2007-03-13: Kids And Pranks


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Summary: Chance encounter between two men with something in common.

Date It Happened: March 13, 2007

Kids and Pranks


It's probably odd that a narcokinetic requires caffeine in the morning, but not really. Benjamin stopped by this particular Starbucks on the way into work to say hi to a specific barista, only she's not in. Not one to waste a trip, he's got himself a cup of coffee and the morning paper and a small table near the front windows.

Anthony needs coffee, plain and simple. After seeing Lisa off to school, he decides to slide into Starbucks to help wake up before making his way to the precinct. He slides into line with the rest of the drones and orders something not too flashy.

Benjamin looks up, people watching for a bit, paying his paper no mind. It's so far, not a hectic morning for the man and he appreciates that. About to turn back to his paper, his cellphone rings.. and it's not the bland default one either. It's blaring some sort of acid death metal thrash rock theme. "Augh!" is the man's outcry of surprise as he fumbles through his pockets hurriedly to try and silence the phone!

Anthony raises an eyebrow as he grabs a paper after getting his coffee. He smirks to himself and takes a seat. Reminded of children, he quickly checks his cell to make sure that his daughter hadn't played the same trick……again.

Benjamin fumbles with the phone to turn it on silent.. cause.. oi. The text message he received has him looking pretty embarrassed, but in a pleased sort of way. On top of the public humiliation that such a conservative guy has a phone blaring death metal. "Sorry," he murmurs to anyone who'll listen, "Just my kid.. playing jokes.. Sorry." He scrolls back through his settings, trying to find something less thrashy and groans. First the computer pranks while he was gone, now his phone.

Anthony chuckles and looks over. "At least it's not some horrible pop tune." He smirks. "Son?"

Benjamin looks up at Anthony and shakes his head, "No, my daughter. She .. has a weird sense of humor and likes to make things a nightmare for me. I'm starting to think it's a sign of affection. In a weird sort of way."

Anthony nods, knowing all too well. "Seems to be par for the course. Frogs in the briefcase.. Simple computer viruses when you come home." He chuckles. "I think its the way they're wired."

"I haven't gotten the frogs yet, or the viruses, just a lot of photo pranks and stuff," Benjamin says as he folds up his paper and gestures for Anthony to have a seat if he likes. "Mine's 19, I thought she should be past pranking by now, then I remember.. this is my daughter so.."

Anthony groans as he gets up and joins the man. "Nineteen? Ugh… Mine's fifteen.. So that means I have many more years to go with this." He sighs, offering his hand. "Anthony Shepard."

Benjamin reaches his hand over to shake, "Benjamin Winters, nice to meet you. Fifteen huh? I missed those years." And he does mean that in more ways than one. "Then again, I don't think I'd understand her even if I had a lifetime to puzzle her out."

Anthony nods and shrugs again. "It's the female species. We have to deal with it until they find a boyfriend and hence, new target acquired." He smirks. "So what does she blame your 'negligence' on?" Asking what Benjamin does for work.

Benjamin simply groans, "I don't think I want to deal with boyfriends." Although.. Ben /does/ have an ace up his sleeve to deal with any unsavory types Rose may bring home. "Huh? Oh, probably because I wasn't aware of her existence until recently. Her mom never told me she was.. oh wait.. I probably shouldn't go into that.." He sometimes rambles on about things in an honest manner, but this is too much sharing with a stranger.

Anthony blinks, then realizes. "Oh! I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry like that. I just wanted to know what you do for work. I'm a detective with the NYPD, and so my daughter complains that I'm never there for her."

Benjamin ohs, and flushes with embarrassment. "Sorry.. I'm an accountant. She gives me grief about that. Dork, lame, other unflattering comments.. 'I thought you'd be cooler', things like that is what I get to hear." he takes a sip of his coffee before saying, "I would think that being a detective would give you bonus points in the hero department or something."

Anthony grumbles. "Not when it comes to a teenage girl. She only sees what's in her own pink-bubble filled world." he smiles. "Accountant, huh? What'd she think you did all this time? Roadie for REO Speedwagon?"

Benjamin laughs and shakes his head. "I don't know. It's like pulling teeth sometimes to get her to open up. Rose, my daughter, she's a unique individual. She certainly doesn't take after me or her mother. I'm thinking she's some kind of throwback.. still.. I would think that being with the NYPD is pretty awesome. I don't envy what you guys do, but it's admirable."

Anthony smirks and nods. "Thanks. We don't hear enough of that." He stands with his coffee. "I need to get to the precinct. Take it easy, Mr. Winters."

Benjamin grins a little up at Anthony. "You're welcome. You too, Detective." As Anthony gets up, Ben checks the time to see how much he's got left before he hoofs it to the office.

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