KeLyssa Gallagher
Portrayed By Brittany Snow
Gender Female
Date of Birth February 12th, 1988
Age 21
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Aliases Lyssa, Lys
Place of Birth Denham Springs, Louisiana, USA
Current Location New York City, NY, USA
Occupation Stripper
Known Relatives Eliza Bennet (mother), Benjamin Gallagher (father), Gary (brother), Caitlin (half-sister)
Significant Other None
Known Abilities Cryokinesis
First Appearance "Another New Face"

KeLyssa Gallagher moved to New York City from small town Louisiana to find more about herself and her life. She hopes to find some answers.


Born on February 12th, 1988, KeLyssa was born shortly after her twin brother, Gary. Their mother, Eliza Bennett, was a waitress, and their father, Benjamin Gallagher, a local business-man. However, at their birth, their father was married to another woman, and having an affair with their mother. He had had another daughter with his wife, who was already three years old, named Caitlin. The twins don't know this information at all, for Benjamin soon separated from his wife because of marital problems, which were due to Eliza and the twins. Quickly after the separation with his wife, he married Eliza. Because of this, KeLyssa and Gary’s half sister, Caitlin, despises them, believing them to be the cause of her parents failed marriage. The twins don't know that they were born out of wedlock, even to this day, as neither their parents nor their half-sister Caitlin has told them.

Their childhood, as it was, was relatively normal, living on the outskirts of Denham Springs, Louisiana, a town whose population size was slowly making it become a city about. It's about an hour and a half from Baton Rouge. KeLyssa was always more quiet and shy, the total opposite of Gary who was always loud, outgoing, and outspoken. KeLyssa always preferred to play dress up with their mother's clothes and make up and wear pretty clothing, while Gary ruined his clothes by playing sports, or fighting with the neighbourhood boys. At school, both of the twins did excellent at their work, earning A's and B's, but seeing because of their different temperaments, KeLyssa usually got in less trouble than Gary did. KeLyssa always had that cute little innocent look to her anyway, and she could usually give puppy dog eyes cute enough to make it so no one could say no to her for too long…usually. Growing up, KeLyssa also took up the fiddle, which she took an instant liking to and practiced and played whenever she could.

Things changed shortly after the twins turned 15, however. When they were at a family gathering, Benjamin, their father, decided to invite Caitlin since she was his first daughter. This debatable decision was the catalyst to the discovery of the abilities of which the twins possessed. Caitlin was acting more than cold and mean to the twins, and Gary finally called her out on it as 15 year olds do, and started an argument. This caused their parents, Eliza and Benjamin, to join in on the argument, and noisy assertions soon becoming screaming ones. The anger that Gary had built up caused his powers to activate, which lit the picnic table he was sitting at on fire. It was lucky that Gary managed to get off the table before he was burnt. No one was hurt at all.

Caitlin was the first person to realize that her half-brother Gary was ‘different’, and made sure she said so in a very rude way. KeLyssa had been on the verge of tears during the argument, but got caught by surprise by the sight of the fire. Her abilities didn’t quite show as prominent however, only appearing as a coat of ice on the ground in the general vicinity of where she stood, leaving her abilities all but unseen by the others.

During the next few weeks, Gary and KeLyssa's parents talked amongst themselves about what to do to do with the twins. KeLyssa had noticed her abilities in the making as well, although not nearly as prominent. She divulged this to her parents and Gary. For the benefit of them all, KeLyssa’s parents decided that the twins abilities should be kept a secret. It was noted in the next few years, though, that KeLyssa’s body temperature was constantly a few degrees cooler than that of a normal person.

Four years later, with her abilities only a little bit advanced, as she hadn’t practiced using them much for fear people would find out, KeLyssa decided she wanted to move out of her home town, and get as far away as she could. She had graduated from high school a year earlier and she felt she needed to be somewhere that she didn’t have to worry about people finding out about her, someplace no one knew her. After some teary goodbyes, she left her parents and twin brother and left to New York City, to start life anew.


  • Notable IC events.

Quotable Quotes

  • "You should take advice from my grandmamma. She always used to say, 'Life, KeLyssa, is like box of gator food. Ya never know how dangerous it can be 'till ya open it up! So for goodness sakes, put some socks on!' Well…she meant well, anyway."
  • "But like the other thing my grandmamma used to say, 'There ain't nothin' wrong with rejection. All ya need to do is sit back and wait for the next fish to come callin'.'"


  • She has a Southern accent.
  • She play the fiddle.
  • She quotes her grandmother a fair bit.
  • She is slowly turning into a comic book 'fan', I.E. geek, but she won't admit it just yet.


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