2007-03-12: Junior Heroes


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Guest Starring: Tito (and, of course, Chewie)

Summary: Micah is on an excited hunt for comic books, which leads to he and his mom unexpectedly reuniting with Mohinder and Molly. Cuteness ensues. Nima schools the kids in girl heroes that kick ass and Lee makes a running commentary.

Date It Happened: March 12, 2007

Junior Heroes

The Secret Lair, New York

Heading into the store, bells jingle jangle at the sound of young Micah's entrance, a smile practically brimming over his face. "Hey! Hey!" He calls out to the person behind the counter, bouncing up, and down on his feet to make sure he can get a good look over the glass to him. "You got the new 9th Wonders issue in yet?" He is practically fidgeting with ADD, and excitement. "It said it was online. I /gotta/ have it!" Tucked in his back pocket is his game boy, and his front pocket, a whole pack of bubbleyum gum. The kind that gives the really, /really/ big bubbles that pop, and splatter across your face if unchecked. "MOM! Will you get it for me if they have it?!" He calls out, even though she hasn't really made her way into the store, yet. He kind of bolted ahead.

Heading into the store, bells jingle jangle at the sound of young Micah's entrance, a smile practically brimming over his face. "Hey! Hey!" He calls out to the person behind the counter, bouncing up, and down on his feet to make sure he can get a good look over the glass to him. "You got the new 9th Wonders issue in yet?" He is practically fidgeting with ADD, and excitement. "It said it was online. I /gotta/ have it!" Tucked in his back pocket is his game boy, and his front pocket, a whole pack of bubbleyum gum. The kind that gives the really, /really/ big bubbles that pop, and splatter across your face if unchecked. "MOM! Will you get it for me if they have it?!" He calls out, even though she hasn't really made her way into the store, yet. He kind of bolted ahead.

Holding the hand of the boy is, of course, his mother-only she's not holding his hand for much longer. Because he's off like a bolt of hyperactive lightning and she's left in his wake, still holding open the door. Superhuman speed, obviously, is not this blonde-haired woman's forte, but eleven year olds get it by default. While Micah expresses his /very excited excitement/, the Secret Lair is given a passing glance around by Niki without her eye catching on any one thing in particular. It's only familiar in that she's been to similar stores with Micah in Vegas. "We'll see! Comic books are like… a few bucks, right?" she says with a good-natured laugh as she heads into the shop.

Both Matt and Mohinder have been doing a pretty good job in keeping Molly's mind off of the fact that Sylar is back on the streets and may be coming after her. Well, for the most part. Now it's time to find her a new atlas since her other one is back at the apartment and she's been too long without it. There's a detour, though. Passing by the Secret Lair, Molly starts to tug on Mohinder's arm. "Can we look in, Mohinder?" She wants something diversionary and just looking at her atlas all day isn't going to help.

Having picked up Molly from Matt's care at the station, Mohinder walks along with the girl. He tries to not be overprotective, but at the same time, he can't help it. Their path this evening, takes them through the east village and past the comic shop. Mind just a little preoccupied, he blinks and looks down at Molly tugging his arm. His gaze drifts to the windows before he nods. "Alright. Let's go have a look." He drops a hand to rest on the girl's shoulder as he guides her along and into the comics store.

"Hey, hey, yourself," grins the curly-haired man behind the counter, who is wearing a t-shirt with a cartoony Darth Vader that is captioned: Who's Your Daddy? "Don't know anything about the newest because the last issue came out a little while ago. We still have 3 copies left, though. You can find them over Miss Tall, Dark and Dorky over there." That being Nima, who certainly qualifies with the super-long 4th Doctor Who scarf lightly looped around her neck. Indeed, she is in the small press section of the shop, stocking some new inventory.

The little boy's features droop a bit as he lets out a soft breath. "Ah.. I already got that one.." He murmurs. "But thank you though." He says, before turning to face his mother, letting his arms flop out against his side. "Maybe we can find something for you, huh mom?" He asks, though, something else catches his eyes, and the smile that stretches across his face is Master Card priceless. "Molly!" He yelps out, waving a hand in her direction wildly, bouncing the curls of hair upon his head up, and down. "Hey! How are you!?" Yes, he needs to make sure everything he says has an exclamation mark at the end of it.

