The Jones Disappearances

Long-time owners of the East Village comic/gaming/collectibles shop The Secret Lair, Billy and Mary Jones disappeared on March 18, 2004. Two days later, were officially declared to be missing persons.


The NYPD File

March 18, 2004: Returning from class, Ghanima Jones discovers that the family store is abnormally closed. Neither father nor mother are anywhere to be found. Nothing is missing. There is no message of any kind.

March 20, 2004: Billy and Mary Jones are officially declared to be missing persons. Over the next few months, investigation by Detective Benito Aceveda of the NYPD reveals no leads. Eventually, it is classified as a cold case and archived.

Relative Information

The Joneses have an extended family in New York City, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. However, they were not close with any of their family members other than their children Leto and Ghanima. None of these relatives saw Billy or Mary after their disappearance. Leto returned promptly to New York (he was attending graduate school in Los Angeles) to help his sister. After extensive questioning, Aceveda concluded that neither twin had any information on their parents.


Although there were unusual results in the phone records (hundreds of minutes of phone calls to disposable cellphones) of the Joneses, there was nothing to show that they were involved in any kind of illegal activity or dangerous situations.

Aceveda came to believe there was another side to Billy and Mary Jones that their family did not see.

  • A pregnant Mary had pitched a violent fit in the lobby of a biological engineering firm in 1979 - why she was there at all was unclear and charges were not pressed.
  • Both parents had been ticketed for trespassing on the roof of an apartment building in Queens when the twins were only three months old. The pair had the twins and a fireman's net with them.
  • Mary regularly attended medical and scientific conventions and seminars, sometimes under a false name. She had no college degree (she dropped out in order to pursue an unsuccessful underground comic publishing career) and could not possibly have understood what the conventions were about.
  • Billy had been in the Army in the 70s, where he put in for transfers to the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency 14 times, and was denied every time. (He drove a truck in a motor pool in Virginia and never saw any combat.)

Aceveda was unsure as to what exactly he was seeing, and certainly didn't see how any of the odd behaviors of Billy and Mary (separate from their obvious eccentricities) could have led to their disappearance.

Aceveda obtained a copy of Billy's fingerprints and a DNA sample from the Army, they are on file with the NYPD. Mary's fingerprints were never taken.


Aceveda privately came to the conclusion that the most likely explanation for the disappearance was that it was voluntary. There was no sign of struggle or forced entry. There was never any ransom demand and no bodies ever turned up. The main problem Aceveda had with the case was motive. There was simply no reason he could tell for Billy and Mary Jones to be targeted by anyone. Equally, though, there was simply no reason for Billy and Mary to voluntarily disappear. The file contains record that the twins came to see Aceveda regularly, though with decreasing frequency, over the next few years. Ghanima stopped coming before Leto did.

Aceveda, now nearing retirement, has a desk job at 1 Police Plaza now, and likes it there.


The case was recently reactivated when Billy Jones' fingerprints were found on a gas can that was discarded after a failed attempted arson on The Secret Lair. In addition, his fingerprints were found at a 2006 crime scene, a jewelry store in Chinatown, though the police are keeping that information officially semi-secret (though some have found out about it.) The police are not aware of Billy's current whereabouts. Hospital records indicate Mary surfaced again briefly, with a near-overdose of psychoactive chemicals and gunshot wounds witnesses say happened when she was a bystander in a gang shootout, but as soon as she could walk out of Beth Israel Hospital, she did, against doctor's orders and after making no phone calls. Mary's brief re-appearance leads the police to believe that the disappearances were definitely voluntary, although motive remains a mystery.


After several months open, "computer error", some mishandled evidence, and a few deleted files happened, and the Jones' connection to the crimes of John Carter were eliminated via influence on the Department. (Lee has the details if anyone wants to investigate. Both Joneses are currently in circulation as Evolved-conspiracy goons.)

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