2007-03-07: Just A Gift


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Date It Happened: March 07, 2007

Summary: When released from custody, Claudine heads to T.C. to give him a little something-something.

Just a Gift

T.C.'s Dorm Room, Columbia University, NYC

T.C.'s dorm room is small; a single, and rather cluttered, although at least it is not typically gross college-male mess. Trash is properly in the trash can and laundry properly in the hamper; the majority of the space is taken up by books, and notes, and more books. T.C. himself has hollowed out a nest for himself in the center of the chaos, and is half-kneeling, half-standing at his desk, one foot on the ground and one knee on his chair as he pores over an assignment. His eyes are darkly shadowed in contrast to his too-pale complexion. There's a coffeemaker perched on top of the desk, the pot warming on the burner; it's nearly empty, now, and he sips at a mug of it — black, sugarless — intermittently as he works. From the jitteriness of his hand, it's likely not his first mug. Or even close to it.

Knock, knock, knock. There's a gentle rapping at the door as Claudine is finally out an about, thanks to her finally gaining enough control over her powersso she can be let out from the Company facility. She waits nervously outside his room, chewing on her bottom lip as there's so many things she wants to tell him, but at the same time..well..it's just complicated now and she doesnt know what to do or say. Besides, she doesnt even know if he's here!

T.C. twitches, head jerking up in startlement to look towards the door. "Yeah one sec hold on," he calls towards the door, frowning back down at the page he was working on. And then, in proper obsessive geek fashion, proceeds to have a Revalation about the problem, and immediately gets immersed in the work again and forgets entirely that someone had just knocked at his door. Oops.

She thought he was going to answer. She's slightly annoyed, but there's probably something going on. Maybe it isnt a good time? Maybe he's upset with her? Who knows? With all these things running through her head, Claudnie just has to know and with that she knocks once more.

"Crap! Oh — jeez. Sorry!" comes the apologetic reply, and there is a thud and a clatter and some scrambling noises from inside before the lock clicks and the door is yanked open. "Sorry," T.C. is saying even as he's opening the door, "I got totally caught up in something and I forgo— /Claudine/!" He stops. He blinks. His expression is mingled relief and hurt. "You weren't around and — last night we were — you weren't — are — are you okay? I've been half-crazy with worry. I worked out all these horrific scenarios in my head."

There's still so many things she's wanting to say, but cant, and so she does what any girl who's also been sick with worry does. She tries to grab his cheeks and just plants one on him..that is, if he'll let her. She has to make sure he's real afterall..or something like that. Should he not stop her, Claudine lets the kiss last for a few moments before she looks down towards the ground, her cheeks flushed, "Are you okay? I've been worried sick about you too." and then she blinks blankly for a few moments,shuffling her feet. "I have a lot to tell you..I dont know if you'd believe half the stuff I've gone through the past couple of days..can I come in?"

Fortunately for Claudine, T.C. offers no resistance to this kiss. Unfortunately for Claudine, it leaves him rather agape and speechless, and so she does not immediately get a response of any type. He stands blinking in the doorway, cheeks flushed red and eyes wide, mouth opening and closing like some sort of scrawny pale glasses-wearing goldfish.

"That…was for missing our non-date.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle under her breath, her cheeks still burning bright red as she playfully ruffles his hair. "I was sort of planning on doing that, but since the past week is a complete blur to me..just thought I'd do that now..ya know." she says, giggling in the end. "So um..can I come on in?" she asks, repeating herself once more.

"Oh — come in. Right." T.C. somehow manages to find his voice again, and he steps back out of the doorway, gesturing Claudine in with one hand. He is still blushing, and still quite wide-eyed. "Y-y-y-you — that was — you —" One hand still on the doorknob, the other lifts to brush fingertips against his lips; his blush deepens. He swallows, hard. "Are — are you alright? What — what happened? I came by to — to — to check up on you, but you weren't —" He shrugs.

Claudine waits until the door is closed as she chews on her bottom lip while idly running her fingers through her hair. "What do you mean..me? And well, I was worried for you too.." she admits ruefully, her cheeks a smilar hue to his own. "I..I'm much better. I was..well..what happened to me, I dont ever want to happen to you.." she says matter of factly.

"I just — I've never — nobody's —" T.C. breaks off, head bowing sheepishly. His eyes lift from the floor to Claudine. "What happened?" His voice is steadier on this question, at least, his tone laced with concern. "And why on earth were you worried about /me/?"

He doesnt remember what happened? Claudine sort of looks at him in shock, but that could also be because he's never been kissed, or something like that. She smiles warmly and just leans in to place a soft peck on the cheek and giggles, "There..now you've had two.." she says before flopping onto his bed, not really minding the mess. "I was taken in by a group of people who monitors those with powers. I was worried they got you too.." well, it's a half truth, but if he doesnt remember, she doesnt want to traumatize him by asking why he doesnt remember the crazy blonde chick.

"Taken in — what? Who?" T.C. follows her back into the room and sits down at his desk, sitting backwards in his chair and folding his arms over the back of the seat. "People /took/ you?" His alarm is clear. "Why? /How/? Where? That's — god. Are you okay?" He will probably be asking that question a whole lot.

"If you ever see a crazy looking blonde chick who tries to act really sweet, promise me that you'll run.." Claudine says matter of factly, as she thinks that his powers should be able to handle Elle's. They both seem to have electricity based powers afterall. Her tone is dead serious in this as she scooches over and looks towards him directly. "Just run and go somewhere really public if you cant. Dont go to back to your dorm room where you'll be alone. If anything, call me.."