Niki has a friendly smile for the dude behind the counter, although it's pretty brief - Micah's her focus. The mother breaks into an amused smile at the boy - as she looks down at him, she lifts an eyebrow and plants a hand on her hip. "For me, huh? What exactly do you--" … Recommend. Suddenly, Micah off like a dart again, and the name he shouts has her frowning ever-so-slightly as she tries to place it — and she does, when Molly and Mohinder enter the store. Niki is left gaping just a bit more than anything, right this second.

Into the store Molly drags Mohinder. What better to take a young girl's mind off of murders than comic books? She's not long in the store before she hears Micah's call of her name. Her ears perk up. "Micah?" Surprised and delighted, she tugs Mohinder in a more direct manner over in that direction. "Hi! What are you doing in New York? I thought you were supposed to be in Las Vegas!" She gives a shy smile to Niki before turning her attention squarely on Micah.

Mohinder blinks a little as he's led along. Isn't he supposed to be having charge of Molly? (Despite it clearly being the other way around.) When he looks up and notices Niki and Micah, surprise floods his features. "Talk about unexpected. Hello Niki." Despite being thrown by this chance encounter, he does smile at the woman and her son.

"Yeah," Tito commiserates with Micah, knowing the sting of disappointed fandom, "but it's a great issue. Rumor is that Mendez was working on issue fif" And Micah is off! "ten, when he died." Offering an amiable smile to Niki, he then glances to the new arrivals and flicks his chin upwards in greeting.

The sound of young geeklings does not escape Nima, who peeks-ups from what she's doing to regard the new arrivals. At the sight of children, she positively beams, being a big kid herself, at heart. Would any other kind of person own such a shop? "Hi! Welcome to The Secret Lair. Just lemme know if you need any help." There is an equally bright quality to her dulcet voice.

"We moved to New York, cuz'… daddy got a new job!" Yes, lie to your girlfriend, Micah. See, they're great role models. "So, we're here, and I'm going to school." He practically glows as he stands in front of her, swinging his hands back, and forth at his sides, looking a bit shy, despite his energy. "You like comics too?" He asks with a curious interest, dark, almond eyes shining in childish radiance. "Mom! Can Molly come over for dinner? Or can we go to Chuck E Cheese? I'll pay!" Of course he will. It's not stealing from an ATM if you need it.

"Mohinder," Niki says slowly. "Molly! Hey, I wasn't expecting to see you two." Understatement! Their last encounter was a little chaotic, and somewhat of a blur, in parts-but Micah's memory is apparently clearer. That or Molly must have really made an impression. Her smile gradually returning once her surprise starts to subside— except for that wince that comes and goes (subtly, mind you) when her well-meaning son gives his version of why they're in NYC. Yeah, if only, Micah. "It's Monica's house," she points out. "Maybe we can make plans for another day," she says softly. "I'm okay with Chuck E. Cheese if it's okay with these guys. But you, mister," she pokes Micah's shoulder. "Are not paying."

It's so good to finally talk to people who understand what's going on. At least Micah and Niki know of Sylar. They were even there that fateful day when he was supposed to have been killed. "Wow! That's great! You'll love New York. They have hot dog carts on the corners." If he hasn't already noticed that. "Mohinder, can I go with them, please?" She tugs a bit on Mohinder's arm and then turns back to Micah. Oh, wait, people other than those she knows are talking to her. "I think we're okay!" she tells Nima. "But…um…do you have any comics with girl super heroes?" She's a little behind on her comic knowledge.

Mohinder chuckles at Niki and Micah, grinning widely at the pair. "I.." He's got his reservations about such a wild place and Molly.. However, he's wilting at the arm tugging and the pleading. "We'll talk about it with Matt, alright? We can't leave him out." Although with D.L., Niki, and Matt around, there's enough there to play stake out on the children. Perhaps. "How is New York treating you?" he asks as he addresses Niki. Nima gets a glancing over, a brief one along with a nod of greeting.

