Joule Dahanukar
Portrayed By Antara Mali
Gender Female
Date of Birth August 15, 1981
Age 27
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases JD
Phone Number 978-9277
Place of Birth London, England, UK
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Freelance photographer
Known Relatives Naveed Dahanukar, mother (deceased) Ashwath Dahanukar, father (deceased)
Significant Other Leto Jones
Known Abilities Neurokinesis
First Appearance Switch To Decaf


Joule's a recent arrival in New York. She's been here just over a year…arriving late 2006. She lived with her father until he was murdered by a drug addict who'd broken into their apartment. She makes a living by freelance photography. She's a little unconventional, so there's not a lot of work with her name on it in the Times, though the Post doesn't seem to mind her so much.

She has recently started taking photos for both the local Wrestling league and the local Brawling league.

Since coming into the knowledge of other Evolved, she has decided to fulfill her father's last wish and seek out Mohinder Suresh to share his research.


  • November 14, 2006 - Joule and her father arrive in New York.
  • May 9, 2007 - Joule's father murdered
  • Joule has a bad day, and helps stop somebody else from trying to make another person's day as bad.
  • Joule has coffee and conversation with a daft, charming, hipster teacher and meets a young man who's entirely too happy to be a proper Sith Lord.
  • Joule looks up her hipster teacher acquaintance and has a somewhat coded conversation with him, then goes on to speak a good bit more directly.
  • Joule and Lee have their first date.
  • Still looking for work, Joule encounters the kid she met at the Secret Lair.
  • Joule and that kid go to see an exhibition wrestling match.
  • Lee and Joule work on their video, and have a deeper conversation than either expected.
  • Lee confesses to Joule that he's one of the empowered, much to his consternation.

December, 2007

  • Lee visits Joule on the solstice, and refuses to let her spend Christmas week drinking herself into oblivion.

January, 2008

(01) Joule discovers hot liquid candy, courtesy of Ian, just before running into Bekah and confirming her dark suspicions about the whereabouts of her so-called boyfriend. A clueless Lee shows up at Joule's place later the same day, and discovers, to his shock, just how displeased with him she is, and how good a throwing arm she has.
(04) On the subway, Joule runs into Tyson and Ophelia, and her incorrigible nature sets the latter off.
(26) A chance happenstance leads Joule into finally meeting Mohinder and discussing the strange parallels in their lives.
(28) After a shoot, Joule ends up discussing strip clubs and photography with Sierra, Randall, and Ian.

February, 2008

(04) Joule and Mohinder meet again, and come to Mutually Beneficial Arrangements.
(05) Lee surprises Joule with dinner as they discuss Comedy, Tragedy, His Story.
(06) Joule begins working for Mohinder. Shades of Knight Rider!
(10) Joule ruminates on fame over dinner and meets two new people.
(14) Joule encourages a throng of strangers to Sing Along With Sophie.
(15) As Valentine's Day passes without a peep from Lee, Joule meets McAlister and Sierra and admits she loves him, right before seeking to drown her sorrows.
(19) Joule tries to shake her worries and fears about Lee by letting Sophie convince her to take a walk in Central Park. This reveals several things, and makes things a bit more compilcated for Joule. Joule decides some alcohol and chocolate may help set her right. Running into McAlister and a gloomy Hiro offer enough distraction for the stuff on her mind to finally drop away.
(21) Joule drops in to find Mohinder in a highly agitated state. Talking to him only seems to make it worse, so she decides he needs Enforced Relaxation, and significant distraction. The night ends with her finding a bruised and battered Lee in her apartment.
(29) Joule and Ali do Karaoke. Gene gets a bit of advice on how to deal with women.

March, 2008

(29) Joule drops in to see Quinn perform and finds that the rumors are correct — The Singer Is Brill.
(31) A romantic evening, celebrating with Lee heralds strange confessions and surprises.

April, 2008

(25) A Rough Patch - As they move in together, tensions flare and Joule and Lee have their first fight.

May, 2008

(05) Shaking It Up - Joule (now Jade), in the Dark Future, shows up to knock the government around and rescue Lee.
(07) Breaking It Down - Jade and Lee decide to leave New York…but will they escape Lee's involuntary obligations?

(26) Doing What He Does - Lee mopes about something he was asked to do. Joule doesn't really let him get away with it.
(31) Truths Less Spoken Of - Joule opines in her usual manner on the teaching methods of a stranger at the Bronx Zoo.

Joule Rocks!
Joule Dahanukar sizzles and rocks in "Represent"
Standout Scene Challenge
Log name Why it was significant
Unsavoury Hobbies It was Lee and Joule's first meeting, interrupted by Ian in his Sith colurs, which made a hilarious counterpoint to the other two's flirtation.
Not In Front of The Kids Joule and Lee discuss adult topics in front of children, and then alone. I took the bait-n-switch employer idea from something that happened to me, the player, RL. Plus it was the beginning of the Number Two Pencil storyline.
The Light Fantastic Lee and Joule's first date. Lee's still-unrevealed powers were dovetailing nicely with Joule's, plus, it was a very sexy scene.
Wild Chords and Grace Notes Lee and Joule grow even closer, despite his disdain for all things powered related.
Red Rubber Ball Lee reveals his power to Joule. Powerful scene because Lee hated his parents for the powers craziness, hates comics, and has now been immersed in something he hates. But because his girl matters to him, he wants to be straight with her about it.
A Cup of Kindness Lee reveals his sensitive side, showing Joule he's not just a slyboots cocky hipster guy.
Hot Liquid Candy White Hot Rage Joule gets to see Ian again, but terrifies him as she and Bekah get into a discussion of how much of a jerk Lee is.
Trial By Ikea Joule's temper and how she expresses it were hilarious. I know Domestic Violence isn't really funny, but in this case, due to Lee's ability, there was never really a chance of any of the dishes connecting. And really, Joule was just trying to make a point. I don't think she was aiming for him precisely anyway. Later logs show she could hit somebody with a thrown trash can lid upside the head if she really wanted to do harm.
Mornington Crescent Joule's odd jobbery is a lot of fun to come up with. I came up with this odd photographic job because of the locale Sierra had chosen for the scene. Joule's irreverence turned out to make this one of the funniest scenes I've ever been involved in!


