2007-03-15: Kicking Ass Through Better Orgasms


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Summary: When three hot women show up at the bar at the same time, Jack gets more than the leering he bargained for.

Date It Happened: March 15, 2007

Kicking Ass Through Better Orgasms

AKA: Hot. Girl. Action.

Den of Iniquity, New York

Behind the bar, Jack's tossed his blazer and untucked his shirt as he goes about the business of cleaning glasses and wiping things down, preparing to close up if the crowd doesn't increase.

You paged Jessica with 'Though it's a Saturday night, things are still relatively calm at the Den. It doesn't exactly cater to the college-age, beer-swilling crowd. The ligts have been dimmed to a comfortable glow, and the only patrons are a set of men in their fifties arguing about labor issues over cheap whiskey and a young woman playing a solo game of pool.

Behind the bar, Jack's tossed his blazer and untucked his shirt as he goes about the business of cleaning glasses and wiping things down, preparing to close up if the crowd doesn't increase.

Candy still looks vaguely vexed. "Oh, he wasn't really rude or anything…he's just…he doesn't LISTEN." She sighs exasperatedly. "Just frustrating. Besides, he's as big as me. And very rich. Spanking him wouldn't go well."

"I imagine that's what sons do, frustrate their mothers." Ling says with a little sigh as she pats Candy reassuringly on the shoulder while leading her over to the bar. She leans in and whispers, "well, at least the bartender's cute..flirt away..you'll feel better.." smiling brightly in the end before hopping onto one of the barstools to check Jack out. She's not being very subtle about it either.

Jack lifts his gaze as a new customers start to file in. Part of him want to go home, go to sleep, and forget about everything that's happened today. The rest of him knows that he's far too wired. When the pair approaches, he smiles winningly and slathers on a layer of Irish charm for people who have money to spend. "Lady-o. And lady-o." He bobs a nod to each in turn. "Welcome to my pub. What can I get you?"

The door to the Den opens again with a too-rough bang, emitting a patron who has never stepped foot in the sketchy little establishment before this exact moment. And apparently, she likes to make an entrance. It's the blonde Jack met at Central Park a couple of days ago, so it would seem, and she appears to be on a mission. Of sorts. Even before she appears, the blonde has a grin spread across her face, as if she's harbouring a wicked secret. While she peels off her winter coat to reveal the much more acceptable tanktop underneath, she takes in the sights. Soon, Jessica saunters toward the bar, sliding up beside the other women, though she doesn't obviously so much as glance at them. "Whiskey," she orders. "Shots. And keep 'em coming."

Candy looks back over to Ling, considering the words. She then takes a moment to look Jack up and down as he comes closer to ask. She thinks about his appearance. "Mmm…." Not bad. The scar is a little Mph. But the dark and scruffy, that's good. "Long Island Ice Tea, please."

"Whiskey sour.." Ling says with a firm nod as she raises her brows and checks out his assets. There's the whole Iris charm which is always good and considering it's St. Patty's Day..well, she wants some o' dat. Her attention then goes back to Candy with a wry grin, "Well.." she says with a little nudge to get her to start flirting before looking over to Jessica. Woah. Just woah.

Working double-time, Jack pulls a bottle of Pendleton's down from above the bar, and four glasses from below. Quickly, he lines out the shots, mindless of drops running onto the polished glass surface. This is his bar, after all. Fuck the two drink maximum. The intense examination is enough to pull a smile out of Jack as he shrugs away the weariness and stress of the day. Just as fast as he whipped the shots together, his nimble fingers assemble the Long Island and the whiskey sour. "Well, now. Anything else I can do for you three ladies?"

Without hesitation, the moment it's set down in front of Jessica, the whiskey is knocked back. No flinching. Whatsoever. She hasn't even sat down yet. When she does sink onto the barstool, after first folding her jacket over the back, she slants an icy-eyed glance to Candy and Ling. Mostly Ling. It doesn't last; she's eyeing Jack in no time, her wicked grin spreading further across her fair face. "You can be ready with more whiskey." Second shot: downed in a flash. She means business when she means to drink. Blame Niki for going to freaking AA. "Hey. Don't I know you?"