"Crazy blonde — /what/? Claudine, this is making no — I'm really confused." T.C. brushes a hand through his hair, and looks at her with worry. "Start at the beginning?"

"There are people, who monitor those with powers..like us. They knew about my past..they knew about my powers before even I became aware of them. I guess they found out about the incident in the Philippines..the landslide that I apparently stopped when I was younger.." Claudine says as she sighs a little, chewing on her bottom lip once more. "One of them..this crazy blonde is sort of nuts. I think she takes pleasure in zapping people, so if you ever see her, run away.."

"Christ." T.C.'s blushing has at least been taken care of; the colour drains from his face and he looks at her, horrified. "Monitor — they've been watching you all — all that time?" His head shakes slowly, stunned. "Did they hurt you? What happened? — What do you mean zap?"

"She has electrical powers..just like you." Claudine says matter of factly as she takes his hands and gives them a gentle squeeze. "Then there's another girl. Her powers deal with poisons.." and she starts to describe Angie as the pseudo goth. "I think she's more stable than the electric blonde, but still..her powers are extremely dangerous.."

"Really?" For a brief moment, inquisitive fascination eclipses T.C.'s shock and his eyebrows raise at the mention of another electricity user. It passes quickly, though, as this one detail finds its place in the bigger picture of everything. His hands squeeze back at Claudines. He takes a couple deep breaths. "What did they want with you? Are you hurt?"

"They wanted to see what I could do..in a controlled environment. They said they were tired of getting calls from earthquake monitoring centers across the globe since there were so many acute shocks here in New York that baffled them.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle of amusement under her breath. "It was a lot of testing, but I wasnt mistreated. They just tested me..a lot.." Which, wasnt exactly fun either..

"They can't just — /steal/ people and — run tests on them!" T.C. bites down on his lower lip, brow creased deeply. "I mean, you should tell someone " He breaks off, then, frown deepening. " only, I guess, who would — it wouldn't be safe to — /God/. Who are those people? They just /kidnap/ you and — are they going to do anything else? They aren't going to come hurt you now, are they?"

"I.." and she winces a little, trying to remember everything, but she closes her eyes, putting her hand on her temple, rubbing it a bit. "I dont remember. I know that I was there..and they had me do things, but I think the people I interacted with were nice..for the most part.." she says, sighing as she starts getting frustrated as she cant remember everything. "I..I'm sorry. All I know is that I had to see you and make sure you were okay. That's the only thing I know for sure..is that..wierd?"

"I don't know," T.C. replies honestly. "I guess when you go through — a lot of stress, it's — understandable." He watches her rub at her temple, the worry in his eyes growing. "I'm glad you're back," he says quietly, and then laughs, a nervous, uncertain laugh. "I sort of — I was really worried but then half of me kinda — sorta thought maybe — you just didn't want to — have dinner. Anymore. With me."

Claudine eases on up and gives his hands a gentle squeeze once more, her cheeks flushing the entire time. "T.C…if anything that was my biggest worry..that I can clearly remember. I wasnt sure if you were taken and just in another room, or if you'd get upset with me for missing our..non-date.." she says with an impish giggle before leaning in to kiss him on the lips once more.

T.C.'s eyes widen, and for a moment he freezes before pulling back, a deep blush in his cheeks and a tiny, nervous smile on his lips. He looks at Claudine only briefly before his eyes drop to the floor. "I-I-I — n-n-not upset, no." He shifts awkwardly in his seat, still looking down at the ground. His brows crease again. "Why would I have been taken?"

"Your powers..I dunno. Just..promise me that you'll be careful.." Claudine says once again as she sits back down on his bed, chuckling a little bit nervously, not really sure what else to say as she wrinkles her nose a bit. "Class! Oh goodness..classes! I'm really behind now arent I? Think you can help me catch up?" she asks softly.

"I'll be careful," T.C. says. His nervous smile curves a touch wider, and he glances back at the piles of work on his desk. "Just a couple days. I can help. You'll be fine." His hand runs through his hair again. "Well. As fine as it can be, anyway. Considering — everything that just happened. /School/ will be fine."

She nods and smiles warmly, before her eyes widen once more, as she looks over through her purse and pulls out a horse crystal figurine. "Here um..I figure you should have it. It's a horse and you're from Texas and all.." she says sheepishly as she really doesnt know what to do now that she's sort of ranted and rambled all over the place.

T.C. takes it with a smile, turning the figurine over in his hands and examining it thoughtfully. "You — did you /make/ this?"

Claudine mmhmms as she smiles and nods once again, "Yeah..it was one of the tests they had me do. I didnt know what to make and that just kinda sorta happened.." she admits ruefully.

"Wow," T.C. replies, soft and breathless. "That's — /wow/." His fingers brush over the crystalline surface, and he looks from the horse to Claudine with something approaching awe. He turns in his chair to clear a space on his desk and set the horse carefully down. When he turns back around, it's with a wry twist of a smile. "I can't — do anything awesome like that. All I do is mess things up."

"Just think of it as a gift..since I missed our non-date and all.." Claudine says, choosing her words carefully as she doesnt want him to blush once more as she giggles impishly. "And it's no biggie..maybe..since well um..I have some control over my powers..I can help you? It beats going to wherever I ended up.." she says with a soft chuckle.

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