2007-04-23: Keep Up The Good Work


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Bob comes in to speak with Claudine about the latest developments such as Drake/Omega and Marilou.

April 23rd, 2007

Keep Up the Good Work


With Maya leaving, Claudine gets back to work, going back to various experimental setups as she still has a lot to do. There are more petri dishes to set up, more gels to run, and of course more cell cultures to grow. This whole research assistant thing is hard, but it's definitely different from going around to patients and making sure they're comfortable. So, dressed in her white lab coat, she's just whistling a merry little tune while working…

Bob comes striding through the lab, checking up on things as he periodically does. His hands are behind his back and his gaze is unreadable as he comes to stand behind Claudine, simply watching her get to work. The light reflects off his glasses until its impossible to see his eyes.

She's in the zone. She's always liked her lab classes, and nshe's been told she has good lab technique, so she's incredibly meticulous as she sets up for yet another PCR reaction. It's only when she turns around to get some phosphate buffer does she see Bob, and she lets out a startled little eep.

"Mr. Bishop!" Claudine says with a bit of surprise as she keeps her grasp on the flask. Which is a good thing, cause she doesnt want to mess up in front of bossman afterall. "Um..I didnt realize you came in.." she admits ruefully as her cheeks flush a bright tinge of pink.

"I have that effect on people sometimes," Bob says with a faint, dry smile. "But its good that you're here. I'm sure you expected that I'd need to talk to you about Marilou eventually." He lets that hang in the air, even as he reaches out to push a piece of lab equipment into a somewhat straighter position.

Yes, she's been expecting it, but she hasnt exactly been looking forward to it. Claudine nods and forces a smile to her lips as she takes off her latex gloves and throws them into the trashcan as she motions towards one of the desks with a few chairs. "This is something that I should probably be sitting for huh.." she asks softly while heading on over towards the table.

"She's showing signs of becoming aerokinetic," Bob says, after he's let her sit down and get situated. He lets that sink in, turning so that he can see his eyes at last. They're full of nothing but concern, at least on their surface. It can be kind of hard to tell, with Bob. "I wasn't sure if you'd been informed of that yet or not…"

"I kind of figured, though I was hoping it was just a freak coincidence.." Claudine admits ruefully as her expression remains neutral while wrinkling her nose. She pauses for a few moments, mulling over something, before she asks softly. "I know Dr. Suresh says there's genetic markers for whether a human has evolved abilities or not. Does this mean that my brothers will be tested for it?"

"Yes, they're going to need to be tested," Bob says firmly. "For their own protection as well as anybody else's. I know it can be very difficult when its your own family we're talking about and not just some random person. I know it better than most." He watches her, gauging her reactions.

Claudine takes it all in, but she's prepared for this, as she was talking about the possibility of it with Orion. "I..understand. My brothers are all older, so I dont think they have abilities, unless they have it under control and have been hiding it.." she says softly. She seems to be understanding, for the most part.

"Good." Bob pauses and says, "Orion can't be with her 24/7, Claudine. You're her sister and you are in a more natural position to watch her than anyone else here. But I need to know if you can do what's necessary if the day comes that she's about to flatten the city for us."

The last bit definitely catches her attention, and she swallows nervously. Do what's necessary? Her skin turns pale, and her feelings are definitely revealed by her sickly expression. "You..dont think what I think you're meaning..do you? I..I can sedate her or knock her out for the safety of the city.." She's just hoping that he wants to leave it at that.

"That will do," Bob says, patting the air in a soothing fashion. "Sedate her or knock her out, and then call one of us in authority to take care of the rest of the details." Asking for more out of someone would be madness, or at best a risky proposition.

Phew. There's a sigh of relief, as she's definitely not prepared to permanently take out her younger sister, cause well, she's family afterall. "That I can do. It's not like Lou and I havent fought before.." Claudine says with a soft chuckle to add a little brevity and perhaps lighten the mood a little.

Bob awards her a smile and says, "I understand you're the one who confirmed the Drake-Omega connection." The words 'Omega Man' are just never, ever going to cross Bob's lips. Too corny, too campy, too not his style. He walks down the row a bit to pick up some research results.

The recent research results are just a few gels to separate some proteins from various patients and sequencing results. Nothing too major. Claudine only does more simple stuff at the moment afterall. At the statement though, Claudine nods and smiles warmly, "Yes sir. I've been keeping tabs on him since I've made acquaintences with one of Drake's close friends." And it's then that she pauses and thinks about how what she says next. "Though..I fear that I may have been compromised by Agent Hawking. From my understanding, she confronted Omega Man and mentioned my name.."

"Oh?" Bob's eyebrow lifts. "What happened with Agent Hawking? And which friend of Drake's? Is this friend someone that needs to be on my radar?" He finally puts the sample down after glancing over it.

"No. He's some boy who's on the same soccer team as Drake. He has a crush on me, so I figured it would be a way to get close and to watch Drake.." Claudine says matter of factly while running her fingers through her hair. She sighs a little and takes a deep breath to calm herself down while talking about Jenny. "From my understanding, when Agent Hawking tried to recruit Drake as Omega Man, my name was mentioned. Since Drake is Omega Man and knows me by first name..well..I dont think he's enough of an idiot to not put things together. Considering, he turned down her offer, he may know more than he's letting on. At least that's just a theory anyway.."

"Well. We're bringing him in anyway," Bob says, after a long moment's thought. "And once he's in, this can all be dealt with. It is not as though he didn't already know more than I want him to know, and once we're done with him this is going to be shut down one way or the other." He grimaces.

Claudine ahhhs and nods, remembering hearing orders about bringing him in, but she didnt know who was going to do it. "I see, I see. Well, that makes sense. Whoever brings him in though must be careful..I dont think we should underestimate him. He did take down several thugs by himself with whatever powers he has. From what I recall, it's most likely some sort of enhanced speed."

This makes Bob smirk faintly. "I'm sure they'll take that under advisement." He nods his head. "Keep up the good work, Claudine." And he starts to move off, on his way towards other work that needs to get done. He never does extend a conversation any longer than it needs to be extended.

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