2009-12-09: Just Doo it!



Date: December 10, 2009


Jaden and Sydney meet at club DNAs and after a chat she gets to check out his Mystery Machine (… get your mind out of the gutter… it's the van from Scooby Doo!)

"Just Doo It!"

Club DNAs

Club DnA. VIP Section. Where else would someone as jawsome as Jaden Cain be? How he managed to finangle his way into this particular section of the club is beyond comprehension… of people who don't have money. But when you're the Billion Dollar Brat, things just kind of happen for you.
Jaden is, more or less, sitting in the VIP section, rocking out to whatever's playing and drinking a beer whilst his Chipmunk bandmates are doing shots with women that they've dragged into the VIPness with them. Jaden gives everyone a round of high fives, before standing up from the table and sliding past a couple of drunkard lesbians of doom, in order to peer through the glass and watch the entrance, since it looks like the doorman's letting someone else in.

"Please be a supermodel. Please be a supermodel. Please be a supermodel."

Not a supermodel… a blonde therapist dressed in a very-short backless black dress. Her hair is curled, her lips are red, her eyes are bright, and her gait is sure in her black stiletto heels — that is, until she actually enters the club. When she actually enters the club, she feels a bit like a fish out of water, and it shows. Sydney's confident walk becomes somewhat more hesitant, less authoritative, and it's in this hesitation that she twists an ankle, and begins to stumble…

Jaden's in the middle of lifting his bottle of beer up to take a sip from it… when he kind of has a moment where his Ditto Sense Tingling. And within the next moment, Jaden Cain is just inside the door, pushing past some random couple and extending his arms to see if he can't catch this woman that's about to fall. Can't have her embarrassing herself the moment she steps into the club. That just can't be allowed to happen. Not on his watch. "Careful." comes the slightly suave accent that's clearly mimicked from situations like this that happen on television and in movies.

And sure enough Jaden catches Sydney as she tumbles into his arms. It takes her a moment to catch her bearings again as she straightens back to her feet, using Jaden to balance back onto her stilettos. "Wow… that was… wow… thank you!" Sydney beams at him while her cheeks flush a pale pink. "Sorry — new shoes. Well, not new-new, I just haven't worn them for … awhile … wow… sorry… I'm normally more articulate than this…" Yes, she's flustered which only makes her cheeks flush further. She is several shades of red as she smoothes her dress.

"Not a problem. Women fall for me all the time." Jaden remarks, reaching up to straighten his tie. He's decked out in one of the many suits that he wears… even if the Chuck Taylor sneakers are always worn to keep him grounded and remembering just where it is that he came from. Even if he happens to be a bit of a billionaire right this instant. "You know, I gotta' be honest. New shoes or not, when you first walked in, I could've sworn you were a supermodel." There's an honest shrug that comes along with that, just to make sure that she's paying attention to the set up. Because here comes the kicker, "Lucky for me, you've got every one in that profession beat by a landslide." Quickly, here comes the hand of Jaden darting out for introductory purposes. "Jaden Cain. Billionaire Slacker."

"I wasn't exactly falling for you, Mister Cain, although, the catch was very very smooth," Sydney half-smiles at the billionaire. Her cheeks continue to flush red at the mention of looking like a supermodel. "I'll take that as a compliment, then. It must be the shoes though — they add a few inches. I'm too short to be a supermodel." The hand is accepted in a firm businesslike handshake, "Sydney Falkland… um Doctor Sydney Falkland — well almost, anyways… Uh… therapist extraordinaire, I guess?" She beams at him. "So. Do you catch many a damsel in distress who wear shoes that are too tall for them?"

"Only the pretty ones." Jaden remarks as quick as he possibly can, before just kind of stepping back and out of the way of anybody else that may be wanting to enter the club. He even gets himself leaned back against the wall, just to make sure. "But the question of the hour is for you to answer. Are you here to party or are you just scouting for new clients?" Jaden casts a glance up towards the VIP section, peering at someone that walks away from the glass, sipping his beer.