Candy takes a sip of her drink, before looking back to Jack. She leans in, giving a look down her neckline, with a smile at him. "Thanks a ton…it's been a really hard day." Pouty expression. And then she hears Jessica. She assumes the question is directed her way; she gets it a lot. "Hmm?" she looks back to the blonde.

"No thank you..I'm fine.." Ling says with a bright smile before she looks over to Jessica with furrowed brows once more. She shakes her head a little and takes an occasional sip of her whiskey sour every now and then. She nudges Candy again, trying to urge her to be a bit more aggressive before peering back towards Jessica curiously.

With the Pendelton's bottle still on the bar, Jack's as ready as he could be, and he can fill 'em up as fast as Niki can empty 'em. "We've met," he agrees. "Central Park, remember?" Unconsciously, his gaze flickers to where it'd come to rest for most of their previous meeting, which is hardly appropriate in a professional capacity. "You're hard to forget." Speaking of hard to forget, there's a peep down Candy's neckline. Though recognition flashes in his eyes, he decides that mentioning the Bikini Hero franchise might not be in his best interest. Still, gotta cater to the customers. "If you've had a bad day, my place is the spot to end it at. Everyone has a good time here."

Jack must have really hit the jackpot tonight, huh? At the very least, the blondest of the three woman smirks upon noticing the bartender's luck. Although she glances the way of the other two women, the looks end there for now; they may as well be furniture from this point onward unless they catch her attention further. So far, they don't. She settles more comfortably into the barstool, her every movement languid. "Right." Central Park. She remembers with a lift of her brow, sliding the shot glass close to the edge of the bar but not slamming it yet. "I remember you," she purrs to Jack. "Nice, by the way. The thing with the bench? Subtle."

Candy looks back and since there's no reply from Jessica, she assumes she's NOT the one being addressed. She looks back to Ling, giving her ankle a nudge with her heel. "Not -that- fast…" she whisper-hisses. Don't want to look like a slut. No matter any validity.

Oh come on! This is the woman who does soft-core porn. Ling just lets out an impish giggle at the reply and shakes her head once more as she takes a few more sips of her drink. She glances towards Jessica and Jack, not really sure what they're talking about, so she just eavesdrops for now.

For a split-second, Jack freezes in response to the blonde's statement. Then he grins just a wide as before. "Aye. I do stare." As if to prove a point, he leers up and down at her for a long moment, then snags one of the recently refilled shots and downs it. Then, to be polite, he checks his other two female patrons out with just as much subtlety.

"That's not what I meant." Jessica doesn't take offense to Jack's leering; in fact, she smirks, straightening up just a bit in her seat. Meanwhile, you better bet the blonde's eavesdropping on Ling and Candy, but she's subtle about it, not so much as glancing their way. They might as well be on a different continent. For all appearances? Her attention is on Jack, one hundred and ten percent, with a sly smile to go along with it. Unlike Niki's appearance in the park the other day, this variation on the woman is … much more confident. She downs that third shot. "Mmm, God, I missed that. Good taste, Jack." She remembers.

Candy smiles sweetly as Jack checks her out. "Hmmm…this was pretty good." She says, glass half-drank now. She swirls it once, rattling the ice around in here. Of course, now she's seeing things as a competition with Jessica for Jack's attention. Being somewhat oblivious and all. She smiles at him. "You must get a lot of interesting people in here." she says, trying to strike up conversation.

And this is when Ling just watches. As attractive as Jack is, she just had some of the worst sex in her life from someone who was attractive as well, so she's just watching, deciding not to flirt at all. This is to be Candy's man afterall, and she just giggles every now and then while taking sips.

