"Yeah, you better be here so I can whup you again!"

Casting: Michael Raymond-James
Date of Birth: ♏ November 3rd, 1981
Age: 30
Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
Occupation: Detective/Combat Specialist with the ACRU
Ability: Enhanced Physical Capacity
Power Grade:
Registration Status: ☐ UN ☒ REG
Theme Song: Coming soon
Hooks: ✔ Law ✔ ACRU/Police

Kev is a member of the Ability Crime Response Unit Team. Due to his army background and the physical nature of his Registered ability, his position is basically … the muscle.


Kevin Parrish isn't usually the kind of guy who wins awards or stands out for being exceptionally great or really terrible. He's basically just a casual, average guy if there is such a creature. And not to sell him short, even if most people do, he's not one-sided; he just really is a nice person with pretty simple desires, no extreme goals in his life, and no deep, dark secrets. He grew up in Miami, Florida and a military base in Guam. His parents were both in the United States Army, and he followed in their footsteps out of thinking he lacked anything better to do.

He eventually served two years overseas, where his ability manifested— a rather rough 'n' tumble ability that seemed to turn his strength with every adrenaline rush. The news of "Ability Positives" had, by then, reached the soldiers; he faced discrimination from his own commanding officer, was given a discharge for "psychological" reasons, and sent home. Surprise personal matters greeted him there and he hauled himself to California, where he got discriminated against some more, both for his newly Registered ability that the government deemed Risk Level High, and the military discharge in his past.

So he went to ACRU. He stated his case honestly. He wanted to work for them. He was trained. He had an ability. He was useful. He could do this. He'd go through every step of extra training. He'd take every psychological test there was to prove his discharge from the military wasn't what it says it was; it was discrimination. There might have been some pleading and puppy dog eyes.

Now he works for ACRU, specializing in combat.


Aug. 9 — Missing PiecesKev pops by the lab to catch up 'n' help out on the "Lonely Hearts" case Harry is working on.
Aug. 13 — Happy Birthday ACRUIt's the ACRU's birthday! It's one year old and Captain Nick Shea is fifty. There's a party. The psychologist calls it quits but Kev is more interested in the cake.
Aug. 15 — Terror TourA traffic accident occurs on Melrose as Kev is giving Harry a ride. With a doc named Simon, he helps save a few people from a bus before it all goes to hell.


  • "Well, there's no dinner. I mean sure, whatever, it's about the romance and candles and crap, but— a romantic dinner— has to have— romantic food. So what, did they just not get to cookin' before they got cookin'?" Missing Pieces
  • "You know, what I think is, we should hire one of those people who— you know, what's it called? They go wherever they want with like a snap of their fingers. Teleporters! Shit, man. That's what this city needs." Terror Tour


  • Nickname Count: tank-boy
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