2009-10-06: Jockeying For Position



Date: October 6th, 2009


Tracy and Bert get territorial over the Senator who isn't even there.

"Jockeying for Position"

Senate Building

Washington, D.C.

Dressed in one of her ridiculously short skirts, Bert enters the wing where Ivory's office is located. She has a locked briefcase in hand containing confidential information and very secret files. Her hair is tied up in multiple little bobs and braids, and on anyone else, it wouldn't look right. She's got a smile on her face, a spring in her step, and she's feeling immensely satisfied about her job. (Despite half of it being so top secret, even she doesn't know what she's doing.)

Tracy is bustling here and there around the Senate building and beyond today, despite — or perhaps because of — the revelations of the night prior. The combination of doing her job well and having a lot on her mind means that Ms. Strauss is especially out for blood, however. Dressed to a tee as usual, in a slim, navy blue dress, far less short than Bert's and made more modest by a white cardigan trimmed in the same blue, long hair pulled back elegantly, the Senator's consultant is also sauntering through the wing Ivory's office is located in. At this rate, she and Ms. Sachs might converge on the door at once.

Bert spots Tracy coming, and since she's wearing shoes that are far more sensible.. (Saddle oxfords, THANK YOU.) She frowns, her brows furrowing, and she sprints for Ivory's door. She WILL beat Strauss there and get to Ivory first! It's such a childish stunt, attempting to race out the lobbyist bicycle for one Senator.

Tracy doesn't like to lose, but this is a game she's bound to fail at, since she actually stops in her tracks upon seeing the other woman's mad dash for the door. What a child. She chuckles disbelievingly under her breath to no one but herself, shakes her head and continues her sure-footed saunter (she would have been perfectly capable in these designer heels, thank you very much, if she tried). "In a hurry?" she offers oh-so-casually as she attempts to slip into the reception area second.

Bert dashes in through the door to the reception area, first, dangit! "No. I'm catching up on my missed cardio from this morning," she says sarcastically. "The Senator wanted to see me, first thing on his schedule today." So there. Take that Miss All-Important-Strauss, in her designer heels that are bad for your feet, back and legs. The briefcase is held in both hands and a steady refusal to check it with the receptionist for a safe delivery to the Senator.

"Mm, I know, I went over his schedule with him this morning," Tracy answers easily, dismissive of whatever oh-so-important meeting it is that Bert has. She casts the person at reception a glance. It's not Ivory's executive assistant— that might mean he's not here yet. Rather than sit down and wait, she stands poised, near the door and folds her arms, seeming calm. "I need to speak with the Senator before his next appointment, it's urgent." There's no urgency in her voice, however — simply self-assurance.

Bert's eyes narrow ever so slightly and territorial. "Every appointment Miss Strauss has is important to her. I have urgent Top Secret information that the Senator wanted to see immediately upon his return," she cuts in, shouldering her way to the poor receptionist. "Miss Strauss can wait until after I brief Senator Wynn."

Tracy doesn't budge — she just lifts two shaped blonde brows in a show of amusement. Amusement of the belittling variety, that is. She smiles languidly, scoffing. "Do you have some kind of problem with me, Ms. Sachs?"

"I think you're a lobbyist whore," Bert says cheerfully as she looks up at Tracy, a feline-esque grin spreading across her face. "You want the Senator to yourself with little regard for the other people around him who have business with him as well." Keeping the case in hand, she advances a step in Tracy's direction and lowers her voice, "You better not be toying with Ivory."

Well, she did ask, but by no means does that make Bert's answer remotely tolerable. Tracy snaps to attention, arms unfolding as she takes a step closer herself, making good use of the fact that she towers over Bert by a few inches plus heels. She stares down the other woman. The lobbyist's blue eyes hold nothing but malice and threat, but her answer, while threatening, remains coolly measured. "You're stepping over the line. You don't want to keep talking."

Bert doesn't seem fazed by Tracy's height. Sure the woman has friends in high places, but Roberta has some skills that will make her a formidable enemy. Such a far cry from what she was before she laid eyes on Senator Ivory Wynn. She glares daggers back at Tracy, "Miss Strauss, don't you have some Congressmen to screw? Or is it Governor Sanford waiting on you this evening?" She doesn't look threatened at all by Tracy. "Whoever it is.. leave Wynn alone."

Tracy bites down. Anger is an all too treacherous response as of late. What Bert doesn't know could get her shattered. "And what makes you think I would leave the Senator alone?" A smirk starts to build, paired dangerously with a glimmer in the blue eyes staring Roberta down as though she were nothing. "Threaten me one more time and I will destroy you."

"I'll destroy you first," Bert says with equal danger at Tracy. Already, ideas of hacking into Tracy's life are coming to mind, even more so than what she's already done for Ivory. For Bert, this isn't about status or careers, she sees Tracy as a rival for Ivory, and it damn near is making her crazy. She's never been like this ever in her life.

Tracy is used to hunting down what she wants, but so much time spent around Ivory is — and already has — pushed her close to a dangerous edge. A woman like Tracy usually doesn't need jealousy. She gets what she wants. Now, her mind is working just as fast against Bert. "That'll be a serious mistake."

"You threatened me first, Strauss," Bert states in a cool manner as the staredown begins. "I'm not above retaliation or protecting myself, or the Senator." She's… a bit territorial. Damn enthrallment. He's not even her type! Unfortunately, the sensible part of her brain isn't working. A hand clenches tighter around the briefcase handle as she continues the glaring match against Tracy.

"I wouldn't be so sure the Senator would see it that way." Tracy's smirk turns patronizing. They're both more or less stuck in limbo, here, neither of them willing to move. Bert isn't the only territorial one. Retreat and you show weakness and lose your claim.

Bert is not leaving. The Senator will see her first dammit. That's JUST how it will be. She does however, retreat, but it's only to jockey for position outside the Senator's door. Her answer to Tracy is the merest arching of an eyebrow.

Convenient, for Bert, that Tracy happens to get a phone call. Oh, there's a solid few minutes of unmoving, tense silence before the buzz interrupts the womens' standing guard. She slips the phone out of the pocket of her cardigan, eyes it, and flashes an impatient look to the tech girl. "…I have to take this." Reluctantly. She eyes the other woman as if to say this isn't over before she stalks out into the corridor, phone rising to her ear.

Bert shoots Tracy a look of undisguised triumph as the woman's phone rings. Round one, goes to Bert. At least it does so in her mind.

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