2007-04-19: Just Another Saturday Night


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Summary: Fishing for a date in the local bars, Jonathan is turned down by Gabrielle and buys Elle a drink. This can't end well, right?

Date It Happened: April 19th, 2007

Just Another Saturday Night

Midtown East - Fly By Night Cocktail Bar

Fly By Night is a cocktail bar, refined in appearance, and perhaps clientelle. Certainly an executive of a stock trading company has deemed the place fit to get smashed. She's sitting at the bar, on a stool, dressed a bit more casually than she normally is. Red sleeveless blouse with a low neckline, and blue jeans, with maroon slip-ons on her feet. She is presently on her fourth glass of vodkha, and is scowling like she wishes she had the power to atomize things by scowling at them.

Some soft music plays in the background, and other people are about, but most of those who would otherwise be talking to Gabrielle, or trying to pick her up, can probably detect the 'vibes' she is putting out that say, 'If you talk to me I will EAT YOUR EYES.' Thus she is left alone, for now at least. But that may change as people less astute at reading body language, or less caring about someone's bad mood, arrive.

Gabrielle Simmons has a lot on her mind.

Jonathan McCormick has been at Fly by Night for a little while now, sitting comfortably at one end of the bar in a pair of black slacks, a black silk shirt, and a very tasteful pair of leather shoes. He's cradling a bottle of Heineken as he leans back against the bar, keeping eyes on the action going on. Those eyes are framed by a pair of fairly designer-looking eyeglasses. He has been watching Gabrielle for a while now, especially with the crashing "Fuck Off And Die" vibe that she's making quite clear.

He motions for the bartender and makes a slight gesture over in Gabrielle's direction before handing the man a $10 and turning back towards the bar scene, keeping the woman in his range of vision. He's not looking directly at her though, but she might prove a challenge worthy of having gone out tonight. The bartender would come up to Gabrielle a few moments later with another glass of vodka.

Elle Bishop, for her part, has been having a horribly bad couple days herself. The blonde comes into the bar, in a fairly short blue dress and sky-high heels. She looks about the bar, before starting up towards the bar proper to get something to drink. By chance or fortune she ends up approaching near Gabrielle.

The red-headed Gabrielle first looks up as another glass is brought to her, without her asking, with a bit of a frown. "I didn't ask for another—" If the bartender interrupts her to point out who ordered it for her, however, she glances over in Jonathan's direction a couple times, looks him up and down suspiciously, not thinking of this as an act of generosity, but rather pondering the possible implications of someone buying her a drink. Is he trying to get her drunk? What if this is poison? Is he with the Longcoat Mafia? What's he REALLY after, hmm? Perhaps not the kindest person at the moment, Gabrielle is nonetheless justified in her paranoia. Someone tried to kill her with a carbomb just a few days ago. Wouldn't YOU be suspicious too?

She eventually waves a little 'thank-you' towards Jonathan, just to be polite, and then inspects the fifth glass of alchohol brought to her, trying to sniff it unobtrusively for any foreign scents. She is distracted from this by another woman coming up next to, or at least near, her. She looks at Elle for a moment, before pulling her eyes back to herself. She doesn't want to be bothered, and it doesn't look like Elle does either. Violating personal space by staring, even if she is cute, would just instigate trouble. Unthinkingly she gulps down a significant portion of her vodka, feeling the burn down her throat, and then putting the glass down with a sigh.

Perhaps not even realizing she's speaking aloud, the red-head says, "It takes less than a minute for a bowl of Life in milk to turn from a crunchy and attractive breakfast cereal to a bowl of mushy, disgusting, glop. The parallel between the cereal and our own existences is aggravatingly similar. You look away for a few seconds and suddenly your entire life is a mess." She finishes this bit of philosophical discussion with no one in particular, and returns to looking into the remainder of her drink with loathing.

Jonathan's lip curls into a smile as she accepts the drink, but as Elle sits down, his focus moves. "Wow, that is /incredible/…", he thinks to himself as Elle sits down at the bar. He makes a point not to stare at the newcomer, twisting his seat towards the bar and setting his beer down. He's not very close, but he can hear Gabrielle talking about something or another amidst the music playing. His brow furrows a little bit as he wonders if the two of them know each other.

