Kasey Sarabeth Leverman
Portrayed By Daniela Sea
Date of Birth April 2, 1989
Age 19
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Kase
Place of Birth Greensboro, NC, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Football Playing Mechanic
Known Relatives Mary-Ann Leverman (mother), Jeremiah Leverman (father), Joe (brother), Fred (brother)
Significant Other Dianne (The Camaro)
Known Abilities Superhuman Strength
First Appearance Little Hostel of Horrors

Kasey is the football playing gender confused mechanic with anger management issues. If someone needs their car fixed, she's your guy…girl? She'll figure it out one day.


Kasey Sarabeth Leverman is a 19 year old Tight End and Mechanic. She plays football, and goes out for positions where she can tackle people, and prefers being an offensive lineman, but is usually stuck in other positions due to her size. She plays on the boys football team too, and has yet to get any flak about it through out highschool but now she's graduated and she's got a bit of a celebrity status for those who are in the college football fanatic loop. There are people who don't believe that a girl should receive a football scholarship, but there are no rules that say she can't play. So she has every intentions of doing so come fall. However…Kasey isn't like most other girls. …football and loving to drive and fix cars not withstanding. Gender Neutral Name + Gender Neutral Look x Budding Super Powers / Anger Management Issues = Kasey Leverman. Helloooooooo New York!

She was born in North Carolina, but her family moved to Los Angeles when she was 2 due to attacking another kid in her daycare over some stolen blocks. She was a quiet child, watchful and loving to fix things and hit things. She enjoyed football, cars, and getting into fights. A particularly violent fight broke out over her taking a guy's girlfriend out, and the guy going after Kasey. Kasey…took punches and bashes from a bat and kicks until something snapped inside of her and she picked him up and slammed him against a building…repeatedly until he passed out and was hospitalized for a coma. She had plenty of time to think about her…temper and strength and unnatural ability to have gotten out of that fight with a few scratches that didn't stay around long. She doesn't know she has super strength or that she is a berserker by any means, she just knows it's not a good idea for her to get mad. Ever.

With a football Scholarship to NYU, Kasey is dealing with trying to figure out if she wants to transition. She also has mechanical skills and a rather expansive knowledge of geeky things that she keeps underwraps lest she lose more rep as a football player. She's working at a mechanic shop over the summer before school starts in the fall. She can strum on a guitar on a bad day but nothing exceptional and even though she is intelligent, she feels like she was born in the wrong body. So she can fix your car, drive your car, AND throw your car…but let's hope it doesn't come to that.



  • "Easy? Does Easy mean somethin' else here or something? Easy is like…changing oil, or my brother's last girlfriend. That's easy, this is like…like…the Da Vinci Code on Crack."
  • "Sorry, sometimes I have a problem where my mouth is moving and words come out, but they don't make sense."
  • "Hostel? Wasn't that like a horror movie? Lots of blood and screaming and death?"
  • "Does she look okay? I'm not sure, I failed first aid."
  • "Do you need to be carried? I wouldn't mind, I'm used to heavy lifting, not that…you're heavy because heh, I mean you're not /fat/. Not at all, just the opposite really! Unless it's p.h.a.t. which is a word I've never understood but it apparently means good…which you are! Good and…not…"
  • "Err, just say Ninjas…and then uh smile, I have to go uh. Do something. Ya know, guy stuff. Like…peeing standing up ya'll have a nice day now bye!"


  • Kasey's got a wicked collection of cars, most of which she/he had to leave in California. In New York however, he's only been able to bring is beautifully self-detailed Yellow 1969 Camaro. She loves it because She (the car, Dianne) looks like Bumblebee from the Transformers.
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