Sydney follows his lead away from the doorway. No reason to block the doorway and cause someone else to trip. With a broad grin, she shakes her head and stifles a chuckle as best she can, "Well I'm not here to find clients, although it would be a good place for that, wouldn't it Mister Cain?" She flashes him a bright toothy grin. "I passed my dissertation defence yesterday and I'm out celebrating! A friend said I needed to get out more, so I'm taking it under advisement." Her smile fades a bit as her cheeks flush again, "Although, as you can see, it's not really my usual scene…"

"It's not that it's not your scene. It's that you're too good for this scene." Jaden just kind of smiles, shrugging a bit more. He's not exactly trying to keep her spirits up, so much as he's just wanting to make sure she understands that he's laying it on as thick as he thinks he has to. "At least the one down here." Jaden offers a wave of his fingers towards the crowd that's gathered and is gathering. "If it makes you feel any better, they're not my crowd either. I just come here because they have cute bartenders." And with that, Jaden's raising a hand to wave at one of the cutie bartenders, before looking back at Sydney. "Congratulations on your decimation defense thing, by the way."

Sydney hmmms a bit at the comment, but offers Jaden a half-smile, "I wouldn't say that… I'm not too good for anything. And it took quite awhile to get ready today." Her lips quirk into a broad grin now. "Ahhh. So you're some kind of smooth operator then? Sidling up to the waitresses and all," she says coyly. With a wink she adds, "I'm just teasing. So… do you come here often? I've only been here once before. Right before Halloween. Good music. Lots of dancing. Lots of laughs." And then she nods, "Thanks! It's a dissertation defence. It means I'm almost-officially a doctor."

"Nah. Not too often. I just had meetings all day and decided that I refused to spend my night doing paperwork. So I called up the Chipmunks and here we are." Jaden just kind of shrugs, proving just how much he doesn't care about anything that's happening with the conversation in regards to his continuousness in being here. And then he's finding himself smiling at her amusing assumptions. "Me? A smooth operator? Maybe if every girl in here was already drunk." Jaden has no qualms about putting himself down. It comes with the territory.

"Well you caught me, although I imagine the drunk ladies stumble about too." Sydney continues to grin. And then something sparks her attention, "Chipmunks?" Her nose wrinkles and there's a few moments before she clues in. "You mean… Jaden and the Chipmunks? Seriously?! That's awesome! I'm a fan — always loved the cartoon has a kid… Or… are you talking about other chipmunks?" She smirks before rolling here eyes at herself, slow on the uptake tonight, "Ooh. So you're that Jaden Cain. EvoSoft, right? Sorry. I should've clued in sooner."

"Kinda'. The Jaden Cain you're looking for is upstairs having a beer. But close enough." Jaden just kind of laughs at himself at that net moment, knowing just how farfetched this statement must seem, even if it does happen to be quite honest. His jokes are hopefully falling on the right ears. "So, let's recap. Not only did I save the most beautiful girl in this club from ending up in a pile of herself., but she also happens to be a fan of Jaden & The Chipmunks. Dare I say you're pretty much everything I ever dreamed of?"

The joke is met with a slight chuckle, whether it's because Sydney finds it funny or she's just being polite is hard to say, but she does ask, "Is it a good beer at least?" Her lips purse slightly before she hmmms at the comment as her face reddens again, "Um… I'm sure there are many much more beautiful women than me here… but… thanks… I guess…" Pause. "I thought you came here for the cute waitresses…"

"It could be. We could go upstairs and get you one, if you'd like." Jaden ends up shrugging a bit when the waitresses return to the conversation. "Eh. They're okay. They only hang around me because I tend to be a bit of a huge tipper. But when you have as much money as I do, why not give back to the community, I say." More honesty comes from the replicator, mostly because he's never really been the type to have anything to hide. "Trust me, you are the it girl tonight. I've seen girls come to the door, look inside, see you, then turn around ad leave because their chances of getting a man tonight were obliterated by your beauty."
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Sydney's face remains that crimson colour, "Seriously?" It's at this that she glances to the door and just shakes her head with a smirk, "You certainly know how to flatter a gal, Jaden," she uses his first name for the first time. "Well, I'm more of a martini kind-of-gal… but I could be persuaded to have a drink with you. I am celebrating tonight, anyways…" She grins at him.

So this is a good thing. Over at the bar, Jaden is ordering a couple of martinis. "Eh. I just call it like I see it." Jaden says to stall, as the drinks are being made. The Other Jaden Cain gets the drinks and brings himself through the crowd, trying to get over to where Jaden and Sydney are talking. "Hold that thought. I'm gonna' grab you a drink." Jaden grins at the woman, before moving off into the crowd. He's literally gone for about 2 seconds before Jaden is holding out a martini glass for Sydney to take. "Here you go. I had them make it kind of strong. Since I'm trying to get you drunk and all." Wink.

