy, and as such tended to get picked on a lot by his peers throughout his public school career. He was intelligent and studious, however, and though he only ever had a handful of friends, he was always at the top of his class. He gained some recognition in high school, when he joined his school's soccer team. He was not the star player, but he was definitely one of the top members of his team, and his peers' tendencies to pick on him for his bookishness declined the better he became. Good as he was, Jed had no plans to make a career of it by any means; his interests, bolstered by the occupations of his parents, lay in the field of medicine.

Jed was nineteen and in college, already taking medical courses at New York University, when his home life was hit with a veritable meteor. It was discovered that his father had been cheating on his mother for going on six years—with another man. Jed was horrified. His parents divorced almost immediately, Ephraim moving out to share an apartment with his male lover. Jed was nearly forced to quit school, and ended up working full-time in menial office work in addition to being a full-time student for the four years it took to acquire his bachelor's degree. Though his father offered to help with payments, Jed refused to take any money from him. Jedaiah never forgave his father for his transgression, and while he has spoken to his father in both professional and personal venues, he has made it a point never to spend more time than necessary in the same room as the other man.

Despite the financial issues he had during his early years of college, Jed continued his schooling immediately toward the doctorate level, focusing his efforts toward becoming a pediatrician: children are much easier to get along with than adults, after all. While in university, however, he also took the necessary courses to become certified for cytotechnology, as pathology in and of itself fascinated him, and microscopic interpretation had been one of his favored facets of science courses while he was young. He earned his doctorate at twenty-eight, and began applying for work at hospitals throughout the country, and several within NYC. He was well-advanced in his field, especially for his age. It was probably that which gained him the invitation of the Company.

Barely twenty-nine and still working in the medical center of NYU, Jedaiah was approached by a member of the infamous Company, asking if he would be interested in assisting in the tracking and discovery of the human race's advancement. Jed was, of course, both surprised and skeptical at such an oddly-worded query. The operative suggested the pair have lunch, and proceeded to explain the general idea—only the very general idea, at first—to Jedaiah: certain members of the human race seemed to be evolving more quickly than others, and the Company wanted to know both why, and whom. Jedaiah was intrigued, and agreed to offer his assistance immediately. The operative managed to pull a few strings here and there, managing to secure a position for the doctor at the Metropolitan Hospital Center, located on First Avenue in Manhattan. Jed's expertise in cytotechnology and pathology proved to be extremely useful to the Company, while his placement in the youth health services enabled him to both discover Evolved at a young age, and take advantage of such young people's naivety in order to discover odd things the young ones may have seen. All in all, the Company considered him a valuable asset—and still do, eight years later.


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