"Hi! How are you? Sorry, that was just sort of a opener, I wasn't listening. Can you help me find this one pizza place…"

Casting: Karen Gillan
Date of Birth: ♋ June 29th, 1989
Age: 23
Place of Birth: Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Occupation: Student at UCLA
Ability: ???
Power Grade: ???
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: Secretly, "Firework" by Little Eye
Hooks: ✔ UCLA ✔ Entertainment

Theo Jude Taylor is a Liberal Arts student, hailing originally from Scotland, but she's practically a Californian by now. An anti-type-A personality, she talks bluntly and too much, easily becomes too enthusiastic OR too lazy to function as a normal member of polite society, has a superpower and enjoys long walks to the fridge.




MONTAGE — It's a New World Jude has had a fascination with YouTube videos displaying real life superpowers eve since they started appearing. Her roommate don't see eye to eye. But the videos, the abilities, are so amazing


"Memorable quotes!"



Jude talks to herself a lot.
Jude has family nearby, including an overbearing mother who constantly tells her to reevaluate her life choices (or lack of them).
Jude has a roommate by the name of Grace who is basically everything she isn't. They're pseudo-friends. Jude can't stand her sometimes, looks up to her other times, and has a schoolgirl crush on her boyfriend.

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