Rather than call more attention to his activities, Jack lets the blonde's comments slide by unchallenged. "I get around," is all he says, and he smiles mysteriously. Instead of stealing more of her drinks, he pulls out another glass for himself and fills it. Then, shot in hand, he ghosts over to attend to Candy. "We get all sorts in here, love. Not many upscale ladies, though. M'glad to hear my modest drinks are pleasing to you." He tosses back his whiskey, then upends it and clinks it down against the glass bad. "Let me get you another." Even as he speaks, a second Long Island is in the making.

Even though Jessica doesn't so much as glance Candy's way (or Ling's), she does, however, lean over the bar at an opportune time. Elbows planted, she grins at Jack, but doesn't say a word; she silently just watches him with a look that's both knowing and critical. Shoving one of the empty shot glasses across the bar (hint, hint), the woman casts a sharp glance around the bar. As she twists in her stool to eye the space behind her, and her bare shoulder follows suit. The right shoulderblade bears a familiar symbol in black ink.

Candy smiles. "Aww, I'm sure it's gonna be fine. But I'll need another one of these. My friend tells me this place is a good place to have some fun. Do you know the best way around here?" Sure, flirting some.

A wry grin curls onto her lips as she continues to watch before finishing off her whiskey sour. She simply sets down her glass and looks between the two before raising her brows at the familiar symbol. She's seen that before..and now that's piqued her curiosity.

To his credit, Jack /doesn't/ gape at the tattoo. He does blink owlishly as he scoots the Long Island across to Candy. Then his long-practiced poker face drops back into place and he fills the row of glasses with whiskey once again. He pulls two more glasses out for himself, then fills and empties them in a workmanlike fashion. They're turned upside down where they join their fellow. As he works on prepping another whiskey sour, he finally answers Candy's question. "Brooklyn's my part of town, for certain. I can tell you anythin' y'want to know." Finished, the whiskey sour slides to rest in front of Ling.

Jessica twists back sharply, but her expression is laid-back - as much as it can be, perpetually devious as it is at the moment. She twirls an empty shot glass about in her fingers before abandoning it. The shots she downed don't seem to have a particularly noticeable effect on the woman yet; either that, or she hides it well. She's no lightweight. "Anything, huh?" she listens in. "I said keep 'em coming, Irish."

Candy smiles. "Well, I was thinking about something a little closer to home…" she offers, warmly. "So…you work the closing shift?" Her eyes are a little glassy. She looks to Ling. Help!

OMGWTFBBQ! Candy's drunk and Ling cant help but giggle once more, especially since she's putting the moves on Jack now. "I..I should get going soon, you think maybe you can help her home?" she says while taking the whiskey sour for another couple of sips. "I'm sure she'd appreciate it..and it's been a long and stressful day forher…" And there we go, Ling's helping. Though not in the way that her BFF probably wants at the moment.

Laughing, Jack pulls out another fistful of shot glasses, fills them, and divides them between himself and Jessica. After downing another, he shoots a friendly glance at the rapidly-panicking Candy. "Whoa, now. Relax, or you're liable to break something." To Ling he says, "Err.. Sure. Part o' the job, after all." Sure, Jack has a girlfriend, but he's been drinking since he nearly got killed earlier this afternoon. Enter: Impaired Judgement.

Jessica, having made short work of the shots, makes short work of the next one that's set in front of her. Impaired judgment? No, she still looks pretty damn sharp, but there's a perpetual grin on her face, although it's subtler than it used to be. "So." Another shot: downed. This one means business. "Jack." The woman purposefully uses the name of her drink-slinger. "Why'd you really put that mark on the bench? Indulge a girl." There's nothing dulcet about her tone. Though it's spoken in the same wicked but alluring tones she's held for her whole visit, there's an undertone of threat.

Candy looks over to Jessica, this time annoyed, rather than curious. That look is somewhere in the Official Female Dictionary, under "G", for Get-Your-Own…Bitch! Figures. Young little thing thinks she's all that. The actress smiles back at Jack's statement. "Oh, don't worry. I'm just having enough to be friendly." That's almost -purred-…someone is moving into vamp mode now. "It's nice, being friendly."

