2010-04-27: Job Offer



Date: April 27, 2010


Cody visits Jo with a proposition.

"Job Offer"

Jo's Apartment — NYC

Taking the steps two at a time, Cody climbs to the floor that her friend lives on. She's carrying a folded newspaper and a manila envelope in one hand and a paper sack in the other. The bottom of the paper sack is covered in grease spots, it's the best kind of food.

When she finally reaches the right one, she's breathing a little heavy but she's still able to speak in clear sentences and isn't gasping for breath. There's the slight glow of perspiration on her forehead, a very battered and bruised forehead belonging to a very battered and bruised face. Stepping up to the closed door, she gives it a quick rap.

The door is opened almost instantly. "Cody! Come in~" Jo virtually sings as she walks back into the biggest space of the room. The apartment is virtually empty — most of her things have been put into storage while she figures out the next step in her life. But then she has this apartment until the end of the month. Only until the end of the month. After that? Who knows? At least it's near empty save for a camping cot, a 60 gallon backpack, and a bottle full of empty liquor bottles that serve of a constant reminder of her own demons.

"Hey… sorry, just finishing some packing — " Jo replies after placing several more bottles that had been under the sink into the box. "And there we go." She wipes her hands on her blue jeans. Blue jeans — she hasn't looked this casual in ages. Her hair is allowed to fall haphazardly around her face in loose curls on her grey three-quarter-length sleeved shirt.

Cody's face, though battered, looks fairly cheerful until she looks around. "Whoah, where… What's going on?" The newspaper and envelope get tucked under her arm quickly as she glances between all of the boxes and then toward Jo. "Are you moving? Have trouble finding a job or something?"

Unlike Jo, Cody practically lives in cargo pants and jeans, suits and dress clothes are for the office. An office that she hasn't been to in a couple of weeks now. "I was… going to talk to you about something, but if you have something else going on, I won't bother you with it."

"Uh… well I'm done at this apartment at the end of the month — not sure where I'm going yet," Jo says with a simple shrug. "It's just not worth staying right now. Too many … " she sideglances the window almost suspiciously "know where I am. It's simpler just to leave."

She shrugs her shoulders while furrowing her eyebrows at Cody. "Nothing else really, just time to move on." Not that Jo intended on telling anyone. But Erin knew she was going somewhere just a matter of where.

Nodding slowly, Cody puckers her lips in thought as she narrows her eyes toward the other woman. "Well, how would you like to go on a little holiday? Now so much a holiday but — Here — " She collapses with a small oof onto the cot and unfolds the newspaper. "Did I ever tell you about Mark Scotts? This guy that I know?" Know, date, sleep with, raise scary evolved children…

She turns the page to one near the inside and holds up the picture and article to Jo, Ents, living trees. "We're going to the Amazon, he's looking for a team. Could be good for a few weeks, if you want."

"Really?" Jo quirks an eyebrow as she looks at the newspaper, her hazel eyes scanning it quickly trying to acquire as much information as she can. "Ents, huh?" Her lips quirk slightly upwards. A glance is given around the apartment before Jo nods. "He's not crazy is he?" Yeah, it's a skeptical question, but then Ents seem significantly less crazy than people that can regenerate, fly, or have multiple themselves into many copies.

"You know what, it doesn't matter. Anywhere is better than here right now," a glance is given to the empty liquor bottles in the middle of the room. It's been over three weeks since she'd had whiskey last.

"Absolutely insane, but in the best way possible," Cody says with a smile. There's a glimmer in her eye as she talks about the man and she just can't seem to wipe the grin off her face. Her blue eyes flicker toward the pile of bottles and she takes a deep breath and holds it.

"Yeah, well I think the only liquor we'll find down there will be fermented berries mixed with spit." Just thinking about it makes the blonde's stomach grumble just a little, she can't wait to try it. "Anyway, if you want the job we'll need you in Manaus as soon as possible."

"Hmmmm," Jo begins as she examines the smile on Cody's face. "Well Ma Baker, if I didn't know better I'd think — " She cuts herself off and grins broadly with a shrug. "Yeah, I'll take the job, anything to get out of here. Manaus, you say?" Biting her bottom lip she hmmms again, "I can probably get a ticket in the next twenty-four hours or so."

Another glance is given to the bottles, "Three weeks and counting last I checked." This is met with another shrug. "Thought it was time I fight my vices again."

"Yeah yeah yeah…" Cody cuts her off in mid sentence with a wave of her hand. The manila envelope is passed and upon opening it, Jo will find a small packet with the details of the trip inside. "Just remember Manaus, I don't think the ticket to Brazil is paid for butBUT the adventure will more than make up for that bit."

The bottles are eyed again before Cody raises her eyebrows and looks directly at Jo. "I'll bring the hotdogs?"

"I can afford a ticket. My parents…" Jo frowns a moment. "Point is…I have money." A good chunk of her parents' money as she was responsible for funeral arrangements and the like — they'd both had life insurance policies in her name. "And you better bring the hotdogs. I'm itching for a campin' trip." She smirks and then notes, "Damn, I hope this boss of yours — ours? — doesn't expect us 't be ladies. He's not gonna get that." And Jo knows it. "And this gig can't be as bad as the last one. I had to dress up like a fuckin' mime…" She stifles a snicker.

"I dunno, Jo, I don't think he's expecting us to be in heels and a skirt. Or whiteface." Cody sobers just a little but the smile on her face doesn't fade as much as it become whistful. "He's pretty great, actually, you'll see. We've been through a lot together." A lot since first meeting and more.

Finally getting up, Cody stretches out and kicks one of the bottles to skitter toward the door, when she walks toward it and picks it up. She tosses it gently from one hand to the other as she smiles over to her friend and shrugs. "You'll meet him, just remember Manaus as soon as possible."

"Sounds great. I'll finish putting my stuff in storage and head the airport later today. Maybe I can fly out on stand-by within the next couple of days," Jo salutes. She really has no problem waiting around an airport. It can't be any worse than sitting here in the nothing that is her apartment.

"Or else… maybe I can get a buddy to fly me." She purses her lips and then nods. "Still have friends in semi-high places."

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