2007-08-20: Kids Are So Cute


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Summary: Kitty comes across Mariska in Central Park and gets acquainted with an old memory.

Date: August 20, 2007

Kids Are so Cute

Uptown, NYC - Central Park

Central Park, a beautiful place where New Yorkers come to relax, have fun, or read a book. Today Kitty is just walking into Central Park as a detour to home. Today she is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a yellow tee, along with black sneakers and her signature fingerless gloves. A bag of new school supplies is on her arm as she is getting ready to go back to school and her hair is up in a ponytail, a few strands in her face. The sun is shining, so Kitty has a pair of sunglasses on.

Occupying one of the many benches that line the park's main thoroughfares is a likewise sunglasses-bedecked Mariska. A scuffed messenger bag slumps next to her against the armrest and there's a dog-eared copy of something or other that's currently butterflied on the bench next to her leg. She's apparently lost interest in reading and now has her attention wholly occupied by a group of children chasing each other around a small copse of trees.

Kitty looks around for a place to sit in the park, looking for a rest and she comes to a bench that is right next to Mariska. She sits down on the bench and puts her bag next to her. She smiles over to Mariska, "Nice day huh?" she asks and fans herself. She has been walking for awhile now. Kitty plays with her gloves and looks up at the sky. It has been nice out lately. She takes her newly highlighted hair out of her ponytail and she shakes it out and then turns back to look at Mariska.

At first, Mariska doesn't quite realize she's being spoken to; she's seemingly mesmerized by the children at play. But, after an extended pause she can feel Kitty's gaze thrown her way and the older woman straightens her posture a bit before asking, "…what?" She didn't even catch what Kitty said.

"I said it was a nice day" she chuckles and smiles at Mariska. She stretches out and leans her head against the bench, "Been shopping today. Thought I would stop reading for a while and come out and relax at the park. What about you?" Kitty obviously has no problems talking to strangers. Kitty runs her hand up and down the bench as she is relaxing. Some of the kids run by and laughing and yelling follow them as their parents chase after them. "Kids are so cute"

"Da," she says in response to the young woman's observations on the weather. Looks like someone's wandered out of Little Odessa. Her accent lays a heavy taint on even the briefest of words. "Children are precious," she retorts, sounding almost sad. The mildly pained expression that Mariska wear is only partially hidden by her dark sunglasses; the wrinkle in her brow and the slight, subtle tightening of her lips is readily apparent. But, uh, let's see about moving past that into lighter territory. Kitty's obviously up for conversation. "What did you buy?"

"Well since I am starting school again at NYU soon. I had to pick up some new school supplies. Like paper and pencils and notebooks and stuff" the young mechanic looks sheepish. Her bookworm/nerdy sides are coming out. "I also bought this really neat book about vampires and this woman who hunts them and she ends up liking one of them. Really interesting" she states and laughs softly.

Ever get the feeling that maybe you've accidentally stumbled into a mild cloud of crazy? Yeah. That's what Mariska seems to be thinking right now. She's polite about it, at least, and feigns interest instead of apprehension. "That sounds…" What's a safe word? "…interesting." The same one that Kitty used. She begins to pack up her things in preparation to flee and offers a smiling, "Good luck with your classes." But, before she can make a clean escape, a photograph flutters out from underneath her abandoned book and Mariska frantically leaps from the bench in an attempt to catch it.

Kitty gets there before Mariska. The photograph appears to be a few years old; the edges are worn and the gloss-coat has lost its luster. It's a young woman… a younger Mariska, in point of fact… and a little girl with dark hair and blue eyes who appears to be about four or five years old. It's a candid photograph, not posed. It comes complete with glimpses of the past — a child's laughter, the sounds of birds chirping, words sweetly-spoken in Russian… but there's something darker underneath. Emotions imprinted from constant contact — shock, sadness, anxiety. Odds are pretty strong that something's happened to this little girl and Mariska's not in a very happy place because of it.

"Here you go" Kitty says and her expression is serious all of a sudden. "Beautiful little girl, your daughter?" Kitty knows the answer to this already but she doesn't want to just blurt out that I can see the past and future and I just saw you and your daughter! So she settles for acting like a /normal/ person. The wind blows her hair gently and she stares at Mariska.

Mariska accepts the returned keepsake with a sad turn to her smile as she replies with half a nod and a mildly murmured, "Da." She very carefully tucks the photograph back between the pages of her book and then adds, "Sasha." This must be the little girl’s name. Or hers. Hard to say which.

"Kitty", she holds out her hand with a smile. "Is Sasha your name or your daughter's name?" she tilts her head and places one of her hands in her pocket. Kitty runs a hand through her hair. She doesn't want to probe too much. From what she saw, it might be a sensitive subject.

That's probably a pretty safe assumption, especially with all of those little emotional clues thrown in to boot. "Hers," she explains. "Misha," she then offers, shaking the younger woman's hand with a resolute but feminine grip. "I should go. Perhaps I see you around." Maybe she can toss out some more painful mementos for Kitty to feel up next time. That'd be a laugh riot, right?

Nodding her head, "Ok, you have a good day" Kitty says and goes to pick up her bag of supplies. She knows she will be thinking of that particular vision for today. Poor Sasha. "And it was nice to meet you" she calls.

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