2007-05-15: Jokers Wild


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Summary: Drake drops in on Elena for a visit. Both of them talk about their troubles within the past couple of weeks. Information is exchanged, and Drake shows off a new skill with his abilities.

Date It Happened: May 15, 2007

Jokers Wild

The Gomez Apartment, Queens, New York

It is getting late in the evening, and the sun has dipped down beneath the tall buildings, being replaced by fluorescent, and halogen lights that flicker, and glow against the wet concrete of New York after a light drizzle. Drake has made his way up the familiar fire escape of his best friend's home, lightly rapping on the window as he peeks inside, then rests himself against the edge of the sill. He has a backpack over one shoulder, hanging loosely in a light side to side sway.

It seems someone has been flopped on her bed, staring at her laptop the entire while when Drake comes up and knocks on her window. Elena looks up, sees who it is, and slowly unfolds herself from her bed. Padding over on bare feet, she opens the window and gives him a small smile, removing her glasses from her nose. "Hey Drake, what's up?" she asks. "You off for the summer yet?" College tended to let out earlier than high school, after all. She steps aside to make room for him so he could slip inside her bedroom, shutting the window once he's through.

"Yeah, I'm off for the summer." Drake says as he slips into her room, then leans over to give her a quick hug. "What's up? Haven't had the chance to catch up with you in awhile. Angela is keeping me ridiculously busy after school, and soccer practice has kicked in for the off season. Coach says we have to earn our varsity spots again because we only came in fourth this year." He says, twirling a finger in the air.

She hugs back, and Elena smiles slightly, though she looks a little curious. "Angela?" Did Drake get another girlfriend? There is a pause, and realization seeps in. "Oh. Mrs. Petrelli. Claire's grandmother, right?" she asks, letting go and taking a seat on her bed. She pauses, hesitating a little bit, and then she rubs her face. "Not much, just a rough couple of days. And what? You all came in fourth, that's -totally unacceptable- Drake Maxwell." The last is, of course, a joke, giving him a wink as she rolls over on her belly to shut off her laptop.

"It is unacceptable! We were looking to take the division this year, but it seems like the other schools are taking steroids now or something. We lost in a really stupid over time game against a team we hammered twice this season, so it took us out of the running." Drake says as he shrugs his shoulders. "Oh well, there's always next year. By the way, I did something really cool with my powers the other day. I thought you'd like to see it."

"Well I'm sure you guys'll do better next year," Elena says with a laugh, straightening up once her laptop is shut down. She folds her legs up on the mattress, and she watches her friend as he continues talking. "Besides, by then you'll get taller, bigger, then the steroids won't matter and you can just tear through those other guys." The last causes her to blink curiously. There it was. That look. "Why, what did you do?"

Dropping his backpack, Drake pulls out what looks to be a small, rubber handball. He lobs it up and down in his hand a bit in front of her, then gives it a good hop upwards, allowing the ball to soar towards the ceiling. Throwing his other hand out, he yells out: "Stop!" With that, the ball lurches to a full stop, and hangs in the air. It's not moving, it's not spinning, and it is definitely not falling. It seems to be glued to thin air. That is, until he moves his hand, and it falls to the ground with a tumbling pitter patter, and rolls under the bed.

"……in the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaame of looooooooooooooooove. Before you breaaaaaaaaaaaak my heaaaaart," Elena croons when Drake says STOP! But after that momentary lapse into smart-assyness, the young woman stands up from her mattress, and inspects the ball just….hanging there. And not do anything. "What the….chronological suspension?" she says, blinking. "Have you tried moving the object while it's stopped?" she asks, putting her eyeglasses back on so she could examine the ball more closely. And when it drops, she picks up the ball to see if the stop affected it in some way.

With a laugh, Drake crosses his arms over his chest. "Yeah, I could have plucked it right out of air. Isn't it cool? I've learned to focus the time line of something, and slow it down to a complete stop. So far the best I've been able to do is forty seconds, so.. I don't know what happens to the object while it's suspended. I did it to my cat the other day, and it just kept walking as if nothing happened. Didn't even look confused."

"Huh. Interesting. So if you do it to a living body they don't even realize that they're missing bits of time?" Well, it was a cat. She wondered if it would do the same to something of a higher intellect. "Have you tried it on anyone yet?" Elena asks, pulling her laptop to her and firing it up. She pulls up Drake's observation file after popping her mini-disc in, and starts clacking away at the keys.

