Joel Eugene Nelson
Portrayed By Jamie Bell
Gender Male
Date of Birth September 16th, 1984
Age 26
Aliases J
Place of Birth Fairfax, Virginia
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Ne'er Do Well
Talent Advanced Accuracy and Spatial Relations
Known Relatives Janet Nelson (mother), William Nelson (Father)

Joel is the very image of the twenty first century slacker. He's got little focus, seems to have a certain vacant stare, and at times has a hard time forming his thoughts into words. His easy-going nature is fairly prominent and usually only exceeded by his utter lack of ambition.




SUBJECT goes by the name of Joel Nelson
SUBJECT is aware that he is employed by the Company
SUBJECT is a citizen of the United States, presently (2009) a denizen of New York City
SUBJECT is paid a monthly salary of XXXXXXX and reimbursement for expenses incurred.

Background Data:

Joel Eugene Nelson, born September 16th, 1984, Richmond VA. SUBJECT considers himself a native of the suburban areas around the District of Columbia. SUBJECT attended three semesters at Georgetown University, majoring in Ancient World History. Upon cessation of his studies in the district he accepted a position in customer service for a major electronics reseller. Promotion and relocation was accepted by SUBJECT, transition was made to New York City, primary branch of reseller.

According to Dr. Aldric's initial report (Attachment 12A), SUBJECT sought medical aid due to cranial pressure and pain, symptoms similar to evolutionary manifestations recorded previously. SUBJECT exhibited unique characteristics leading to the relaying of intelligence from point of contact to XXXXXXXXXX. Further observation and intelligence gathering were authorized. Upon evaluation initial testing was arranged and applied by XXXXXXXXXX creating high stress criminal situation at workplace of SUBJECT. Results showed SUBJECT had clearly defined morality, if limited applicable talents. Continued observation was arranged.

Under observation, (files sjnx74ah.sur), SUBJECT displayed further facility with manifested talents. Said talents being primarily an extended sense of spatial relations and required activity needed to facilitate propelled connection between one point to another. Initial observation deems it likely that SUBJECT has an enhanced mental capacity to insure that hurled, propelled, or fired objects strike a target of his choosing. During observation this ability has not failed.

Perhaps as result of intelligence gathering and testing SUBJECT broke from employment. It was at this point that contact was deemed necessary. XXXXXXXX initiated contact and arranged for future recruitment. The approach used was primarily a play upon the moral viewpoints held by SUBJECT. Patriotism and protection of the disadvantaged proved to be key points of pressure. Contact was broken, course of action was decided to allow SUBJECT to initiate secondary contact.

Approach proved successful. SUBJECT reinstated contact voluntarily, accepting a role in the execution of Company policy. Induction and initial training commenced. SUBJECT passed required testing and advanced through initial orientation. Fieldwork was approved in a limited capacity, primarily as backup for established agents and as an asset called upon for troubleshooting duties.

During RED situations SUBJECT has displayed a limited approach to engagement, non-lethal efforts seeming to be the primary method implemented by SUBJECT despite escalation of hostilities by other parties.

Psychological Workup:

SUBJECT is distinct product of early twenty first century North American educational system and politically correct approach to gauging and conditioning performance of youth. Classic under achiever, with idealized morality and sense of ethics. Self-motivation is lacking and diligence is sub-par. Further examination included (attachment 72C).

Current Standing:

SUBJECT is approved for fieldwork as troubleshooter, rated proficient in Company issued firearms and equipment. SUBJECT is best utilized to augment a team in the field, not best suited to direct intelligence work.

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