"Thanks I appreciate it — " Sydney begins as Jaden leaves. And then he's back? What? "H-how did you do that?" the smile remains, but the eyebrows furrow skeptically at the speed at which her drink is brought. "Do you have them on retainer or something — just waiting for some unsuspecting lady to take the bait?" It really was freakishly fast, but Syd takes the drink anyways, "Um.. thanks." She smirks at the comment about trying to get her drunk, "Ah. Trying to get me drunk to add to your charm, then?"

"The way I see it, honesty is always the best policy. Why put up some kind of front when it's obvious that I'm attracted to you and I'm trying my hardest to make sure that nobody else gets a chance with you." Grinning, Jaden raises his martini up to take a sip from it. Mmmmm. "Actually, the secret is being richer than god. Tip the bartender a couple hundred dollars and the service is amazing." There's a helpless shrug that just follows up these words since he's always doing whatever he can to make sure he seems as unthreatening as possible.

"So… you're making sure no one else gets a chance to talk to me then? You're smoother than you give yourself credit —" she smiles slyly. "But even with a healthy tip, how did he make them that fast? Or do you have some kind of microphone to the bartender?" Sydney asks with a smirk. She sips at her martini despite the questions and grins back. It's good. "You are not what I would expect… so as someone who's richer than god, tell me… is it all it's cracked up to be?" She continues to grin.

"Well, EvoSoft is the most popular technology firm in the world right now. Who knows, maybe I am wired." And then Jaden may be leaning in a little too close after just meeting this woman. But he's going to take the chance. Whisper. "Or maybe I'm just really excited." Uh oh. There's the innuendo. But then he's leaning back to his original position. "I think it's different for me than it is for people like Paris Hilton. They grew up with money. Whereas I got blessed by my father feeling guilty and leaving me everything. So I guess it's cracked up as far as having the money to do anything I could ever want. But I bet you're wondering if money can buy happiness or love? Well, I'm not Patrick Dempsey, but it certainly does make impressing beautiful therapists that much easier."

The whisper is met with more blushing, except this time it can be seen down her neck and through her shoulders, "Jaden, you certainly are forward, aren't you? Does that come with the wealth?" Smirk. She offers him a dimpled smile. But as far as the lives of the rich and famous are concerned, "Well I'd rather come into wealth like you did. Growing up with it would be hard, I bet. Never knowing if people like you for you or… whatever.." She shrugs. "At least you have a company though. I wouldn't want the attention it brings…" she recalls her recent stints in People magazine for being Hallis' therapist "how do you contend with that?" Pause. "Wait. So… you think you're impressing me then?" the tone is flirtatious and said with a half-smile.

"I hope. If not, I'm going to have to try harder. And you're going to have to give me a couple of hints. I could buy this place if you want. I brought my checkbook." Jaden just keeps his smile attached to his face, in the unlikely event that it's keeping everything calm and regular and maybe on the flirtatious side of things. "I still get all of that. I've got people that don't know me from Adam Strange trying to be my friend. Mostly because they want a shot at my cash. I'm not really all that worried about it, though. I've got enough to share. I like to consider myself generous. I've been where most people are and I see nothing wrong with helping them out." Jaden takes another sip of his drink, before shrugging slightly. "As far as the attention goes? I've always kind of been the center of attention. What with my mom being, well, hot."

"Buy this place? Seriously? People do that? That's very… Bruce Wayne of you…" Sydney observes aloud, still smiling. "That is. Very impressive." Admission made. "I've never met anyone who could do that, let alone considered it." She hmms a little, "But don't you ever wonder if your friends are your friends because of what you can do for them or because they actually want to be your friend? Maybe I'm strange, but I'd think that would be difficult." She hasn't wealth, but still wonders if her friends are around because they want to be. Stupid ability. "Riiiight. So you're a Mama's boy, then? Hmmmm. Very interesting," she does the best Freud impression she can muster following which her lips spread into a broad grin. "I'm just kidding. So… you close to your mom?" She sips at her drink.

