2007-02-28: Jumper


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Summary: It is a quiet early evening in Greenwich Village, until the world starts shaking.

Date It Happened: February 28th, 2007


Greenwich Village, New York

Greenwich Village in the early evening was busy, but not so busy that it was chokingly crowded, especially considering the weather. A light snowfall salts the ground with tiny, white flakes, and college students seem to just be getting out of classes from the nearby New York University. The Village Ink's neon sign flickers a little bit….but remains steady after a few, having just been turned on by its proprietor. Young and old are venturing out after a long day, to do some shopping, or getting something to eat. Greenwich Village, well known for its Bohemian past, has no shortage of things to do.

Elena steps out of Washington Square Park, pulling her ski cap over her head and adjusting her backpack on her shoulder. Her rollerblades are slung over the straps, so she doesn't have to carry them and to keep her hand free. She waits to cross the street, and once the light turns green, she does so. She's walking briskly - though compared to the last two days, the weather is a little bit bearable. She stares as three, chic looking college girls, obviously with money, giggle as they jostle past her, wearing similar outfits….snug Prada jackets, short skirts, and boots.

How the hell could they -wear- those things in this weather?

"Unbelievable," Elena mumbles. It's freaking freezing, no way!

Benjamin hurries his way home from his outing. The earlier drizzle turned to snow and he just wants to sit in his warm apartment. Maybe try and have a conversation with his daughter.. if she comes home. The overall atmosphere of Greenwich isn't really noted, he lives in this area, so it's all just part of his surroundings and easily overlooked. No longer using his umbrella, it's tucked under his arm so that he can cram his hands into his coat pockets in an attempt to ward off the cold.

Less mobile, less shapely, and certainly less fashionable, Hector is a long shamble of grey and black shapes assembled into a tired slouch on a bench just out of Village Ink. A fine dusting of snow and ice has settled into the salt and pepper of his hair, across his shoulders, and in his lap. It is hard to tell if he is breathing. There is no fog about the region of his down-tilted face, anyway. In fact, he looks very much as if he might be dead.

This whole out in the city thing? Not settling well with Niki. She has a case of paranoia as she strolls alongside her husband, her boot-heels clicking steadily on the sidewalk as they approach the vicinity of Village Ink. She's dressed for the chilly weather, if only barely, in a long-sleeved black sweater and a hooded vest and jeans. She looks up, watching the snow fall with the tiniest bit of wonder - you know, the kind those who aren't used to seeing snow fall tend to get. She doesn't revel in her wonderment, however; this is a woman distracted. "I keep feeling like someone's watching us."

D.L. is also doing that thing where he's slightly paranoid. People are probably watching them. But not for the reasons that Niki's thinking. She might've gotten off scott-free, but ol' D.L.'s likely gotten himself involved in some things that he shouldn't have. Regardless, he makes it a point to keep himself nice and close to his woman, just in case he has to phase her. He's thrown on a jacket and cap help himself stay somewhat warm. Wearing a wifebeater all the time is not good for the health, regardless of how hot it makes him look. "It's just your imagination, baby. Relax." He steps behind her and plants his hands on her shoulders as a reassurance factor and to playfully help steer her in the direction of the VInk.

Sadly Elena's never met Mr. Winters - otherwise she'd be running up to him to introduce herself. But it looks like Fate is going to help out a little bit on that anyways. As she walks, a gust of wind yanks her cap from her head, and sets it flying fast across the icy gale. This ski cap, black, with a flaming, fanged bunny with a RAWR face on its features, goes sailing. Sailing. Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaailing……and plops onto Benjamin's shoulder. Groaning just a little bit, the teenager jogs along the sidewalk, passing Niki and DL along the way as she goes. She already -looks- apologetic.

Meanwhile, something seems to be going on in one of the adjacent buildings. Nothing is visible yet, but in the top of the roof escape, the door bursts open, and a man comes out, dragging a sobbing, crying woman with him. His eyes look a little wild, crazed. Unshaven, he looks like he hasn't slept in days.

"Please…please don't do this…" she whimpers as she's dragged closer to the edge.

From the ground, however, nothing can be seen yet.