"There's Wonder Woman. And.. um.. there's.." Micah says, struggling to come up with another woman in the comics. "She-Hulk. She's one of my favorites. She reminds me of mom, except, with green skin." He can't help but chuckle to himself, since it's his own private joke. "C'mon, I'll show you." He says, snagging up her hand, giving it a tug as he waits for Nima to answer. Aren't they cute? Like, two cavities waiting to happen. "What kinda pizza do you like? I like the meats."

Any comics with girl superheroes? Oh ho ho ho. Only the most thorough collection of XX (chromosome) action & adventure awesomeness in the Tri-State area. There are awards of distinction and industry tradeback articles that attest to that. "Come, my young sister. It is time for you to claim your birthright." 'cos girls can /totally/ outfanboy the fanboys, if given the proper encouragement, and Nima is the equivalent of The Fairly Geekmother. That said, the shop owner sets aside the last of the small press she was putting on display and gestures for Molly to follow, moving towards the area dedicated to chicks who kick-ass.

"It's … different," Niki tells Mohinder quite honestly. "It's definitely not Vegas." And yet she only grazes the surface of how New York has really been treating her. At Micah's semi-private joke, she glances at him sidelong and smirks, pretending to be insulted. Don't get any ideas involving green paint, Micah! She watches the kids run off into the comic books. She steps in front of a random display and folds her arms lightly. "I didn't realize they even had much time to talk."

"Alright! It can be all of us! A Chuck E. Cheese party!" This makes Molly beam. The very idea is perfect. Then, before Molly has a chance to check with Mohinder about heading off on her own, she's being tugged in the direction Nima is taking them by Micah. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" She grins, enjoying herself for once. "My birthright?" she gives Nima a confused look, not quite sure what the girl means about that. "She-Hulk? I think I'd like Wonder Woman more…she's not all big and green." Not that she's judging or anything! "I like veggies on mine." She looks at Nima. "Who's your favorite super hero?"

Mohinder laughs and raises a hand to pinch at the bridge of his nose at Micah's 'flattery' of his mother. He tries to not feel too paranoid as Nima leads Molly off.. although as long as he can keep eye contact on his ward. It should be well. "Hmm? Oh, neither did I, but I'm glad for it. Molly really needs friends her age." Trying to not look too much like a nervous parent seeing a kid off to kindergarten on the first day, he tears his gaze away to look at Niki. "It's good to see her so happy. Listen, this may not be a good place to talk.." So he pulls out a small notepad from his jacket and a pen. He scribbles a note, folds it and passes it to Niki. In case she doesn't know.

Sylar's alive and on the loose

"She means, it's time for you to geek-out." Micah says with a chuckle as he follows after, squeezing Molly's hand tight with his. "She-Hulk is awesome. She's funy, and kinda cute even for a green chick. She's /really/ strong." He says, eyes twinkling. "Yeah, who's yours?" He asks Nima curiously, eyeballing up the funny dressed girl, giggling to himself quietly. "If you want, I can give you my Wonder Woman comics. My friend gave 'em to me, cuz' he got 'em off his sister, but I haven't read them yet." Vegetarian? Yuck.

Lee comes in leading a shaggy dog with a Wookiee-bandolier-collar in on a leash. "Evening, nerds, geeks, dorks, and assorted wedgie-targets. This is your public service announcement for the night. Read a real book! I recommend Updike. That is all." He nods to Tito and says "Tito." and nods to Nima, across the way, and says, "Twerp." The dog, released, goes to investigate the newcomers. Chewbacca, for that is the name on his collar, smells like park grass, and that's all, thankfully.

Niki can't help but smile at the kids as Nima schools them - unlike the nervous Mohinder. It's enough to distract her, although pleasantly so, from answering him right off the bat, but being handed the note draws her attention. She looks at the paper in her palm and instantly her brow knits. She slants a dark look of concern to the near stranger beside her. That's all the answer she gives; after all, she notes Mohinder's apparent jumpiness, and someone else and another dog is entering, so quiet it is. As she's not sure she fits into any of Lee's categories, the blonde gives him a faint smile of polite hello. A very distracted smile, as she crosses her arms a little tighter.

