2007-04-24: Just Like Mystery Inc


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Immediately after her conversation with Elle, Claudine calls Heather up for a bit of catching up, and ice cream. Bringing down certain sluthos are discussed, along with Marilou, but most importantly, what to do about Elle.

April 24th, 2007

Just Like Mystery Inc

John Jay Dormitory, Columbia University, NYC

It's been a long day. With what happened, Claudine only arrives at John Jay dormitories at the rather late hour, sighing as she drops down her book bag. What the hell has she gotten herself into? Needing someone to talk to, she sends a text to Heather saying to come over. With ice cream. And lots of chocolate. This must be big..

It's not a mere five, maybe ten minutes, after the text is sent that there's a knock on the dorm room door. "Claudine?" the timid voice asks, as the sound of shifting plastic bags is head. "It's Heather. I brought ice cream." And when the door is open, oh is there ice cream. Two big bags worth.

Hearing the voice, Claudine squeals with delight as she rushes over, already in her pajamas. She showered and changed right away, feeling icky from what happened. "Oh yay!" she chirps brightly while motioning for Heather to come in. "Sorry we havent hung out lately, but there's been sooooo much going on.." she says looking rather exhausted.

"I know the feeling." Heather answers, stepping into the room. "Between work, and classes..ugh…" she adds, making a motion the best she can with a bag in each hand. The door isn't slammed, but it isn't closed lightly either as she uses her foot to shut it. "Where's your fridge?"

"Over there." Claudine motions while running her fingers through her hair, offering to take one of the cartons of ice cream to place it in the freezer. "On the brightside, Orion and I are kinda serious now. He even said the 'L' word!" giggling impishly in the end.

Heather squees at the mention of the L word. "That's wonderful!" she answers, handing over one of the smaller cartons. "Keep that one out. Chunky Monkey." The rest are dutifully packed away in the freezer. If they aren't all eaten now, they will be eventually. "So, what's the word on the street?"

Claudine beams brightly, definitely happy about that as she keeps out the chunky monkey, and grabs two spoons before heading on over to flop on the couch. "Drama, and lots of it. So a new agent comes back and totally blows my cover. I've been on the Maxwell case for a while now, and she blows it by telling Omega Man that she works with a woman named Claudine so that he can help others. Oye.." she says with a bit of a facepalm. It's then that she opens the carton and takes her first big spoonful of the night.

"Ugh. Newbies sucks." Heather nods, situating herself on the couch so she's back into one of the corners with her legs crossed. "I've not been doing much field work. Mainly after the big overload incident, they told me to take some time to recover." She reaches over and grabs herself a spoonful as well. Ah, ice creamy bliss. Her eyes roll back a bit as she savors the treat. "Oh god that's so good. So, yeah…I've mainly been studying and doing my classes. But keeping an eye on a few Evolved who share my schedule." Obviously her power's getting better controlled.

"Well, the funny thing is that she isnt one.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle under her breath as she takes another bite. She beams brightly and nods, "Yeah, they had me rest up and catch up with classes after that incident with Magneto Jr. but now they've moved me to be Dr. Suresh's research assistant. It's another responsibility, but I'm back into full agent training!" she says, sounding rather excited about that. "Though really, I think I may have gotten in way over my head.."

Evolved paired with a non-Evolved. Seems kinda strange to Heather. "Weird. They've never stuck me with a non-Evolved." she says, shrugging her shoulders. "I don't mind the rest. Gives me a chance to catch up on things. Even managed to get a chance to go home for a few days and see my parents." Now, if there was ever a feeling Heather could relate with it's that, and she nods her head. "I started thinking that too. All this spying and watching people. I've started wondering exactly /who/ we're working for."

"No, she's not my partner..she was just out on her own. It's Agent Hawking.." Claudine explains as she listens for a few moments and nods, smiling warmly as she pats Heather gently on the shoulder. "Oh, and get this..my younger sister came to visit, right? Turns out she has rather strong elemental abilities as well. She created a cyclone in Battery Park!" Yes, it seems her life has been filled with drama. No wonder she wanted ice cream.