Benjamin shivers within his coat and stops at the street corner by the Village Ink, waiting to cross. He looks up just in time to catch sight of .. is that Niki? With someone? Blinking his blue eyes, Ben thinks he's imagining things. Niki was quite secured when he was let go. Sure that he's seeing things, he's distracted from approaching Niki and D.L. by the flyaway cap connecting with his shoulder. He starts, as it was something unexpected, and the fanged bunny is just a tad disconcerting. He pulls a hand free from his pocket and snatches the hat. Huh. Looks like something his daughter would wear. He looks up and around for anyone who may look like they just lost the article.

Heading down the sidewalk is Drake, having been on his way to hopefully bump into Elena at some point, and walk with her to Starbucks. He's bundled up warmly, with new black gloves, and a matching leather jacket that hugs his frame. In his hands is a steaming cup of hot cocoa that he made from home, and is idly sipping away at it. As he spies his friend, he gives a broad grin, lifting up a hand to wave in her direction, then shifts his eyes upwards a bit as he hears a bit of noise. Curious, he squints his gaze, tugging his hoodie back a bit.

A bit of a start, something along the lines of a snore, and Hector exhales and lifts his head when a squat old woman drops down onto the opposite end of his bench. Dark eyes squinted in the fading light, he gives her the dirtiest look he can manage while he's still half-asleep, only to receive an even lower look in return. Sorry old bat.
Frowning at the notion that she's imagining things, Niki does not comprehend why D.L. is trying to lead her down the street by the shoulders for a good few paces— half of them in which she's watching Elena pass by, although by some streak of coincidence, she doesn't spot Benjamin yet. It's only when she looks up to see where she's going does she spot the 'Village Ink' sign. Breaking into an unexpected smile, she looks over her shoulder, brows raised at D.L., "Thinking of getting some ink?" the blonde gives a small laugh. "Seriously, where are we going?" The crying of the woman prompts a glance toward the building, little more. So far.

"Maybe." D.L. replies, with his playful tone still attached to his voice. He's looking over his shoulder and what not, hardly even paying attention to anything else or anyone else that may be in the vicinity. He's actually just looking to see if anybody suspicious is around. From his own issues and Niki's. He doesn't hear anything from above and thus the building is not a priority of his. He makes with the soft shoving of Niki towards the tattoo parlor and he leans in to plant a kiss on her cheek. "It'll be like renewing our vows." Crazy black man just wants to mark his territory, isn't that right D.L.?!

"I'm so sorry!" Elena says, coming up to Benjamin. "That's mine…I didn't mean for it to hit you! It got breezy all of a sudde—" She reaches out, and the books she's carrying, forgotten, having been so preoccupied because of everything this morning, spills on the ground - including some test papers. She groans. One item for another, she takes the ski cap gently from the man and crouches to gather up her things. A recent test, marked with a red A, can clearly be seen on top of the page. It's riddled with chemistry jargon. Her name, in neat script, 'Elena Gomez', is right on top.

Movement catches the corner of her eyes, distracted for a moment, she cranes her neck over to Drake, and waves at him, smiling.

There's nothing yet…..but there's a sudden -scream-…that's cut off. It sounds like it came up from on high.

Benjamin isn't looking around for long when Elena comes up to him. "It's alright.. that kind of happens a lot. Wind blowing hats that is," he says as he hands the cap to Elena, and the young woman's papers and books spill from her arms. "Drats," he utters and crouches down to help Elena gather her things. He catches sight of the last name on one of the papers and, "Hey, are you related to.." To whom he never gets around to asking as that scream has him looking sharply up and for the source.

Having been staring upwards at the roof, Drake narrows his eyes a bit at the sound of the scream, then begins to shift uneasily on the balls of his feet. He glances over Elena's way for a moment, before puffing out a soft bit of breath which swirls about his lips as the warmth strikes the cool air. Leaning over, he places his cocoa down, then unzips his jacket. Restless, he swallows tightly in his throat, then starts moving his eyes towards the side of the building, perhaps spying for a fire escape. "Hey, Elena.. um… call 911, OK?" He asks, shrugging out of his jacket, and giving his fingers a bit of a flex.
Given up on winning any kind of staring contest with the old woman, Hector drops his gaze to the books and papers that scatter over concrete nearby, only to tilt his head back in near tandem with Benjamin (and a fair portion of the rest of the street) at the scream. "Christ," he says, half to himself. "This city."