"Well, here's the thing. The Chipmunks and I have been friends since like grade school. And I brought them with me. So almost everyone that I surround myself with… was there back when I was the broke son of a struggling actress. So we all kind of got rich together." Jaden shrugs, having no problems explaining his history to an almost complete stranger. He's all about the biography, it seems. "But yes. I am very much a Mama's Boy. I love my mother to death. She's my best friend in the whole cosmos. We do everything together. In fact, the reason she's not here right now is because she had some client to wine and dine. She's trying to see if she can get Christian Bale to do a comedy. I told her he won't go for it, but then she threw on her Grand Canyon of Cleavage dress and— well, let's just say Mr. Bale's marriage is in trouble." Grin.

"I could see how that would help. I've never carried people with me like that — but then, I grew up in California and only moved here seven (?)," Sydney pauses as she mentally counts the years "… yes, seven years ago. Everyone else is back home, and I was very… different in grade school." Another shrug. "Poor Mrs. Bale," Sydney grins a bit. "Your mom is hot, I bet she looks incredible in that dress," she adds as a kind of afterthought. "It's good that you're close to your family and friends. Makes it easier to trust people, I bet. Especially considering your rise to wealth…" Pause. "How do you cope with the notoriety? It must be difficult to be recognized — "

"Eh, I'm not all that recognized. Really." Jaden says this as he has to stop and give a high five to some Regular that comes waltzing past the entrance hallway of the club and rushes in to find some women. Jaden just goes on with his conversation as if he doesn't even notice. "It's just that I'm kind of loud. I like the spotlight. So I try to do things to be in it. But it's because I'm a fame hound or anything. I'm just doing me. And if doing me consists of driving the Mystery Machine around the city because I love Scooby Doo, then so be it." Jaden shrugs. "But then, my publicist says that all press is good press. So. I dunno."

"You were just recognized! Unless that's some close-personal-friend that just high-five'd you," Sydney teases with a giant smile. "The Mystery Machine? Seriously? I loved Scooby Doo growing up! Good memories. I always wanted to be Daphne, but then I don't think many girls wanted to be Velma." Her smile fades a bit, "I wouldn't say all press is good press. But then, I'm just a therapist and want no notoriety." She shrugs and sips at her drink.

"No way." Yes, Jaden sounds like Keanu in that exact moment. "You like Scooby Doo too?" Jaden narrows his eyes as if he doesn't quite believe that somebody as smart as a therapist or something would even begin to be able to like a cartoon of the speed that is Scooby Doo. "I do, however, own an exact replica of the Mystery Machine. Inside and outside." Jaden pauses and then ends up grinning as big as he possibly can. "Wanna' see it? You can be Daphne." Oh dear.

"You have it here? I wouldn't have thought you the type to drive…" Sydney finishes her drink and nods a little. "Yes.. as long as I get to be Daphne… my hair's not red though —" she points idly to her blonde locks and then adds, "Um… just so we're clear, if I come to the Mystery Machine you need to know I don't want no funny business. I don't put out at first meeting," except twice, but those had extenuating circumstances "but showing me the Machine will guarantee you my number…" Sly smile.

"Don't worry. The Mystery Machine is for solving mysteries, not sex." Jaden is certainly not about to shoot that down. He's getting the number and that's better than he hoped for. Which is always a good thing to go for. Maybe he can make it happen on the second date. He downs the rest of his martini and takes Sydney's glass in order to hand them off towards one of the passerby watiresses. There's a fifty dollar bill in one of them for her. "And don't worry about looking the part. I've got it all taken care of. Just know that you're on Scooby Snack detail for the rest of the night." And with that, he's offering his hand to the therapist.

"Alright then!" Sydney beams as she takes the hand, which due to the alcohol give Jaden access to her current feelings of: amusement, attraction, and intrigue. "Scooby Snack detail? You have scooby snacks?" Beat. "And who do you get to play? Your choice says a lot about you, I think." She continues to grin.

"Yes. My Mom's been baking Scooby Snacks for me since I could bark for them." Jaden is already leading the way through the crowd and towards the exit. "Who do I get to play? As if you didn't know…" There might be some kind of dramatic pause or something, but by the team Jaden leads Sydney outside, the classic cartoon impression can be heard, "Rooby Rooby Rooooooo!" Oh brother. Somebody stop this fool.

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