Favorite superhero? That's like asking Nima to pick a favorite flavor of ice cream. Even if she could — which she can't — she wouldn't. Her palate is very nuanced, even if everything 'tastes' the same to her twin brother. "There are so many," she tells her newfound proteges. One being Samus Aran, who has a small shrine dedicated to her. Yeah, she only appears in video games but fandom takes many forms. Plus: cybernetic power suit with a number of advanced technologies built into it. Oh. Hell. Yes. "Young man is kickin' it old school, I see," she notes about Micah's suggestions. Stopping at the suitable section, and smiling is a very luminous and friendly way, Nima turns to Molly and asks, "What kind of story are you interested in? Do you have a preference regarding powers?"

Tito nods back to Lee. "Lee." Meanwhile, Chewbacca lightly sniffs the people he does not know — Niki and Mohinder — wagging his tail. Then, it's off to woo the young'uns, faithful and furry sidekick that he is.

"Hm. But…she's /green/." This might be a dealbreaker in Molly's mind. Just because she likes green on her pizza doesn't mean she likes it on her superheroes. "She's the one with the lasso, right?" she asks of Micah. "I might like that." To Nima, she thinks carefully. As if this is a very important decision. In a way it is. She squeezes Micah's hand back as she does so. "Umm…I don't know? Is there one about someone who's really good at finding things?" Okay, she she's being kind of obvious here, but that's something she'd like to see. Someone with her powers being a /real/ super hero.

Mohinder looks over his shoulder as Lee and dog enter, as if assessing a threat. Sensing none, he relaxes a little. He looks down at Chewbacca and sighs softly. "I just know before we get home, there will be a request to get a dog," he confides in Niki, low enough that his voice won't carry over to Molly. In fact, he's starting the mental countdown already. The dog is given a half-smile of amusement. "Although, I think I might welcome such a mundane family topic of conversation."

"You know who was good at finding things? Nancy Drew." Micah. Nerd. Totally. "But yeah, Wonder Woman has the lasso of truth, and the invisible jet." And the super tiny american flag panties. He won't mention that of course. OH, a DOG! Leaning over, he gives the mutt a good ruffling with his fingers, working it into his pelt. "Hey puppy." He squeaks out in a wide grin. He's always wanted a dog, but they never seemed to get a back yard, at least for more than few weeks.
Lee is a non-threat if ever there was one, lanky and leaning up against a counter with a sign on it that says 'Do Not Lean On Counter', observing Nima's sales and hanging-out technique while listening with an amused grin.

Niki glances down at the dog also before it wanders away; he does well to soften her expression, as animals are wont to do. She tucks the note that Mohinder gave her into the back pocket of her jeans. "Me too," she agrees with the other parent figure and tucks some stray hair behind one ear. "Still—" She shrugs one shoulder and smiles, "I don't think D.L.'s niece would appreciate us randomly coming home with a dog, so at least I have an excuse."

Sniffsniffsniff. Wagwagwag. 'HI. I AM CHEWBACCA. I LIKE SCRITCHES, I LIKE THAT YOU GIVE ME SCRITCHES. I LIKE YOU.' A lovable mutt, yeah. Which is good 'cos he's also a good 2 feet tall. Big like Wookie.

For a moment, Nima really considers Molly's sentiments. Perhaps Micah's Nancy drew comment inspires her because she grins, "I think you might like 'Kat & Mouse'. It's really good. Well-written, cool characters, awesome art. Not really super powers but brainpower is some of the best power there ever is!" With a quick glance, she picks-up volume one and hands it to Molly. The cover shows two young, teenage gilrs in school uniforms, examining samples in a microscope. An ominous figure lurks in the background, looming behind a darkened door window.