"What….hey!" Niki protests mildly as she's guided (so to speak) to the tattoo shop. She laughs, though, which probably means D.L.'s plan is working. Up to a point. She turns around in front of the door and throws up her hands. "You can get a tattoo, I'm not getting a tattoo! Besides," she smirks one-sidedly, poking D.L. in the arm harmlessly. "We have more important things to spend your illegitimate money on than—" She's cut off by the scream, which is cut off in turn, and she finds herself looking sharply in the direction it came from, staring up at the building in question.

D.L. could've sworn he was about to get what he wanted. He's right in the middle of a rebuttal though when the scream draws the attention of his woman and by extension his own ears pick up on it. In the next millisecond he's holding onto her a bit tighter, just to make sure it's not anything bad. But when nothing explodes or whatever, he's looking at the building like everybody else. "You hear that?" Leave it to the Token to ask the obvious question. As it may be a distraction, he turns to look around at the rest of the people staring at the building. Just in case.

Stepping out of the high rise apartment building and onto the street, Jane's carrying her guitar and backpack. A winter coat protects her from the elements as she looks briefly in either direction, perhaps to decide which way to go. Her attention is drawn by the gathering of folks, some of whom are recognized, and from just outside the building she opts to watch.

"Thank you so much," Elena says as Benjamin helps her with her things. Aw, he's so nice! But when he starts speaking to her, she blinks at him. "Hm? Related to…?" she prompts, before the scream pierces the air. Drake, BFF and coworker, tells her to call 9-1-1. Her eyes widen, and she reaches out to try and - grab- him, but he manages to cross the street already. "Drake….DRAKE! Where are you…oh GOD…" She groans and pulls out her distinctive cellphone. Cherry red, with the cartoon ninja.

When Drake moves to the side of the building - he'll recognize it's an apartment building. Which means that there's a security door, and a side door that's locked from the outside, but can be opened from the inside. Luckily for him, a tenant, oblivious to the goings on in the roof, opens the door and steps out - leaving the teenager with a door that's about to swing shut if he lets this chance go by.

And then, there's another scream. From high above, one would see the disheveled man yank the woman with him on top of the ledge, balancing precariously. Considering the height, the woman freezes, afraid to move, her mouth opening and closing. Oh god. Oh god. This wasn't happening.

"Johnny, please…" she whimpers. "Please, don't do this."

"You were going to leave me," the unshaven man says, his dark eyes wide and crazed. "You were going to leave me….you promised me, remember? Death do us part? Oh baby, I didn't mean to scare you that night….."

He turns her around sharply, grabbing her by the shoulders, outrightly yelling. "HOW COULD YOU? HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME??"

"Johnny….you're sick…you n…you need help…"

"Something's happening to me….something I can't control and you're JUST GONNA LEAVE ME?!"

Benjamin stands there, holding out papers for Elena to take. He doesn't mean to stare like a dumbstruck tourist, but bravery is not his forte, and someone screaming is a matter for the police! "Here," he says somewhat stupidly, trying to hand off the papers to Elena as he fishes out his cellphone with his free hand. "Holy smokes," he utters, realizing that the police may not get here to deflate the situation. Phone in hand, he doesn't dial 911, but stares up, weighing the matter, and debating on if he can help or make things worse. Or should he just leave things up to the cops?

Hector pushes stiffly up onto his feet. Powdery snow skims out of the folds of his coat when he moves, with a half-assed effort made to brush away the rest while he glances quickly about the crowd. Finding nothing of obvious and immediate help in any of their faces, he looks back up again in silence.
How many times has she dialed 9-1-1 this week alone?? Elena takes the papers and dials the number. "Hello? Hello operator, I need backu— I mean, there's…..oh god, he's going to kill her. We're at Hazelnut Avenue in Greenwich Village, I….I think we have a jumper." A jumper who's about to take his wife with him.

