2007-03-03: Just Formalities


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Claudine gets visited by Anders who proceeds to ask her questions about her family,her powers and her intentions.

Date It Happened: March 3rd, 2007

Just Formalities

A little hospital outside of Hartsdale

The little Hospital outside of Hartsdale, 0900 Hours.

The doctors in the secure wing have just finished rounds when Anders comes into Claudine's room. Today he is dressed to the nines, in a smart black g-man suit thats actually seen an iron recently, wooh. He brings in a tray with breakfast (today french toast) and puts it on the table beside Claudine's bed, "Good morning, Miss Salonga," he says, not caring if shes awake, "Pleasant dreams?"

After meeting with Mohinder in the morning, Claudine really didnt get to rest much as too many things are running through her head. She's surprised when she sees Anders enter her room, and well, he doesnt seem as intimidating from before. Maybe it's the suit. "Um..they were okay, I guess.." she says, shrugging her shoulders before sitting up in her bed to look at the breakfast. She is hungry afterall. "So..what's the agenda for the day?" she asks curiously while tentatively bringing the food closer. She's not sure if it's drugged afterall…

"Agenda? Miss Salonga, today, you are to settle in to your new room and fill out this form," Anders says, putting said form beside the food, "We aim to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible, so please indicate any books or DVDs you would like, as well as your food preferences."

He then looks around, smiles widely, "I am also to discuss why you are here, if you have any questions, so feel free.."

"Oh..okay.." Claudine says chewing on her bottom lip as she starts to fill out the form, putting down a few more sciency texts since well, she wants to keep up with classes. "How long do you think I'll be staying here?" she asks curiously. "I sort of dont want to get behind on my classes and whatnot.." she continues while listing down her food preferences. She isnt picky, as she was always taught to eat what was in front of her,so that was easy enough. "And as to why I'm here..it's to help me control my power..at least that's what Dr. Suresh said. My only question to you is..what's the catch?" Nothing in life is free afterall.

"The current estimate is about a year, though I presume you will be let out for exams," Anders says, after some consideration, "The catch is that you won't cause any little accidents anymore and we won't get any phonecalls from richter monitoring centres. As an additional extra, you may get a nice job with us when you are done your degree." The Company cares, obviously, and Anders seems to fully believe it.

"I do have a few questions to ask when you feel up to answering them though, Miss Salonga, simple little questions about your gifts and experiences with them," he adds, "Formalities, mostly."

"A.." and she swallows a little, her eyes widening at that. "Year? What about classes? I mean, I can still go to classes and stuff, right?" she says, not really liking that. It's definitely changed from hospital to more of a prison now..at least in her mind. "And.." her cheeks flush momentarily as she mulls a few things over, "I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused. I typically tried to go somewhere else when ya know..tremors started.." she admits ruefully. "And I'll try to answer your questions as best as I can.." Meanwhile, she's still filling out forms and whatnot, at least for now.

"Maybe less, if you show control.." Anders shrugs, but still smiles, "Its motivation then, get yourself under control and you'll get out faster. Though we can have your notes sent here if you'd prefer." He pulls a seat over to beside the bed and fishes a notebook from his pocket, "As to the questions, there is only a few. Number one: Have you encountered others with similar gifts?"

A sigh of relief escapes her lips when she hears that she might let get out if she's basically having 'good behavior'. "So I cant attend? Not even if I'm escorted and whatnot?" she asks, really worried about how she'll do in school, "I..I just dont want to get bad grades..my scholarship is kinda depending on it, and I dunno how Primatech would send me the letters asking if I'm all right and whatnot." Oh, how little does she know. "And Marcus..geez..I dont want him to worry.." She takes a deep breath and calms herself down to answer the question at hand. Without any hesitation she simply says, "No."

"Primatech has been notified, we will do our best to provide you with notes and texts as we can, your stay here will not disrupt your lessons," Anders says, trying to be reassuring but coming off as dismissive instead, "Marcus? I'm sure we can send him a letter or some similar correspondence, who is Marcus?"

"He's my graduate student mentor for the scholarship.." Claudine says, completely oblivious with his involvement in the whole mess. "He doesnt know anything though.." she says, lying through her teeth as well, she doesnt want anything to happen to him afterall. "I'm just suppose to go to him and meet with him every now and then to check on my progress in classes and transitioning to life in the United States.."

"Well…," Anders says, apparently considering it, "If we could have some more information on him, clear him for the sake of security, we could most likely arrange that." He turns a page in his notebook, "We'd just need his full name and some other details, contact numbers and so on.."

Some shaking of his pen here, ink apparently low, "If you have them just now, I can start the wheels turning.."

"Marcus Brooks.." Claudine says matter of factly as she doesnt know that he's a Companyman as well. "But yeah.." she says with a slight shrug of her shoulders and adds the contact information on there. She's just a tad bit suspicious though, but she doesnt show it, unless this guy can read minds or something.

Either he doesn't recognise the name or he isn't quite as stupid as he looks, but Anders just nods and writes,"I will pass the details on to our security people and see if we can get him authorised for visitation."

"Now, question two, has any member of your family ever displayed a similar sort of ability, and if so, what?" Anders pauses, to blink at his notes, "Yes, they won't answer that one, ever. I'll ask my own instead, if you don't mind. Do you think your powers could be useful to the world at large?"

She pauses for a bit on a few moments, chewing on her bottom lip. "I…I dont know. It's entirely possible that one of 'em has powers as well. There are seven of us total.." Claudine says matter of factly while running her fingers through her hair. Then, she blinks blankly at the question and nods, "I'd like to think it's useful. If I can cause earthquakes, maybe I can stop or prevent them as well. But, one of the reasons why I'm willing to be here is so I can learn how to control my powers..I want to learn to terraform. I grew up in a farming family,and I'm sure my powers would be useful to lots of farming communities.." She sounds rather sincere about that..

Scribbling something down, Anders smiles, "That was just to make sure you didn't have any.. malicious uses in mind for them, I am glad to hear you do not," he closes the notebook, "Since you don't, the last question isn't really valid and all that remains is for me to apologise for.. your little accident yesterday. I was overzealous and perhaps a little extravagant, but I am really very sorry that you fell like that."

This said, he smiles again, looking at the form, "I will try and bring these to you as soon as the requisitions are in."

"You mean like I'd want to destroy the city? Um..I dont want to do it intentionally.." Claudine chirps with a soft little chuckle to add a little brevity. "Like I said, whenever things got bad with my powers, I'd just run away. It's worked so that not too much damage was done.." she says firmly and resolutely. Really, she doesnt seem like she wants to hurt anyone afterall.

"Good girl," Anders says, as he pockets the form and stands up, "I must go now though, I have a meeting with my superiors. We will try and clear Mr. Brooks as soon as we can."

He heads to the door, "It has been a pleasure, Miss Salonga."

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