2010-05-25: Kidnapped Kind of Way



Date: May 25th, 2010


The police arrive at the office of Mr. John Voorhees, the husband of Coli's client. When Detective Powers is among them, it's a good bet that someone's been murdered — but someone else may have been kidnapped. P.I. and detective investigate.

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"Kidnapped Kind of Way"

Adgency Advertising

Downtown — New York City

There is a bustle on the 27th floor that wasn't there before: a buzz in the air, crackling with something serious, something deadly. The somber, organized people in uniforms weren't there before, either, officers of the NYPD and a cluster of men and women in dark blue "CRIME SCENE UNIT" garb who file from the lobby of one Mr. John Voorhees into his office.

There are exactly two people — so far — that don't bear either uniform. One is the woman who had been working reception: her sour face is now blanched, and she's shaky, wide-eyed, sequestered off to one side of her desk by a pair of officers. The other is a tall blonde woman in a brown, beaten leather jacket, hands resting on the belt — also brown leather — of her black trousers. It's plainclothes detective Maggie Powers who stands in the doorway of Voorhees' office, looking in. The blinds of the office are closed, and the detective makes a better door than a window. A flash goes off inside. Another, another.

Good thing Coli was on the force at one point. She knows all of these guys. "Hey Timmy." Her voice rings out as she enters the office and looks around. Her eyes widen as she notices what's going on.. "Damnit.." she says with a grimace. This isn't good. "Hi." Coli says as she nears the office and Powers. A look is given to the doorway leading into the office.

"Coli, Coli Anthony." She extends a hand to the blonde. "I was literally just here, working on a case for John's wife." She explains and holds her badge and such out. She's legit and from the way that people are greeting and flashing smiles her way, she's a good friend of the NYPD as well.

"What we got?" she asks Maggie and then she looks over towards the receptionist with a sad look. Poor woman, caught in the middle of this.

Detective Powers, on the other hand, isn't one of those guys — she turns head along shoulder to look to the new arrival. What at first seems to be surprise in clear blue eyes turns out to be a keen perception that doesn't waver — she studies Coli as thoroughly as she does the badge and the reaction of her colleagues. Analytical, the gaze holds no critique or judgment. That said… "P.I.?" She shifts to face Coli entirely, and in doing so, a glimpse of the office beyond opens up.

Mr. Voorhees is dead on the floor to the right of his desk. Laying on his back, limbs akimbo, his loafers touch the leg of the chair Coli was sitting in so recently. Blood pools at the back of his head; he's been shot, right between the eyes. CSU is crouching around putting markers, taking pictures.

"Detective Maggie Powers." She doesn't flash her shield; it's hooked over her thick belt, by one hand. "You were here?" she asks with piqued interest. "How long ago?"

"Ten minutes ago I would think." Coli says and she folds her arms and shakes her head as she spots the dead man's body. Poor wifey. Then the African-American woman is looking over to Maggie again. "His wife suspected him if cheating, but I don't think she has the balls to have him killed." Her honest opinion.

"There was something.." she says and then she's relaying the story of the playing card and the mysterious younger woman and then the Asian man that came and left so hurriedly. "He was practically running right before you guys showed up.. I don't know.. I smell something fishy here. And I haven't eaten any salmon today."

The detective's brows curve up the second Coli says "ten minutes", and they remain there, poised with interest, through the remainder of the account. "Well if you'd left any later you might have been a material witness, Ms. Anthony— " Or a suspect. Then again, who's to say she isn't. "As it is, you might be extremely helpful."

"Detective— ?" a voice calls from the office, one of the techs crouched by the body.

Long-fingered hands lift from their firm resting place on Maggie's belt for one to slip into a pocket and retrieve a pair of bright blue protective gloves. After a small one second!' nod to CSU, she starts to tug them on. "This became an official police investigation the second we got the call," she tells Coli without blinking. The detective's voice may be firm — unyielding — but her features aren't quite so much. The corners of her mouth flicker into a barely there smile, politely apologetic — for as long as it lasts. She's focused on getting in there. "I'm going to have to ask that you step back, but if you could stick around … I have more questions for you."

"Oooh burn." Coli says with a mock wince but then she's sort of smiling at Maggie as she nods and begins to back away. "I'll be here waiting." She says with a slight nod and then she's going to sit next to the receptionist.

