2009-11-15: Down in the Jungle Room



Date: November 15th, 2009


Alpha Protocol finally catches up with a group of Eco-Terrorists.

"Down in the Jungle Room"

Silver Spring, Maryland — Steve's SUV's

Another night, another car dealership! This one is in Silver Spring, Maryland and caters to the SUV preferences of the area.

At least it did a few hours ago. A little group of naive eco-fools have already created a bit of havoc. At least the place is closed, considering the damage that's been done to the showroom. Which looks like the rain forest of the Amazon, that's new. It certainly isn't the decor that was in place at closing time.

One person is in the showroom, that's all that's needed as she works on transforming the place. Dressed all in black, Chava's avoided the temptation to dress as Poison Ivy or similar. Outside, her fellow cronies are torching cars, and delivering a good deal of damage. It's a matter of time before the law enforcement is notified, if they haven't already been.

You know, Nicholas Drake isn't paid enough for this sort of thing. He's been out on missions for days, and then he comes back to an emergency collection? Ah well. Its all part of the job really. Though he is liking his job less and less as time goes on. Friends getting fired, other people getting captured … then … released … or escaped. OR SOMETHING. Who knows just what it all is.

…so when he gets the call about the firebombing cars and the amazon-inside…well he thinks he has a good idea just /who/ this one might be this is all about.

So he decided to be first on scene, his backup coming behind him as he pulls his nice car into the street with the chaos on as he pulls out his cellphone.

"This is Drake. Keep the authorities back for as long as you can, and get the normals all rounded up as soon as you can. I want a full team here. As soon as possible, I'll run interference till then."

He's talking as he steps out of the car and circles around to pull a flack jacket, a taser shotgun, and a pair of taser pistols out of the trunk of his car.

Some of the eco-terrorists have buggered off. Some were there just to torch a car and run. The more hard-core ones aren't so easily driven off. While they're wreaking havoc on the lot, Chava remains busy on the inside. Getting just a little carried away with the feeling of her own power.

When the 'authorities' show up, the alarm goes out, and some start running. One of the more enthusiastic decides to lob a left-over molotov cocktail towards Nicholas's little group, "TAKE THAT YOU FASCIST PIGS!" Oh. How original, and he's even wearing a Che shirt.

Inside the showroom, Chava's running a hand along a vine that's entwined around a tree when she hears the commotion outside. That's.. fast. Even for the fire department. She looks past her shoulder to a window looking out onto the lot. Damn. She's not finished in here!

Into the lot isn't a firetruck. Or police. Or swat. Or anything like that. Into the lot a group of people is moving, from a black van. Men with unmarked uniforms that move with the precision of a military squad. The molotov cocktail in the direction of the men get a muffled curse as a few jump away from the suddenly burst of fire and liquid. That overzealous rabble-rouser though is target by a pair of taser-shots as the rest of the eight men quickly continue to swarm forwards after the eco-terrorists.

Nick comes behind that first squad, his own weapon over one shoulder as he slowly starts to stroll towards the real source of the problem. The rainforest that's starting to grow there. "Encircle the building! No one in or out after you deal with the annoyances!"

It then sinks in with those who didn't run that this isn't regular police or fire checking in. "SHIT, the feds!" That's the general cry and consensus they're all meeting. They may be skinny hippies and quick on their feet with practice, but those slowest to move are hit first and go down. That doesn't stop others from doing their best to take off. They signed on for the fun, not the jail time!

Inside the showroom, Chava moves towards a window and her eyes narrow. She's on a mission from God, if she's incarcerated, how can she do what is asked of her.. then again.. how can those fools out there keep her locked up? How little does she know. She looks behind her to the largest tree in the room, and lays her hands upon the trunk. They seem to sink into the bark, only it's growing out and around her hands. She means to hide inside the tree. If she can get the process moving fast enough.

No warning at all from the black clad men, just the thump of the taser's as they move forwards. Bodies are left where they are fall and ignored as the squad circles around the showroom.