OH SNAP! Blonde fighting. That would be really amusing, and part of her really wants to see it, especially since it seems like they're both fighting for Jack's attention. So, Ling leans forward, giving him a good cleavage shot as she wagglesher brow, "So who are you going to answer first, babe?"

Uh oh. There's that poker face again, though it's a little less perfect than the first time it made an appearance. Still smiling in a pleasantly indulgent fashion, he pushes another shot over to Jessica. Then he turns his smile to Ling, dodging the issue altogether as his gaze drifts dangerously low. "Mmm? It seems wises to answer you and let them work it out between themselves. I've got all night, after all."

"Don't get your panties in a knot, princess." This is spoken brazenly to Candy before Jessica goes back to ignoring the other woman. More important things and all. She plucks the shot glass from the bar, but lets it dangle between her fingers as she holds it underneath her chin, leaning over the bar to fix Jack with a pointed stare. She means business. What that business /is/ is anyone's guess, but she makes herself pretty clear when her free hand lashes out toward Jack's shirt collar. "I wasn't making small talk."

Candy looks back at Jessica, surprised that she actually got PHYSICALLY grabby with Jack. And then it registers on her slightly drunk brain that she got insulted. Oh No She Din't! Candy looks back at Jessica, and since Jessica grabbed for Jack, Candy grabs for Jessica's wrist. "Go back to preschool, honey."

This cannot be good. Ling definitely takes a step back as to not get between the two women as she laughs heartily now. This is way too amusing while winking to Jack. "Well look at you, having two women fight over you..most men would orgasm right about now.."

Leaning to one side, Jack allows Jessica's hand to pass by his face. It's close, though. So close he can feel it. Grinning, he waggles a finger at her scoldingly. "Now, now. You don't /have/ to be rough if you want a piece of ol' Jack." Then Candy jumps in. "Err. You know, you don't have to be rough, either. 'Leastaways, not until we all get back to my place." Then /Ling/ speaks up. Can we not give an Irishman a break? "Oh yeah. I'm the happiest man in my pants right now, I can guaranteee you."

Preschool? No thanks. Keeping her hand absolutely still atop the bar, Jessica slants the other woman a brutally offensive look that says, quite simply and to the point, 'mess with me and die' when her wrist is grabbed. She's not petty, but that's an attack. Glass slamming against the bar, she lashes out with her free hand to grab Candy's wrist in turn. If she grabs? She has no intent of letting go. "Hands off before I put you through the wall," she hisses. To Jack, then: "Mhmmhmmm," she laughs under her breath at Jack and stands up, only long enough to kneel on the barstool and make herself taller. "I like it rough. But you didn't answer my question, and I don't have a lot of patience, so either you tell me, or I throw you into the back room and you tell me in /private/."

Surprisingly, Candy actually manages to yank her wrist out of Jessica's grasp. She looks angry; this is turning into a catfight, now. The brunette looks back, and being drunk plus being mad impairs her judgement…enough that she's not thinking about showing off her own powers. She learned some martial arts for her movies, so she turns to tuck a shoulder under Jess's arm, and spins and heaves at the same time, trying a round of Toss-A-Blonde.

Ling watches the two women with eyes widening. This..cannot be good and the whole funny factor has died down considering that people actually might get hurt. Her eyes widen and she looks over to Jessica, giving the woman an icy cold stare as she wants to give the woman pain like no other…it seems everyone's revealing their powers tonight..

When Jack relieved his late-shift bartender, a chick fight was hardly what he had in mind. Normally he'd be all for it, but this /is/ his establishment, after all. "Hey! That's e-fuckin'-nough!" Before the words have left his lips, he's vaulted over the counter to land in the middle of the converging femme fatales. His blue eyes are wide and dangerous, and his voice is a gruff, no-nonsense growl. "Nobody gets hit in here without my say-so, and I don't say-so."

Jessica rolls her eyes even as she slides off of the barstool; though her grip is forcefully relinquished from Candy, earning a harsh look from the blonde, she's not swayed. "I'm trying to have a /conversation/." Standing strong and staid when the brunette nuisance shoulders her, she aims to elbow Jack with one arm, and she thrusts her palm squarely at the other woman's chest and - with a dark eye to Ling; the hell was that? - she shoves Candy at the crime-mistress.