She sighs while shaking her head, definitely stressed the entire time. "And you're right. The spying and the secrecy. If they didnt help me so much, I dont know what I'd do.." she adds.

And Heather just so happened to have said ice cream. Just what was she going to do with it all herself anyways? "I swear I've heard that name before." she nods, dipping in for another spoonful. There' a dribble of Chunky Monkey down her chin as she fights hard to not spew the ice cream at mention of Claudine's sister. "A…..cyclone? Geez….that's.." Ok, so she doesn't know exactly what to say and takes a moment to wipe her chin. "Runs in the family then, I guess? Make me wonder if my parents had another child, would he or she have any abilities." Oh, and totally agreement shows on her face. "I know! If they weren't taking such good care of my family and me, I'd probably be back home farming fields."

Claudine nods slowly, taking another couple of bites, letting it get all nice and melty so she can swallow it but then winces. "Gah..brain freeze.." she whines as she tries to regain her bearings before continuing. "See, I seriously wish Marilou would be the most drama right now, but she isnt. This next part, you have to promise to not breathe a word of it to anyone else, especially within Primatech."

Heather winces at the brain freeze. Those always hurt. Fortunately, she learned long ago how to avoid those. "We all have our own dramas to deal with. Like Jillian. The evil bitch in my Organic Chemistry class. Totally twisting everyone against me." Whether said bitch is Evolved or not is left unsaid, as she swallows another spoonful of ice cream and widens her eyes. "I solemly swear…" she starts, holding up her right hand (where's a bible when you need it?), "…on my dead second cousin once twice three times a lady Amelia's grave."

"If you need help, I can bring the bitch down.." Claudine says with a wry smirk, definitely having a bit of a mean streak now. Maybe Candice and Elle brought it out. Who knows? "And gah..there's this slut ho that's dating one of my friends. First she tries getting with Orion, and then my friends. HATE!" she says with an exasperated expression. It seems the drama dealing with Elle is forgotten for now.

Now it's Heather's turn. "Nah. I can do that myself, well…one of my friends can. If you can keep it a secret." Oooo…seems like someone has knowledge of an Evolved she hasn't told anyone else about. She rolls her eyes at Claudine's predicament. "Slut. Maybe you and I can go out one night and teach her a lesson." Seems like someone else has a mean streak of her own.

Ooooh, that sounds fun. "Okay, then we'll take down the slut ho, but that's the least of my concerns. Look, I dont know if you're aware, but the Copany, they have ways of fudging people's memories. The daughter of the head of the Company asked me to run a few tests for her.." and it's then that she stands up and rushes off to get something from her room.

A few moments later, she hands Heather a few photobooth pictures of Elle and Peter all snuggly together. "That's Peter, he was number one numero uno enemy a while ago, and that's Elle Bishop, daughter of Bob. She thinks something happened to her cause she doesnt remember stuff and she wants to know if she was drugged. Of course I think she was, but what am I suppose to do?!?" Okay, there's no turning back, she's told someone. Hopefully Heather doesnt tell anyone else.

It's a quiet, tense moment as Heather listens and then watches Claudine produce the photos. If it wasn't a serious moment, she might gag at all the cute snuggliness in the pictures. But this isn't the time. "Why would they want to mess with people's memories?" she asks, handing the photos back to Claudine. Her lips purse into a frown as memories of lectures from her psychology class filter into her head. "I mean, our memories are what define who we are. Allow us to learn from our mistakes. To mess with those…I mean…unless you're wanting to hide something." And no, she's not going to tell a soul. Claudine's her BFF. She doesn't betray friends.

"They..the Company can mess with people's memories, make people forget things and implant new ones. They did it for my sister and she's clueless now as to what really happened at battery park, but it's for her own safety. However, if they're willing to go as far as to do it to the daughter of the HEAD OF THE COMPANY..what else are they willing to do? I..I dont know whether I should bring this up to one of the superiors or not. I dont even know if I should run the tests she asked for. She wants to know if these photos are real or fake.."

