2010-04-09: Keeping A Low Profile


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Date: April 9, 2010


The crazies come out in full force in a variety of forms. Nobody keeps a low profile.

"Keeping A Low Profile"

New York City

This New York evening is not quiet. Is the city ever quiet? There are cars and people and stuff happening all over. Up and down the street. Tonight, Kitty is wandering the streets. Dressed in a soft, long cotton white skirt and a pair of brown cowboy boots and a loose fitting dark red top.

Her long brown hair swings free and falls down to the middle of her back. Dark brown eyes survey the area around her. She's just wandering, the refugees are being watched right now. She needs a little break. Some R&R, maybe?

An older woman is walking on the opposite side of the street, her head down. Though she does look around in a panic at times. She's afraid of something?

Tori's heading home after drinks with her fellow students — they wanted to continue, but she has a headache and just wanted to go home. Due to a lack of funds and the pickpocketing of her Subway card, she's walking. This puts her in a foul mood as she's rather far from her apartment. Maybe when she gets halfway home she'll be able to afford the fare for a cab. Right now she's lamenting the fact that she's in kitten heels that are making her toes hurt and keep getting caught in the subway grates when she forgets to change what side of the sidewalk she's walking on. Which happens yet again — her shoe gets stuck and her foot goes forward, leaving one foot bare as she stumbles forward. "Bloody hell," she mutters, turning to get her shoe, not noticing the others on the sidewalk nearby.

It would appear that one Lyndon Taylor has been working late. Still clad in the white long-sleeved shirt and black slacks of the eponymous office worker, he walks the sidewalk with a look of slight tiredness on his face, yawning occasionally while almost absent-mindedly side-stepping the odd passer-by fluidly, his ice-blue eyes seeming to be off in his own world one second, flitting around the street analytically the next. All in all, the young man has the look of one in some serious need of coffee - probably half the reason he's on foot for a change.

Many are heading home. After class, after work, after drinks. The latter, in the case of a young redhead. She's not precisely tipsy, but her gait suggests she may have had one or three drinks more than she should have. She ambles along the street towards the nearest bus stop — to catch a ride back to Staten Island — in a yellow mini skirt and white leggings. A red jacket is bundled tight around her white tanktop, and she realizes that leaving Staten for the purpose of drinking was perhaps not the brightest move. Given her alcohol intake, it's a miracle she's even realized that. As she walks along, she seems to be having an animated conversation with nobody.


Kitty stops and looks over to Jenny and hurries over. "What the hell are you doing here? Where is Tanya?" she asks as she grabs the woman's arm and instantly her eyes turn white and her mouth drops open.

The sounds of gunfire and a woman's scream fill the air as Kitty looks around to find herself in the middle of a scene of devastation. There are little fires all over the place and a woman is being dragged towards an ominous looking black van, before Kitty can see anything else..

Kitty's eyes return to normal and she's gasping and looking around. "The fuck.." she says softly. As Kitty's vision ends.. it actually begins. A woman can be heard screaming up ahead and the prior nervous woman is fighting off a pair of men dressed in dark clothes. Trying to pull her away towards a black van waiting at the end of the street.

Tori's still pulling on her stuck shoe, giving the women an odd look, then returning to pulling on her shoe — suddenly the one — Jenny? is screaming and being dragged by men. Dammit. "What the fuck, let her go?" Tori says, pulling out her cell phone and punching in 9-1-1 as she looks at the others around her to do something. She doesn't carry a gun or any sort of weapon, but she rushes forward to grab one of the man's arms, trying to get him to release the stranger. "You're not cops — let her go. I'm calling the poli—"

"9-1-1. Please state the nature of your emergency," comes the voice on her phone."

"I'm … fuck, I don't know, what's this street!" she shouts over to Lyndon. "Someone's getting kidnapped!"

At long last, Lyndon finally reaches a coffee stand. He's been hanging on for hours for this, and the look on his face is one of anticipation as he steps in line, reaches for his wallet…

…and then suddenly the scream hits his ears, and his eyes quickly flash up towards the struggling woman and her assailants. His brow furrows, then as Tori shouts to him, that's enough to pry him away from the precious amber of life, his legs springing to action gracefully as he jogs closer to the commotion. He does manage an "I don't know…" to Tori briefly before shouting a more broad, loud "Hey! Stop!" in the direction of the men.

