2008-02-08: Just Like Me


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Summary: Sierra finally believes Jamie's story, and tries to convince her to stop helping break into houses. Later, a demonstration of powers.

Date It Happened: February 8th, 2008

Just Like Me

Hell's Kitchen

Sierra is simply giddy! One can tell that just by the way she walks! Not only has she met a Petrelli in person, quite by mistake too, she's got his card and he doesn't mind talking to her sometime AND he's actually kinda cute. So, with this happy giddyness, she makes her way back from her walk on her way home. Anything could happy right now and she'd be as happy as a French Canadian Journalist-clam.

A large van can be seen pulling in behind a bar ahead of Sierra. It pauses just outside the alley and Jamie hops out, calling, "See ya, Switch." Then the van pulls in the rest of the way. She looks around and when she spots Sierra she gives a big wave, smiling, and then runs over closer. "Hi."

Sierra doesn't take much notice of the van, but she does notice Jamie! Especially when the girl runs over to her and speaks. Her smile widens only slightly, as it was already pretty big. "Well, bonjour Jamie! How nice it is to see you! How have you been? Have you done any puddle-ing around lately?"

Jamie grins and nods quickly to Sierra and says, "Uh-huh. Just got back. You out here investigatin' a story or something?" She looks around as if searching for something newsworthy, then looks back

Sierra smiles and winks at Jamie. "Ah, you are always puddle-ing around, aren't you? Where did you go to this time?" She asks curiously. If it does end up turning out that the place she mentions now ends up being a place reported to have been broken into like the rest, she might just give the child's story a bit more validity. "I'm not investigating anything right now. I have the day off. In fact, I was just heading home." She says with a big smile.

Jamie glances towards the nearby bar as if making sure nobody's coming out just that moment, and then answers Sierra, "We were in Brooklyn. But don't tell anybody I said."

Sierra nods seriously. "Brooklyn, hmm? Do you know where in Brooklyn?" She smiles. "You don't have to worry. I won't tell anybody."

Jamie nods quickly again and says, "Uh-huh. It was on Lincoln. Right near… um… I dunno what it's called, but it was a big park."

Sierra nods ever so slightly, making a mental note of 'Lincoln, park'. She smiles at Jamie. "So, mon petite cherie, besides sloshing around pipes, have you had time to have much fun lately?"

Jamie nods quickly to that and says, "Yep! I had my picture painted the other day. And I fought off some aliens invading the park this morning." Of course, this last statement, obviously pretend, doesn't do much to lend to her credibility.

Sierra smiles. "You had your picture painted, eh? Why, isn't that something special!" The last statement gets a grin and a giggle. "Aliens invading the park! Oh my! You won? You must be very brave!"

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Except I had to sit still a long time." Then she grins again and nods yet again, "Nobody's braver than me."

Sierra tilts her head to one side. "Oui? Well, sometimes painters need you to sit still a long time to paint your picture." She smiles kindly. "I am not as brave as you! I could not fight off an alien invasion!"

Jamie giggles a little, giving away she knows the last is a game, "Bet you could." Then she shrugs and says, "I do lotsa dangerous stuff. The most fun stuff to do."

Sierra smiles at Jamie, giggling along with her. "Do you really think I could?" She nods. "Perhaps." She adds a shrug to show her uncertainty. "Some dangerous stuff is fun to do." She says with a smile. "But some of it shouldn't be done."

Jamie blinks at that last part and asks, "Like what? I mean, I know stuff that might hurt other people, that's not a good show. But, doing stuff dangerous for just one, that's fun, and can get ya famous."

Sierra shakes her head. "As fun as, let us say, breaking into someone's home through the pipes, may be, you are also taking something that does not belong to you. It belongs to whoever's home you have broken into. It is stealing. Stealing is wrong."

Jamie blinks, and then says, "Oh. I don't do that for fun. That's kinda boring, all I do is wait around after I open the door. I do that 'cause I'm supposed to."

Sierra frowns. "Why are you 'supposed' to do that? It isn't nice, mon cherie." She smiles at Jamie. "If you're doing something you don't wanna do, you don't have to, you know." She explains.

Jamie bites her lip ad then says, shaking her head, "I gotta. Joe looks after me. He's like my dad. All he wants me to do is that stuff, and be home on time so he doesn't worry." Rationally, she knows it's wrong. But, rationality doesn't have much to do with this.

Sierra nods her head ever so slowly. "You know, there are other people who could take care of you that wouldn't make you do this. Like me for example. I could take care of you." Though she doesn't quite believe her own words after she says them.

Jamie bites her li again and then shakes her head a bit, "He's like my dad." As if that explains everything. "He's proud of me. He… he'd be disappointed if I stopped helping."

Sierra kneels down in front of Jamie, eyes showing some concern. "If he's having you do something you don't want to do, you shouldn't have to. If he really is proud of you, than he would be proud of you no matter what. It shouldn't matter if you help him get into houses or not."

Jamie bites her lip again, looking down, and then says softly, "But it does." She steps to plop down on a nearby bench, and says, "I don't want him to… to go away on me."

Sierra follows Jamie to the bench and sits down next to the girl. "But if he really cares about you, he wouldn't go away and leave you. Oh, cherie. Don't be sad. And look…" She pauses for a moment unsure. Finally, she does say "You can always come and live with me. I've got a home big enough for the two of us." She says softly. "I have a serious question for you. Can you truly turn into water?"

Jamie looks up to Sierra, "Really?" It'll probably take more than a single talk to convince her to leave the only parental figure she has, but there's definitely some progress there. She then nods seriously to the question, "Uh-huh. But I can't really fight aliens, that was just pretend." As if there was any doubt of that.

