2007-03-06: Kensei Research


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Date It Happened: March 06, 2007

Summary: Alyssa practices with her powers at work until Adam comes in looking for some information on Kensei. Lachlan comes in with flowers and an ice pack for Cass and leaves the Most Romantic Note Ever when he finds she's not there. Adam finds his books and leaves breadcrumbs.

Kensei Research

Or: For You're Face

Enlightenment Books, East Village

As the evening carried on it seemed more and more likely that there wasn't going to be any huge influx of customers right at the end so Alyssa decided that multitasking was in order. She has made herself cozy near the back, surrounded by piles of unorganized texts. Seated on one knee, she leans forward to examine a separate stack set up a good ways away down the aisle. A deep breath and then she puts out a hand and commands, "Book," All of the surrounding books in the area begin to shake but she quickly forms in her mind a picture of the one on the top of the stack that she meant and then only it leaps excitedly into the air and to her hand.

As before, the book smacks into her palm with furious intensity. Alyssa's mouth opens in soundless complaint. Maybe books weren't the best test objects. But, she's here now, so… Carefully sliding the red book into its place on the shelf, she takes a deep breath and eyes the stack. Maybe if she tries a different track.

"Hillard's Encyclopedia of the Dead," she calls more affectionately than before. This thickly bound tome rattles in its place and then shoots forward just as ridiculously fast as the first. Giving a small shriek, Alyssa somehow manages to slam her palms down against it just as the book reaches her so that it drops heavily into her lap instead of against her chest. This practice thing is dangerous!

Well, Adam's certainly not here for the 'Help Wanted' sign. But he is here for something. A book, obviously. Stepping in off the street, he pulls his hands out of his trenchcoat pockets where he was keeping them warm and starts looking up and down various shelves. Books are tilted out, and then back in as he goes about his hunt.

Alyssa is still muttering silently to herself when the door opens, which is lucky because then she's able to hear that the door to the place has creaked over. She slides the Encyclopedia of the Dead into its spot as quietly as she can and then fixes to pick up the next book like a normal person when— oh, it hits her. She works here! Jumping to her feet, she scatters the books closest to her and then picks her way out of them in order to swing around the side of one shelf and spot the person moving about there. "Hi! Welcome, can I help you find something?" So employee-ish!

"Perhaps, you can." Adam says, drifting his gaze off the shelves of books and onto Alyssa. That sly gaze he always gets when he's wanting something comes onto his face and he continues. "I'm looking for books on Feudal Japanses times." he states, darting his eyes up to the books and back. "More specifically, the adventures of Japanese legend Takezo Kensei."

Did somebody order flowers? No? Well too bad, because flowers have arrived. Yes, Lachlan Deatley has /brought flowers/. Sure, he knows where Cass lives, but he figured he'd surprise her at work. The Scotsman enters the store a few minutes after Adam bearing a bouquet of a dozen roses and a bit of baby's breath. Of course, nobody would expect /him/ to come up with this romantic gesture. It was, in fact, a suggestion of Megan's. /His/ idea of a romantic gesture is the reusable ice pack that comes /with/ the flowers. Last time he was with Cass, she ran into a pole; she probably needs an ice pack. It's funny, see? After he's glanced at the counter and found nobody there, Lachlan frowns. "Cass?" he calls, not seeming to care if he disturbs any of the customers (who happen to not be here) already browsing.

Having wrinkled her nose in concentration at the man's first words, Alyssa releases it all in a quiet but pleased 'ahh!' at the revelation of topics. "Good choice," she assures, "I don't think there's any of the drier history sections in here. Hrrm, let'see… everything got moved around lately," she admits, "The store had a bit of a shake-up," she wiggles her fingers in the air to emphasize, "I wasn't here." Back to business, she ducks back behind the shelf she was leaning around and considers. Where… where… wouldn't it all just be easier if abilities were, like, known things and she could call any book anyone wanted right to her. Ooooh. Fighting temptation, Alyssa hears the door again and then a call for Cass. "Not in right now!" She shouts back, starting to ruffle through a couple of books that might be helpful for the first person. When she pulls away a book that lets her see through the shelves to his face, again, she gets a better look. "Oh, I've seen you before."

"I prefer to think of it as a more interesting time of history." Adam grins, watching the girl go to work. Normally he wouldn't think of venturing out into public during business hours, but after the other night in Central Park, he has something he has to find out. Ooops, maybe today was one of those days he should have stayed hidden. Whether or not Alyssa's recognition was directed at him, or the other fellow, Adam doesn't show any signs of nervousness. "It looks like the store's recovered well though…" he comment casually.

