"Oh God, what unearthly horror is this… oh. It's the remake. Well, god, that's even worse."

Casting: Carey Mulligan
Date of Birth: ♓ March 16th
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Shreveport, Louisiana
Occupation: Actress/Writer
Ability: Pheromone Manipulation
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☒ UN ☐ REG
Theme Song: "Trouble Is A Friend" by Lenka
Hooks: ✔ Entertainment ✔ Streets

Katie Callahan was shoved from obscurity as a script editor on the set of "Good Little Girls" to its newest lead actress for reasons the entertainment world is still dying to know.


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A woman (Katie, 20s) sits at a desk, hunched over her computer. She speak aloud as she types adamantly at an old PC laptop.

KATIE: … Once… upon a time…

This is not a fairytale. It is not the story of how one girl overcame her modest beginnings – an average house, a single car for both kids, a brother who pulled her pigtails and called her ‘Crazy Katie’ while she just wanted to sit five inches from the television and learn the entirety of Kiss Me Kate through osmosis – or her less than thrilling adolescence – school, school. School – to achieve her dream of reinvigorating the movie world with a slew of bright, sophisticated, and quirky, yet age-old scripts. It is all these things, except the ending involves less quirky sophisticatedness and more living in apartment beyond her means and standing behind a line of other expectant Hollywood residents all claiming to have that It Factor.

That is, until the day Katie finally got somebody to listen – she got to pitch. The anticipation of that ultimate moment brought out all the old jitters, and some strange new ones. With a sudden burst of pheromones, Katie found herself EVERYBODY’S FAVORITE PERSON. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean they instantly decided to produce her script, OH NO; they decided that this electric, amazing personality needed to be where everyone could see her: in front of the camera, instead of somewhere behind and to a slight angle.

And that’s now Katie became one of the new regulars on Good Little Girls.

Now someone just needs to tell E! Hollywood.


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  • 2011-08-27: Your Other Left co-starring Jake, Austin : Katie's social faux-paus include forgetting her cues, ditching the set, insulting another network show, and ruining her wig.
  • 2011-08-28: Work Related co-starring Van, Everett, Jane : Katie looks awkward during a social party, doesn't socialize, turns Van down, and garnishes champagne with his phone number.

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  • "Hold up. If you just got your gig, what are you doing wandering off in daywear I, let's be honest, would love, but don't, in more honesty, believe belongs to you so must be wardrobe's, on what is clearly the wrong se-e-e-ttttttttohgod, please don't say this is the angle we're taking. Please please please tell me you're just wandering irresponsibly— in which case— shame on you! … for not helping me run away. Bad knight." - Your Other Left
  • "Why does there have to be a party to— celebrate that there was a party? I don't even— nevermind." - Work Related

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  • Katie's character on GLG, Rachel Harding, appeared in the last couple of episodes, and is said to have an even larger, more important role in the second season.
  • For her role as Rachel, Katie wears a blonde wig. She finds it incredibly itchy.
  • The TV show script Katie was shipping around is about a bisexual female detective named Mackenzie Lee.
  • GLG's concept originally excited her. Then it aired.

Pop Culture References:

  • Good Little Girls is a knock-off of CW's Gossip Girls and Veronica Mars.
  • Mackenzie Lee is a Sherlock Holmes tribute.
  • Gilmore Girls is mistakenly used as a reference to Good Little Girls by another.
  • Clue is brought up as a party alternative.
  • James Bond is mentioned in scene narrative.
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