Sierra smiles softly, nodding seriously. "Yes. We can make all the arrangements. I don't think there would be a problem. And I'm lots of fun to live with, if I do say so myself." She says cheerfully. She looks seriously again at Jamie and says, "Would…would you be able to show me your skill?"

Jamie bites her lip and nods a little. "'k. Maybe. But… not yet." She then nods again, more emphatically, to the last question, "Sure! But… um… out here? These guys I talked to the other day said I shouldn't do it where everybody can see."

Sierra nods a little, and then shakes her head. "Of course not. I understand completely." She smiles. "Well, we could do it where ever you'd like. And…when you show me, I might be able to show you something too." She smiles happily.

Jamie smiles again and says, "Ok." She considers, looking between Sierra and the bar, and then shakes her head, "Joe'd be mad if I took ya in there. Um.. can we go to your place?"

Sierra smiles and gives a little nod. "Oui. Of course we can go to my place. It's over in Queens. Let me just get us a cab." Hailing one down proves more difficult than she expects. It always is! But soon enough they catch one and are on her way to her apartment. Once there, and the cab driver is paid, she leads Jamie up the steps of her place, which is one half of a duplex. She unlocks the front door and holds it open for Jamie. Immediately inside is a place to put shoes and hang coats. Right beside that is a stairwell going up to a second level. To the left is a living room/dining room. Down the hall further leads to the kitchen which has a washroom adjacent to it.

Jamie is talkative during the trip, though talking about random things. Nothing really of note. Once they arrive at the house she spends a few moments looking around curiously as she takes off her coat. "This place is nice!"

Sierra smiles and nods, taking her own coat and shoes off. "I like it. It is a nice place to live, and I have a spare bedroom upstairs as well." She says contentedly. "It is fairly close to where I work to."

Jamie smiles up to Sierra after that, "Where do ya want me to show ya? 'Cause the floor'll probably get wet," she explains. She seems happy enough to be doing the demonstration, at least, not a trace of the hesitation she'd probably be feeling if she weren't speaking the truth.

Sierra smiles. "Well, let's head upstairs. I've got a bathroom up there with a tube in it." She says with a little grin, leading the way.

Jamie smiles and says, "Cool." She follows Sierra up the stairs. Once in the bathroom, she climbs right into the tub and asks, looking up to Sierra with a grin, "Ready? Not gonna get scared or nothing, right?"

Sierra chuckles, sitting on the toilet seat cover beside the tub. "Moi? Non. I'm as ready as can be. You go whenever you're ready!" She tells the girl, watching with interest.

Jamie gives another quick grin… and then she's water, her clothes dropping with her as she splashes down into the tub. The water doesn't slip down the drain, though, slithering up partly onto the side of the tub, the clothes staying where they fell.

Sierra blinks and does, in fact, startle a bit. As ready as a person can claim to be, she wasn't ready for this no matter how hard she tried. "Mon dieu…" she gasps quietly. "That was magnificent!"

The water that is Jamie ripples, probably how laughter translates to this form. She flows back into the tub and starts taking human form. This is slower. She flows into her clothes and starts taking human form again, lifting her pants and shirt so she's in them when she finally has the right shape, and then in a blink she's human again. Her clothes are damp, and maybe a little crooked, but otherwise she's dressed and back to normal. Except for shoes and socks, they still sit on the bottom of the tub. She beams up to Sierra.

Sierra claps. "That was amazing, mon cherie! You certainly have an amazing gift there!" Well, needless to say, she's a little more keen to believe what Jamie was saying now. "You know…I have a gift too. It isn't quite like yours though."

Jamie nods quickly and says, "Yep. It's fun too." Then she sits on the edge of the tub, like it was a bench. "Really? What can you do? I met a guy the other day that can stop stuff in the air. I squirted him and he stopped the water mid-air. Like Neo with the bullets in Matrix."

Sierra grins. "Well…I can't do stuff in the air. You have to promise to keep this a promise, though, okay?" She closes her eyes and with a deep breath, she starts to morph. She becomes smaller and her features change. When she's done, she looks somewhat like Jamie. Not exactly, there are some differences, but on the whole she looks a lot like Jamie.

Jamie's eyes widen at that and she says, "Wow. That's… that's great! You can change into anybody?" She then remembers the request and nods emphatically, "Swear, won't tell nobody."

When she speaks, Sierra's voice is pretty close to Jamie's as well, but still not exact. "Yeah. I can turn into anybody I want to. It's great! It can be useful for being a reporter too!" She grins widely before turning slowly back into her regular self.

Jamie grins at that and says, "Our powers are kinda the same. 'Cept instead of turning into water, you turn into people. You still change, just like me. You got clothes for everything you might wanna look like?"

Sierra smiles and shrugs. "I suppose you are right…I think. Different changes though." She smiles lightly. "Non, I do not have clothes for everything, but…I've been trying something out. I'll show you once I've figured it out, okay?" She smiles softly.

Jamie nods quickly to that and smiles, "Ok." She kicks her feet out from the tub and says, "I haven't figured out how to get my shoes on again when I change, or even my socks. I don't mind, I don't like wearing any. Except I have to in the winter."

Sierra giggles and nods. "Well, I'm sure you'll figure it out." She says with a firm nod. She checks her watch. "Well, it is starting to get late. I should do a little bit of work. Do you want me to walk you anywhere?"

Jamie hesitates, and then nods a little, "Please? Can ya help me get back to the bar? I can walk back but it'll take me all night."

Sierra smiles and nods. "Of course. I'll help get you back there. It's the least I can do."

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