2010-01-10: Just Indigestion



Date: January 10, 2010


Tracy asks if Logan is who he claims to be….

"Just Indigestion"

Nathan's Office — NYC

After Tiago left, Logan had asked Tracy to stay, there is much to tell her; so much going on. With a deliciously wicked grin he leans back in his chair as he nurses another glass of scotch. With a contented sigh, he lets the silence grow in the room, building up to his news. Twirling the liquid in the glass he glances at the door before uttering his news with a continued smirk, "The President agreed. We're in."

Tracy has remained where she was, on a chair across from Nathan, though her coat has been shed and folded on the arm. When the news is delivered … it's as she guessed from the hints here and there earlier, when the testifier-to-be was in the room. Nathan's success in Washington means the next step can begin, but it also brings a more tremendous challenge. But that's why Tracy is here; she likes it when plans come together, so why isn't she more elated? The glimpses of pleased smiles and confidence the woman showed earlier reappear as artificial versions. "That's fantastic, Nathan." A strained smile. Realizing how weak it came off as, she says more intently — sincerely, even if she is distracted: "Really."

Logan twitches. It's slight, but it's there. His temper rising, but instead of losing his grip on it, he raises his scotch to his lips and sips at it again. He rises from his seat (glass in hand) and turns to face the window, his reflection coming into view, eliciting a smirk from doppelganger Nathan. He doesn't ask any questions, instead he downs the remainder of the scotch in his glass and murmurs a soft groan after it hits his throat. With a scowl, click of his tongue, and an indulgent smile he speaks to his reflection, "Smooth."

Tracy only regards Nathan for a span, even after he moves to the window. A long and watchful span, consideration glinting in her eyes. She stands, then, inching closer to the window as well — though she keeps her distance behind the Senator. Making no indication of whether or not she heard him murmur to himself, she changes the subject. "…met a man named Jack Derex the other day."

Logan's eye twitches this time, once again the twitch slight. His jaw tightens as he rolls the glass over in his hand. His temper is climbing, but he doesn't dare use Brayden's meditation to clear his head, he knows better. Nathan didn't. Instead, he allows a bitter smile to creep over his lips, "I once knew a Jack Derex." But along with the bitterness and spite is something Logan hadn't accounted for. Something in the pit of his stomach. He ignores it. Probably just indigestion.

"I know you did." Obvious statement of fact. Random encounters with an Irishman of questionable morals wouldn't have been a worthwhile conversation otherwise. Frowning slightly as she eyes the Senator's back, Tracy takes a step ahead, trying to watch him in the glass. Mostly, she can just see the lights of New York beyond the reflection. "If you're not who you say you are, you'd better tell me now." She doesn't even realize how literal she's being.

Eyes are narrowed at Tracy's turn of phrase, but despite himself, Logan's lips crack into a wicked toothy grin. There's something delicious about the comment, "I'm Senator Petrelli." Turning to face her, Logan continues to smile, but it's very different from Brayden or Nathan's usual good-natured grin. There's something twisted about it, like the man's lips were never meant to smile. Odd, as he'd managed many a smile so easily before. "And who do you think I am, Ms. Strauss? I'd like to know."

Senator Petrelli may be the one asking the question, but Tracy gives him a questioning look in return. She's skeptical, darkly so, and though it verges on wary, it's not quite there yet. Despite the immense number of things that Tracy could potentially now know after talking to the likes of Jack, the reality is… she doesn't know much. Not enough. But she's far from stupid. Her eyes narrow. "I think you're someone with more demons than most politicians I know. And trust me— that's saying something." An even more critical gaze is sent his way.

Continuing to smile that same sadistic grin, Logan beams, "You have no idea, Ms. Strauss. No. Idea." He turns back to the window as if considering the facts before he turns back to face Tracy, studying her silently, while still smiling. "Yet despite my assumed demons, I'm your best chance at taking down this organization. Our goal here is the same Ms. Strauss." Although the reasons are likely different.

It's always been Linda or Ms. Johnson… or Tracy, given that they're the only ones in the room. Another checkmark to add to the lists of concerns. "…I never said that you weren't, but you're hiding something. Only, it's all over your face." Tracy smirks a bit, cheerless, and shakes her head as she continues to study Nathan right back. "I've spent entirely too much time being lied to and manipulated in the not-so-distant past by someone who wasn't who they said they were to let it happen again."

"I'm not lying," Logan quips back with that same mirthless smirk. "I am, in every way, New York Senator Nathan Petrelli. I'm his stronger, more determined side. A side, if I remember correctly, you told me you needed to take down this organization." He presses his lips into a more sedate smile. "I'm not manipulating you Ms. Strauss. I want to take down the Alpha Protocol. Now the question is, are you going to help me or not?" He narrows his eyes.

Something about him… Tracy remains unsettled, unconvinced, a watchful eye never leaving the Senator, but moves on into safer territory. "Of course," she says slowly. "It's what I signed on for in the first place." Mostly. "But, that said… they're gonna be watching you even more closely now. I can't risk being seen anywhere near you, not when I'm on their list. I won't be coming in to the office anymore. I'll still be working with you as your advisor, I'll be accessible … but I can't be here."

And that suits Logan just fine. "Agreed. You and I won't be seeing each other in person." At all if Logan can help it. Anything and everything that reminds Nathan of hope must be purged from this life. "Work from home and stay in contact. I'll be working closely with Ms. Frazier from here on in. My source on the inside is checking if Ms Gallagher was taken by the Protocol. I wasn't aware if she had an ability, but Ms. Frazier is a safe person to have around. As far as I can tell she isn't one of us."

Ms. Gallagher… "Your assistant?" Wouldn't that be a coincidence. Tracy quirks a surprised, skeptical expression at the notion, but whether or not it's true, it's dismissed quickly. "Alright then, Senator," she says decisively, a final note — her voice is back to being sure as can be, but there's a tension around her person. It's there, even as she turns away to head back to the chair she left. She reclaims her coat and folds it over her arm.

"I won't be seeing you again until the Protocol is gone," Logan says as he finally turns from the window to watch Tracy leave the room. And once she's gone, he returns to his chair, raising his feet on the desk while whistling Bye Bye Birdie. His whistling stops as he admires the crystal tumbler in his hand, "No Heidi. No Peter. No Angela. No Niki-look-alike. Nathan, you've made this way too easy this time. Like taking candy from a baby." But then, Nathan doesn't respond. There's nothing. Silence. The silence draws a smile. Carefully he tucks the scotch decanter in his desk cabinet before lacing his fingers together and resting them on his desk.

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