"Not yet, do you want me to try it on you?" Drake asks with a grin on his face as he settles on the edge of the bed, craning his head over to peer at the screen. "What is it you're typing in about me anyways? Am I like a weird observation type thing for you?" He reads as she types, grinning to himself. "By the way, 'they' came looking for me again. Claudine, and some guy. They wanted information on Sylar."

"Sure if you want a human subject." Elena looks up. "Oh just…I'm trying to find a common root. I have this developing theory that genetics actually only play half of how abilities are actually developed. You have to have the building blocks first, but as to -what it actually becomes- in later life, I think it's actually more affected by external factors than anything else. But I'll explain that in a bit." She frowns at Drake. "What do you mean they went after you again? What made them think you had information on Sylar?"

"I don't know. I was on a roof top, just watching the city, and they popped up on the other roof, and followed me. So, I guess they were watching me, or something. They wanted to know if I knew who Sylar was, and if I get a lead on him, to give them a call." Drake says as he plucks a business card out of his pocket, handing it over. It belonged to Orion. "I told them I would if they quit stalking me, then the guy, this dude here, started insulting me, and so.. I just left." He pauses. "After stopping time long enough to tie his shoes together." He has a smirk on his face, for a moment. "They weren't hostile or anything, really just.. I don't know.. unprofessional. I think the guy was trying to intimidate me, and he did a pretty poor job of it."

A hand lifts to take the card, looking at it and quirking a brow. "You mind if I keep this?" Elena asks as she scrutinizes the name. "What did he look like?" Was he the guy in Times Square that day of the cyclone? She furrows her brows as she looks at Drake. "I don't know which one was Claudine, but Cass said she saw her at Times Square a few weeks ago with another girl and some dude. I'm wondering if it's the same man. So if you could remember anything about what he looked like…." She is frowning a bit. So they haven't been leaving him alone, but it looks like they've got better things to worry about now if they're pumping other Evolveds info on Sylar.

After describing Orion to her, Drake says, "Claudine is filipina. Asian girl, dark hair, kinda pretty. She looks to be about my age which is really strange." He says with a shrug of his shoulders. "You can keep that, sure. I don't plan on calling 'em, even if I do find Sylar, unless of course it's gonna lead to them chopping /his/ head off. The asian girl looked kind of upset though." He pauses. "When we were talking about Sylar, she seemed.. to take it personal. Not sure why. Maybe she had a run in with him. But, I wasn't in the area of the cyclone, so this is news for me."

"Hm…." Elena leans back a touch, dangling the card in her fingers and tapping the edge of it against her knee. She looks a little serious and then she looks up at Drake. "When we were in Times Square…me as in, me, Cass, Lachlan, and Jane….the cyclone just suddenly came up. While people were panicking, I saw these three people. Cass said one of them was Claudine, she's met her apparently. But since I've never met her, I didn't know which girl was Claudine. I know you mentioned she moved the Earth, so whoever Claudine is from the trio, she wasn't the one who caused it. The bigger guy, who I think is this…" She looks at the card again. "Orion Granger, put the younger one on a sleeper hold, according to Jane, and the wind stopped later after that. I didn't see the sleeper hold itself, but…." She pauses. "If she's a Company Agent, of course she'd be after Sylar. But if you say it looks personal…. I wonder why. I've met a couple of agents and they all seemed pretty professional to me."

"What's the other girl look like?" Drake asks curiously as he furrows his brows in thought as he listens to her flashback of that afternoon. "If the three were together, then Claudine knows who she was." He describes Jenny to her. "Was it that girl?" Or Mallory, who he describes next. "So.. it was most likely that girl who caused the cyclone." He pauses. ".. And.. and she may be what… causes the destruction of New York." His eyes jerk upwards towards Elena. "Kind of like how Peter said he almost blew up New York. This girl, she may be the one."

When Drake describes Jenny and Mallory, Elena listens to both descriptions, and she shakes her head. "No….no it's not either of them." She pauses, and then she describes Marilou Salonga to Drake. "She looks asian too. I was standing too far away though, they were on the side so I don't know if they're co-workers or related or what." She can't exactly tell. They had similar coloring, but most Asians look young, especially standing at a distance, age can't be easily determined. But at Drake's conclusion, she nods. "Yeah…." She pauses, and she looks at Drake. "I hate to say it, but it might be worth coming to her and asking again. You said it sounded personal, and I trust your perceptions on the matter. It sounds like she's got something to gain on a deeper level than just fulfilling the Company's directives. Might be worth talking to her, see why she's after Sylar. Did you ask her why she thinks you might have anything on him?"