"I'm sorry your evening is ruined by this. Also, maybe the rest of your life. But there is one thing I do know." Coli's gaze shifts to the receptionist's face and she offers a gentle smile. "Things do get easier. You just gotta take it one day at a time." Now that her good deed of the day is done, the PI looks around and talks with much of the people there. Asking of families, friends and even going back to old times when she was on the force.

Inside the office, Maggie crouches by the man who called her over — and thusly, by the body, well away from the pooling of blood — and reaches out to take an object discovered by the CSU. Scratch that; two objects, already bagged. They're working efficiently today. She thumbs over the sheen of the plastic on the first. "The PI said something about a card like this," she says curiously (if grimly) before switching her attention to the next object bagged in her hands. A one-hundred dollar bill, one edge darkened by what she can only assume to be blood. Given the area, it's an educated guess.

"Looks like a clean shot — entry and exit wounds — but we haven't found a bullet yet," the tech says, having examined the body just enough without moving it too much.

"It's still early," Maggie replies, pushing up out of her crouch. Half of evidence is handed off to someone else in the room with a nod; she hangs onto the playing card. "Or whoever did this was smart enough to clean up after themselves." She strolls around the desk, looking at everything — everything — in detail, especially the desk. The contents are askew on one side, as if there'd been an altercation; she runs her hand over the edge, noting how unsteady one leg looks. She circles all the way around before heading to the door. "I'll be just outside."

Through sundry colleagues in the lobby, Maggie makes a brisk beeline for the private investigator. All the while, she glances toward the elevator, as if expecting someone to be there when there isn't. "Ms. Anthony." She comes to an abrupt halt in front of Coli and holds out the bag with the playing card. "Is this the same kind of card you said you said Mr. Voorhees took from… the woman? Does she have a name?"

"Yes, I have the one he threw away at my office." Coli says as she examines the playing card and then she's standing from her seat and looking Maggie in the eye. "So, Sara Grace Carson. Twenty-three from Missouri and John here were involved in some shady business. Something got them caught up." Coli begins to exit the office, she turns her head and looks at Maggie. "You coming? I have reason to believe that Ms. Carson has been kidnapped."

The tracker in Coli has come out and the bloodhound doesn't want to lose the scent. Things are still so fresh, there is still time.

"Kidnapped— " Maggie whisks the evidence kit containing the identical Four of Diamonds by her side and starts to follow after Coli, her clip fast and carried on long strides. She does this reluctantly, in part — a concerned glance is sent over her shoulder on the was at the gathered officers, the receptionist witness, the crime scene beyond; she has business yet to conduct… she comes to a halt, but whether it's because they're at the elevator or because she her reservations will force her to stay is yet to be seen. It depends on one question, which she delivers to the P.I. with her composed blue stare. "What makes you believe she was kidnapped?"

"When I was leaving, the same Asian man I described to you was walking in and then leaving really fast. I ran to him to see if he saw Sara. He wasn't very helpful, her car door was open and there were things thrown all around the car seat. Not in the messy kind of way, the.. 'I've been kidnapped kind of way'."

Coli explains all this as the elevator opens and then it opens and she's coming into the elevator and looking over at Maggie. "You gonna come?" she raises an eyebrow, she rather Maggie come with her. Something about the woman seems competent, she knows what she's doing.

The bland interior of the elevator is eyed before the detective's gaze goes sidelong, considering the scene behind her; ultimately, she takes a step inside, peeling her gloves off as she goes and stuffing them and the mysterious Four of Diamonds in her coat pocket. The G is punched with her thumb for the ground floor. "You'll take me to the car?" she prompts expectantly. Elevator door slides shut. As she swipes a cell phone off her belt, Maggie's study of Coli indicates pretty clearly that she's still figuring the woman out — but she seems to have figured out a few things already, as she says on a faintly more casual, curious note: "Hey, so — you … used to be in the force?"

"Yes, I am going to be taking you to the car." Coli nods and then places a hand in one of her pockets. As the doors shut and the elevator begins to descend she nods her head and looks over to the Homicide detective. "I was an undercover cop in gang and drug operations. Narcotics. I was going to be a Homicide Detective but.. I guess I choked." She chuckles softly. It's like it's something she's come to deal with. "Maybe one day I'll be able to try for it again. I was excited for it.." she then shrugs her shoulders. "But you know, you live and you learn right?"

The doors open and she begins to get off leaning against the wall. "Let's go get us some clues hm?"