When Micah gets distracted from the comics, so does Molly. A big furry dog is something that will always draw her attention. "Ooh! He's so cute! What's his name?" She reaches forward to pet and generally love on the dog. It's true, by the time they got home it is more than likely she will ask Mohinder for a dog. Something small that they can take around with them when they have to move all the time. "Nancy Drew? But she's a series of books, not comics." As far as Molly knows, that is. Tearing herself away from Chewie, she takes the comic from Nima and her brow furrows while she studies it. "Ohhh. I think I like this." She says as she reads the back.

"Oh I've got an excuse too," Mohinder says with an amused smile. "No pets that aren't caged." The smile doesn't fade as he looks past Niki towards the kids with Nima. "That's one good salesperson," he asides to Niki. He's not surprised that brain on top of girlpower appealed to Molly. Keeping his voice low, he remains by Niki as he asks, "How are you feeling? Honestly?"

Giving the dog another good rubbing on the head, Micah grins. "You're so hairy." He chuckles, then gives him one last pat, pat, pat. Flopping himself down into a chair, he scoops up a comic off a rack, turning it around in his hands to inspect the cover, then flips open a few pages. "Hey Molly, you'd like 9th Wonders also. I'll let you borrow 'em sometime. They're /so/ good." It seems he can't tear the smile off his face, it's wedged onto his face permanently for the moment.

Lee says, "Holmes pastiche without the Holmes? Why not go right to the source?" he challenges Nima. Because, after all, all young girls want to be a cocaine-injecting pipe-smoking 19th century detective who only one met woman he could ever respect.

Mohinder's question is a personal one; Niki doesn't know him at all, honestly. Just because they were both there that night… well, it means something, but perhaps not enough. Maybe he knows more about her than she does about him. Who knows. Nonetheless, she gives the scientist a heartfelt smile for even asking. "I'm… fine." Lee earns a glance for his comment, as well as a vague raise of one brow. "Are you going to get anything here, Micah?" Niki asks, raising her voice just enough to carry to the shop's official 'ass-kicking women section'. Remarkably, there's not an ounce of impatience in her voice. She waits for the answer, but it takes some time coming.

The back of the comic reads: Kat has just moved from the Midwest to New England, where her dad is the new science teacher at a private school. When a break-in at the science lab puts his job in jeopardy, Kat and new friend Mouse are determined to find out whos responsible.

"It's reeeeally cool," Nima asserts, like a total fangirl. "Issue 2 even shows how to make an electromagnet. And all the issues have information on real women worth knowing about." Which, to her, is way awesome. Fancy that, Lee: comic books that educate /and/ entertain. Take that, Mr. Pompy Pants! Even so, she must score extra points. "Oh, I dunno. Maybe because he's a cocaine-injecting, pipe-smoking, 19th century detective who only met one woman he could ever respect. Plus, it's insulting to call it a mystery when they can only be solved due to a specific piece of information that only he knew about, that was not at all mentioned in any capacity until he is explaining how he solved the case." Touchdown. Field point.

Grinning at Micah, she informs, "His name is Chewbacca." Lovingly, she ruffles the dog, who clearly adores her, even as he's sniffing Molly. "Isn't that right, Chewie?" At mention of '9th Wonders,' she nods. "It is really good. A real shame about Mendez. His sketchbook has a lot of really interesting stuff. Too bad that it won't go beyond conceptual art."

Lee lifts his chin, seemingly satisfied with Nima's answer, or maybe just attention. "I get it. Not enough pretty pictures." he says with a grin, then lets her keep working.

That does it, Molly's keeping this comic book. "Mohinder!" she calls over to him while he's in his conversation with Niki. "Can I get this? Pleease?" See, she's even using her manners! The sparring between Lee and Nima is watched by Molly with some sort of fascination as she knows very little about what they were arguing about. "I guess I'll read those, too, then." She grins at Micah. "They sound good."

Mohinder nods his head to Niki and he moves away from her to go check on Molly. In other words, to hover over his charge. "Finding anything you like?" he asks the girl with a smile. "I take that as a yes then," he says, completely ready to indulge the girl. "Is that the only one?" It's good to doublecheck before they get home and she wants the next volume. Although, before he indulges, he looks thoughtfully up at the ceiling, "What did you get on your math test this week again? Remind me.."