Jenny is not a name Isabelle has heard in a long time. She doesn't even recognize it, though the voice speaking the name does ring some level of recognition. That all dissolves when the name Tanya comes up. She can practically see the horrified expression that was on Tanya's face when Isabelle and Old Lucy's went up in smoke. That same horrified expression, or one similar to it, covers Isabelle's face now as she's accosted, and Kitty's eyes go milky, and then there's the woman screaming. There's a brief moment when Isabelle wonders of she — herself — is screaming, only to spot the black van a moment later. She jerks away. Like Tori, she whips out her cell phone and calls 9-1-1. Right on a street corner, she sees both street and cross street to provide them with.

If there's one things cops love, it's corroboration.

The man that Tori has grabbed tries to shove her off but that also makes him release the woman he is trying to kidnap. As Tori is being manhandled by one of the men. The other is kicked in the shin by the woman, who gasps and tries to run away. The other man draws a firearm and aims it at her back.

A another pair of men jump out of the vehicle and prepare to give chase to the woman. The man with the gun prepares to cock it, before he can do anything else. He feels a blunt object on his head and he's dropping to the ground. Groaning, yeah that's Kitty, with the butt of her gun.

"Jenny! Get her!" she yells to the redhead. Her eyes going wild as she looks around, walking fast over to help Tori, unless Lyndon or someone gets to her first.

As the man shoves her away, one hand coming up to strike her across the cheek, her other hand still clings to his wrist, fingers on his watch. She's frightened, more frightened than she has been in months. Suddenly, she gets a flash of a memory that isn't hers. A man in a suit standing in front of a group of five men. Hands behind his back, he walks back and forth and looks around. "If she doesn't want to come willing, take her by force.. if she decides to fight back. Kill her. If I can't have her.." he looks behind his shoulder as he leaves the room. "Nobody can."

"They're supposed to kidnap her or kill her," she gasps out, even as that hand strikes her and she lets go of the other to go sprawling across the sidewalk. Her cell phone clatters away, still open and on before it breaks into a few pieces.

Obviously yelling 'stop' isn't going to quite cut it in this case. Lyndon grits his teeth, although he does blanch once, then twice as firearms come into the mix, "Am I the only person in this town without a goddamn gun?" he murmurs, but what's done is done and he's already well over halfway into the mix. He goes into a full-blown run now, coming to a stop not far away from the sprawled Tori and her assailant. While it seems more and more certain words won't solve this situation, he nevertheless tries one more time, assuming a fierce glare as he shouts out a sharp "NYPD!" If that fails… well, he's played a lot of Tekken…

On the heels of Tori getting hit, she might catch the sudden scent that she's familiar with. Smoke pours out of the street vents leading into the underground tunnels that cover much of the city, and surrounded the man who hit her. It's not easy to tell what happens in the next few seconds, but there's the sound of a solid punch, and then a voice, "Hitting women isn't very nice, mate."

There's even a tease of an accent. Maybe all that time in the car rubbed off on him. The smoke spreads a bit around the now solid form of Devon, obscuring vision and burning eyes, though he's careful to keep most of it from touching Tori. It will only help to remind poor Isabelle of the fire, but luckily she's too far away from it.

First she's being called Jenny, then she's being instructed to go get some woman who was just assaulted. What's a girl to do? Well, first she hangs up her cell phone and slips it back into her purse. Her fuzzy boots aren't exactly made for running, so she instead walks towards Kitty and the attackers. There's a gleam of something in her eye. Fury, perhaps. Amusement, maybe. Playfulness. Yes. Her mouth hangs in a lopsided grin as she tips her head down towards the man who was just pistol-whipped, red hair dangling down as she reaches a hand to the man's head. "Hey there, hot stuff." Her touch, however, has a very significant effect on the man. He screams.

Isabelle shakes her head, straightens her hair, and says to Kitty, "Carrying a concealed weapon is illegal." On that note, she starts walking towards one of the other men, no apparent fear on her face. She's just a tiny little thing, after all. She flips her hood up when out pops the switch blade. With her unique gift, she's only looking to scratch, and can do that with her hands if necessary. The knife's just so much more fun.