"I'll take the windows out, then we need to go in." Nicholas calls towards the squad before he charges the shotgun with a single slug.


"Knock knock," He murmurs softly as he levels the barrel of the weapon at the large window in front. The weapon roars as he pulls the trigger as he continues to stroll forwards. Aiming at the big glass window he watches as the slug shatters the huge window, the glass cascading downwards in a glittering wave as he stalks forwards.

Just as the glass shatters inward, Chava becomes enveloped by the tree growing around her. A small knothole is left in the trunk so that she can breathe. Let's see how long she can stay put, and keep up her offensive. Silently, she stays within the confines of the tree, watching from the narrow knothole. She's got a few ideas to use on these intruders and tools of the man.

Nick comes stalking in first, his boots crunching on the broken glass there. Behind him comes a half dozen black-clad agents whose weapons sweep around the room.

"What the hell happened here?" Mutters one of them.

"I have no idea." Nick answers. "But someone get a some weed killer…" He replies with a shake of his head as he flickers his eyes around the room to see just what he can see. Anything that might catch the eye. Not /really/ anything there though. Just….foliage, vines, and a tree.

There's a shake from above, the leaves giving a shudder. Then directly above one of Nick's men, a vine drops. A noose formed at the end. That can only mean one thing as it drops, lassoing itself around his neck.

Remaining quiet, Chava stays within the confines of the tree trunk, watching through the narrow knothole.

"Chuck. You watch the back for more of those guys alright?" Nick pauses. "Chuck?" He turns around as he doesn't get a reply from the man in question. The obvious reason is because the man can't talk with a vine around his throat. He's fighting with it, trying to get a breath in. "Bull! Cut him down!" He calls as a second agent moves towards the choking man and pulls out a long dagger to cut his friend down with.

"…its that one then. Naturally. She's here somewhere…" Nick grumbles. "Fan out. Target is a cute little thing with a bad attitude that /hates/ good cars…" A pause. "Daggers out, start cutting up the vines. She can control anything green. If we have to get a flamethrower from base."

The vine makes a vicious jerk upright with the intent to hang Chuck. While that one works before it can be sliced, a thick and heavy vine comes up from the floor, knocking several men in the back of the knees. Any that fall, will find themselves being trussed by wriggling foliage.

With the distraction of plants on the attack, Chava steps back further into the tree, the backside opening so that she can step out of it. There's going to be a run for it. Or she's going up. She's really playing this by ear and knows she doesn't want to be arrested. Even for such a glorious cause as this.

"Dammit!" Nick curses as Chuck is lifted from the ground. Instead of saying anything else he slips out a throwing dagger and with a quick jerk sends the blade towards the vine, intending to cut Chuck down. Hopefully at least, he doesn't like people dying on his watch.

Of course then the rest of the vines come alive and his men are tossed around like ninepins. "THAT'S IT! I'M BURNING A TREEFARM! USING GASOLINE! AND SALT!" He curses as he is knocked on his ass as well and struggles to get back to his feet.

The vine is cut, thus releasing Chuck to land where he falls. The other vines and shrubbery grab and entrap the best they can. All the while, Chava works herself free through the backside of the tree. Once free, she scrambles up and into the thick branches, trying to remain under cover.

"Empty threats!" Chava calls down to Nicholas. "Get yourself and your men out of here, now. You have no business standing in the way of God's work!" Oh boy, here she goes with her complex. "I answer to a power higher than you!"

A pine tree that had sprouted from the floor begins hurling its cones at the group. Not as menacing as lobbing anything heavier, but it is annoying and distracting.

Vines vines everywhere…

"let me go you crazy blonde freak!" Nick shoots back towards her before he grumbles at her at some volume as he struggles with the vines. He glares up at the woman there before he grumbles and just /grabs/ the branch she's on and gives it a hard shake. Of course he does that without lying a hand on it. Its just the tree shifting a little. Just enough to possibly knock him down.