"Uh huh," Niki replies quietly with a nod of her head, her eyes not shifting from that one building through the slowly falling snow. When her close watch is rewarded by a glimpse of figures on the roof, and yet more screaming and shouting, she adopts a tight grip on D.L.'s arm. She's frozen temporarily, gaping a little, conflicted, but soon she overcomes her inertia and her heeled boots sound again on the sidewalk in front of Village Ink, hurriedly, as if she's headed for the apartment.

Swinging out a foot, Drake looks to slide it into the doorway, allowing it to bump forward, and slip inside. With a glance to the stairs, he starts moving it up the stairs at an inhuman pace as his eyes take on a bit of a pulsing glow. His field of vision changes to that of a milky blur as he can practically hear his heart beat echoing in the depths of his chest, the sound of his heavy breathing pounding. As he passes an elderly woman, she stumbles to the side at the gust of air that blurs past her. Each flight he takes, he practically flies, aiming for the rooftop door, and hoping to reach it before it is too late. If he does, he'll give out a yell of warning, hoping to distract 'Johnny' before the jump.

"Niki, wait!" D.L.'s conflicted too. He's not sure they should even be getting involved. And here he is, standing here, letting Niki click-clack with those heeled boots and make her way to the apartment. He's really starting to think it's a trap. But hey, he can't just let these people fall to their death. But he has no idea what in the world he's going to do. He turns into a Black Casper. "What're you gonna' do?" is tossed at his wife, as he takes off after her.

Hearing screams and shouting, Jane looks up to check out the source as Drake runs by her, using the entryway she provided him without knowing, and mulls over what to do as her eyes lower and scan the street. People are running toward the building, others are making calls… Maybe a distraction could help. She looks up again, making a judgment of the distance from where she stands to where the man and wife are.

When Niki gets to the apartment, the security doors are all shut. She can either…..well. Doors aren't really enough to stop this woman regardless, but thankfully, her husband can get in anywhere, should they choose to. And he can take her with him!

Drake doesn't waste much time, thanks to his powers, he'll be able to get up the stairs in no time….or at least not the sort of time people are used to. When he reaches the roof's access door, the thing opening with a bang at his haste to get up, Johnny freezes, still gripping his wife, and he turns to look at…

…..a meddling kid.

"Go away, kid!" he yells. "This doesn't concern you!"

Johnny's wife clings onto him, she's afraid of falling, but when a kid bursts into a roof to yell out a warning, she blanches. "Don't! Don't…he's dangerous!" she cries. "Johnny no! No! He's just a kid!"


Benjamin looks incredibly conflicted and torn as he shuts his eyes, counts to ten and debates. This is what police are for, and there are good samaritans running to do something. Eyes opening, he finds himself walking towards the building and pep talking himself. He can do this, he can do something good and not just stand aside gawking like a yokel. Hearing the renewed argument from the roof, his steps hurrying him towards the apartment. He stops short seeing the blonde woman and the locked doors. "Niki?" he questions in puzzled surprise.

"Look, you don't have to do this, OK?" Drake says, holding up his hands in a motion of caution, trying to show that he poses no threat. "I.. I don't know what is going on here.. but.. the last thing you want to do is throw your life away, or someone else's. Whatever you two are going through, you can work through it." He says, trying to control his breathing back to a normal pace, now that he's come out of "No Time", as he has affectionately called it. "Look, just back away from the edge… -please.- I.. I work for Saint Mary's down on fifth and north avenue. I can get you two counseling.. maybe… it will help, and you can work through things.." Yes, use GOD as a weapon! You can not deny Christ! People who commit murder and suicide go to hell, it says so in the book! His eyes are practically pleading as he licks his lips. "Come on… it's cold out here.. please..?" Please, please, please step away, please don't jump.

What Jane's looking for, specifically, is anything glass within twenty feet of her that could shatter to provide a diversion, some momentary distraction which might give an advantage to others seeking to intervene. This, as Niki runs by her, headed for the building she just exited, and as Benjamin approaches. A few steps back are taken, and she opens the door, thereby letting in non-residents who seem wanting to give their help.

"Have fun," Hector says to Benjamin's back when the man moves to follow the others that have moved, presumably to help. As for him — he takes a step back, possibly with intent to remove himself from splatter range, should anyone sort've…lose their footing.