The man takes one look at Lyndon and then snorts, "Badge.. gun?" he says simply before he's advancing on the fallen Tori and then, "Oof!" He hits the ground. Kitty looks over to Jenny as she does her thing and her eyes widen. "You.. you.." she shakes her head and looks around as the smoke appears. "Nice punch smokey." She says softly and then she's looking back towards Isabelle. "Yeah and so is hurting people. It's called, assault." Kitty grins softly and she kicks the man, Isabelle did her hoodoo on in the side.

"Jenny! Follow me, we got some cattle to wrangle!" Kitty says and she's pulling the woman by the hand to drag along with her towards the woman running away from the pair of men. "Be back in a sec." she calls to Devon, Tori and Lyndon.

"BONZAI!" She yells as she lets go of Isabelle's hand and dives feet first into the back of the man. She raises her gun and whips him with it. Kitty's eyes narrow as she steps hard on his neck and twists, hitting the right point in his neck, that he falls unconscious.

Tori's brows furrow and she turns to cough a little at the scent of smoke before she realizes she's being rescued. Maybe. She scurries back out of the reach of the man who was accosting her, back toward the wall of the building she was walking near to find her shoe — she's still only got one on. "What the hell are you doing here, Smokey?" she tosses, grabbing her shoe and standing up, putting it on as she stares at the two other women with confusion. "I…" She doesn't know what to do so clearly the correct choice is to stand and look dumbfounded.

Lyndon, of course, is a little too close to the smoke for his own good as he suddenly coughs, quickly backstepping out of the way and blinking several times to clear his eyes as best he can. "Jesus fucking *cough* Christ!" is all he can manage. Screaming men, men appearing out of nowhere with smoke… it's clearly obvious the young office worker is well out of his depth here. As Kitty and Jenny take off after the other two men, he looks from one group of people to the other before setting his jaw, "I'd better go lend a hand…" he says quickly before kicking his legs into motion and sprinting up after them along the side of the street. There's a parked car in his way, but he almost seems to ignore it completely as he hops fluidly onto the trunk, then the roof, then the hood and back onto the road.

"They'll never prove it," Isabelle says, deadpan. She twirls the blade closed and pockets it. Kitty and the Smoke Monster seem to be taking care of everyone for her. Her job is to wipe away the evidence that they were ever hurt, and all that calls for is a little touch. Touch. Touch. She spends more time on the person Kitty downed so harshly by stepping on his neck. The man's body tenses up, but not a scream is uttered, despite his skin flushing red and all of the shaking he does. By the time she's done, the man's shite himself and she's moved on to whomever Kitty's downed next.

"You know there are more subtle ways of dealing with people, right?" she asks Kitty, keeping her head down and her face obscured by her hood. Her tone isn't any way similar to what she may have heard back in her time in Maine. "You really should let the police handle things. I'm trying to keep a low profile."

"Speaking of low profile," Devon says, looking at much of what's going on, and keeping the smoke around just in case he needs to annoying flood someone's eyes, before his dark blue eyes turn back to the woman he decked a guy for. Yeah, he was following her. Yeah, he decided to make a non-descreet entrance, but now… "These friends of yours, or should we run for it before those cops get here? Cause I can punch a couple more people if that's what's needed." But crazy woman with gun seems to think she's got it covered. Along with the guy sprinting after—

"Damn, that guy can jump," he comments out loud at Lyndon's car acrobatics.

"Yeah.. so am I. But there is trouble in Olympus." Kitty says but she's not doing anything else. All the men are down.. and the lady she's well.. she's running away. Not even looking back to say thank you or anything at all.

"I know.. it's just.. Jenny what happened to you?" she asks with a tilt of her head and then shakes it as she begins to back away and jog over to Devon and Tori. Back into the smoke. She coughs softly and wipes her eyes as she looks at the two. Putting her gun back into the boot holster. She looks sheepish. "Sorry Smokey and..?" she looks at the two. "The fair maiden.. and her knight." She smiles softly and looks sad for a moment.

"I get a little crazy when people try to hurt people.. innocents." She says and then she's looking down at her phone. "We should all scatter I think.. the police will be here soon." And sure enough, the police sirens are going off and they sound as if they are approaching fast.