With that Claudine just facepalms and shakes her head.

Blue eyes widen at mention of superiors and Heather quickly shakes her head. "Don't." she says quickly, urgency now filling her voice. "If this, Elle, brought it to you instead of her father then she must suspect something. Bringing it to superiors might lead to something bad happening to her. And maybe you." She looks lost in thought for a moment. "Maybe, we can work together to find out the answer. Sort of like..what did we call it back home…gah, I can't remember it right now. But either way, one of us can act as a decoy for the other if we needed to."

See, this is why she knows she can trust her BFF. "Okay, well, I'm going to need help on finding out whether these photos were faked or not. As for the chemical tests, I'll just have to look stuff up, but I already set up a culture to see if there's anything bacteria that doesit. I'll be running separations to try to find some unusual chemicals in her blood tomorrow..and it'll take a while, so we have time.." Claudine admits ruefully. "And you're right, I probably shouldnt tell her superiors, Elle is scary afterall."

Well, this is one area where Heather can actually be of help. "Well, if you can, leave me one of the photos." she grins. "I've got this geek guy, over in the computer lab who is a wiz at graphics manipulation. I'm sure I can…" she pauses to fluff her hair and push her chest up, "…work my womanly wiles and get him to tell me if the image has been modified." Her nose wrinkles at the thought of chemicals and blood. "Yeah, I'll let you handle that part. And most definitely no superiors. Think of what Elle might do if she found out you told them." Extra tasty crispy, anyone?

"Ooooh! Well, there's this guy I know too and he's a computer wiz. are we talking about the same person?" claudine asks curiously as she cants her head to the side as she gives Heather a look over. She giggles impishly until she hears the part about what Elle would do if she did squeal. Her face turns pale and she swallows nervously. "Yeah, that would be bad. I'd be electrocrispied.."

"Might be." Heather grins back. "Black hair, black-rimmed glasses. Always has a pocket protector and sits in the very front row of Professor Peterson's class." She frowns a bit though at Claudine's reaction and offers a reassuring pat to her shoulder. "But that's not going to happen. I won't let it."

"Okay..how about we just cut these into two. You take one to your friend and I'll take one to mine and we'll see what they both come up with? That way, we have a bit of quality control?" Claudine suggests as she doesnt seem familiar with whoever Heather is talking about. "Oh, and..do you think I should tell Orion about this? I know he's my boyfriend and all, but he's quite loyal.."

As to who he's loyal to..who knows who would win in this case?

Heather nods. "And, maybe that way we can tell if the people we know might be working for the Company. You know…if one comes back positive, and one negative." Of course, that would only lead to more mystery. She thinks long and hard for a moment about Orion. It's obvious that she's torn between answers, but finally settles on one. "Maybe you should keep it on the down low for now. At least until we get something concrete in the way of proof. Then, maybe we can tell him."

"But what will we tell him? That Elle's memory was erased? Even I'm thinking it happened already, but I think she wants conclussive proof. She doesnt know who this guy is. And he's Peter Petrelli..he was in the custody of the Company and..they're..cuddling! And snuggling! She's a psychopath! And she's..cuddling!" Claudine says while practically flailing her arms in the air.

"Calm down." Heather softly, trying to reassure her friend it will be alright. "That's why I said wait until we have concrete proof. Then we can show him and he'll have to believe us." Well, he doesn't have to. Heather just hopes he will be the friend she thinks he is and believe. "Well, maybe they really do have a thing for each other. Wouldn't be the first psycopath-felon couple."

Claudine cant help but snicker as she runs her fingers through her hair, taking deep breaths to calm herself down. "Well, Peter isnt that bad. He's actually nice..a major tool really, which is why these pictures are surprising.." she admits ruefully. "But we'll do what we can, then we'll meet up again to track Peter down.."

By now, the ice cream has most assuredly turned to liquid goo. Heather pokes at it with her spoon. "Poor Chunky Monkey." she admits woefully before grinning at Claudine. "Well, whatever is up, we'll get to the bottom of it. Just like Mystery Inc. Except without Scooby."

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