Candy, for her part, was expecting Jess to go flying, since she is Stronger Than The Average Bear. Unfortunately, it's like trying to shoulder-throw a BUS. What the heck, does this chick have neutronium heels or something? She has about enough time to think "uh-oh", before she's suddenly flung Ling's way. Jessica Super Strength + Drunk Candy + High Heels gets a result of SUCKAGE. One brunette, either about to be a faceplanted brunette or a projectile weapon on her friend. Either or.

Ling isn’t going to step to the side, or even attempt to, cause well, that's what BFFs are for. She wrinkles her nose and prepares to brace herself as she gasps and tumbles on over, getting sent several feet from that shove. That was..insane! That woman..is scary, but so is she, and so she just glares at Jess once more. If anything, she'll try to get Jack to have room to runaway without having to lose his manparts, cause well, she likes them..

Once again, Jack barely avoids a blow from the blonde. Her elbow glides off of his forearm, then he smoothly backs out of the line of fire. With Candy soaring through the air toward Ling, there's little to do but try and keep things from /really/ getting out of hand. "I'm glad you like it rough, sugar," he mutters under his breath. Almost too fast to follow, he darts around behind the blonde, plants an open palm against her lower back, and gives a hard shove. Because, as yet, he's got no idea that she's Incredibly Dangerous.

A wicked laugh emerges under the blonde woman's breath as she shoves Candy flying into her pal; icy eyes on land on Jack with her severe gaze. Her grin never ceases. This is a game - until Ling levels that stare on her. Jessica lets loose with a raw, primal shout, anger at first - but her scream quickly turns into a primal moan, of all things, and she drops to her knees staring in blatant confusion at Ling. Shutting her eyes and gaping, there are not many words to describe her expression short of "orgasmic," and she falls forward under Jack's shove, sprawling on her stomach, sucking in a sharp gasp of air between heavy breaths.

Candy, meanwhile, is a little disoriented, to put it mildly. Being flung through the air into your friend'll do that. BUT, all the adrenaline flowing through her helps some. She looks over and now Jessica is sprawled on her stomach. She glares back. "Bitch!" She grabs at one of the barstools and swings it at the prone blonde.

"Candy! Bad idea..we go now!" Ling says as she isnt fast enough to stop Candy from throwing the barstool, but she's seen the strength of this woman, and she isnt sure she can pleasure her twice in one night. "So yeah..let's go!" and with that, she'll tug at her BFF.

"Uhh…" Surprised, Jack nudges the fallen Jessica with one booted toe. "I didn't hit her that hard, I swear." Confused, he shoots a glance over toward the other two women. "You see that? All I did was push her." He takes a quick step back, eyes widening as the blonde begins to writhe and moan. Then the barstool comes a-swingin'. Cold and hard-eyed, Jack steps up and grabs the seat in both hands. "That's quite enough, thank you."

Saved from the barstool's wrath by Jack, Jessica starts to climb up from her unexpected sprawl on the floor. Residual pleasure still lingers in her eyes, clouding their previously sharp stare as she starts to haul herself up, using the edge of the bar for leverage. The woman writhes on the spot once she's standing, working kinks out of her body. "Mmmh. Wouldn't refuse that again," she retorts dulcetly. "Now, are you to gonna leave us alone, or do I have to make myself clear again?"

Candy starts to object. Ling's comment comes first, and so does her answer. "Shhhe. Hit me. In the TITS." It sounds, while a bit drunkenly slurred, but horribly offended. That's like hitting Tiger Woods in the golf hand, or summin'. But then Jack stops her hitting-thing. Hmph. She lets go her end of the stool, and looks back to Ling. "Okay, okay, fine. Less' getouta here."