"How many of us are there?" Tori says, turning to look at Devon with wide eyes. "No, I don't know them. I was just walking home and suddenly everything was bloody insane." She turns to look at the sirens and then the men. "Yeah, uh… we should get going, shouldn't we." She begins to walk toward an alley to disappear down, albeit her gait is a little crooked — the grate broke the heel of one of her shoes. This is why one should not walk in heels in New York City.

Lyndon screeches to a halt- it looks like things are well in hand here, and the sound of sirens most definitely hints that the situation's under control. He begins to make his way back towards the group, beginning to speak, "Does anybody wanna tell me what in the blue hell just…" He falls short, however, as it appears that the group's either dispersing or about to. He can only spread his shoulders in a shrug, "Yeah, I guess the 5-0 have it covered. I guess."

There's a sudden change in Isabelle's mannerisms as she snaps at Kitty. "Stop calling me that. God lady, you don't know me." And she runs off, as fast as her feet will take her. The adrenaline, at least, wiped out most of effects of her night's drinking, and a few blocks over, she boards her bus. It's not exactly what she'd been hoping for when she set off home, but at least now she has a brief respite. She just hopes she doesn't make the news. Peter would kill her.

"Starting to think there's a— bloody lot of us, as you might say," Devon says, glancing toward the crazies with abilities and problem solving skills. Of course he did just show off his ability too, but— the smoke begins to dissipate, naturally catching in the wind, as he moves after Tori down the alley. "Either trouble seems to find you, or you seem to find trouble. You need to be more careful or that pretty face of yours is going to be ruined."

The smoke may not be following them, but instead the alley starts to fill with mist. Easier to hide in, and not so stinging on the eyes.

"Yeah, too many of us." Kitty says and she's sighing as she ducks into the alley as well and kind of walks with but not really with the pair. "Nice trick." She says lightly as she cracks her knuckles. She looks over her shoulder towards Lyndon. "Come on fast boy. You might as well leave this way too."

"The maiden's name?" she tilts her head and then she looks at Devon, "And the knight's?" she asks with a lift of an eyebrow. She's coming down with the adrenaline that was pumping through her system.

The Brit glances at Devon, eyes narrowed as he teases her speech mannerisms, but who can look at his handsome face while it calls hers pretty and not melt a bit? Smoke men are hot. She smirks a little. "I think Trouble and I have a reciprocal sort of relationship, but there might be room for others," she tosses. She hears Kitty behind them and glances at Devon with a bit of a "Oh well" sort of look - no longer alone surrounded by mist. "Um. Tori," she says, either not good at coming up with lies quick or choosing to be honest for once. She doesn't give Devon's name, as that's his to divulge.

"Huh? Fast boy? Oh, I was just…" Lyndon looks back down the street as he's asked to go with the others, then runs it through his head. Certain questions will be asked if he remains, that much is certain. Jumping a car couldn't be seen as that out of the ordinary, but then again, these are paranoid times and he's certainly not ready to answer certain questions. He nods once back at Kitty, quickly stepping up to follow the others to the alley, "Alright, let's roll. I might be tempting fate here… but let's roll."

There's an annoyed sigh from Devon's mouth as the fog thickens behind the group that's grown to include far more than he'd intended. "I'm not a knight," he says in response to the other woman's questioning, looking toward her with narrowed eyes, that could be trying to see through the fog. "I'm just not a guy that can sit by and watch a woman I know get smacked around." He wasn't pouring out of the sewers until Tori got hit, so it's not like he's got a mission to save every damsel.

And no, the "knight" doesn't give his name.

"He's a shy one, hmm Tor?" Kitty says and then she's looking back at Lyndon and smiling, "Get somewhere safe. I'll see you soon." This she says to everyone and then she's jogging forward and trying to get away from the others. In the process, she touches Lyndon on the arm and Devon and Tori as she passes by. "Thanks." She says softly.

She looks up at the fire escape and then she's climbing up it. A strange way of getting away.. but she's strange. Her legs swing over the railing as she stands and looks down at the little group. "Kitty." She breathes out and then it's as if the mist has swallowed her. Or she's just left Devon's range as she climbs higher and reaches the roof.

"See ya soon." Her voice echoes down to the others.

Well, isn't that sweet. The dark eyes of the Brit drop to the ground, inspecting her broken shoe as a rosy flush paints her cheeks. He came out just to save her. But then it's sort of creepy and stalkery too. She glances up through dark lashes, looking at him suspiciously, then glancing at the others she can barely see through the mist.

