Jenny Hawking
Jenny Hawking
Portrayed By Bridget Moynahan
Gender Female
Date of Birth April 28, 1971
Age 36
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases None
Place of Birth Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Model
Known Relatives Ariel Hawking (mother), Tobias Hawking (father)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Kinetic Manipulation
First Appearance Talking to Squirrels

Jenny Hawking is a former Olympics gold-medalist, who was treated like a badguy for breaking all known records in the events she participated in. She has worked hard to achieve fame for herself and her family, and even though there was no evidence of any wrongdoing, most people think she cheated somehow. She has joined the Company with the hope that they can clear her name. She presently does modelling jobs to pay her bills, when she isn't exercising, or doing work for the Company.


Jenny Hawking was born to a middle-class family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her father worked at the Philadelphia Zoo as a zoo keeper, while her mother was a scientist of little renown, except of the negative sort. Ariel Hawking had lost her family in an earthquake, and seen the devastation that was caused by them, and dedicated her life to understanding these tremors of the moving Earth. Unfortunately, her theories as a seismologist were unconventional to the point where she was considered deluded by other academics in the field. Jenny grew up in a household where her mother was often under extreme stress from what Jenny perceived as an attempt to keep her mother out of the spotlight by stuck-in-their-ways old men. She worked hard in school to try to show everyone that they couldn't keep her or her family in the shadows forever.

Though she did well in school, where she really excelled was physical education. Though not strong, she was fast, and in her teenage years she took up running track, with the goal of making it to the Olympics. She completed a brief period of study in college, but spent more of her time working out and running than anything else. Jenny was well-known for her ability to run very fast, without tiring, but she was starting to get leg pains. Seeing a doctor, she learned that her legs and hips were suffering from muscle strain well beyond normal, like there was more force being used on her body than was normal.

Though this mysterious condition was worrying, it didn't stop Jenny from training. Eventually, she made it to the Summer Olympics in 2004. Due to her intense focus on succeeding, she was able to awaken an ability she had previously been manifesting only sporadically. She broke every track record for running and hurdling, pushing on despite intense pain in her hips and legs. She was awarded the gold medal in eight events. Then she collapsed, her legs unable to support her.

Jenny was hospitalized, and had to go through physical rehabilitation, but she was content with the effort she had made, even though she felt there had been something odd going on during the events, to enable her to perform as she did. The news was buzzing about Jenny, and eventually, rumors and suspicions started to spread. The abilities that Jenny had shown seemed to be nearly superhuman. She was tested for drugs repeatedly, but there were no indications she had any contact with enhancement drugs or other chemicals.

Jenny was on crutches for a year before she was able to walk again. However, she was contacted well before that time, as samples of her blood had made their way to certain parties who had been keeping an eye on Jenny, and a representative of the Company approached her. She was very skeptical about the idea of 'superhuman abilities', and declined to work with them, initially.

However, once she got back out into the world, and was fully functional, she discovered that people were unfoundedly calling for her to turn over her medals, and that general concensus was that something weird had been done to be able to perform as Jenny had. No one official had complained, and there were no official orders for her to do anything, but the suspicion was aggravating, as Jenny had done her best to show she was a capable woman. It was like what had happened to her mother. Jenny finally decided to come to the Company and begin working for them, not because she believed in what they did, or believed anything they had told her, but because she wanted to have proof that she had achieved what she had under her own power, and by no other means.


  • 2006 - Won gold medals in multiple events at the 2006 Olympics.
  • February 11th, 2007 - Jenny meets Benjamin in the park, and discusses the difference between talking to animals and talking to humans. Relevant Log: Talking to Squirrels
  • February 16th, 2007 - Jenny assists in the apprehension of Kellie at Central Park, along with a number of others. Relevant Log: Combustion - Confrontations
  • February 18th, 2007 - Jenny meets Benjamin again, this time in Company HQ, and discusses with him honestly the nature of the Company. Relevant Log: Truths Hidden From
  • March to April - Jenny goes to Idaho to check on a report of a "green-skinned girl with magical powers". The girl turns out to be normal, not Evolved. Her skin coloration is due to a severe allergic reaction to elements in her own blood. She also practices more with her powers, gaining a new use for them.
  • April 15th, 2007 - Jenny returns to New York, and files a report with the Company.


Kinetic Manipulation:

Jenny presently is able to multiply or add to the kinetic energy within her own body, enabling her to derive greater force and momentum from her movements, as well as to multiply, increase, reduce, or negate the kinetic energy in other people and objects. This means she can run very fast, leap very high/far, and not get tired as quickly from doing so. Multiplying the forces of her body too much may cause injuries, such as muscle strain, fractured bones, etc.

Other applications of her ability include reducing or multiplying the kinetic energy of objects and other people by touch (stopping or slowing a speeding car, or hurling a baseball with the force of a cannonball, or reducing injury from punches and such by depleting the energy behind the attacks, etc.). She may even be able to eventually transmit energy back to its source, so that the force of a punch that lands on her is redirected to the attacker.

