2007-05-21: Just Them Girls


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Summary: Elle calls Elena to have lunch, and meets up with her at Noodle Heaven. Elena confronts Elle about Drake, and lets her know a bit about what she heard. Elle invites her to movie night at Jane's place.

Date It Happened: May 21, 2007

Just Them Girls

Noodle Heaven, New York City

"One roast beef sandwich and a diet pepsi please."

Elena waits for her order, rubbing the back of her neck and checking the time. She was supposed to meet Jack later today at….some place he wouldn't tell her the name of. Just an address. She wonders what's there? Clad in a pair of fitted, dark-blue jeans, sneakers, and a baby t-shirt that says 'Al Gore Didn't Invent The Internet, But He Did Make Up Global Warming,' it was warm enough that she's got her jacket slung over her carrier bag. She's absently digging for her wallet.

Elle thinks it would be silly to use phone code when we're in the same room, so…*ring*

Her phone is ringing. Elena digs out her phone and looks at the Caller ID. Seeing who it is, she answers the phone. "Elle?" she greets, slipping a ten dollar bill towards the counter girl as she waits for her sandwich. "What's up?"

The blonde on the other end replies "I thought I'd see if you were busy. Are you free?" Elle's bored. And hasn't talked to her friends in a bit.

"Oh yeah, sure. I'm having lunch right now actually before I meet Jack at….somewhere….I don't know where he wouldn't say. Anyways, I'm at Noodle Heaven. Wanna meet up and eat then?" Elena asks. She wanted to talk to her anyway about Drake, and to her credit she doesn't sound mad.

Elle has no idea that Elena knows about Drake. So she says "Sure. I'll meet you there…probably take me about 15 minutes to get there. Talk to you soon!" She hangs up, and starts on her way to the store.

Fifteen minutes later, when Elle arrives, Elena is waiting patiently for her at a table next to the window, giving her a small wave and a slight smile. Her food is untouched, in case Elle wanted to eat something - in which case it would be rude if she didn't wait for her. She has, however, cracked open her can of soda. "Elle!" she calls, waving her over.

Elle moves over to meet up with Elena at the table. Her hair looks a little off today; just a touch brownish. "Hey." she smiles to Elena. "I haven't talked to you since that night with Heidi…figured I'd see how you were."

"I'm doing okay. Busy with work, the usual." Elena folds her arms on the table. "…..what happened to your hair?" she asks. She can't help it, the blonde was usually put together rather well, what's with the brown stuff? She props her chin on one hand, and takes a sip of her soda.

Elle looks just a little miffed at that. "I used some colored hair gel to change my hair color last night, and it didn't -completely- wash out. So, that's kinda annoying." She puts in an order for food. "So how are you?"

"….why would you want to change your hair color? Being a blonde suits you," Elena says with a laugh, taking a sip of her diet pepsi. "You don't need to change anything." She pauses. "…unless…you know. It's for an assignment. And I'm good." She pauses. "….hey, listen. I got a phone call from Drake a couple of nights ago. He said he had to hurt you. Are you….okay?"

Elle explains "It was for Pete. Something I was trying." A little blush at that. "Not for an assignment. And…bruised ribs. Peter healed the rest. I'll be all right." There's a pause in there before answering. She didn't know he called her.

"I see….he said you tried to….hurt him," Elena says, looking at Elle right in the eyes. She sighs softly. "Elle, look, I'm not…angry or anything. It's just that he left New York. He didn't tell anyone where he was going." Essentially, the young latina lost her best friend, but she's keeping the look and the sense of loss away from her face. "I just want to know what happened, is all."

Elle sighs. She's still not thrilled. "You know the stuff he was doing, right? With the costume? The street vigilante routine?" she asks, her voice quiet.

"Yeah. I tried to get him to stop doing it. But he didn't listen to me. And he didn't listen to his girlfriend." Elena pauses, and waits for the waitress to come over and give Elle her food and drink, before wandering away. She unwraps her sandwich and takes a bite. "Your bosses finally had enough of it, huh?"

