Jessica Sanders
Jessica Sanders
Portrayed By Ali Larter
Gender Female
Date of Birth ???
Age ??
Zodiac Sign ???
Aliases Niki
Place of Birth ???
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Bitch
Known Relatives Niki Sanders (sister; it's complicated), Hal Sanders (father; gotohellandburn), Micah Sanders (son), Monica Dawson (sort of)
Significant Other D.L. Hawkins (husband by proxy)
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength
First Appearance Genesis
Last Appearance Repeat Offenders

Niki's alter ego. Violent. Manipulative. Intense. Can we say violent again? Jessica will do whatever it takes to protect the mother/son unit and get what's done, done. It's one thing to say you'll stop at nothing for the people you love. When you're Jessica, and that means tearing people apart, stealing millions of dollars, and becoming an assassin? So be it.


Winter 2007 - November 2007


"What do you know about control, Niki?" - Fallout

Niki: "God, please help me."
Jessica: "Who needs God when you've got me?" - Godsend

"Didn't I throw you out a window?" - Landslide

"Niki's busy, try again later." - Something Else

"Let's just say I have my own way of eliminating the risk." - Queen of Spades

"Eenie meenie…" - deciding who to kill first, A Time To Wake And A Time To Sleep

"You think you understand? You don't know. What we are. What she is." - A Time To Wake And A Time To Sleep




Jessica has a tattoo of the Symbol on her right shoulderblade. Niki doesn't.

Jessica's car, the red 1959 Cadillac Eldorado convertible, was taken from D.L's crew and registered in Niki's name. When Niki was taken into Company care, it was towed from the New York streets and has never been seen since. Tragic.


Known Body Count

Guard: 1
Taylor, Warren, and Itchy, D.L.'s crew (Stolen Time): 3
Linderman's thugs (Genesis): 2
Poker players (Better Halves): 3
Aron Malsky (Run!): 1
FBI agents Quesada and Alonzo (Parasite): 2
Parkview Estates Guy (The View is to Die For): 1
Peter Petrelli (Something Else): .5
+ Isis Thigpen (Repeat Offenders): 1

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