"I don't know, we've only just met recen—" Tori begins, but then the other woman is climbing up a fire escape. "Do you live in that building?" she asks, before the other is out of sight. Tori's eyes move to Devon, then Lyndon and she arches a brow. "Well, thanks for your help…" She continues her walk as voices on the other side of the mist can be heard — the cops trying to figure out what happened to the men.

Climbing a fire escape isn't all that odd - from Lyndon's point of view. Nevertheless, given he's usually the only one to do it, he does raise an eyebrow slightly with a wry smirk as he looks up after the disappearing Kitty, and then offers a quiet reply of, "I'm sure you will." With that said, he keeps walking along, nodding to Tori, "Not a problem. Didn't really do an awful lot, but glad to help out with… er… whatever in the blue hell that actually was."

"I'm not shy I just don't give my name to strange people who chase after criminals," Devon mutters under his breath, watching to do the monkey thing. It's rather surprising to him, but then he just shakes his head. "Or people who pretend to be crazy monkeys." Cause that's how she's coming off to him, perhaps forever. A crazy monkey.

At least the other person with them in the mist doesn't seem to be out of reality. "You don't happen to have a car nearby that we can use, or do I have to get us a cab?" There's an annoyed puff of smoke, and then he glances back through the mist. "We better walk faster. It won't take long for them to start looking around in here."

"I don't have a car, no," Tori says, glancing back at Lyndon in case he's in on the question. "I'm still a few blocks from my apartment, but low on cash, I'm afraid, but I could split one," the thief tells Devon. She's apparently not much of a thief. "But yes, let's do walk quicker." Her legs are long for her average height, and she moves fast enough, despite having a broken heel.

"Thanks for coming to my rescue," she adds to Devon, cheeks still a touch pink, and then to Lyndon as she hurries. "I donno who what the hell it was, but apparently someone was a bit nutty and green over her. Don't get people who want to kill people they fancy, myself."

"'Fraid I've only got my bike," Lyndon answers the question with an apologetic spreading of his hands, "Could take one of you, but it'd be a damned tight squeeze with three, and we're supposed to be avoiding the cops. I might be able to help you guys out with the fare though." As suggested, he also quickens up the pace, casting the occasional glance behind him- at least until he hears the explanation of what happened.

"You gotta be kidding me. All this over him getting shut down? Jesus goddamn Christ, there's plenty of fish in the sea."

"Don't worry about it. Idiots shouldn't have been doing what they were doing," Devon says with a shrug, obviously trying not to make a big deal out of his little rescue. She probably would have been fine, even if he hadn't shown up. But he also revealed the fact he was either following her, or looking for her— but that's…

"Yeah, don't think the three of us would fit on a bike. We'll just have to hoof it the old fashioned way. At least until we're far enough away to call a cab. You can go ahead and use that bike, though." In some ways he'd rather travel the way he appeared— but he doesn't seem in a hurry to turn back.

"Look at this freakin' mist in this alley…" a cop's voice can be heard at the far end. "Some sort of gas you think?"

"That's our cue," Tori says, glancing back over her shoulder, and breaking into a run. She offers a hand to Devon, though it's more for her own sense of security and maybe something else as she darts toward the street that the alley crosses on the other side. "Let's get out of here." She glances at Lyndon. "Good luck! Don't get caught!" she says, and focuses on getting away.

"Ah, hell. Guess that's that, then." Lyndon mutters at the voice coming into the alley, following it up with a nod to the disappearing Tori, "Likewise! Catch you guys on the flip side!" And with that, Lyndon breaks into a dead run, making himself scarce. Fortunately, he didn't park too far away… he thinks.

While the lady focuses on getting away, Devon isn't far behind her, casting a glance through the alley and waving his hand at the mist. It starts to go the same way the smoke he flung in the bad guy's eyes did, catching on the wind and settling as the sunlight burns through it. It still covers their retreat well enough, even if the sound they were making did nothing at all to help with that. Once they get out of the alley, it's faded to levels they could no longer have been hiding in it.

"I'll call us a cab," he voices, actually reaching to touch the woman's back. In a way he might be urging her faster, or just letting her know he's there—

But until they're further, she's going to have to go without a horse to go with the knight who refuses the title.

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