Elle nods. "Basically. We can't…none of us can…afford to have the public eye swing our way, Elena. That way lies witch hunts. Holocaust all over again. I found him, I asked him to stop. I really did. More than once. He just wouldn't back down. I wasn't trying to hurt him. Just knock him out."

"Yeah…." Elena pauses, watching the window a bit, the crowds moving along the street. "You think it'll be that bad?" she asks, after swallowing another bite of her sandwich. "If people find out about us? You're not the only one who feels that way….there's this other organization called the Foundation or something that believes that we have to be ready to take over if word gets out about us, because war between us and normal folk is inevitable."
Elle nods once. "People hate and fear things that are different than themselves, Elena. And there's not one of us…not you, not me, not Sylar, not Peter, who can stop the entire human race."

She falls quiet then. Elena deep in her heart of hearts can't believe that. She wanted to believe the good in people. But like Drake said, logic didn't really apply. She pauses, glancing down at her sandwich, and then she looks at Elle. "Elle, listen to me," she says. "I know your Dad heads up the Company, someone told me. If….I think I need to tell you something, but you have to promise me you won't ask me where I heard it from."

Elle hesitates. "That's a lot to promise me, without knowing what it is, Elena." She's quiet a moment. "All right. But I warn you, not telling me may mean I have to find out another way. Can't say without knowing what it is."

"Just be careful if you go poking around." Elena pauses, and speaks up slowly. "There's…something going on in your…where you work. The Company in itself isn't evil, but something….-someone- working for it is. A monster. I don't know any of the details but something really bad is hiding out in your organization. I'm not part of it, so it's not like I can keep an eye out as to what it might be. But you might be able to."

Elle frowns. "That's kind of vague, Elena…" She looks concerned, as she looks back to the other woman. "Is there anything else you can give me to go on? A -lot- of people work for the Company."

"That's the thing. That's all I know. I swear to you. I know it's kind of vague but….I don't really know anyone else -in- the Company that I could tell this to that I'm in remotely friendly terms with. It's….kind of hard to know who I could approach over there that won't screw me over, you know?" Elena takes another sip of her diet pepsi. "I just…if you decide to keep an eye out, it might be a good idea to just sit on it for a while, see if anything fishy comes up."

The blonde looks thoughtful. "I'll keep an eye out." she agrees. "If I can find out anything, I'll…well, I'll try and let you know." There are good sides to her being a Company agent too. "So how're you doing otherwise?"

"You don't have to tell me anything," Elena tells Elle simply. "I'm not out to use anyone. Just…be careful, okay? Like you said, all of this is kind of vague. Whoever he or she is, he's automatically got an advantage because he knows what he's doing, and no one knows who he is. Art of War and all that stuff." She smiles faintly. "With me otherwise? Pretty good. Working a lot and catching up with some friends. A little bummed about Drake, but…part of me is a little mad too, for just up and leaving like that."

Elle nods. "Hey, I was thinking…if you want…maybe you could come by and catch some movies with Jane and I sometime? I just thought it could be cool."

"Hm? Oh, yeah?" Elena can't help but smile a touch. "Sure, why not?" she says. "What sort of movies do you guys like? I can bring over some cake." Because girls like cake. And cookies. Anything with chocolate.

Elle laughs. "Jane's a fan of ones with music. And Legally Blonde." she says for no given reason. "I haven't seen a whole lot of movies, to be honest, till I started watching them with her."

"Jane and I are big movie people, though she likes her chick flicks and I like my classic action movies. I dunno, maybe it's because I'm so much of a wussy I can vicariously live through people who can blow stuff up on occasion." Elena finishes her sandwich. "That sounds key, though. Maybe over the weekend, we can. I'll bring the few DVDs I have."

Elle smiles. "Thanks. I appreciate it." She looks back to Elena. "I think I'm gonna go try and wash the lingering brown out of my hair again." She moves and stands. "Looking forward to the movies."

"Me too," Elena says with a faint smile and gives the blonde a wave. "I'll see you soon." She waits until she leaves, and then she exhales, rubbing her face a touch. What the hell was she doing? This was way out of her league.

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