Fwuh. Romantic gestures don't /work/ if the romanticked person is /not present/. This completely deflates Lachlan's ego (which was pretty sizeable since he figured he was doing something Really Awesome). He looks somewhat surprised and distressed at the news that Cass is not here, shoulders sagging as he hisses out a scoff. "Wha'? Well where'd she go?" he asks, moving toward the counter and peering behind it just to be sure Cass isn't hiding back there somewhere. "'Ve got somethin' fer 'er." He … he brought /flowers/.

"That's why it's a good choice," she elaborates, tracing a couple of spines, "If it was boring, it wouldn't /be/ here. But Kensei, mm, that's good history. Er, well… story, whatever." She rolls her eyes. Maybe she's been corrected on this before. She brings her gaze back to him after, but Alyssa's curious study of Adam's face is interrupted by the newest arrival's distress. Glancing away, she holds up a 'wait' finger for Adam and moves to the counter, eyeing Lachlan and his… wow, /flowers/. Really? "I know you, too," she announces slyly, crossing her arms over her chest. "You're looking for the boss, huh? I think she stepped out to meet with someone. Presumably not you. Can I help you with that? I've got a…" A vague gesture towards Adam, "-nother person here."

Whether the jig is up or not, Adam continues on. At least if anything, he can just claim to bear a resemblence to Kensei. "My father told me of the tales of Kensei when I was a young boy." Adam starts, trailing off as Lachlan enters and he's given the 'wait' sign. While he's 'wait'ing, he starts perusing the other books in the same general section. Maybe there's more in here he should look at.

It isn't until Alyssa approaches that Lachlan really looks at her — and subsequently /recognizes/ her. Instead of thinking this awkward, he grins broadly. "Oh, hey, I know ye too," he responds. It takes a moment for it to sink in, but once it does, his face contorts into a confused frown. "Wha're ye doin' here?" Oh, but nevermind, nevermind. He holds the flowers and the ice pack (it's one of those nifty gel kinds that can act as both a cold and hot compress) out toward Alyssa. "Yeah, uh, could ye make sure Cass gets these when she gets in? An' d'ye have a pen an' paper somewhere?" Seeing as he was expecting to deliver the flowers directly to the recipient, he didn't think to leave a note.

"I most certainly do," Alyssa replies, strained, as she's also holding in a very hearty chuckle at the sight of the once-passerby Scotsman with his flowers and his whatever that other part was. Moving back to where she was organizing books, she digs her backpack out of the mess and drags it back towards Lachlan. "In the front pocket," she informs him. Then it's quickly back towards the shelves. With a glance back over her shoulder to make sure Lachlan is occupied with that, and another to see that Adam is watching some other part of the store, she hurries along one of the aisles, puts her hand behind her and mutters determinedly, "Kensei. A volume about Kensei." For a long second nothing happens and she thinks she's screwed but then there's a noise and one of the shelved books nearby slips out and she feels the familiar thud against her hand. Triumph lights her face as she continues her pace /back/ around the corner and to Adam, "Here's something," she chirps, "And there may be a couple more where I found this." — wherever that is — "So you like the tales, huh? Just brushing up now, or…?"

If there's anything peculiar about a book falling right into her hands, Adam doesn't pick up on it. Of course, he'd have to be watching her to see it anyways. When she appears with the book, he glances at it. "Ahh….that out to do." he grins, nodding his head. There's a gleam in his eyes as he glances at the cover of the book and then up to Alyssa. "Would it hurt to check? Maybe there's one that has photographs of art from the same time period?" he asks, leaning to look around the corner from whence she came. "Oh…not brushing up. Teaching. It's for a class over at NYU."

Goody! Paper and pen! Lachlan has the means with which to write a note. It will be the most /romantic note ever/. He lays the ice pack and bouquet on the counter and then stands poised over the little slip of notepaper he took from Alyssa's bag, pen tapping against his jaw thoughtfully. He remains in this pose for several seconds before he decides on his poetic words of adoration: "For you're face. ~Lach." Yes, it's even spelled wrong. Out of /love/. The notepaper is tucked into the bouquet in plain sight and he arranges the flowers to lay on the counter in a way that would make them quite easy to see once one walks in the door.