  • Update: Jenny has recently learned how to project kinetic energy through the air, allowing her to affect objects and people without making physical contact with them. It used to be that an object had to already be in motion in order to have its kinetic energy multiplied. If she couldn't move a boulder, or it wasn't in motion while she's touching it, it was the same as if she had no power at all. Now however, she can increase and control the force of something's movement regardless of whether it is in motion, allowing her to perform seemingly superhuman feats by sending bursts of kinetic energy into a stationary object to get it moving, and then multiplying the energy derived from the motion.


  • Burst Attack - Jenny has recently learned how to fire kinetic bursts without touching something, to accelerate its movement or to affect things from a distance. She has mostly practiced with small objects like coins and can fire one at bullet speed without physically contacting it. She can do the same with a handful of coins but they tend to scatter like a shotgun blast and thus aren't very accurate except at close range. She also can fire pure kinetic force invisibly from her hands but this is not as potent as accelerating a physical object and could at most knock someone down or bruise them. A roll of Average of higher is needed to control this power. Anything less results in poor aim (Mediocre) or an automatic miss (Poor).
  • Enhanced Leaping - Once Jenny jumps into the air she can multiply the energy of the jump which may send her hurtling far higher and farther than normally possible for her. A result of Great means she leaps even farther than ordinary or with extreme precision. A roll of Good means she leaps as far as intended and where she wanted to land mostly but no further than that. A roll of Average means she activated the power and leaped successfully but may overshoot or undershoot by a few inches or feet and might not be completely accurate. A result of Poor means she failed to activate the power or she completely messed up her jump. She has to roll Dexterity+Acrobatics if she wants to land at a specific spot and has to roll against Stamina to avoid injuring herself when she lands unless she rolled higher than a Great on Enhanced Leaping. A roll of Poor on Enhanced Leaping adds a Penalty to the Stamina roll and all further Enhanced Leaping rolls until she has had time to rest.
  • Enhanced Speed - Once Jenny is moving she can built the kinetic energy of her motion by multiplying it until she is running much faster than even her normal maximum. How fast exactly she is moving depends on the roll result. Great would be around 180 mph for example while Average would be only 50 mph. A result of Poor means that the power either didn't activate or Jenny winds up going no faster than normal for her and injures herself in the process. For all other rolls except Poor she has to +roll Stamina of Average or higher or else the huge amounts of kinetic energy may injure her. If she rolls higher than Great on Enhanced Speed she may clock in at 200 mph and does not need to roll against Stamina.
  • Enhanced Throwing - Jenny can throw an object and channel immense amounts of kinetic energy into it at the moment it leaves her hand to cause it to launch at speeds compareable to a bullet depending on the size of the object. The object will also be very hot from the excess energy and may burn people who touch it too soon after it hits its target. A roll of Great on Enhanced Throwing means the object is thrown with full force and exactly at the target. Good or Average means it went more or less towards the target but might be off by a few inches. Mediocre or Poor means either the ability didn't activate or the throw was badly aimed. Any target that is a person gets to roll to dodge or defend themselves if they know the attack is coming using +roll Dexterity plus any other modifiers they might have to dodge or defend themselves.
  • Kinetic Shield - Jenny can put up a dampening field around either her entire body or one specific body part in order to lessen and eventually stop the force of a moving object by depeleting or negating its kinetic energy. This means she can stop a punch without injury or reduce damage from being hit by a car or save her life by slowing down a bullet to keep it from going too deep! She has to react fast to do this unless she is prepared ahead of time. A roll of Great or one which is higher than the attacker means the moving object or attack is stopped dead. A roll of Good means a speeding object is slowed down considerably and probably won't hurt that much. A roll of Average or Mediocre, or one which is equal to or one less than an attacker's roll, will slow down the moving object or attack, but damage is still taken. If any lower, then she fails to raise the Kinetic Shield in time and she is hurt fully and possibly severely.
  • Power Punch - Jenny can add force to her punches by releasing bursts of kinetic energy into her target at the moment of impact rather than just speeding up her fist. This means that the target is hit harder without Jenny exerting more force. A roll of Great means that Jenny is roughly putting the same amount of force as a cannon ball into her attack via kinetic bursts and it may be very harmful or even potentially lethal to be hit with it. A roll of Good means the punch is about equal to a rifle round. Average makes it equal to a sledge hammer. Any lower is either a slightly enhanced punch or the power misfired and didn't do anything. The latter would be Poor or lower. An enemy can try to dodge or defend against this attack as if it were a normal punch regardless of the kinetic bursts. A roll higher than Great would mean that Jenny could punch a hole through someone or something pretty easily though, so dodging would be best.


  • "Sometimes, I feel like running is the only way to get away from the lies and the accusations. Like maybe, if I run fast enough, and hard enough, and far enough, I can leave everyone else behind."


  • Jenny can run at Olympics-level speeds WITHOUT the use of her abilities.
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