"I don't know!" That's Niki's rather honest answer as she runs ahead of D.L., toward the apartment building. That's all the explanation she has in her, it would seem. As she rushes up to the building's entrance, looking up at the ledge, she finds it secure - which is about when she's addressed by— "Benjamin?" No time to dwell on the crazy coincidence now. The renewed shouting from the roof solidifies that fact. Jane is given a speedy thanks - not that the door would have been an issue - and Niki looks over her shoulder at D.L. once, a sort of helpless 'I have no idea what I'm doing but I'm doing it' expression, truth be told - and dashes into the apartment. This? Is far from her forte. Her steps are hurried up the stairs, but she's a late arrival to the rooftop when she eventually bursts out behind Drake.

D.L.'s right behind Niki. He doesn't stop with the running after her, but he does stare at Benjamin as he passes by and commits his face to memory. He'll have to bash it in later. Because he's immediately matching that up with that evil hospital, because there's no way someone that goofy looking could've been in Vegas. All the processing is happening in his head as he takes the steps after Niki. Busting out onto the roof after she does, he gets to catching his breathe. He has no idea what's going on, but if there's one thing that can be said for D.L., he's one faithful sidekick. Literally. Since he's standing beside SuperNiki.

Benjamin wastes as little time as Niki does on the coincidence. "Thank you!" is called out behind him at Jane as he follows after Niki to go up onto the roof. He's oblivious to D.L.'s memorization of his face. While he's in fairly decent shape with all the urban hiking he does, he falls behind Niki and D.L. in the rush up to the roof. Panting for his breath, he's third in line to step out onto the roof.

After admitting people who appear to be rescuers, hoping she was right, Jane starts to move away from the building where she'd been visiting someone, a place she'd been given access to, and wanders down the street toward Elena. Nothing of use for a distraction she might create was spotted, it seems to her she's done all she's capable of.

Johnny? Stares at Drake, still gripping his wife and shuffling back closer to the edge. Sarah stifles a scream, feeling her footing nearly slip, bits of concrete falling on the ground. When Drake is joined by Niki and DL on the roof, the worst thing to ever happen to an already unstable, grief stricken man about to be left behind by the love of his life….happens.

He panics.

His eyes grow wide. And things just start cracking and crumbling around him. The building, or the roof anyway, his immediate radius, starts to shake as if an earthquake has just hit New York City in that one enclosed area. "Get…..get away from us! This doesn't concern you! This doesn't concern ANY OF YOU!"

"Johnny no!" Sarah cries, even as the roof starts to crumble at all the shaking. And the more agitated the man is becoming? The more violent the tremors on the roof seem to be. Concrete makes ominous, spiderwebbing cracks between the Heroes's feet.

The woman tries to grab onto her husband, but her side of the ledge cracks. Her weight starts to drop, and her lips open in a scream as she starts to fall.

When Jane comes towards her, Elena is looking up at the roof nervously….and when things start to shake, and when chunks of building start falling, her dark eyes widen and she darts forward. "Jane!" she cries, her arms stretching out to try and pull her away from what seems to be an inevitable collapse radius….unless the people on the roof can stop it.

"God — get /back/," Hector does his civil duty in snatching the collar of his friend the cranky old woman to manhandle her back out of the way of crumbling concrete when she just stands there and gapes. Somewhere in the crowd, a camera phone flash goes off. Hooray America.

"Hey, just calm down, just … just.. oh God…" Drake breathes out as he feels the trembles begin, and watches in horror as the roof starts to crumble. The cold pang hits his stomach once more as he can feel the lurch as he once more, forcibly pushes himself, rocketing across the roof as he feels the world stuttering to a halting grind around him. He can hear the wind whistle, and crack past his ears in a slow, torturous manner, and the loud noise of the city becoming an angry swirl of chaos as it distorts. He reaches out with his hand, hoping, praying to have his grasp find the fingers of the falling woman. Even if successful, he still has to think of inertia, and unfortunately he isn't aware of the roof's structural damage.