When Mohinder goes to Molly, Niki zones in on the comic book talk circle to put an arm lightly around Micah. "Okay, well, when you make up your mind, we can come back," she tells the boy with some amusement. "But it's time to go, Micah." She tugs lightly on his hand. "Thanks," she offers to Nima, then starts to stride for the exit - Mohinder and Molly get a smile in parting. "Careful," she adds.

"An A!" Molly replies to Mohinder with a beam on her face. Commence with the spoiling! "Bye!" she says cheerily to her newly found friends. Or, at least friends who were found again. The beaming passes on to Nima. "Thanks for all your help. Can I come back for the other ones later?"

Mohinder looks back to Niki and Micah, giving them a nod. "The same to you two." He turns back to Molly to grin at her, then at Nima. "Thanks.." To Molly, "Are you done? Anything else?" He pulls forth his wallet to get out money, the comic gets a good look as he checks for the price. He hands the appropriate amount to give to Molly. "You're quite good at this, you knew just what would catch her interest," he compliments to Nima.

"Just Issues One and Two," Nima tells Mohinder, all pleasant and friendly. As she stops scritching Chewie, the dog again sniffs the man."Seriously," she tells Molly, all big sister-like, The electromagnet is super sweet to build." Yes. She actually tracked down the needed bits to do it. She is, after all, a geek. Carefully retrieving Issue Two, she extends it to Mohinder for review.

The back of the book reads: 'Since her arrival at Dover Academy, the one person Kat has been able to depend on is her best friend Mee-Seen, better known as Mouse. But when Mouse gets a crush on the new art teacher, a misunderstanding comes between the two friends, and a class trip to the art museum only makes it worse! When a famous painting is stolen right under their noses, will Kat and Mouse be able to smooth things out in time to catch the thief?' The industry stamped price is also listed as $5.99.

As Niki and Micah get set to go, Nima smiles at the pair. "Thanks for visiting. When you make up your mind, we'll be here." Then, to Molly, the smile grows even brighter, which sets the dark-haired woman truly alight. "You can come back any time you want, chica." Solidarity of Sisterhood. Girl Power. Female bonding. A grin is flashed at Mohinder. "Well, smart girls like it when their smarts are appealed to," she quips, ending with a preposition. Poor grammar. Excellent sentiment.

Lee chimes in with Nima's last sentiment perfectly: "Come back any time, just keep your grades up." He's not going to step on /enthusiasm/, he's not a monster. He even smiles pleasantly, charmingly at Mohinder and Molly.
"Yeah," Nima echoes her twin. "For every 'A' you get on your report card, I'll give you a 10% discount." She means it, too. Girls are so overlooked when it comes to employing their brainpower and she's all about encouraging excellence in addition to imaginations.

Mohinder takes Issue Two and looks it over. More money is pulled out, "Molly, here," the comic and funds are held out for her to take. He doesn't spoil her. Not at all. "Oh I quite agree. I do what I can to keep her mind active. I'm glad that she's eager for knowledge. I like to pop quiz her on different subjects, and teach her new things." And he's a good sort to keep the kid's mind fed. "That's quite generous of you, I'll keep that in mind for her next report card."

Lee continues to chime in. They get on each other's wavelength very naturally. "And no faking, I'm a teacher, I can tell a faked report card." he teases Molly, then nods to Mohinder approvingly.

"Just the second one. If that's alright." Molly bats eyelashes at Mohinder in an innocent way. Oh, spoil her, please. "An electromagnet? Really? Cool! Can I build one of those, too, Mohinder?" He'll indulge her in science. She's sure of it. "Really? 100 0 Wow! Can we come back soon? Please?" She takes both of her new acquisitions and holds them close to her chest. "Thank you!"

