2010-02-20: Jody!



Date: February 20, 2010


Jo + Cody = Jody!


Oldcastle Pub and Restaurant — NYC

It's been a long week. A very long week. Jo sits at the bar in her well tailored suit as she holds the shot glass of tequila between her fingers. Pursing her lips together, she places the shot down. Does she want to follow this bunny trail? Does she want to go there again? After months of sobriety, why break it now? More determined she picks up the shot glass and raises it to her lips. In one gulp she finishes the small glass as a smile edges her lips; it's been too long.

She slams the glass down on the counter and attempts to get the bartender's attention, "Shot of Jack's."

Cody on the other hand has also had a very hard week, in a different way. She's up at the piano singing her heart out (quite awfully) to some old Irish tune that she doesn't know the words to. She's already three sheets to the wind due to various drinks bought for her by different men. While she's usually a little more guarded about drinks bought for her, she's got a sober driver tonight!

When the song is over, the blond woman laughs and stumbles over to the bar with her arm looped around the neck of some nondescript man. Cody is the epitome of a sailor in the harbor tonight. She's got the language to prove it.

"JO!!" she yells out, the drink just passed to the brunette isn't missed. Obviously it has to be for Cody, because Jo doesn't have a good time anymore. The shot is quickly liberated from Jo's fingertips just before she's able to grab it and suck!! it's down the blonde's hatch.

"Cody," Jo smiles a little sheepishly as the drink is taken away from her, causing her to whistle to the bartender. "I'll have another of those… thanks." He returns with another shot of Jack's.

The brunette turns to her colleague and arches her eyebrows before drawing the glass to her lips, "What are you doing here? I thought you'd be working or something. Lots of work to be done. The bitches never sleep, do they?" She forces a small smile and shakes her head before downing the amber fluid and slamming her glass on the counter again.

"A girl's gotta — " Cody looks just a little sick for a moment before she turns her head and lets out a very loud belch. "Girl's gotta let loose… y'know?" She climbs up onto the stool next to her friend and slaps a twenty down onto the bar. With one finger swirly motion, she silently tells the bartender 'it's time for another round' then raises two fingers. It's Party Time!

"Soooooooo… Joooooooooooooo… Whaddya know?" It rhymes, that just makes Cody's night in ways that Jo would never be able to understand. A series of drunken giggles (which seem odd considering the source) erupts from her frame and she leans over and slumps against the brunette. "You know what feels really good?"

Cody's behaviour is met with a reluctant smirk, especially the barstool move. But Jo shakes her head before her lips curl into a more-present smile. "It's true, letting loose is a good thing." Which begs the question: has Agent Scott let loose in the last few years? "What feels good Baker? A well place showerhead? Twirling on a barstool?"

"Showerheads are a thing of the past, my friend… I have been experiencing some honest to goodness fantasticly awesome borderline illegal sex." As she's speaking, Cody straightens up and ends her statement with a her pointer finger straight up in the air. "Borderline illegal, I tells ya…" Then she pauses an the silliest of grins crosses her features and she sighs. A very long sigh. "I haven't had sex like that since… Ireland man. It's been such a long time."

Jo hmmms with a still present smirk, "When do you find the time?! I swear this is the first time I've been out and about in weeks — I'm either at work working or at home sleeping! I admire your fortitude. Unless…" She purses her lips together. "Someone from work? Work and play ought to be separated more…" Of course, Jo was at work AND had the building put into lockdown the last time she had sex, but she fails to mention this.

"Naaaahhhh… you gotta make the time." Cody gives Jo a bleary eyed look and practically inhales one of the shots in front of her. Then she commits the mortal sin of pounding on her chest, which earns a squeak just before she winces and peeks down the front of her shirt. "Shit… I thought I almost started bleeding again. Jo… Jo… lissen ta me Jo…" Cody says, her speech getting just a little slower. "Never, ever, ever, let them find you at home. 'Kay?"

Blinking, Jo narrows her eyes at Cody. "Wh-what?! Find me at home?!" No one other than the brunette has set foot in her small bachelor suite apartment. No one. She never intended to stay in New York long, but then, plans change sometimes. "Bleeding? What the hell happened to you, Baker?" Her eyebrows are furrowing now as she downs another shot. Oy. She really ought to call her sponsor…

"One of 'em was waiting for me when I got home one night, man… I'm tellin' ya.. They're fightin' back." Cody rubs her chest where the stitches are, feeling the little ridges. "I'm gonna have this massive scar dude… See?" Before Joe can say anything, Cody pulls up her shirt to reveal a series of cuts that have been neatly sewn back together. "But like… I did it to myself… y'know? S'all my fault…"

Jo's lips curl into a frown as she studies the cuts on her colleague's chest. Her lips purse as she listens to her friend's presumably intoxicated rant. "Did it to yourself? H-how? They did this to you! Just further proving the importance of catching these terrorists! Did you report it? I'm sure that our superiors would want a formal report…"

Waving her hand, Cody sluffs off the notion of a report, "Yeah yeah… I reported it to two senior agents." Then a dreamy little smile spreads across her face and she turns to look at Jo. "'Kay.. so back to sex, right? OH MY GOD!!! I can't believe what I was missing out on… And the steaks!!" What? The steaks? "They're like two hundred bucks apiece. I didn't have sex with the steak though… but man… see there's this back hair…." And her end of the conversation just starts getting a liiiiiiiittle undecipherable.

"Back hair?! What? Baker, you're now officially making no sense and avoiding my questions…" Jo blinks blankly several times before bringing the shot glass to her lips. "I'm glad you didn't have sex with steak… I can't imagine that being very… satisfying…" Yes, she's confused. Yes, she's feeling rather stuck and unsure at this moment. "How do you think you came to deserve what you got anyways? You were just doing your job — "

Cody's forehead is resting on the bar. It's a slight that most would get kicked out for but the bartender knows the woman and is just cleaning around her. Rolling her head to the side, she gives Jo a little smile and shrugs her shoulders. "It's like… Karma… you know? We're baggin' 'em at home, they're tryin' to bag us at home… I mean shit.. Jo… We got a fuckin' senator that almost got killed. That's like.. Treason. I think people still get shot for that."

"Well we do our best to finish our jobs and make this nation safe and great. That is our job. Neither of us tried to kill the Senator. Neither of us did anything wrong; just our jobs. And a damn fine job of them." Jo bites her bottom lip. "And I don't believe in Karma. It's just another bitch to deal with; they're just proving they can't be trusted." At this she nods. If Teddy can't be trusted and he's her brother — an American hero, then no one can.

"Nah… Jo… I think there's…" Cody's words are getting slower and slower, "Terrorists… they're…" She's missing half of them as she tries to explain. The room is kind of spinning around, so she looks up to the ceiling and tries to take a deep breath. Buuuuuuut that was a really bad plan. Damned ceiling fans. Always getting in the way of a good conversation. "…If we don't save the world… who's gonna save it?" And BAM! Cody slips off the stool into a puddle on the floor.

"Uh… Ahhhh! Cody!" It's one of the rare occasions Jo uses the other woman's first name. "I…" seconds later she's on the ground, helping her friend. "Someone get her some coffee!! And get me some ice!! Seriously!!" There's no way she's going to let Cody go home alone like this. With a deep frown she waves to the bartender, "Call me a cab. I'll take her to my apartment…" she winces; no one has been to her apartment. And she means NO ONE.

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