Jeremiah Richards
Jeremiah Richards
Portrayed By Johnny Depp
Gender Male
Date of Birth ???
Age 34
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Jer, Jer-bear, Richards
Place of Birth ???
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Level 5 Fugitive
Known Relatives ???
Significant Other ???
Known Abilities Lancination
First Appearance A Cage of Darkness

Recent escapee of Level Five. Intense bi-polar disorder, violent, clever, self-serving; he is an ex-orchestral musician, drug addict, and a big fan of mutilation. He will cut you up, fool. Really.

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Before he was a detainee inside of Level Five, Jeremiah had been leading a relatively normal life. In a prestigious musician's academy, and with a promising orchestral career in front of him, everything in his life was looking up. In what seemed like a whirlwind of fate, however, this happiness in his younger days quickly turned sour. It was never so much as something he was born with that made him somewhat mad; it was the rigors of everyday, paired with drug problems to try and handle them better. By the time that he had shown such promise on the stage conducting music, Jeremiah had also gained some powerful addictions to recreational drugs. The last straw for the world around him was when he developed a similar addiction to methamphetamine.

While drugs can create such strain on a man as to drive him mad, so will the tearing down of lifelong dreams break him. Richards was discarded from the world he had worked so hard to create for himself, and was driven into homelessness, manic depression, and addiction by it. Self-mutilation was certainly not far behind. Perhaps it was fitting, then, when Jeremiah eventually faced down a ghost from his past only to cut her down in a fit of drug-induced panic. It was the first manifestation of his ability of laceration, but enough to make him wanted for first-degree murder.

As any confused, angry man might, he fled the mid-eastern states for the seaboard. Jeremiah came to reluctant terms with his new ability, unaware that he was being followed closely by The Company. It was only after a series of fatal muggings, murders, and generally gruesome attacks that they were able to corner him.

Jeremiah had only been under Company lock for a few years until now, when his escape was facilitated by Sylar and Kellie's attack on the Hartsdale facilities. It is very likely that he has not gotten over some of his addictions to drugs, robbery, or murder to ensure his wants and needs; the imprisonment has only served to fuel his fire, which in itself is self-preserving, loose in moral judgments, and excessively violent when push comes to shove.


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