Katherine Josephine River Scott
Portrayed By Evangeline Lily
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 6, 1976
Age 33
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Call Sign Mountaineer, Scout
Aliases Kit, Ace, Katherine, Josephine, Katie (voices in her head)
Place of Birth New York City, NY, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Lt-Commander, Special Ops
Known Relatives Gayla Scott (mother; deceased), Richard Scott (Father, deceased), RJ (brother), Dave (brother), Carter (brother), Teddy (brother, estranged), and Tony (brother)
Significant Other Gettin' There… also… Vera (her gun)
Known Abilities Martial Arts, General AWESOMENESS
First Appearance Arbitrary Laws

Military lady. Hoo-rah!



Jo is personable… she employs different types of torture to make prisoners talk…


Katherine Josephine River Scott, or Jo — as she's opted to be called by most of the people in her life — was born in New York City to Gayla and Richard Trenton Scott. As the youngest of six kids (and the only girl), Jo was frequently made fun of and was subjected to the constant torment of having five older brothers. Additionally, both Gayla and Richard had careers in the military and expected excellence in all areas of life from their children. The boys — RJ (Richard Jr.), Dave, Neil, Teddy (Theodore), and (Anthony — treated their sister as one of them. She was just one of the guys. She played with the boys, enjoyed ‘boys games’ (dolls were for sissies), and was the all-around tom-boy on her block.

Jo was a typical tom-boy and military kid. The family moved frequently from one city to another so the family wasn’t close to anyone on the outside, only to each other. The children adored each other’s company and played well together at all times. Jo learned to fight, to tackle, and to essentially kick her brother’s butts when necessary — by training with both her father, and roughhousing with the boys.

She had boyfriends in middle and high school, but things never got serious. With six rather buff Scott men interrogating them, it really was no wonder why. But it was just as well; it gave Jo the time to concentrate on her studies and martial arts. She was incredibly bright, getting straight A’s in school. And as the only girl, Richard was determined his daughter would be the real ace of the bunch.

After high school graduation one Scott boy after the other enlisted in the military. And as the boys left, Jo became increasing close to her second eldest brother, Teddy. And the two got along great until one day, while playing football, Teddy appeared to hurt Tony with nothing more than a touch of his hands, causing the younger teen to age prematurely. The three youngest Scotts vowed not to speak of the incident again.

Things seemed to become normal for awhile with Jo becoming a Navy SEAL (with parental permission) at seventeen. She’d been training for years to meet all of the requirements. Her parents were very proud when she joined.

But her career with the SEALs was ended only six years later when her parents died unexpectedly and Tony was put into a coma mysteriously. Jo was convinced there was only one explanation: Teddy. The two had a major confrontation. Jo stopped trusting Teddy, he said he’d had the entire ability under control, but obviously he didn’t; and the family paid the consequences. Angry and unsure of how to deal with Teddy’s apparent disease, Jo pursued her brother at every turn with her own military training, determined to rid humanity of people with abilities.

She realigned herself with the military, but committing to both her brother and what happened to him. Decidedly, Jo chose to study the sciences in her post-secondary training, namely biological engineering and genetics and how to select certain characteristics or develop biological warfare. All the while, she aimed to catch Teddy, and minimize the risk that he was to his family, friends, and society as a whole.

Currently, she’s ranked as a Lt.-Commander in the United States Navy. She’s in special operations, serving her country any way that she can. She’s committed to the US and believes that she needs to purge the country of ability-consumed terrorists.


  • Jo is freakishly strong for a woman her size thanks to her constantly working out.
  • Jo is an excellent soldier and takes orders well.
  • She is proficient with firearms of all sorts.
  • Has an interest in weaponry of all kinds.
  • Trained in hand to hand combat and martial arts.
  • Deals well under pressure.


  • Has a chip on her shoulder.
  • Bitter about her family.
  • Has a general distaste for evolveds thanks to her brother Theodore Scott.
  • Her family.
  • Bets.
  • Cody, her like ONLY friend…
  • Mark


jovol4.jpg An ex-marine with a chip on her shoulder sets out to defend her country only to end up on the wrong side of a bad situation.
jovol5.jpg Joining The Mysterious Truth on a trek through the Amazon will be an interesting escapade.


  • "I told you, all a woman needs is a damn good showerhead and several bars of chocolate. Both can do wonders that a man could never. Forget romance. It's for the infirm." — to Cody in Removable Stress Relief.
  • "At least I can have his nuts." — to Cody in Have His Nuts.
  • "Miss Gallagher, your help has earned you another day with that pretty face." — to Kelyssa in Her Pretty Face.
  • "Alright then, Miss Millbrook. If that's the way you want to play it, I'm going to let your legs heal themselves. Good luck with that." — to Daphne in Clipped Wings.
  • "Oh, Dr. Lambert… I have no intention of killing you. Or of letting you see the light of day. Get used to looking at these walls. I'm sure they will be the only ones you'll see for many years to come…. You haven't been here long. And, unlike a real soldier or marine, you haven't been trained to withstand this. No, you will crack. Everyone does. It's just a matter of time." — to Alexandra in Widening the Faults.
  • "A mime, really?… Kinky." — to Carl in Time Together.
  • "I'm tough. I like roughing it. I can't remember the last time I ate normal food and was raised this way… to be… like this. I grew up in a Navy family that moved a lot. If you didn't adapt, you were screwed permanently. I feel spoiled by the hammocks we've got the last little while and I actually like the tarantulas for dinner," — to Mark in In Case We Die.
  • "I'm not extraordinary or incredibly artistic, but one thing I am is tough. I don't get pushed around. I get even when I'm manipulated. And I don't just let things slide," — to Mark in In Case We Die.


  • Trained as a SEAL.
  • Fanfic written by Erin about Cody, Jo, and Erin.
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