"Nuh uh, I really didn't feel comfortable standing around and talking to them. I was in costume, and they were both dressed up like MIB's. I wasn't sure if they were gonna look for a throw down. I guess I was lucky or something, they just wanted to talk." Drake admits as he rubs the back of his neck. "After this Granger guy insulted me.. told me that I was not 'measuring' up or something, I told them to not go near me again, or they'd have something worse than Sylar to fear." He rolls his eyes. "Totally a dumbass thing to say. I was just frustrated, and it was in the moment. I know I can find her though. I guess it won't hurt to pick her brain, out of the mask, since she knows who I am anyways."

"Do you….do you want me to go with you?" It was potentially dangerous, but Elena offers anyway. So far, except for Elle, no one in the Company side knows that she has abilities of her own. At the very least, not that she was aware of. At the same time, she wasn't sure if Drake wanted the company, or he'd rather do this himself to spare those around him. She was fine either way, if Claudine approached him to talk, chances are she'll be more comfortable speaking with him than if she was present.

"Nuh uh. I don't want you involved in.. Omega stuff." Drake admits with a soft breath. "As far as they know, they have no clue I'm affiliated with /any/ of the Scooby Gang, Peter, or whatever, you know? I don't want to .. risk your privacy, if they were to start going after you next. I wouldn't forgive myself if they tried to hurt you either." He frowns. "I mean, you're my best friend in the world.. if.. anyone.. anything happened to you. I'd.. well… I don't know.."

At the last admission, Elena's dark, gold-flecked eyes soften a touch. She stands up, and walks over to Drake so she could wrap her arms around him and hug him gently. She rests her cheek on his shoulder, since Drake was taller than he was. "I'm tougher than I look," she assures him, pulling back a touch so she could smile up at him. "For serious. But you're right. If they don't know much about who you deal with, there's no reason to change all that." She reaches up to touch his cheek lightly. "Don't worry about me, okay?" she tells him quietly. "It's not like I'm not defenseless."

Circling his arms around her, Drake gives her a strong hug. "You may not be defenseless, but everyone has a weakness. I found out I'm not invincible." With a bite to his bottom lip, he lets out a soft exhale. "I.. had Peter promise he wouldn't tell you." He says, pausing. ".. I got shot a few weeks ago, in the gut, while trying to save a little girl from a gunman who murdered her entire family. The Trawlers are moving up their turf, and burning anyone who gets in the way."

"….weakness? Well if you get shot of course anyone who isn't super invincible would be weak against that, Drake." There's a brief flicker in her eyes at the mention of Peter, but that is gone after a moment. It looked, for a moment, like guilt. But she looks down at his abdomen. "Is it healed? You're moving just fine," she observes. "And what do you mean? You've got a different center of gravity that doesn't move with you when you do your thing, or you just got shot?" She looks up at him seriously. She's relieved he's alive, but her face is tight. "Drake you need to be more careful if you're going to persist on doing this…" she ventures carefully.

"I got shot in the gut, yeah, and.. there was a woman.." Drake says, biting his bottom lip. "She healed me.. just.. by touching me. She knew what I was, and she told me in my ear to be more careful, and that she'd take the wound away." He chuckles. "It felt good, kinda warm, and it didn't even leave a scar. I wish I got her name." He says with a shrug of his shoulders. "But, what happened was I took out two of the gun men, and the third put his gun against the girl's head. I hesitated.. I .. I knew he'd pull the trigger, and I took the bullet from behind. I guess when I tased one of his friends, he didn't go down. I should have kicked the gun away, but it was.. it was a mess." He says, drifting his eyes down. "But yah, I know, I'll be more careful. Would be nice if I had a side kick or something to watch my ass. I saved Jaden by the way." He chuckles. "He told me I'm not as cool as Batman because I made him call the police, and I don't own a kick ass get away car."

