Jeremy Wakefield
Jeremy Wakefield
Portrayed By Justin Kirk
Gender Male
Date of Birth 1976
Age 31
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Aliases Jerry, Jer
Place of Birth Boston, MA, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Sewing Professional, New Age Expert, Freelance Counselor
Known Relatives Deborah Wakefield (mother), Jimmy Wakefield (father), various aunts, uncles and cousins.
Significant Other Single and Hating It
Known Abilities None
First Appearance Impromptu Consultations

Call him a seamstress and he'll cut you.


Parents. Oh my.

Deborah Wakefield owned a boutique of prom and pageant dresses. A skilled tailor, dressmaker and alterations expert, she just couldn't get away from the gawdy aftertaste that was the 80s, and it reflects in her design. The fact that the store remained open for as long as it did (a full decade) is a testament to the fact that her husband, Jimmy, loves her very much and isn't so bad at real estate.

So what would you choose, only son of a pageant dress maker and a successful real estate agent? Jeremy considers this to be his earliest mistake, but he couldn't be happier doing what he does. No, he does not make dresses, not if he can help it, and he stayed away from design when he realised that, much like both his parents, he didn't have that flair of original creativity. But he's wonderful at alterations, with an eye for detail and a steady hand, so, thanks mom!

Bitchin' Stitchin'

Jeremy proved to himself a capable businessman when he and one of his closest friends, Catalina, opened a little alterations store in New York City. He had just moved from Boston, but Catalina was a native New Yorker and helped him get settled not only with a place to live, but with this business. It was originally called Greene & Wakefield Alterations, much to Jeremy's disappointment, who wanted something a little more eyecatching. When Catalina left for Japan, leaving the business in Jeremy's hands, he got his wish and the business became, and is still known as, Bitchin' Stitchin'.

Funny? Not really. Jeremy still loves it. And laughs. And that's all that matters.

So You Think You Can Teleport

Well, Jeremy did, for a while. Or at least, he thought that maybe there was the chance he could teleport. Or be telekinetic. Or fly. Or be a firestarter! Seriously, he's not picky, anything out of Dr. Chandra Suresh's amazing, wonderful book, would be awesome. Jeremy is pretty much convinced that he will likely have something, and he's waiting for that ability to unlock and manifest itself.

Any day now.

In the meantime, Jeremy is all about spreading the word and unlocking everyone else's potential. He runs a somewhat vague counselor service for people who believe in the paranormal just like him - sometimes there are Tarot card readings, sometimes there are reiki sessions, sometimes there's someone flipping out that they accidentally melted their toaster. All kinds of people, and Jeremy is just happy he's not the only off-center person here. Then again, it is New York. His kinda town.


TO BE SEEN. Just wait.


  • 03/08/07 - Impromptu Consultations. A brush with a true Evolved. Jeremy is startled when Jonas rather suddenly turns up at his alterations store, seeking answers about his abilities.
  • 03/08/07 - Oh Obliviousness. Along the same vein, Jeremy is paid a visit by someone he believes to be called Lea, and asked about the fliers he has up around New York.
  • 03/15/07 - Super Secret Agent. Jeremy becomes one when "Lea" reveals a few secrets,
  • 03/16/07 - You Den Lost Your Damn Mind. Leroy comes home from a business trip, to find their apartment has turned into a "vegan zone". He's not so happy.
  • 04/03/07 - Tragically Misguided. Jeremy meets Mitch at his store when she comes looking for someone to fix her dress. Snarkiness ensues when she scoffs at his beliefs and he mocks her poofy sleeves.
  • 04/29/97 - Gay Men Save Local Pussies. When working at the Innercity Kitty Shelter with Leroy, a juvenile delinquent sets fire to the building. So Jeremy and Leroy save some cats! Hooray!


  • "Lose the accent, you are not awaiting a gentleman caller, Leroy." - Basically every day.


  • Jeremy loves cats. He adopts cats. He may have adopted your cat.
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