Katya Pavrova
Katya Pavrova
Portrayed By Milla Jovovich
Gender Female
Date of Birth December 20, 1970
Age 37
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Aliases Katya Pavrova, Sophie Contreau, Isabella Mancini, Justin Mercer, Torrance Abernathy, Athena Portokalos, and a slew of others
Place of Birth Somewhere in Kosovo
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Mercenary
Known Relatives "Dostevsky" (stepfather; deceased), Nikolay Dizdarevic (son; deceased)
Significant Other Anatoly Dizdarevic (husband; deceased)
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance Contingencies

Not much is known about the woman known as "Katya Pavrova" save for the fact that a "Katya Pavrova" was once a KGB operative before she died in a botched operation in Serbia that killed four other people who were affiliated with the service. There are still doubts that this is the same woman.

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From the moment one is born, one starts to die. That was, in essence, the kind of life "Katya," started living. Born in war-torn Kosovo, she was taken from an orphanage by a man who she only remembers as "Dostevsky." While it looked to be a perfectly normal adoption, Dostevsky was actually an agent of the KGB who was sent to acquire local orphans in an agressive recruitment plan by the Russian KGB in order to groom and raise agents for later infiltration back to Kosovo in response to the rising tensions between the local government and the Russian Federation. In essence, Katya spent most of her life under Dostevsky's tutelage and control. In that early period in her life, she discovered she had the ability to move quickly, far and beyond the optimal levels of a human being at peak, athletic performance. Upon discovery of her special ability, Dostevsky fast-tracked her "injection" back into Kosovo's hot zones. Needless to say, she completed the training program with flying colors, and she was returned to her native land at around 18 years of age.

Her duties with the KGB were benign at first. She ferried information between drop points, and occasionally she was grouped with other KGB agents in the area for military operations. She excelled in the field quickly, as she knew of no other life but life in the KGB system, and she had nothing whatsoever to hold her back. She was upgraded to a full fledged operative at 22 years of age. That was when the Russian Government pulled her out of Kosovo and sent her on various missions around Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Occasionally she would be sent to the United Kingdom given dormant tensions between the UK and Russia ever since the UK decided to give safe harbor to Russian intelligence agents who defected to the country in exchange for classified information. Her proficiency with different languages improved greatly through these field assignments. However she still preferred to speak Russian whenever she could.

She left the service at 28 years of age, when she met a humble young law clerk in Moscow named Anatoly Dizdarevic and married him, much to the chagrin of Dostevsky who raised and groomed her specifically for a lifetime's worth of work for the KGB. Katya lived a quiet life for around 2 years until Dostevsky appeared in her humble home asking for her help in a classified government operation. When she refused, having preferred her quiet way of life in contrast to the horrors she had seen and caused, Dostevsky was livid. In his fury, he decided to have her killed by rigging her vehicle with a car bomb. Unfortunately, that day, Anatoly's car broke down and needed to use her vehicle to get to work. He was killed instead. At that point in her life, Katya was three months pregnant. The strain that her grief caused took a toll on her body, and she miscarried.

One would think that a woman wronged in such a way would have cut a bloody swathe across Europe to get to the person responsible, but Dostevsky knew Katya too well to expect that from her. Like he predicted, after losing her husband and her son, Katya returned to the service at 30 years of age, having nothing else left but the organization that took her out of the orphanage and taught her everything she knew. Dostevsky, however, underestimated her patience. After two more years with the KGB, she deliberately botched an operation in Serbia, causing the deaths of three other agents as well as Dostevsky who was in the field as a coordinator. She faked her death in the moment she killed Dostevsky, having used her own special abilities to get out of his getaway vehicle before it exploded. In Russia's records, "Katya Pavrova" is officially deceased.

In the Underworld, however, Katya is very much alive. After leaving Russia, she used her old network in Kosovo to acquire a set of fake passports and identities. She laid low for two more years before emerging again as a mercenary for hire. Her assignments were as numerous as they were varied. At first, just enough to earn a formidable reputation in the international underground as a highly capable contract killer. Once that reputation was established, she tapered off her activities because by then, she had her pick of assignments and could afford to be much more selective in what she took on. Like most defected agents before her, Katya moved to the UK and set up a humble base of operations there and procured the services of a freelance handler known only as "Curtis." After a few assignments out of the UK, Interpol caught whiff of her activities, and after a botched sting in Milan to try and apprehend her, she managed to escape by faking her death yet again. Soon after, she found herself on a plane to New York City, to start anew.


  • "Bang."


  • Katya is prone to using many disguises, male or female, even for mundane activities.
  • Katya doesn't drink, but she smokes. She is surprisingly polite, and will even put out her cigarette if one is offended by the smell.
  • In her 3 years of being a name in the international underworld, only one man has come close to catching her - close enough that she had to fake her death yet again to elude him for a short while. He is said to be an Inspector for Interpol.
  • Katya was required to learn many languages during her extensive training program with the service. These include English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Greek, and Spanish.
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