Elle looks up at the bartender. "Jagermeister." she orders. There's no please, in fact, there's an unspoken but very implied "NOW" on the end of that sentence. She looks to Gabrielle as she starts talking near her, and offers "Or in other words, life sucks and then you die." Her voice is a little snappish, not so much at Gabrielle but in general.

Gabrielle nods a bit in response, noticing the shift by Jonathan out of the corner of her eye, but barely glancing that way. She's still not sure if he's just a nice guy or if he has an ulterior motive. She's inclined towards the latter, but that doesn't mean the former isn't possible. "Life sucks, you die, and then Hell eats your soul. Be thankful if it happens in that order." She grins a bit grimly to herself, as she realizes that at least this will hopefully be resolved very soon.

Tommorow she'll have the results on whether it's feasible to wipe out an entire mafia organization in a single day. Gabrielle knows they outnumber her people, but much of that number is spread thin across the country, leaving the ones who are actually here in the city at a disadvantage. Cut off the head of the serpent here in New York, and then the rest will wriggle and die. She looks forward to the wriggling part especially.

"So what happened to you?" Gabrielle asks without thinking, before adding, "If you want to talk about it, that is. Sounds like both of us have good reason to want to see a wall painted in someone's blood." A bit morbid, but that's how she feels. She also feels she perhaps should have worn something under this blouse, because one guy a few stools away from her who is blearily staring unabashedly at the two women is starting to creep her out. Maybe she should start a bar fight.

Jonathan gets up from the bar and walks over to one of the public phones away from where Gabrielle and Elle are sitting, and he goes through the motion of trying to call someone. In reality, he's just finding out what he already knows. No voicemail. When he comes back to the bar, he takes a seat a bit closer to where the two are sitting, only a single barstool between him and the other guy that Gabrielle was noticing. He orders another Heineken from the bar and takes a sip, not looking at the two women now, but trying to listen to what they are discussing.

<OOC> Gabrielle | Jonathan: *Thinking* 'I'll bet they're talking about something hot!' Elle: "Death." Gabrielle: "Blood AND Death." Elle: "Yeah, that."

Elle looks back to Gabrielle. She hasn't really noticed anyone watching them because, well, let's face it…she's hot and blonde. She's USED to being watched in bars. She looks back at Gabrielle, a slightly amused smile in return. "You have -no- idea." Considering she's already put plans into motion very along those lines. "Just someone who needs some payback."

Unlike Elle, Gabrielle is used to any admiring being done discreetly. She is a very powerful woman, in more ways than one, and people tend to show her respect. Being around goons like The Slob over there (his mutant power must be Super Drooling) is a relatively new and unwanted sensation. Snorting, Gabrielle says, "I might be more familiar with the idea than you think." Then she lifts her glass, notices that Jonathan has moved closer, and in the process of turning to glare at him, accidentally makes eye contact with The Slob. He might have once been a football player or something, judging by his size and muscles, but he definitely has let himself go. Large belly and all that. And he looks like he hasn't bathed in a month. So that's the creature that takes the eye contact as a sign he should get up and come closer. In the process of getting up, he stumbles and might knock into Jonathan. He ignores any protests and then heads over to Gabby and Elle.

Gabrielle returns to her now-empty glass and mutters, "Heads up." just loud enough for Elle to hear. The Slob plops down next to Gabrielle, and though she glares daggers at him, he says sticks one of his long arms out and tries to put it across the shoulders of both blonde and red-head as he leans his head in and slurs about as eloquently as Drunk Nathan Petrelli, "I nowtiss't you chuckin' me owwt." Gabrielle pushes at the meaty arm to keep it from touching her, but that statement from Slobby… Well, let's just be glad Gabby was out of vodka or else she'd be choking on it right now.

"I noticed you're about to get your ass beat if you don't get away from me," she returns with bared teeth.

