VIDEO: We Are Strong

"I've only ever lived life through these roles that aren't me; they were written for me by you." — Lee

Cast In Order of Appearance:

Narrator/Meta: Lee, quote. Parker, singing.

The Opening Profiles: Laurie, Emily, Erin, Jo, Randall, Matt, Sylar, Claire, Cody, Mark, Sydney, Maggie, Gene, Alexandra, Aaron, Peter, Nathan, Hallis, George, Cam, Lee, KeLyssa

Main Video: Noah, Angela, Tracy, Gabriel, Peter, Hiro, Daphne, Lachlan, Sydney, Max, Lee, Cass, Nathan, Laurie, Maggie, 2012-Peter, Janet, Cam, KeLyssa, Felix, Alexandra, Emily, Gene, Aaron, Cody, Claire, Micah, Adam, Kitty, Randall, Jamie, Erin, Mohinder, Cora, George, Jaden, Matt, Hallis, Elle, Benjamin, Jo, Molly, Sandra, Zelda, Wild Horse, Vincent, Emma, Parker, Meryl, Dee, Samuel

Totaling: 52 characters, 28 players + a wild horse

"What are you going to do?" "Save the day." — Maggie, Laurie

Since the video is about HeroesMUSH, it is therefore depicting HeroesMUSH events… whether you realize it or not… therefore creating the phenomenon of VIDEO CANON.

Video Canon Events please don't add to this without verifying with Daphne~
— Daphne punches Hiro. (video; 0:22) It's happened! The Beginning Of a Beautiful Endgame
— Lachlan also punches somebody. (video; 0:22) It's probably happened a lot!
— Sydney watches someone go up in mystical blue flames. (video; 0:23)
— Lee shoots a gun. A lot. (video; 0:26, 0:39)
— Cass falls off a roof and is rescued by a flying person. (video; 0:27)
— Peter strolls purposefully down a hallway with both Nathan and Gabriel on different days. And sides. (video; 0:32)
— Daphne uses her power… (video; 0:35, 1:56) It's ALWAYS happening!
— Gene is applauded by the masses. (video; 0:43)
— Tracy uses Cold Snap. It's happened! When It Rains, It Pours
— Peter jumps Alexandra off a stage. (video; 0:48)
— Aaron robs a bank. Or is in a bank when someone robs it. And shoots someone. (video; 0:49)
— Cody is covered in blood and cradling a severed head. (video; 0:50) It's… eww, happened! Surprise Dead Body
— Tracy and Nathan kiss. (video; 1:00) It's happened! To Risk Everything
— Daphne steps up on Peter's toes. (video; 0:59-1:01) It's happened! Race You To The Top Of The Morning
— Cody is hit by a taxi. (video; 1:05)
— Maggie swings a FRYING PAN at Laurie's face. (video; 1:06) It's happened! Of The Frying Pan
— Lachlan is SET ON FIRE. (video; 1:09)
— George nails a guy in the head with a baseball bat. SQUISH! (video; 1:17) It's happened! Better Batter
— Cody meanders through the jungle. (video; 1:18)
— Hallis is given fashion advice by a bunch of hip ghetto black ladies. (video; 1:22) It's happened! It's BLING, Baby!!
— Elle DESTROYS GABRIEL. (video; 1:23)
— Sylar kills Jesse. It makes Noah kind of unhappy. (video; 1:28)
— Aaron is in a scuffle. (video; 1:29)
— MARK IS ON A HORSE. (video; 1:46)
— MAX CRIES (no, I'm serious, he's crying) (video; 1:41) By God, it's happened! The Challenge
— Emma is awesome with her power. (video; 1:54)
— Laurie gets shot in the back. (video; 1:58) It's happened! Breathe In


"We're not looking for where we belong~" — Parker (singing Kick-Ass)

Should any of you be stricken with sheer curiosity… the sources of these clips:

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