Maggie lifts her phone, obviously ready to call someone, but it hovers midway to her ear and goes unused, her interest in the former cop suddenly more intent, her curiosity investing just a bit deeper. "…Yeah," she replies, after a delay, seeming thoughtful. Genuinely, she follows up with, "Yeah, well … I bet you went through a lot. Undercover. That's not a small deal."

Her pose less casual, not so near the wall as Coli, the detective is the first to march out of the elevator into the vast, high-ceilinged main lobby of Adgency Advertising. It's dark, the main lights shut off since normal business hours are over; only the sources of light are above the elevator, and the lights of the city outside the wide glass doors — including the flash of the police presence.

As she heads straight for those doors, Detective Powers gets on that phone call. "I see you're not on the phone anymore," she tells the person on the other line somewhat curtly, lowering her voice just a bit for a polite semblance of privacy. Somewhere between professional and casual, there is a restraint to her voice that tends to happen when someone is talking to someone they dont really want to be talking to. "Could you please get to the crime scene… I'm following a lead and someone has to question the receptionist, I don't want the poor woman to wait. … Thanks, Sam." Pulling the front doors open, Maggie looks to Coli with a small lift of her brows and tiny smile, as if to say: well, let's go!

"Yeah, sent a lot of men to jail. Let's pray they don't get out anytime soon." Coli cracks a small smile and indeed walks outside to get towards the car. "Sam your partner?" she asks with a lift of her eyebrow, she's just curious. The young woman puts a hand in her pockets as she walks to where Sara's car was parked.

"I never got the chance to really have a partner, I've seen partners get really close. Sometimes like family."

There happens to be a significant pause from the detective in which she's a little tenser than she was a moment ago; a little more hard-edged, her mouth pressing into a thinner line. "Detective Wright," is Maggie's answer to Coli's question and there is no follow-up — she simply whisks away from the door she holds open, letting it close behind her as she follows the P.I. The car in question isn't far away, a short walk, and the ajar door of the Camaro — and the Missouri plates — are telltale signs to Maggie. She winds around to the driver's side door and nudges it open with her elbow to lean inside. She gets the same view as Coli did before her: the things strewn around, the sense of someone being removed from their car all of a sudden. "I think you're right," she says quietly, grimly. "I think she was taken."

One thing in particular catches the detective's attention, a seemingly benign rectangle of folded paper. A restaurant menu. She reaches into her pocket to pull those gloves back on before she picks it up, and pulls the bagged playing card out as well. Leaning back out of the car, she holds them both up side-by-side. The Chinese rooster on the back of the Four of Diamonds is almost identical to the logo of the Royal Rooster, a restaurant in Chinatown.

"Well.. I hope you're in the mood for some Asian cuisine, because that looks like we're going to be making our way over to Chinatown. Which means.." Coli comes around to the driver side to stand next to Maggie. "That my little businessman friend might be there and want to talk to momma." She crosses her arms as she thinks about the situation. Why? What was Sara involved in?

"That might be what you're doing— I have to get full sweep of this area going, and get Forensics down here immediately," Detective Powers states, calmly logical, though there's a sense of pressing urgency beneath her words. Everything that's happened to John Voorhees and Sara Carson happened recently. Already, true to her word, she's getting her phone out. "I can't stop you from going anywhere, Ms. Anthony— but like I said, this is a police investigation and I'm asking that you don't march in there and start asking questions. You don't know you're stepping into."

"Just call me Coli." The PI states as she stares at the car.. what to do.. what to do..? "If I wait for you.. will you come with tomorrow?" She's not sure if she's willing to wait that long to be truthful. She needs to hurry and help Sara before it's too late.

"Who knows how long they will keep Sara alive? We can't take forever." Her expression is grim as she stares down at the menu. Address memorized, just in case.

"I'll be there soon, you can be sure of that," Maggie assures the other woman, but that's not to say she'll go with Coli; she has procedure to follow, and it might not include the private investigator. However, a smile — tight, somber, under the circumstances; murder and possible kidnapping — is sent Coli's way. "Thanks for the help. I'm sorry your cheating husband case took such a turn." She steps away from the car and the door swings not-quite-shut once more, shifting the objects — phone, menu, evidence — to one hand while she retrieves something from another pocket. It's this she hands over, a business card of sorts with her contact info at the NYPD. "We'll be in touch." With that, she turns to stroll up onto the sidewalk and make a very urgent call.

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