  • "You can go down the street to the spread eagle mermaid place."
  • "Are you always this irritatingly perceptive, then? It's not endearing. Not at all."
  • "Do tell. My daft hipster fuckbuddy seems only capable of taking me to artsy subtitled movies and bizarre live band shows where you can't bloody sit down and they play for three hours on Sestinas, pan flutes, and didgeridoos."
  • "Emasculating? Hardly that. If I'd emasculated him, he'd be screaming, wouldn't he?"
  • "You can… But you have to have flexible standards, situational ethics, good people skills, dauntless stamina, and the patience of Job on Qaaludes."
  • "Everybody wants to bloody protect me! I'm not some delicate flower that needs a hothouse, and partial shade, and water from a fountain in Nice, France that has seen the light of the full moon after a bloody eclipse!"


  • Joule plays drums, for fun and to destress. She's good enough to be in a band if the need ever arose.
  • Joule's been a waitress and as such has pretty good upper-body strength. Carrying trays and pitchers, y'know.
  • Number of times Joule has been called frightening: [2]


Joule's a neurokinetic, which means she can mentally control other people's nervous systems.

Neurokinesis: Joule's nervous system emits an electrical charge that can be received by other living things (not limited to humans, but only working on vertebrates), which she can consciously direct to cause the nervous system to send different messages than actual ones to the body, organs, or limbs.

Metabolics: Joule needs to be healthy for the Neurokinesis to work. She is capable of using it while she's hungry, but the power will eat fat cells to do anything if she hasn't eaten properly. She cannot use it at all if she's healing a broken bone, or suffering from a fever, as her body is in "recover and survive" mode, and all available energy is diverted to repairing or recovering. But yes, if she uses her Neurokinesis for long periods without eating and/or drinking, she will begin losing weight, rapidly. Some of the stunts she has become adept with are below. Difficulty for them goes up if she's hungry, or if she's under duress, physically fighting someone, or running.

Silence: As with the eyes, Joule temporarily interrupts signals from the larynx to the brain, so the larynx does not function and the target cannot speak. Joule must roll silence vs. the target's stamina. Same rules apply. If Joule doesn't intend for the effect to last, it goes fifteen minutes, and will rolls with Joule's successes over that of the target indicate 1 hour per.

Knockout: Joule can induce pressure on the exact nerves that cause a target to fall unconscious, a la the Sleeper Hold.

Relief: Joule can temporarily block pain receptors in the body of a target. This has no effect on whatever actually caused the pain, and the pain subsiding will not worsen the injury. In fact, it will allow the target to relax a bit. If a target is in pain, it's a consent thing from an OOC standpoint, as the target's stamina will be diminished somewhat by the pain.

Choke: Joule can temporarily block the autonomic system that operates the trachea, causing it to close and the target to choke even when there's plentiful air. This one is difficult, so she has to roll choke and get a result of good or higher. This lasts two minutes, or until the target loses consciousness, whichever comes first. Research has told her three minutes could cause death, and even if it doesn't, more than that would cause brain damage. She's consciously not a killer, and doesn't want to use a lethal attack.

Blind: Joule did this one instinctively, and it is one of her strongest attacks. She interrupts signals from the optic nerve to the brain. Eyes still work, but nothing gets back to the brain, so the victim is effectively temporarily blinded. She rolls blind against the target's stamina. If she wins the roll, the target is blinded. Willpower rolls determine for how long, if she's intentionally going for more than fifteen minutes. Joule's rolls over the target's are 1 hour per success over the target.

Paralysis: Joule's most difficult application of her neurokinesis to date. She can interrupt the nervous system save for autonomic functions (breathing, blinking, etc) for fifteen minutes. She can also do partial paralysis with the legs or arms, to keep people from grabbing her, chasing her, or otherwise getting in her face. There is no contesting to make it last longer. It is possible with practice she can eventually work up to making the effect last longer, but because this is such a large scale application of her power, it also has the largest caloric burn. She will need to eat *and* sleep after this one, though if she is only able to sleep, she will wake hungry. If she is only able to eat, she will remain fatigued and lethargic until she can sleep. She may exhibit crankiness as well, as someone might suffering from low blood sugar.


Cam_icon.gif Cam Reynolds is a part-time kid Friday who pretty much is an equpment caddy for her when she goes to the Wrestling and Brawling events.
Felicity_icon.gif Felicity is the first person in the scientific community Joule has encountered who understands the Evolved and shares ideas with Joule's father and Chandra Suresh. Joule is aware of Felicity's deafness and tries her best to be accomodating through text and laptopping rather than talking.
Rochelle_icon.gif Rochelle Knight is Joule's contact in the Wrestling League.
Randall_icon.gif Randall Kirkwood may want to get involved in freelance photography. Time will tell.
Sierra_icon.gif Sierra is a little French (Canadian) kiss who writes for the Queens Gazette, and has plans to do the partners in crime thing with Joule at some point or another.
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