She nods, and pulls away so she could fix things on her desk for a bit. Elena does smile ruefully when Drake mentions Jaden, and she chuckles softly at what he says. "Sounds like it." She pauses, and she looks over at Drake. There's a bit of hesitation on her face, and then she sighs, raking her hand through her hair. "Dr. Suresh warned me about a woman who has been approaching me on campus lately. A woman named Aspen St. James. She can control liquid." So he could add that to his list. "I don't know if she's Company….I do know she was taken by them at the very least. She had the same marks you do." She taps the side of her neck. "Also…." She pauses, and then she sighs. "Elle kidnapped me. For something personal. A few days ago. But I got away, we're square. She was just…there was a misunderstanding. But we've been talking, and…it's a little complicated but…you know. Turn the other cheek thing."

"She /kidnapped/ you? That's.. that is not normal." Drake says with a frown on his face. "She didn't hurt you, did she?" With a sigh, he says. "By the way, this lady who knows the Petrelli's. Her name is Rianna, and she runs this hope fountain of sorts for.. our kind. For specials. She says that her organization is like.. a better version of the company, where you go in on your own, learn to train with your powers, and then use them for a greater good. Kind of like the X-Men or something. She's telepathic, sorta a female Professor X. She asked me to stop by and see her, so that I could get an official tour." He digs out her business card as well, showing it to her. "She seems to be friends with Nathan from what she eluded to me. She knew I worked for them."

"Uh. YEAH. Kidnapping isn't exactly part of an average joe's list of mundane and every day activities," Elena remarks dryly, but she winks at Drake. Plopping on her seat by her desk, she swivels around, looking up at him as she folds her arms on the table. "And…..she tried. I was ready for it, so I blocked her out. I had to stay conscious so I can use the first open opportunity to knock her out herself. I have the ability to keep pain from reaching me. She doesn't. Like I said…things are okay between us now." A strange expression softens her face. "I'm not going to say she's just misunderstood, but…while she's not normal, it's not her fault she turned out the way she did." She narrows her eyes. "The bastards at the Company broke her something fierce."

She looks at Drake, and she nods. "I've heard of her. Councilwoman Arianna Rockford-Johanssen. But I wouldn't trust her either, or her Foundation. Those sorts of organizations always have a hidden agenda. Funding. Operations. Besides, I heard from Hiro Nakamura that she -shouldn't- be trusted, so I'm not going to, and between a woman I've never met, and someone who I -have- met and who I know -has- managed to help save New York last year, I'm gonna pick the chubby Japanese dude."

As he listens, Drake can't help but feel a bit of anger rise up in him, even if she tries to assure him that everything is OK. With a nod of his head, slowly, he says, "Alright, if you two are cool.." He trails off a bit slowly, though, it's obvious this isn't settling well with him. Not in the least. "So Hiro says not to trust her?" He licks his lips. "Alright, that's two then, because Peter says he wasn't comfortable with it either. I'm curious to poke around though, just in case we need someone on the inside, who can actually give a head's up on their activities within. I don't know. She 'seemed' sincere, and polite. What does Hiro have on her?"

"Yeah." Elena looks over at Drake, and she crosses her arms over her chest as she looks him right in the eye. "I know she's friends with Mr. Petrelli, but…he's a politicians, they have to interact on occasion, I think. And I think the plan's incredibly risky, Drake. The woman's a telepath. She can read minds. If you try what you're suggesting….she'll know. It's too dangerous." She pauses, and she nods towards her friend. "Hiro told me….that the Foundation believes that a war between Humans and Evolved is inevitable," she says grimly. "And that people like us….we have to be prepared to take over the world."

"She didn't tell me any of that. She told me she wants to try and train us so that we can co exist with the rest of humanity in a way that is non dangerous to those around us." Drake says with a furrow of his brows slightly. "Sounds like a regular Magneto, huh?" He asks, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Well, who knows. If she does peek into my head, I'll start singing the Barney song or something in my mind, throw her off." He says with a laugh. "But.." He says, quieting down. "Do.. you think a war is inevitable? I mean.. we can't live in secret forever. It's bound to come out."

"I don't know." Elena looks at him. "I'm….when Hiro told that to me and Jack those many months ago, he said that he wasn't going to go along with the Foundation because if you don't believe that people have the capacity for good, they never will be. I'm hoping, and I know it's idealistic, but I'm hoping that he's right. If we live among everyone else quietly for this long, even if it comes out…..wouldn't that just prove to them that we're just like everyone else?" It's a rhetorical question as she looks at Drake. "If we've lived with them this quietly for this long, wouldn't they realize that we can all coexist? I know it's naive….but the reasoning is sound, isn't it? It's logical." But fear isn't really logical. Deep down she knows that. But she doesn't want to think about a war.