"What the?" The guitarist quickens her steps as the building shakes and chunks start to fall off. She breaks into a run as best she can, with the guitar slapping against her back as she goes, and seeks to push the reaching Elena in the other direction. Got to get out of the path of all this. Jane manages to dodge pieces of building just barely and doesn't stop, wanting to give it more distance before slowing.

Now that she's actually up here, the blonde woman takes a few slow, easy steps further onto the rooftop, coming up beside the teenager on one side (D.L. on the other) as he tries to talk the troubled couple down. She starts to walk closer to the ledge, bit by bit, holding her hands up in calm defense. The last thing she was expecting was the building to start to shake; Niki stumbles, almost falling, but widens her high-heeled stance and stays firm enough, gaping around the spiderwebbing rooftop with wide eyes. What the hell? Barely comprehending where Drake just went, she rushes (much more slowly, but still quick in real world time!) to the ledge, past the angered man - hardly thinking, she reaches out to grab Drake as the boy grabs the falling woman. It's a chain, and she's the remarkably strong tether.

"Shouldn't we just—" D.L. doesn't get to finish thumbing towards the door, because Niki's stumbling and then making her way towards the ledge. Which is not something good to be happening. "Guess not." Why does he always end up in these crazy positions. He knows Niki has The Power of All Men and that's when he's going intangible and literally sliding across the rooftop. Don't have to worry about stumbling when you can't really touch the roof anyway. "Sorry, dude." is the only thing that D.L. can say as he manages to get close to the man, since NOBODY ELSE SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT HIM ONLY THE GIRL THAT'S FALLING TO HER PROBABLY JUSTIFIED DEATH. He feels the guys pain. And he's also about to feel his insides, because he's slamming his hand, all ghost-like, into this dude's gut and feeling around. Hey, it worked on Niki.

Benjamin sort of hunches over, hands upon his knees as he catches his breath. "Oh Budgies," is uttered when the roof starts shaking. He throws a panicked look between D.L. and Niki, as if silently asking how does /this/ get resolved? No answer is expected, as he never vocalized his question. Swallowing visibly, he looks ahead and past Drake (trying to ignore the guy's super speed!) at Johnny, and attempts to focus on the man threatening to send himself and his wife to their death. "Someone get ready to grab him, I don't know if this will work," he says to D.L. and Niki, or whoever is listening, seeing as Niki just rushed to the edge. Or.. that works too.. as he has no idea what D.L. can do, and he's too focused on trying to put Johnny out.

Smack. That is the sound of Hector being hit in the face with the old woman's handbag. He curses, momentarily distracted from the concrete falling, and possibly any people doomed to follow. Someday he will get to be a Hero with a capital H. But probably not today.

Sarah continues screaming, but in Drake's senses, this is all deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep and slooooooooooooooooooooooow as he reaches out…and manages to SNAG her arm before she falls over the ledge. Unfortunately, as the world is still shaking, albeit slowly, the ledge, with the added weight of Drake and Sarah and Johnny….crumbles on that end, breaking apart and sending large chunks of concrete slamming into the ground and almost crushing Elena and Jane if it weren't for the fact that the girls were already moving away.

Drake….would've fallen, if it wasn't for Niki who manages to snag his arm. So whenever he lets go of his power, he'll find the hot blonde grabbing onto him, while he dangles heavily on the ledge and his other arm grabbing Sarah, who's clutching at him with both. She starts slipping though.

"Do…don't let me fall!" she cries, panicked.

The roof? Is still shaking. DL is unaffected thanks to his Phasetastic powers that keep him intangible. Johnny's eyes widen. What…what the hell IS THIS GUY? And before he knows it? He starts getting….he blinks a little bit, shaking his head. He feels tired all of a sudden. He loses his focus for a moment….

And this is when DL slams his Phase Fist into his gut. The man stiffens, his eyes wide. The shaking stops, and then? He starts to keel over.

