2007-05-13: K - Knock Me Out


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Summary: Elle makes a simple request, and Jane delivers that which she asked for.

Date It Happened: May 13, 2007

K - Knock Me Out

Elle and Jane's Apartment in the High Rise building, Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC

In the main room, with her backpack at her feet and the favorite Fender Strat in hand, about to put it in her carrying case along with the portable amp, her sole issue of Black Canary, and a scattering of picks plus her metal tube occasionally used as a slide, is Jane. At the sound of a slamming door she straightens and leaves things where they rest. "Elle?" she asks, moving toward the hallway.

Elle is trembling, and trying not to -move-, and Just Plain Scared. Her breathing is more gulping in oxygen than anything, and if she keeps up at that rate, she's going to pass out. The blue bolts are snapping and popping around the door handle and doorknob. "Jane, help…" she says, almost piteously. Two things might impress the urgency of the moment. One is the tone in her voice. It's a frail, tiny thing. The other is that through all that's happened, Elle has -never- just flat out asked for help.

"I'm here, Elle," Jane replies in a soft and soothing voice, looking to make eye contact. "Tell me what you need." This is new, she recognizes that right from the top. Her arms open to bring the blonde in for a comforting, calming embrace, never mind the current sparking away. She'll just have to hope the gesture itself, if Elle accepts it, will handle that risk.

Elle shakes her head and shrieks "No don't get NEAR me!!!" She just fried her other friend. "Stay a-away…" Her discharging seems tied to her emotional state at the moment, it flares and crackles, charring little black soot marks where the tiny bolts touch.

The brunette halts a few feet away and watches, speaking again in that same hopefully soothing tone. "Okay, Elle. I'm staying back. Talk to me, I'm listening." Jane's face shows concern for whatever brought this about, but not fear of her state and what might happen. She's honestly giving her attention and working to discover what's needed.

Elle was freaked out beforehand, but semi-cooking Candice has her even more freaked, and over her inability to rein in her power, at the moment. "K-knock me out." she says, desperately. It's the only way she can think of to stop it.

"Okay, Elle, if you're certain that's what you want." Jane moves toward the kitchen, toward the spot where she keeps the bucket, intending to fill it. It'll hurt, which is unfortunate in this case, but the only way she can be certain to pull this off. Trying to hit the blonde means physical contact with the voltage. Trying to hit her with a guitar? Same issue. Metal parts. Plus the risk of injury from either option. Hopefully she won't change her mind and act to prevent it before she can.

Elle isn't certain at all. It's just all she can think of at the moment. She holds her ground, waiting for Jane's return, as her body keeps crackling and popping.

It doesn't take long. The bucket is gotten from under the sink, placed under the faucet and filled, and when ready carrried toward her roommate. "Brace yourself, Elle," Jane warns, but it's only a moment's notice. Even as she speaks, water is being dumped onto her from a distance of three to four feet away.

Elle tenses up. It doesn't matter. The water hits her and she -instantly- shorts out. And she's not been this supercharged when she shorted before. The blonde's body flips and finally collapses as she hits te deck hard.

Damn. She'd like to catch her before she falls and hits floor, but can't, not unless she can see the electricity stop before she's down. In any case, as soon as she can safely do so, Jane closes the distance and attempts to lift her up so she can be carried to her bed. A quiet sigh is breathed over the fallen friend, and her eyes study the woman. "What the hell happened to cause this?" she asks the open air. "But… we're making progress. She asked for help."

The first attempt doesn't go so well, she gets her arms under Elle and attempts to straighten with her in arms, lifting with her legs but not her back, and fails to get her off the ground. Jane concentrates, focusing her strength, and tries again.

And she fails again, then a third and a fourth time. So she decides against making a fifth try, and opts instead to move Elle so her back rests against the wall and her hands are in her lap, as comfortable as she can possibly be while she rests and tries to figure out a better way.

Inspiration strikes. Maybe the blonde will be awake before she can do so, but she goes into her bedroom and retrieves a pillow from the bed. This, if Elle is still asleep at the time, is placed on the carpeted floor. Then Jane works to move Elle gently into a reclining position with her head resting on it. "Crap," she murmurs under her breath, "I need to work out or something. This was pathetic."

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