Jonathan is perturbed, of course, when the dude stumbles into him. He grumbles and shoves the man away so that he can look down and see if the guy got anything on his clothes. Once he's sure he's clean, it seems to be a good moment to make a move towards what might turn into a night more than watching from the sidelines. He gets up from the bar and turns the dude around as Gabrielle growls at him quite fiercely. "Take a hike, man. You're so fucked up, she'd be doing you a favor by knocking you out.", he says, turning towards Gabrielle and Elle. "I'm going to hope the invitation for ass beating isn't equal opportunity and that I can buy you a drink…", he says, looking towards Elle, and then finishing, "…and sit and talk with you ladies instead of wallflowering tonight. If not, I'll still offer the drink and be on my way."

Elle looks over as the man actually puts an arm on her. She doesn't actually say anything. No words are necessary. Elle's just going to have some fun and blow off some steam at the same time. He's already touching her; she doesn't even need to be visible about it. She just discharges a massive amount of electricity into him . Enjoy, dude. As she discharges, she looks to Jonathan. "I'd love a drink." she says, probably about the same time drunk-o there hits the floor.

<OOC> Jonathan says, "I would be happy to buy you a drink, ma'am. Just as soon as I'm through pissing my pants."
<OOC> Elle is the scariest little microblonde out there.
GAME: Elle has rolled EXTRA CRISPY and got a result of SUPERB.

The Slob most certainly is turned around by Jonathan and most certainly gets electro-fried just moments after Jonathan takes his hand off of him. He spasms and jerks and hits the floor, and SMOKES from parts of his body, particularly the arm that was touching Elle. It's not a lot of smoke, and could be disregarded as cigarette smoke from someone else nearby, even. Gabrielle certainly doesn't know she's sitting next to a living lightning bolt. She just accepts the refilled glass from the bartender, and when Elle accepts the offer, she doesn't even spare a glance at the Slob, just appraises Jonathan anew.

Shrugging, she says, "Sure. Have a seat on either side. I'll just give a friendly warning, however, that if this is an attempt to get either or both of us into bed through drunkenness and seeming generosity… Well, I, at least, am not interested. Nothing personal, but I don't do guys. It…" She looks down at her glass and lokes mopey, rather than scowly. "…It never works out very well."

Ooooooooooookay, then.

Gabrielle seems to be okay with what happened, and Jonathan comes to terms with it after a minute of quick thinking. That dude's hair is standing straight up, Elle probably tazed him, he didn't even see her pull it out… But then again, he wasn't really looking at her when he was trying to impose himself between the loser and the two ladies. That's a damn powerful tazer, though…

"Better to pass the time chatting instead of not.", he says, shaking off the stun from the quick series of events. "I assume you're alright.", he says towards Gabrielle, "…what would you like?", he finishes in Elle's direction, moving to take the proferred seat.

Elle doesn't bother to look at the fallen man. Dead…alive…either one works. But she smiles. "Tell you what…he's just bringing my Jager." She takes her drink as the bartender returns "Why not pay for that?" she suggests.

When the bartender comes by with the Jaeger, Jonathan hands the man another $20 bill. "If I'm not here when the lady wants another one, you can take it out of that.", he says, taking a sip of his beer. "My name is Jon.", he says as one of the bar's bouncers picks up the unfortunate slob on the floor and drags him out of the bar. "You are?"

Gabrielle nods and says, "Yes, I'm fine. But I think I've had enough to drink tonight." So saying, she gulps down her sixth glass in one go before setting it down and shivering a bit. Yes, she is getting more than a little bit smashed at this point. "I'll just sit here for a bit longer before I head home. And… Thanks for the other drink." She nods towards Jonathan.

Jonathan turns towards Gabrielle and smiles. "It's my pleasure.", he says. "It looked like you needed one. I wouldn't be polite if I didn't help, even if there's nothing in it for you.", he says, a hint of amusement at his own humor flashing over his face. "Did you arrange a ride home? I could call you a cab, if you'd like."

