2007-03-10: Just What The Doctor Ordered


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Date It Happened: March 10, 2007

Summary: Samantha visits Mara on her second day at Mount Sinai. The pair discuss Activating Evolution, and Samantha makes promises of Mountain Dew, chocolate, and browbeating Judah if he gives Mara any lip.

Just What The Doctor Ordered

Mount Sinai Hospital

She doesn't know why she does it. Somewhere along the line, Sam got into the habit of checking admissions, or just sort of talking the nurses into giving her a heads up when service personnel are admitted. And she's rather shocked to find out that not only has Mara been admitted it, but she's been overnight and Samantha had no idea. There's some discreet inquiring as to what Mara's been admitted for, as well as where she's been situated with intention to poke her nose in.

The injured detective is sitting upright in her bed, reading a Cosmo and eating candies from a box of chocolates. There are two rather large displays of flowers set up on a dresser across from the bed. From time to time, Mara looks up and smiles. It's nice to know your friends are thinking about you.

Samantha makes her way in, and offers a quiet but no less cheerful, "Hi, Mara." She heads for the clipboard chart at the far end of the bed, picking it up and opening it to gaze at the information. "Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm sorry to see you here."

"You and me both, Sam," Mara quips as she closes her magazine and her candies. "Good to see a familiar face, though." She sounds cheery enough, but maybe it's just the painkillers.
Mara has partially disconnected.

"I try to keep my ears open if any aquaintances get admitted." she remarks. "Has Judah been by yet? I haven't met my quota for teasing him about hanging out with a shiksa in a while." Her tone is light, but her brow is furrowed as she gazes at the chart. "Mara, I know enough about you to know you're an excellent officer, and it doesn't make sense that anyone could rough you up this bad. Can I ask how it happened, or should I mind my own business?"

Mara smirks at the mention of her partner. "No, he hasn't been yet. I think he's afraid if he sees me, he'll add to the damage. I really angered him." She closes her eyes at the question of how she came to be in this state. "The bottom line is that the case got too personal on both my end and the prisoner's. I was reckless, and I paid for it." It seems like the proper way to explain what happened at least.

"It's not hard to have cases get personal. Whether they're medical and you're the caregiver," she holds up Mara's file in a brief, vague gesture, "Or you're the law enforcer who wants to bring a criminal to justice. If Judah gives you crap while you in here, have the nurses call for me and I'll give him a piece of whatfor." She edges towards the flowers, bends to smell one of them and gently touches the card, though does not read it. "May I?" Samantha's always been nosy, but at least she tries to be polite about it.

"Go ahead." Mara lays back with a soft groan as she stretches one arm out over her head. "One's from the boys on patrol, and the other's from the lab guys. The lab has a better sense of humour." Indeed, the card is humourous, probably aimed more toward something that hits home for the detective. A private joke or something. The other set of flowers has no card.

"They're lovely." Samantha offers. "The patrol guys didn't sign a card, though. Heathens. Jane Austen would declare them an utter fail." She flashes Mara a grin. "Do you need anything? Is there something I can get for you?"

"Can I get some of this to go?" Mara jerks her head toward the IV drip with a cheeky grin. "I would be so laid back /all the time/. It would be fabulous when I'm PMSing."

Samantha lets out a broad laugh; it earns her a pinched look from a nurse passing outside the door. "Yeah, morphine's a wonderful thing, ain't it? If you didn't carry a firearm on your hip most of the time, I'd have offered you a scrip of Tylenol with codeine a long time ago. It does -wonders-, let me tell you. I can't juggle your meds, but how about bringing you some chocolate? Or something to read? Or both?"

"Hey, I might be needing that. They're chaining me to my desk once I get out of here. No gun for a while." Despite the severity of the situation, Mara's trying to laugh it off. Sometimes, it's just easier to cope when you can pretend nothing bothers you. "I would really love a can of Mountain Dew, if you can swing it."

Samantha has seen her share of trauma victims, and is smart enough to realize just how much it bothers Mara. "Desk jobs don't suit you." she says softly, feeling like she'd stuck her foot in her mouth. "I think I can manage a Dew for you sometime later today, but you have to promise me you won't be stubborn with the nurses about anything else they might want from you. Even if it's old Nurse Ratchet Hatchet-Face. What about reading material? I've just finished this non-fic that's sort of half alternative medicine, half science fiction. It's in my locker, I could lend it to you."

"Do you have a copy of Activating Evolution? Mine's at home and I'd really like to pick up where I left off." Mara starts to bite her lip but winces when she remembers she's kind of got stitches there. "And you know I'll be good. The more I cooperate, the faster I can get out of here. That's the number one goal!"

Samantha's mouth opens and shuts, for a minute Sam looks like a gaping carp. "Actually, that's what I was thinking of offering -you-." she says. "Great minds, huh? There are some theories on genetic development I'd hoped to be able to contact the author about, but there wasn't any information on the jacket for contacting him. Maybe I'll call the publishing house, see if they might be willing to provide or forward an e-mail."

"The author's dead, I'm afraid." Mara says softly. "You should bring up your questions to me sometime. I'd love to discuss the theory." She doesn't mention that she'd turn around and ask Chandra Suresh's son for his opinion of where the answers lie.

Samantha blinks in surprise. "Oh, what a shame." she says, genuinely disapointed. "He had some really interesting things to say about the development of mitochondria and its role in advancing the purpose of cellular development. Though some of his projected results do seem a little far fetched. I wish I could've known more about the actual labwork involved in his research." Sam keeps her ER room smile on; her disapointment goes deeper then she's permitting herself to show. Chandra Suresh might have been able to explain… "What do you think of his theories? You give me the impression that you're an advocate."

"Oh, I've always been one to believe in the fantastical, I suppose. Right or wrong, the theories are fun to entertain." Mara's afraid of saying too much, though she'd like to say that she's a believer, and that she has good reason. "Mitochondria, huh?"

Samantha nods. "They're the part of a cell that are basically…mmm, like the battery. Just like how we have to intake food as our energy source, mitochondria within a cell provide it with the energy to do what it needs to do. Grow, split, differentiate, even die."

Mara nods. "Oh sure. Sorry, biology was a long time ago." Mara shrugs, "Always left that technical stuff to J- Demsky. He's got the head for it."

Samantha grins. "It's relevant to his chapters on cellular regeneration and to the primary parts about mutation. I'm guessing you did some inquiring of your own, since you know he's dead." Her expression turns eager, and upon realizing that, tries to pare it down. "Were you able to find anyone who was continuing his work? Lab assistants, maybe a colleague?"

"I haven't gotten that far yet," Mara lies through her teeth. Mohinder's under enough stress without having to deal with Samantha. God bless her, and Mara does like the doctor, but she can be so terribly nosy.

Unfortunately, Mara cannot stop the power of Google, and one can bet Sam will be utilizing it when she gets home tonight. "Alright. Let me go get the Dew for you, and like I said - if Judah gives you any guff, you get me up here." Sam flashes her a smile. I'll pop my head in on you at the end of my shift if you like?"

"I'd like that a lot, Sam. Thanks." Mara leans back on her pillows and picks up her Cosmo. "The company will be fun. I'll be sure to tell Demsky that you'd like to chat with him."
Samantha grins. "Only if he gives you a problem. If he wants to give me a hello of his own accord, that's up to him." She re-clips Mara's chart to the end of her bed, and gives her a casual wave before heading out.

About an hour later? A candy striper shows up with a can of Mountain Dew, a bendy straw, and one of those little Dove dark chocolate mini-bites.

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