"Issue One teaches you how to take fingerprints." Alhough, really, Matt could teach the girl that. Not that Nima knows that. "And, yeah, he'll spot a forgery. He really /is/ a teacher." This is actually said with some pride. Smiling, again, at Molly, she adds, "You're welcome. Thank /you/ for taking pride in your intelligence and interest in cultivating it." Seriously. XX-Represent! "I'm Nima, by the way. And that's my brother Lee." Whom she indicates. "You already know Chewie. If you'll follow me, I'll commandeer the register from Tito." Who must be the man behind the counter, who currently is playing on his PSP.

Mohinder can't help but laugh at Molly's excitement. "Of course we can.. that is to the electromagnet and come back here. We'll go over the comics and see what we need to build it." Of course he's going to indulge the girl with science. Lee's comment earns a grin as he moves to follow after Molly. "Thank you, both of you, for your assistance." In case Molly gets too excited to say thank you again. "I'm Mohinder, and this is Molly," he returns the introductions as everyone's being quite friendly.

Lee touches his forehead in a half-salute, half-wave. "What grade are you in?" he asks Molly. "I teach at a…" Hellish dump. "…junior high."

"Nice to meet you Nima! And Lee!" Molly scritches Chewie some more and talks to him in a sort of baby voice. "And /you/ Chewie." Mohinder has already introduced her, so she doesn't do it again. "I'm in sixth grade," she tells the junior high teacher.

"No worries, Mohinder," is the dulcet reply. Rounding to get behind the counter, Nima rings them up since Tito had already moved aside. Idly glancing over, he smiles a hello and goes back to blasting things in his X-Wing. "It's small press," Nima explains about the series, "So, chances are Issue #3 will be out some time in September." And since Lee is engaging Molly, she continues to address the parental unit, "If she really like science, I know of two webcomics she might like." In fact, she even writes down the URLs on a business card that she slips into the merchandise bag. "Take a look at 'em. One involves a mad scientist, her evil intern, their tech support guy, and a super-genius talking gerbil. The other is about a young woman who is slowly discovering her abilities. work steam-powered technological magic. No one, including herself, yet suspects that she possess the Spark, which is needed to work the steam-powered technological magic of her world."

Lee says, "Cool, you're almost there. Are you in a district where you switch schools for junior high? I'm up in the Bronx." So, a bombed-out junior high with a Narcotics Anonymous Club after Yearbook Club but before soccer practice.

Mohinder nudges Molly to pay for the comics. "I promise, we'll go over the electromagnets. Maybe there'll be things we can use in the lab.." He sets his hand on Molly's shoulder as he converses with Nima. "Oh, fascinating, thank you for that. We'll be sure to look those over tonight… Or perhaps save it for after school tomorrow. I think she'll stay occupied with those books this evening." He's not been one really for science fiction, mainly fact. Although his colleagues in the field would call his realm sci-fi. "We're in Brooklyn, and you bring up a good point. I do need to start researching schools for her."

Molly takes a hold of her comics. These she definitely doesn't want to lose. They're going to be some good reading! And she'll learn about fingerprinting and electromagnets! But, she still doesn't have an atlas and that's important. "Mohinder," she whispers something to him and tugs on his sleeve. Then, she smiles at Lee and at Nima, even at Tito and Chewie. "Thanks so much for these. We'll be back soon!" If Molly has any say in it, that is.

With everything paid for and packaged, Nima smiles, handing Molly the bag and Mohinder the change. "You're very welcome, Molly. We look forward to seeing you!" She leaves talk of schools to her brother. The way the younger of the Jonses feels, they went to public school and turned-out just fine. Well, she did. Lee is kinda miserable with what he does. Poor bastard.

Lee opens his mouth to say goodbye but shuts it as soon as he realizes he would have said 'see you' exactly in harmony with Nima's 'seeing you'. No need for an /embarrassing/ twin moment. He just waves.

Mohinder crouches down to listen to Molly's whisper. "It's alright," he says in return to the girl before straightening back up. Money exchanged, it's time to go. "Of course we will." The change is pocketed. "Thank you again for your assistance. Have a good day," he says to the siblings as he chivvies Molly off to the door, hand still on her shoulder.

Idly, Chewbacca tries to sniff at the bag of comics that Molly is clutching. 'NO SAMMICH.' The girl and guardian are free to leave unmolested.

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