"Logic has no place in the YouTube generation that we live in now. All it will take is one soccer mom to start wailing about how she's do /disgusted/, and /appalled/, by the whole.. evolutions of species thing, that the military will be unable to help themselves by running in with a knife, looking to cut us open, and stick us in jail cells." Drake says with a frown. "Look what they do to Britney Spears, this will be like.. a million times worse, you know?"

"I know. But I can't believe -everyone- will think that," Elena says, looking over at Drake. Suddenly, the 'secrecy' part of what the Company has been doing doesn't look so bad. It's just the bagging and tagging that grates at her. "People out there have minds of their own. Humans are individuals, we can think for ourselves. We're not…..sheep." She stands up from the chair and she exhales a breath. "We can worry about that later, regardless," she mutters. "We have other things to think about, like -all of us-, Evolved or otherwise, getting rocked by some tornado."

"Yeah, tornado of doom." Drake says with a furrow on his brow. He pauses for a moment, then starts to think. ".. So.. this.. tornado thing anyways. The young girl that was with Claudine and Granger? She may have set the tornado off, right? Followed by… wanting to find Sylar." He wets his lips. "Long shot in the dark, think the two may be connected by any chance in hell?" He asks. ".. Cuz'.. Sylar with tornado powers, that'd be… well, that would be a world of suck right there. I guess I'll have to ask her upfront and see what she says. If they really want my help, they have to be honest, to some degree."

"I don't know," Elena says. "It could be for something different. If you're going to ask her, might not be a bad idea. I mean, if we're -all- going to die because of this thing, the more people who can help who know -something- the better." She looks over at Drake, and then, her expression softens. "Be careful, though, if you're going to. You're right. If they were asking for your help, you have the cards. I say….." She bites down softly on her bottom lip, and then she looks at him determinedly. "I say we play the cards we have."

"And if they try anything on me, like lay a joker on the table, then I'm gonna show them my shoe size across their jaw." Drake says with a grin on his face. "I guess I'll try and track her down tomorrow if I can. Walk right into Primatech and ask for 'Agent Claudine', my paper specialist." He says with a joking tone. "Seriously though, I know the coffee shops she hangs out at, maybe I'll get lucky."

"I can't stress this enough but…..be careful, Drake. These people, they might not act professional but God knows how long they've been training." Elena knows Elle had been training since she was old enough to remember anything. At -eight-. What if Claudine and Orion were the same? Abilities were nice, but control was everything. "And if you feel….if you get the slightest twitch that something could be wrong, you book it. Okay? Promise me."

"Definitely. I'll freeze 'em into place, then bounce like a rabbit." Drake says with a nod of his head. "You know what we need? We need to get Gene to make us spy gear stuff, like small invisible ear pieces, so that we can bug each other, and what not. That'd be pretty awesome. Think he could do something like that?" He asks curiously, raising a brow. "Since the guy can really build anything, right?"

"I'm not sure…..I need to test him," Elena says softly. "…wait. You know Gene?" She furrows her brows at Drake. "When did you meet Gene?" she wonders. This was a new development. She had been keeping Gene quiet out of respect for his paranoia. But when did Drake learn he could build things?

"Well, he did build that robot thing right? Surely building ear pieces or something should be a piece of cake." Drake says with a smile on his face, shifting his shoulders upwards in a shrug. "The guy is like a total genius with that stuff. That droid of his is practically perfect to the one in the movies."

"Yeah," Elena says, rubbing the back of her neck. She exhales a breath, trying to wrap her mind around the fact that something -had- to be connecting all the pieces falling on her lap at a rapid pace. She just….didn't know how to start piecing together everything. And time was running out. She laughs, and rubs her temples. "…..the pressure," she murmurs, glancing to her best friend. "I should start on dinner. Wanna stick around and eat, or….? My little brother's back from Albany. He's actually your age. I don't know if I told you that."

"Oh, no, I didn't know, and I should probably head out, but thanks for the offer. I should sneak an hour in of sweeping the streets, before heading home and having dinner with mom." Drake says, placing a kiss on her cheek, then heads for the window. "I'll catch you later, and let you know what I come up with in regards to Claudine, and Rianna. Tell Jack I want to get ahold of him, OK? I could pick his brain also. He seems to be the type who knows a bit about being crafty." With that, he slips out onto the fire escape, then starts to descend it to the street. "Night!"

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