Gabrielle nods. "Yeah… A cab would be good. I was just going to walk, but I don't want to deal with any more goombas on the way home." She sighs. "Let's just hope there are no more carbombs to deal with, and I won't have to get this drunk again." She slides off her stool, and says, "Nice meeting the both of you." She puts down some cash on the counter for her drinks (minus the one Jonathan paid for), and soon the red-head is on her way.

Elle looks at Jonathan, and considers him a long moment before she finally decides to answer. After all, a little conversation never hurt anyone, did it? "Elle." she gives, looking back to him. "And thank you."

Jonathan gets comfortable on the bar stool and takes a swallow of his beer before nodding in Elle's direction. "It's no problem at all, Elle. It's not every day that an average Joe like myself gets to keep the most beautiful lady in the room company. Though, I imagine you probably get that a lot, not to mention the fact that you obviously know how to take care of yourself. Still, the price of a few drinks is a pittance in comparison, I'd say.", he ventures, offering a smile.

Elle smiles at that. "Now aren't you a flatterer?" she asks. But this is a game. Elle likes games. "So…" she says, drinking her first drink. "What brings you out here tonight?"

"The nightlife here in the Big Apple is an experience in itself, even when I've been here for years.", he says, setting his bottle of Heineken down on the bar. "Fly By Night also has a few female regulars who don't look half bad, if I say so myself. My work comes with a fair bit of stress, so its nice to let that wash off here at the end of the week."

The blonde nods at that. "So you're a regular, hmm? What is it that you do that's so stressful?" She turns on the barstool so she's more directly facing him now.

Jonathan gives Elle an involuntary once-over with his eyes. It's subtle, but still noticeable. "Electronic commerce.", he says with a smile. "I provide services that are of value to certain individuals and corporations who pay me handsomely because I am discreet. During the day, I like to travel between Manhattan, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas.", he says, indicating Elle's finished drink to the barkeep.

Elle smiles. "Well, isn't -that- vague." She doesn't fail to catch the once-over, and the petite blonde crosses her legs. "Sounds like an awful lot of travel."

"I'm just a glorified computer nerd.", he says, catching her reaction and smiling sheepishly. "But, unlike many of my brethren, I have social skills.", he adds as an afterthought. "So. Boyfriend? Married? Not interested in anything more than my paying your tab?", he asks.

Elle smiles as the game moves on to Phase 2. Elle's choice for an answer to the latter question is to raise her left hand and wiggle the fingers, demonstrating the lack of any ring on them. "Free enough to have a drink with someone if I want to." She lifts an eyebrow, looking amused.

Jonathan nods. "Indeed. I find that it's always easier to get the small things like that out of the way first. That way, I can choose whether or not I want to supply you with booze before you go home to your husband or some such situation.", he says, reaching up to scratch at the slight shadow of goatee on his chin. "Time well spent in better pursuits than blindly fumbling around in the dark at the onset…", he murmurs, getting another beer for himself when the bartender fills Elle's shot glass. "So tell me, Elle. We all come to the bar to get away from something. What are you getting away from tonight?"

Elle's smile slips a bit at that. She's still not thrilled with recent events. "Failure. Walking tightropes." She gives a pair of answers, neither one particularly answer-filled. She looks to the shotglass, and picks it up without actually drinking it, looking at the liquid inside.

"Sounds like you might be in electronic commerce.", he says, tipping his Heineken in her direction before taking a first swig. "Stress is definitely a bitch. And I can understand the feeling. There is nothing I loathe more in this world than failure, especially when I'm better than that. But walking tightropes, sounds like you don't like the work. Must be an awfully special reason for you to keep on doing it.", he ventures, falling silent.

Elle's grip tightens on the glass, when he mentions "I'm better than that." She's hearing echoes in her head, from someone else. "I like some of the work." she ventures. "But I work for my dad. Familial obligations." she says, and then drinks the shot in one angry go.

"Probably expects more from you than he does from the other employees then, I take it?", he offers lightly. "That can't be easy."