As Niki grabs onto the back of him, Drake loses focus on his powers, and the world comes rushing back, and reality slams him in the gut as time unwinds. His nose breaks out in a pair of bloody streaks, and his head starts to scream, but in the end, he refuses to let her go, or at least, he very well tries. With his other hand reaching out, he tries to get a good grip of her shoulder, hooking it under, then starts to yank back, while planting one foot into the side of the roof, while some of it is still standing. He's going to hurl any moment now. ".. Just grab onto me." He wheezes out to her. Tears spring into his eyes from the pounding of his head, nauseous, and dizzy. He hopes whoever is holding onto him from behind, is strong enough to tug them both over.

"I have you," Niki holds onto the teenager's shoulders to haul him back, gentle with her grip, if not with her force, which makes both Drake and Sarah seem like dolls - but it's awkward, and it still /looks/ like a struggle. After she tugs them away from the most immediate of dangers, the crumbling ledge, to relative, temporary safety, she sweeps her arms underneath Drake's (just like he's holding onto the other woman, in fact) to drag them further backwards. "We have to get out of here," she states the obvious to D.L. and Benjamin, urgency in her voice.

D.L. keeps the phasing there until the Johnny Boy keels over. Removal of his hand is nice and slow, but not too slow. After all the rooftop is of the weak and that means it could probably go any time. Using his Superior Black Man Strength, he works on holding the incapacitated Johnny in his arms as he phases his feet to slide his way over to where Niki and the others are. "I can make this quick." he says to his wife, before turning to look at Benji. "Hey. Ricky Bobby… Benny Hana… whatever your name is. Get over here." He's pretty much making his a Drumline Style Order so that he can get this group out of here. He's never phased a group of people before… but he might need to.

Benjamin stays back and well out of the way. He's not sure if he had any effect, and he's not really pondering that as he stares, marvelling in fascinated horror. D.L.'s little trick, Niki grabbing onto Drake, who's holding onto the lady. Shaking his head, his little reverie is broken by D.L. catching his attention. ".. It's Benjamin.." he corrects as he moves quickly towards the very scary husband of Niki.

Vision clear again once he's managed to shove the old woman away, Hector cranes his neck back to squint at the paperdoll chain of death going on about the crumbling roof. The area about him has gone from uncomfortably cold to near intolerable, which has done well to stave off any further assault from senior citizens in addition to making it inhospitable to anyone foolish to venture close enough to be crushed, should the building collapse. "Ten dollars says that at least one of them falls to their horrible death," he offers to no one in particular.

The boys in blue arrive! Sirens can be heard down the street as cars screech right in front of the building. Cops come pouring out. And while the roof looks ruined, it looks like they could hold. Johnny didn't manage to crack the foundations of the building, but people still need to watch their step.

Sarah? Is clinging to Drake for dear life - as if she was going to fall even if once pulled up.

Now that they're safely away from the edge, Drake steadies himself, then uses an arm to rub it across his nose, clearing some of the blood away. "Looks like yer' safe, ma'am." He says to her, giving a bit of a smile, forcing it up despite the screaming in his head. Ow, ow. With a look over towards Niki, he gives her a bit of a squint of his eyes, before stumbling forward some in her arms, looking on the verge of passing out.

Somewhere away from the risk of being struck by building parts, Jane slows and stops running. She turns back there to make sure Elena also got clear, and scan the rooftop for how things are going. "That was too close for comfort," she remarks between calming breaths. "I certainly didn't expect the structure to start falling apart." Hands adjust the guitar case on her back, it having nearly come off her shoulder as she fled the heavy concrete.

"Are you sure?" Niki asks warily of her husband, concern showing in her eyes while she keeps on holding Drake; he doesn't look so good. Benjamin, too, is given a fleeting, worried glance, as is the downed man. "I got 'im. D.L., take her - we can take the stairs," And sneak out the back, she thinks, as the sirens sound. "Hey, I'm going to help you out of here, okay?" she speaks soothingly to the heroic, if near unconscious boy; making sure the woman is eased down, she heaves Drake over her shoulder. She stumbles once to catch her balance, but then she's good to go.

Sirens. D.L. doesn't like sirens. He doesn't like Niki not being in his sight either. But splitting up may be the best thing to do right now. He watches Niki for a moment, ready to help as she stumbles, but when she recovers, he finds himself grabbing onto Sarah and her up into his arms. "I got you." he says, making sure she can see his face, in case she wants to give him a reward. Johnny is held by the collar at this point, since he's the ebil catalyst in all of this and with Casper Like Grace, he's disappearing through the crumbling rooftop, phasing the other two with him, as they make short work of the floors by phasing through them all to the ground level. Phasing through the door will happen, to make it look like he took the stairs and he heads over to hand over the crazy couple to the po-leese.