Just need to keep her talking for a little bit longer before the rest of his team arrives, and he is able to reach the knife he has hidden to get himself out. Hopefully at least.

A bed of poison ivy and oak springs up beneath Nicholas. Which would be more effective once it hits bare skin. The leaves snake their way along, trying to find those patches of bare skin. Meanwhile, Nicholas isn't the only one singled out for special treatment. The flora and fauna continue their attack on the interlopers.

Overhead, Chava can be heard losing her grip and she falls from the tree. Her concentration is broken on the plants around. The fall has her too distracted to try and have the tree grab for her. When she hits the ground, the air is knocked from her lungs.

"Owowow! I KNOW WHAT THAT IS!" Nick calls as he starts to try to thrash away from the vines. "That's just wrong!" A pause. "STOP TRYING TO GET DOWN MY PANTS! I KNOW I'M IRRESISTIBLE BUT THIS IS RIDICULOUS!" He adds before he feels the vines start to give as her concentration is shot.

"BACK! BACK!" He flails at the vines with the barrel of his newly freed shotgun. "FOUL SPAWN OF THE ITCHY DEVIL!" He adds before he looks behind himself. "Get her!" He calls towards his team…

…right before a pine cone takes him right between the eyes and he topples over backwards for the moment, even as the rest of the team start to try to move forwards to take her as she's down.

Anger rising, more at herself than at them, Chava forces herself to breathe. She sits up, and rolls over and onto her feet. She takes a step back to the tree and it quivers. Before the lower branches start swinging as if it were the Hogwarts Whomping Willow. A dark look is flashed towards Nicholas for his quip. "Vile, you have nothing but contempt for the gifts God saw fit to give me! You've also brought fascist thugs to do your bidding!"

"Oh shi— SCATTER!" Bull calls as he leaps to one side to avoid the huge limb there as he smashes down. The rest of the team does so as well, though one isn't very lucky and goes flying back out of the shattered plate glass window with a grunt where he lies still outside of the building.

Making his way back to his feet Nick rolls to one side, narrowly missing being reduced to paste by that limb there. "God's gifts? Lady you are /sorely/ misinformed!" He calls back as he shakes his head.

"Riley….where /are/ you…" He growls out under his breath as he notes that he's lost his gun and so his hand drops to and draws his taser pistol to snap it up and fire off a round towards the Lady of the Green Thumb.

"I am not misinformed! God granted me this power to do his bidding on His earth!" Chava has no other mental rationalization for this power of hers. Or for its reasoning. She can control plants, ergo, she's here to protect the planet. She's just going about it wrong, as she doesn't know any other way.

If the flailing branches weren't enough, more vines lift from the floor, working on trying to trip and grab for ankles.

Suddenly, everything goes still. It's almost like Chava's seeing things around her in slow motion as the taser hits true. She thought.. surely.. the tree's limbs would have knocked it aside, protecting her. Instead, the bolt slipped through the branches, striking her in the chest. Her brown eyes, wide in shock, she slides downwards to land on the floor at an awkward angle.

"Gotcha," Nick says slowly before he shakes his head slightly towards the woman. Slowly he starts to raise to his feet again, eying the vines and the trees warily. "…where the hell is that backup?!"

Then CRASH…a hummer is driven /through/ a intact window to slow to a juttering stop before three more men pile out of the car with weapons ready. "Where are they?!" Calls the one in the lead with a pistol in hand…

"You are /late/ Riley," Nick replies as he glares at the other. "The hell were you. Running over idiots with your damn tank-car?" He adds as he starts to stalk forwards towards Chava's body, his own taser still trained on the fallen Evolved. "You're just in time to bag them up." He says as he shakes his head towards Riley.

"…shut up Nick," Riley growls. "…and I'd rather just shoot her. Easier."

"Not our orders. Now get to it before I shove a pine cone somewhere you won't like it."

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