Alyssa hovers near Adam with little discretion. Hey, it's her job. Helping. At his next question, she scoffs, "Never hurts to check," she says, slipping past around to her former spot. Where was that book from… where, there must be a hole in the shelf somewhere for it. If only she had a better memory for when they were shelved. "Oh, you're kidding!" she talks to cover her inability to immediately locate the right spot, "That's not fair because when /I/ went to school I took a Japanese class and the professor was all biased against things that 'couldn't be backed up'," she adopts what must be her - failing - impression of the man, "No fun. And no appreciation for demons annnnd swords and everything thaaaaat counted— aha!" Snagging something she's found, Alyssa flips the cover open and frowns, "Volume three? Oh, maybe this is too late on…" Flip, flip, flip.

"Ah, yes. We still have one like that." Adam nods understandingly. "I prefer my students, however, to be versed in other form of folklore." When she moves around the corner, so does he. Following along as she picks up the next book. His expression is unchanged. At least until she begins flopping through the pages. One picture in particular flashes by as he looks over her shoulder. "Stop! There's one!" he exclaims, shooting a finger to try and stop the page in mid-turn. It's a picture, or rather a portrait, of Kensei with full garb on.

The ice pack is left with the bouquet and note in plain sight on the counter. Hopefully, it'll all be okay until Cass comes in tomorrow. Nobody would break into a bookstore to steal roses and an ice pack, right? Right. Satisfied, Lachlan turns on his heel and heads for the door, tossing a wave over his shoulder as he goes. "Thank ye!" he calls to the busy Alyssa before ducking outside to retrieve his Doberman and head home (or to the hotel he's called home lately). Unfortunately, he doesn't quite remember that he's still got Alyssa's pen. It is forever lost in the miscellany of his jacket pockets.

Alyssa jerks in slight surprise at the sudden impromptu bookmark, the movement also informing her that the guy has come up beside her without her noticing. Brilliant. To recover, she displays the indicated page and stares with marked intensity at the picture there. Some sort of caption, blah blah, and then— the famed hero of legend in one of those really neat outfits. This isn't a picture Alyssa thinks she's seen before, or at least she never managed to remember, but the more she stares the more she's sure she's stared at this face before. You know. Maybe just a bit earlier or something. Nah… but… Biting down on the inside of her cheek, Alyssa turns her head to look at the man in the store. "Huh, there it is," she says, lamely, so many seconds too late.

"Yaeko." Adam barely whispers as he notices a small Japanese symbol in the bottom right corner of the painting. Though he's within enough of a range to easily be heard. "I'll take them both." he states quickly, recovering from his surprise. The once-gleam in his eyes is gone now, replaced by almost a hint of sadness. "That should be enough material to get my students interested. How much?"

Alyssa seems to be more watching than listening until she's suddenly on the move, closing and flipping over the book in her hands to get a gander at the price. She lists it off but she doesn't know the number for the other until it's handed back to her. Moving to the counter and sliding behind — and maneuvering around Lachlan's left present — she takes to the register, still thoughtful. In truth, that whole time she was running the name heard through her head a couple times. Nothing comes up, though, so she breaks back to attention, "Bag for those? I'm jealous of your students. Maybe I'll have to sneak over school-side sometime for a gander." At /you/. Okay, no, also the stories.

"You totally should sometime." Adam grins, as he's watching the purchase being rung up. Once the total is given, he reaches into his back pocket for his wallet. From which he produces the requisite amount of cash. He's not the slight bit disturb about her wanting to come to his lectures. Even though it's just a cover story. But he's a man with a plan. "Here's my number. Call me and we'll meet up so you can see the lectures." he adds, pulling a pen out of his pocket and scribbling the number down on a scrap of paper that falls out of the same pocket. At least now, if she calls, he can play it off. "Thanks again." he chimes, waiting for the books to be bagged before he heads for the door.

"No problem. Hope to see you in again, soon, if I happen to forget about this," she says, pulling in the written on scrap of paper and pushing back the neatly bagged pair of books. She's sad to see them go— ahh, she's saying it— "Sad to see 'em go, really. But seems like they're in good hands." With a last bursting smile of corporate friendliness, she seems content to watch him go except for a glance down at the number makes her start, "Oh! A name—" She looks up; is he gone?

"Very good hands, indeed." Adam says, picking up the bag and making his way to the door. At the last minute he hears her question and sticks his head back in the doorway. "Stan." he says, a quirky grin on his face. And then he's gone.

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