"That's.. just.. wow, did you see that?" Benjamin says to no one in particular at D.L.'s disappearing act with the crazy couple. His marveling is cut short however, as he stops, and stares at Niki. He saw her snap handcuffs, and now she's hefting an unconcious man. Okay! Now he's at a loss as to what to do. "What do you need me to do?"

The police…don't seem to recognize DL, him being so far away from Vegas and all, but they do, indeed, take Johnny Crazy off his hands, and escort the weeping Sarah away. They don't spare the couple another glance….so the Hawkins-Sanders team is safe for now.

"….I know…" Elena breathes, looking on nervously. Where the hell was Drake? She sees people come outside…was he okay???

With the cold having faded gradually back to something more likely to cause discomfort than frostbite, Hector has taken the time to dig out a cigarette and a lighter, effectively earning a few, "Worthless bum," type comments from spectators milling away from the scene now that the worst of the drama appears to be over. The people he watched go up are squinted at, but not approached. Odds are, next time he happens across any of them it will be with more than passive recognition on his part.

Niki wraps her arms around poor Drake's legs as they dangle over her and makes for the rooftop door. "Just follow me," she says to Benjamin. It hardly sounds like an order - more like a plea, all things considered, but there's an edge to it nonetheless because of her urgency. Making no comment on her husband's disappearing act, she throws open the door, motioning for Benjamin to come with her as she starts her hurried descent. "Benjamin," she says softly, a half- whisper a couple of flights down, "I shouldn't be here, I—" On the second floor, she gently lays Drake at the foot of the stairs. "Stay with him, okay? Get the cops to him. He doesn't look so hot. I have to go, I have to find D.L.," she says, shoots her former hospital neighbour a painfully apologetic look, and rushes down the rest of the way, on the search for her husband amidst the law-filled chaos below.

No really, Drake is totally fine! The young man slumps against the stairs a bit, his eyes fluttering some as he weaves in, and out of consciousness, then presses a hand to his face. ".. ow.." He mutters under his breath, before tilting his head at Niki as she heads off, letting out a soft wheeze. Did he just get carried off by She-Ra? Totally epic. He thumps his head back against the stairwell, deciding to take a few minutes to let the head rush ebb away.
Benjamin nods to Niki. "I understand.. actually I don't, but I'll do what you ask." He's getting the impression Niki should still be in lockup. The accountant settles himself down on a step next to Drake, sitting in quiet watch until the cops come their way.

Sticking out like a sore thumb on a big foot is D.L. He's standing on the other side of the police cars, like he's somebody that's been watching all of this. This whole time. He stands there because he knows Niki will be finding him soon and they can get the heck out of dodge. He walks through the police car, since nobody's really going to pay attention and off towards Niki. It's almost like a ghost the way he shows up next to her, reaching for her arm to turn her away from the police. Time to walk off like a happy interracial couple, not a Jerry Springer one. "I guess we'll get tattoos next week instead."

"D.L.!" Niki breathes out a sigh filled with equal parts surprise and relief. That 'sneaking up like a ghost' thing really has to go, but she's glad he didn't get swept up in the clean-up going on out here. After she's turned around (thanks for that), she takes D.L.'s hand as they start to stroll away. Casually. Nope, no heroics here. They'll leave that to the passed out kid in the stairwell. Niki lifts a vaguely incredulous brow at her husband. "…uh huh."

"Call later, Elena?" Jane asks, as she begins to drift away. Her eyes linger for a moment, she waits for a reply. Under her breath she recalls something said to Clint at their last meeting. "We certainly can't claim our lives are boring." And a wistful expression settles onto her features, thinking of the one she wants to see in person, and soon.

"I will, Jane. Be careful going home," Elena says, waving to Jane, and then? She starts moving towards the building. She has to check on Drake. Worry creases into a line on her forehead. What the hell just happened???

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