Elle puts down the glass, upside down, with a hard clack. Two shots of that stuff is pretty potent, especially given her low body mass. "Yeah." she says. "Would it take so much for him just to say "Good job?"" Her voice is bitter. There's nothing in the world she wants more than Bob's approval. And nothing harder to get.

"Maybe he believes himself in the position of having to be harder on you because he doesn't want to show favoritism.", Jonathan says after a moment. "But we can talk about something else, if you'd like. Sounds like you came here to get away from that, after all. At least for the moment."

Elle nods. "Let's." she says firmly. "That's not going to do anything but make me upset."

"Far be it from me to make you angry. I already saw how easily you used your stun gun against that poor schmuck.", Jonathan says, chuckling despite himself. "This is a nice song.", he mentions as a new song comes across the bar's speakers. "Care to dance? We can think of something that will take your mind off, and I'll be in perfect tazing position.", he offers, a mischievous smile crossing his face.

That brings a smile back to her face. "My stun-gun, huh?" she says, as she moves to stand up. She checks her own balance a moment, and apparently deems it good, since she follows it with a nod. "Let's dance."

Jonathan holds out a hand. Once she takes it, he grins. "Well, unless the touch of you is enough to knock a guy senseless.", he says, oblivious to the reality of the situation. There are a couple of other people out there when the two of them step away from the bar, and the song itself has a gentle, but insistent rhythm. Not exactly a romantic dancing song, but an opportunity to get close. He keeps a 'polite yet interested' distance from her as they begin to move.

Elle smiles. "Maybe I'm just stunning." It's kind of a tacky line, but then, Elle's at least a little bit drunk. She moves out to dance with him. This is something else that, well, is pretty new to her. But what she lacks in skill she hopefully makes up in hotness.

Jonathan laughs. "Far be it from me to argue with the lady.", he says. Their time together isn't particularly noteworthy as far as style goes, but the reality is that neither of them has much experience. That's alright, though. They aren't half bad, and the buzz is probably more than enough to overshadow what might normally be awkward, and everything ends up fine. He gets creative with an impromptu twirl as the jukebox transitions into the next song.

Elle laughs as she gets spun about. She's going to have to make a point to do this more often. "So, what about you?" she asks. "No one you're running here to get away from?"

"Nobody chasing me, that I know of.", he says. "Although what I do can be somewhat stressful, I do it on my own terms. I think that's really the secret between certain people. Being able to leave the job behind.", he says, shifting his grip on her hand. It's still light, but he turns her around and then there is a slight touch as his hand moves to guide her at the waist.

Elle looks to him, and she smiles. "I wouldn't think computers would be all that stressful, except when they're not working right." She keeps dancing with him, just lightly feeling out some information, as a hand goes up to his shoulder.

"The computer is the easy part. The trick is getting what I want with a bit of finesse.", he says, likely missing his own double-meaning as they continue to dance. "I do have to say, though… if I did have troubles on my mind, I couldn't possibly be bothered with a woman as pretty as yourself here. I'm glad I came over and took the chance.", he says as the song hits the climax and starts closing out.

Elle smiles at the compliment. "Again, thank you." She smiles. "It's nice to feel wanted." Though at the same time, that barely-used guilt center of her brain does start pinging her a bit. As the dance comes to a close, she says "I do have someone that I'm seeing…" she admits. "So this can't be any more than dancing." She'll play it straight with him.

Jonathan smiles, but is obviously disappointed. "Well, it's not every day that I get to dance with someone so lovely.", he says. "I can at least enjoy what time I do have.". Once the song comes to a close, he escorts her back to the bar to sit down. They talk for a little while longer, strangers letting go of personal problems with the comfort that anonymity can bring. After a little bit, he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small card, scribbling a phone number onto it. "Omni Investments.", he says quietly. "I'll leave this here with you, take it if you wish. Let your boyfriend know how lucky he is. If he's ever unappreciative, give me a call.", he says. "Back to the normal world for me.", he says, offering her a smile as he makes a move to leave.

The blonde heads back to the bar, and makes small talk. She takes the number he offers her, and smiles. "I might do that." She says. "Take care." And now she has another thing to look into.

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