With that, Ling just takes her BFF by the hand and takes her home. Hawt. I know…

Slowly, Jack settles his captured stool to the ground and shakes his head. "This city never ceases to amaze me…" he muses. Then, frowning, he turns his attention back toward the slightly unsteady blonde. "You finished? I'd rather hop back behind the bar and have another drink, if it's all the same to you." Miraculously, sometime in the confusion, the few remaining patrons at the Den have also departed.

Jessica waits until the other women depart, her hands on her hips all the while, spread over the dark fabric of her jeans. There's a self-satisfied look on her face. Possibly for more reason than one. Only then does she pay any attention to Jack. All but alone in the bar with the Irishman, she slides onto a barstool like nothing happened. "Where were we? Mm. You were about to refill my whiskey and tell me your secrets."

Rather than go over the bar this time, Jack pads around behind it refills several glasses of whiskey. "Secrets? I don't recall admitting to having any secrets." He meets Jessica's eyes squarely as he lifts one, tosses it down the hatch, then upends it and sets it next to the rest of his empties. "Why are you so nosy, anyway?"

"Everyone has secrets," Jessica replies simply, matter-of-factly, no frills. She doesn't touch the alcohol that's poured yet. Doesn't even glance at it, even though she demanded it. Her eyes steadily track the man behind the bar. Predatory, pinning him. "Call me curious. I saw you draw that symbol." Even if Niki didn't.

"Lots of people see lots of things," Jack replies blandly. A predator in his own right, he returns the gaze in kind. His long, nimble fingertips tap the bar idly. "And lots of people are curious. I fail to see what makes you special, other than a first-rate set of chesticles."

Jessica tips her head back, clutching the edge of the bar and regarding Jack with an unmoved expression - which flickers only marginally at his statements, a brief left of one darker-than-blonde brow. "Oh, I'm special, babe," she says and knocks back the shot of whiskey. She needs it, after her little encounter with the women earlier. "You have nooo idea." Or maybe he does by now.

For all outward appearances, all Jessica did was faint in the middle of a catfight. Not exactly admirable, but not odd behavior either. "Fine then. Since you're so interested in secrets, why don't you go first? Then I'll go once we're bestest friends foreverest."

"Never said anything about wanting to be your friend," Jessica replies in a lulled voice, that malicious tone seeping back into her voice. She swiftly lifts one brow, looking up at Jack. "Fine. You want me to show you mine before you show me yours?" Why, is that a suspiciously threatening voice the woman has?! Why yes it is. Suddenly, she's standing, and her hand is grabbing for the man's throat. Grabby, grabby, Irish.

What is it with this woman and the throat? Grunting with effort, Jack bats her hand away and takes a step back. "Ask, and ye shall recieve." With a brief flourish, he produces the military-issue riot prod that served him so well earlier today. He thumbs the button, producing a brief, crackling arc of bluish sparks between the two leads. "Now you've seen mine. Unless you want to see it /very/ close up, I suggest you leave." To embellish the point, he gestures with the tip of the prod.

Jugular, that's what. But Jessica's hand slices through the air, narrowly missing Jack when he spurns her attempt. She slams her hips into the bar with the effort. She just rolls with the unexpected - while the sudden appearance of the prod warrants a sharp look, she doesn't look particularly intimidated. At all. She folds her arms loosely, gesturing with her chin at the man. "Nice trick," she retorts. "Too bad I don't care enough stick around," Because they could have had such a nice conversation otherwise? Right. "And see if you know how to use it." she adds. With that, she starts to turn on her heel.

Despite his words, Jack is always spoiling for a fight. Still, it hardly seems fair to take an unarmed woman on with stun gun in hand. So he smiles placatingly, sets it down, and gestures grandly toward the door. "What's wrong? Don't like being thwarted? Maybe next time, then. You know where to find me, after all."

"That's cute." Boys and their weapons. Jessica turns back long enough to give Jack a skeptical look that means to strip him of his swagger, one hand on the doorframe of the Den's entrance/exit. She doesn't open it and step out into the late, late, late night air until she's finished giving him a dangerous eye - but then she's gone.

She leaves her coat, for the record, and doesn't pay for her drinks.

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