Jessica's Timeline
  • Splinter —> Ramon invades Niki's mind with telepathy, seeking out the source of Jessica. She doesn't take kindly to the intrusion, nor to being pushed around. She breaks free of the restraints Cass put on her.
  • A Time To Wake and A Time To Sleep —> There's a strong chance that Jessica would have massacred Ramon and Cass if Ramon's coaxing of Niki hadn't encouraged Niki to take control and tranquilize herself. Suffice to say, Jessica's got a vendetta against mind-readers.
  • Meanwhile... —> Spotting familiar figures in the crowd at the Casino Royale in Las Vegas — where her plans are a little different than Niki's — Jessica takes over during a conversation with Desmond and uses him as a distraction to evade unwanted notice.
  • Run Through —> On the run from the suited men, Jessica takes off onto the Vegas Strip with their vehicle close behind. They try to run her off the road — and succeed, but not before Niki takes over, news from Peter on the phone ultimately spelling the end for her control of the car… which might mean the end of Niki, if being impaled by a sign is any indication.
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